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What Words Cause iPhone Effects

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What Do Screen Effects Do In Messages

What Words Cause iPhone Effects

Here are all of the current screen effects and what they do.

  • Echo: Have your text duplicate and flood the screen of your recipient.
  • Spotlight: Put a literal spotlight on your incoming iMessage.
  • Balloons: Sends multi-color balloons expanding and flying up from the bottom right of the screen.
  • Confetti: Drops multi-color confetti from the top of the screen.
  • Love: A giant heart will appear to expand and pop from your latest iMessage.
  • Lasers: Fills the screen with “unce, unce, unce” lasers and sound.
  • Fireworks: Sets off multi-color fireworks from the center of the screen.
  • Shooting stars: Launches a “the more you know” starburst shooting from the left of the screen, exploding as it reaches the right.
  • Celebration: Fireworks and festivities aplenty will appear on your iPhone.

How To Use Screen Effects In Messages For Ios

1);Type a;message, then tap and hold the Send button to pull up the;Messages;effects overlay. Now;hit the Screen tab to show the available fullscreen effects.

The following screen effects are built into Messages:

  • Echofloating text bubbles
  • Spotlightputs a round light over the text bubble
  • Balloonsbig, colorful balloons gradually flying;upward;from the screen bottom
  • Confetticolorful confetti falling from the screen top
  • Loveshows a blow-up heart, like a balloon
  • Lasersrenders;laser effects while;playing;a Party Boy-like beat
  • Fireworksfireworks blowing up from the center of the screen
  • Shooting Stara shooting star traveling from the left to the right screen side
  • Celebrationshows a sparkler-like display raining down

2);Swipe left or right to preview the built-in;screen effects.

3);Hit the Send button to send your;message with the selected fullscreen animation.

Messages on the recipients end fills the entire screen with the chosen effect.

Messages In Ios 10 Brings Imessage Apps Emoji Suggestions And Visual Effects Overload

Emoji, stickers, and bubble effects, oh my! Apple has opened the floodgates of its most popular app in iOS 10.

At WWDC on Monday, Apple revealed that iOS 10 is making the Messages app way more visual and emoji-friendly, just as the overall iMessage platform will begin to integrate;third-party apps. Developers will be able to create apps specifically for iMessage that will let you send stickers or perform certain group-actions right from the Messages app.


In terms of style, Messages is getting a major emojification in iOS 10. Emoji that are sent by themselves are three times bigger. And you will get emoji suggestions as you type.

Messages will also let you replace certain keywords with emojissimply compose a message, then press the emoji button, and the app will highlight all the words that have a corresponding emoji. Tap on the highlighted words to replace them with said emoji. So a phrase like, the monkey likes pizza, gets translated into, the ? wants ?

Children of tomorrow will have no concept of the English language, said;Craig;Federighi, Apples senior VP of software engineering, while demonstrating the new Messages during the WWDC keynote.


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How To Use Bubble And Screen Effects In Messages For iPhone And iPad

One thing that makes iPhone and iPad special is the Messages app. Aside from the “Blue chat bubble” that is all the rage with the kids, you can trigger some pretty fun effects to iMessages that you send.

That includes effects for iPhone or iPad that make bubbles slam, loud, gentle, or invisible, or turn the whole screen to balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks, or shooting stars.

Here’s how to spruce up your iMessage!

Send Bold Text In Imessage

Typing On iPhone Sound Effect

Messages app does not allow users to send formatted text to their friends, however theres an iMessage trick that lets you send bold text to your friend in an iMessage or SMS message. For this we will be taking advantage of the Subject field feature. To use this you have to enable it first.

Heres how you can turn on Subject field and use it to send bold text in the Messages app.

  • Launch Settings and go to Messages settings.
  • From the Messages settings page turn on the toggle for Show Subject Field.

Once you have enabled Subject field, you can type the bold part of the message in the Subject Field section and type rest of the message in the second field. When you send this message, the part that typed in the Subject field will appear bold on other persons device.

Continue reading for more awesome iMessage tricks

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You’ll See A Screen Pop Up With Four Different Bubble Effects That You Can Send With Your Imessage

Slam:;Makes your message “slam” down onto the screen, causing everything in your conversation to shake momentarily;

Loud:;Sends your message in a bubble that expands and shakes before shrinking down to its normal size;

Gentle:;Shrinks your message down to a;tiny size before slowly reverting back to its normal size;

Invisible Ink:;Covers messages with a blurry screen that you have to tap or swipe to reveal what’s underneath.

Manually Sending Imessage Effects

No term to prompt the effect you’re looking for? That’s OK it’s easy enough to use bubble or full-screen effects manually. When manually triggering the effect, your recipient will even be able to replay the effect just like they could when receiving a trigger word or phrase.

What’s the difference between bubble effects and screen effects? Bubble effects affect the individual text bubble for that message. Screen effects, as the name suggests, affect the full screen when used. Note that, unlike bubble effects, screen effects have additional sounds and haptic responses. It’s a great touch but one you want to be aware of if texting in a quiet room.

Additionally, while you can trigger some of the screen effects with a keyword or phrase, all bubble effects need to be sent manually there are no codes that will work for them.

For both bubble and screen effects, you can manually launch them by long-pressing the send button . At the top of the “Send with effect” screen, you can toggle between bubble and screen. Here, you can send your message with the following bubble effects:

  • Slam
  • Shooting Star
  • Celebration

Apple’s iMessage effects are a great way to add a little fun to your message and trigger words make it super easy to use some of the most popular animations. Perhaps there will be more of these trigger words and phrases in a future iOS update, but for now, we’ll be sending all of our iPhone-having friends a festive effect whenever there’s something to celebrate.

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Send Magical Digital Touch Messages On Imessage

The Digital touch message is another unique, magical message effect on iMessage you could find. You can use the digital touch message to draw something on the screen and send it as an animated message to any iMessage user. It will create amazing magical effects on the screen and you can easily create them using your iPhone or iPad. Here is how to send digital touch messages on iMessage.

  • Open the iMessage app on your iPhone or iPad and go to any chat.
  • Tap the Digital Touch Message icon from the panel below the text box on chat.
  • Drag the small box to the top to enlarge the digital touch message window.
  • You can simply draw on the screen and send the digital touch message to anyone.
  • If you want to add the digital touch message on top of a photo or video, tap the camera icon at the bottom left corner.
  • After drawing on the screen, tap the send button.
  • You can use certain preset gestures to make special effects with the digital touch message on your iPhone. Here are them.

    • Draw:;draw using one finger.
    • Tap effect:;tap using one finger.
    • Fireball:;one finger press.
    • Heartbeat:;long-press with two fingers.
    • Broken heart:;Two-finger tap and drag down.

    You can also choose the brush colors from the neon color options shown on the screen.

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    Respond To A Message With Expressions

    How to Disable iPhone or iPad Message Effects: Tech #Shorts

    With Tapback, you can quickly reply to messages with expressions, like a thumbs up;or a heart. Here’s how:

  • Open a conversation in Messages.
  • Double-tap the message bubble or photo that you want to respond to.
  • Select the Tapback that you want to send.
  • You can also use Tapback in group messages. To see who replied with a Tapback, tap it.

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    Awesome Imessage Tricks And Tips To Become An Expert

    iMessage may be the most used app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, so it only makes sense to get yourself familiar with all the tips and neat tricks it has got up its sleeves. In this article we will share with you 14 awesome iMessage tricks that we think everyone should know about.;

    These iMessage tips and tricks include the classic features as well as new iOS 14 iMessage tricks that have been updated recently. Knowing these tricks and utilizing them in your conversations;will make the whole iMessage experience more fun for you.

    So without any further ado lets get started with listing the Awesome iMessage Tricks for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and more.

    iPad and iPod touch users will also enjoy these cool iMessage tips and tricks.

    To See The Other Type Of Animation You Can Send Tap The Icon Labeled Screen At The Top Of The Screen

    Echo:;Floods the screen with copies of your message which all swirl around for a few seconds;

    Spotlight: Temporarily highlights your message with a spotlight and casts a shadow over the rest of the screen;

    Balloons:;Sends your;message with a bunch of multicolored balloons;

    Confetti: Sends your message with a burst of confetti that cascades down the screen ;

    Love:;Sends your message with a giant red heart;

    Lasers:;Makes your message look like its shooting multicolored lasers across the screen;

    Fireworks: Turns your screen dark and displays several multicolored fireworks;;

    Shooting star:;Turns your screen dark like the night sky and displays a single shooting star;

    Celebration: Turns your screen dark and sends a burst of bright gold sparkles .

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    How Do I Send A Message With A Bubble Or Screen Effect On My iPhone

    To send an iMessage with a Bubble or Screen effect,;press and hold;the send arrow until the;Send with effect menu appears, and then let go. Use your finger to select which effect youd like to use, and then;tap the send arrow next to the effect;to send your message. You can switch between Bubble and Screen effects by tapping;Bubble;or;Screen;under;Send with effect at the top of the screen.

    Essentially, these effects add emotion to your text messages by giving it a visual effect when delivered to a friends iPhone by;animating your screen or text bubble.

    For example, the Bubble effect;Slam;makes your iMessage slam down on the recipients screen, causing a ripple effect. On the other hand, the Screen effect;Fireworks;turns the recipients screen dark and makes fireworks appear behind the conversation it was sent in.

    What Words Trigger The Screen Effects In Imessage

    iPhone all New text effects

    The recent update iMessage on iOS causes certain words to trigger screen effects. Also, there is a way to long-press on the send button, and bring up an interface for adding these effects.

    I’ve found the following associations between screen effects, and the messgaes that trigger them:

    • confetti: “congratulations”, “happy birthday”
    • Im going to assume you want a wiki style list of X and convert this to wiki. We should have a discussion on Ask Different Meta if it gets closed or this gets edited to not be a listing exercise.Oct 25 ’19 at 10:23
    • @bmike seconded. That’s what I thought too when I wrote the answers;ankiOct 25 ’19 at 10:25
    • Newest needs defining unless the intent is to delete all answers each week when a new word gets added in some localization.
    • Happy Chinese New Years: Celebration
    • Pew pew: Light/Laser Show

    Also if you hold down the send button you can access a set of effects you can add to your message like a . Now if you hold down the send button, not only do you get those set of effects, but the effects above with the SHORT list of trigger words are accessible at the top of the screen.

    For iOS 10.2, the messages in the question are the only ones I could find that trigger a full screen effect, no others have been confirmed in the sources I looked at .

    So our list is:

    • “Congratulations” or “Happy Birthday”: Confetti
    • “Happy New Year”: Fireworks
    • “Pew pew”: Light/Laser Show

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    The Ultimate Guide To Imessage Text Effects On iPhone And iPad

    Have any of your friends sent you some messages on iMessage that caused some fireworks or laser beams on your screen? Well, they are special screen effects and text message effects on iMessage. You can also use such iMessage text effects on iPhone or iPad easily, without using any external application or anything else.

    There are several screen effects and text effects available on iMessage. Here are the best methods to surprise your friends with iMessage text effects using your iPhone or iPad.


  • iMessage Effect YouTube Video
  • Send Disappearing Photos And Videos

    Using the same Digital Touch feature, you can send disappearing photos and videos with the ability to draw and add effects to them.

    Step 1: Tap on the Digital Touch icon in the iMessage thread. Tap on the Video icon next to the canvas.

    Step 2: The video preview screen will open. Lets start with photos first.

    Take a photo using the Capture icon. Once the photo is captured, draw on it using your finger with the help of the available colors. Or you can add effects like a heartbeat, heartbreak, and kiss using the same gestures as mentioned above. Tap on the send icon.

    For videos, you can add an effect or draw over it before or while you are creating a video. The effects cannot be added after taking a video. Hold the shutter icon to start recording the video. Draw or add an effect and hit the send button.

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    How To Send Memojis And Animojis With Imessage Screen Effects

    Apart from the text messages, images, and other media, it is also possible to send your favorite Memojis and Animojis with such screen effects. The Memojis and Animojis make better effects on the iMessage screen while sending. Here is how to send Memojis and Animojis with iMessage screen effects using your iPhone and iPad.

  • Tap the Stickers option from the apps bar on iMessage chat.
  • Choose the Memoji sticker you want to send with screen effects.
  • Long tap the send button and go to the Screen tab.
  • Choose the screen effect you like and tap the send button.
  • This is how you can send the Memoji sticker with screen effects in iMessage using iPhone. What about the Animoji videos? The Animojis on iMessage lets you create videos with the Animoji head, which will imitate your facial expressions.

    Even though you need to send the recorded Animoji messages as the normal message, it is still possible to send Animoji Stickers with custom facial expressions adding special screen effects on iMessage. Here is how.

  • Open the Animoji message option on iMessage chat.
  • Choose the Animoji face you want.
  • Tap on the Animoji to create a sticker with your current facial expression.
  • Now long-press the send button.
  • Go to the Screen tab and choose the screen effect to send with.
  • Tap the send button and you will see the custom Memoji/Animoji sending with the special screen effects on iMessage.
  • Trust me, sending Animojis and Memojis make way better screen effects than texts and images on iMessage.

    What Does It Mean When Someone Removed A Device From A Secret Conversation

    How to send a message with effects on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Apple Support

    While using the secret conversation feature, you might receive a notification mentioning that someone removed a device from the conversation. This notification means the other person in the conversation has left the chat and can no longer see the private chat messages.

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    How To Use Message Effects With Reduce Motion Turned On

    If you have the Reduce Motion setting turned on to reduce things like the icon parallax effect, you can still have Message effects play automatically by flipping a switch in the Accessibility settings.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap Accessibility.

  • Tap Motion.
  • Tap the switch next to Auto-Play Message Effects to the green ‘on’ position to allow Message effects to be played even when Reduce Motion is turned on.

  • Pin Conversations To The Top

    On iOS 14 or later both iPhone and iPad users get the ability to pin their favorite and frequently used conversation threads to the top of the conversations list page. By putting conversation threads and groups to the top you can quickly access them without having to look for them on the list.

    Adding a thread or group to the iMessage pinned area is very easy. All you have to do is long press on the conversation thread or group you want to pin to the top and then from the popup menu tap on Pin option. To remove a conversation thread from the pinned area long press on any of the pinned threads and tap on Unpin option.

    Alternatively, you can swipe right on the thread and tap on the yellow Pin button.

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    Send Messages With Imessage Bubble Effects

    The iMessage bubble effects are the basic text effects you will notice easily on the iMessage on your iPhone. When you type a message, record audio, or add an image to send, you will see the normal send button on the right edge of the text box, right

    In case you have not explored that button much, it is a hidden vault of effects. The button hides a ton of screen effects and bubble effects which you can add to your text messages while sending. Long pressing the button will reveal the tricks hiding behind. Here is how you can send messages with iMessage bubble effects on the iPhone and iPad.

  • Type any message you want to send with the effect in the iMessage chatbox.
  • Alternatively, you can record anything or add an image or media to send.
  • Long tap or force-touch the blue send button on the right edge.
  • Choose any of the text effects on the screen from Invisible ink, Gentle, Loud, and Slam.
  • Tap the send button against the effect to send the message with a bubble effect.
  • You can see the message sending with the bubble effect on iMessage. The same iMessage text effect will e visible at the recipients iPhone as well.

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