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How To Allow Push Notifications On iPhone

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How To Turn Off Push Notifications On Windows 10

How to Enable iPhone Push Notifications

Windows enables you to disable push notifications completely, mute them temporarily, or turn them off for specific apps. To reach Windows notifications settings, open the Start menu, and go to Settings > System > Notifications & Actions.

To disable notifications altogether, turn off the option that reads Get notifications from apps and other senders:

Since push notifications can contain critical information, you might want to disable notices for specific applications only .

To do so, scroll down until you reach the Get notifications from these senders settings section. There, you can turn off push notifications for each installed application:

Finally, Windows includes a feature called focus assist that gives you the option to temporarily disable or mute push notifications.

To use focus assist, click on Focus assist settings under the Notifications options. On the next screen, youll be able to decide which notifications to disable and when the feature should come into play:

Overall, Windows provides you with plenty of options to manage push notifications. The key is figuring out which applications are worth receiving alerts from, and which would only serve as a distraction.

How To Enable Push Notification A Step By Step Guide

Step 1 Find the Setting icon on your home screen and tap on it.

Step 2 Scroll below to find the option Passwords & Accounts and click on it.

Step 3 Under the Passwords And Accounts section, click on Fetch New Data.

Step 4 You will see the toggle right next to Push. If the toggle option is not green, it means it is not enabled. To enable it, click on the toggle, and it will turn green, which means you have enabled the push notifications.

Step 5 Once you have enabled the Push option, scroll down and find your mail account from the list under Accounts and click on it.

Step 6 Under the section Select Schedule, find a checkmark that will appear beside the active schedule for the mail account. Click on Push.

Now you have enabled the Push notifications for your Mail account. To ensure it works completely, restart your mail app.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb

One of the most common reasons why iPhone notifications are not working is because Do Not Disturb is turned on. Do Not Disturb is a feature that silences all calls, texts, and other alerts on your iPhone.

If your iPhone is running iOS 15, open Settings and tap Focus -> Do Not Disturb.

Turn off the switch at the top of the screen next to Do Not Disturb.

If your iPhone is running iOS 14 or older, open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap Do Not Disturb. Then, tap on the switch next to Do Not Disturb to turn it off. Youll know Do Not Disturb is off when the switch is positioned to the left.

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Change Group Notification Settings

  • Go to Settings and tap Notifications.
  • Select an app and tap Notification Grouping.
  • Select one of these options:
  • Automatic: The notifications from the app are grouped according to organizing criteria within the app, such as by topic or thread.
  • Off: Turn off grouping.
  • To turn off notifications selectively for apps, go to Settings > Notifications > Siri Suggestions, then turn off any app.

    To change how your notifications appear on the Lock Screen:

  • Go to Settings > Notifications.
  • Select an app and tap Show Previews and choose an option.
  • How To Enable Push Notification On Ios Device


    August 23, 2020 By Harsh Nagar

    Push notifications give you alerts on your iPhone the moment it receives any new information on any application. It can be mail notifications or Facebook or Twitter or any other app for that matter. With your push notifications on, you wont have to manually update to see for any updates. Once your push notifications are on, you will receive all the updates the moment there is any.

    For this, you need to create and install the APN . After this, you will need to change your iOS devices account settings to enable you to push notifications. Below you will find the steps by which you can enable the push notifications for your mail account and any other application.

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    Removing And Addingwebsites In Notifications

    On Google Chrome,you have the options to add websites for blocking or allowing notifications. Asyou can see in the screenshots, Safari does not allow you to add the websitesfor blocking notifications. What you can do is to manage after you have visitedthe website and allowed/blocked the notifications. However, anytime you can selectthe websites from the list and click on the Remove button to delete from thelist. This is strange that you have a remove option without the option to add.

    In addition,Chrome also allows you to block or allow websites using wildcard. For example,you can add the entry like * to block or allow notifications fromall subdomains of a website. Unfortunately, you cant do this with Safari onyour Mac.

    Also, rememberthat Safari cant block the inline pop-up notifications shown within the samebrowser window. This is the same problem with Chrome and other browsers.

    What Are Push Notifications

    Push notifications are pop-up messages that show up on your devices to provide quick notices. On mobile devices, for example, push notifications appear when you receive text messages or when an application needs your attention:

    Push notifications arent limited to mobile devices. If you use Windows or macOS computers, youll also see these elements regularly. Some examples include:

    • Software update notices
    • Notifications from web browsers
    • New email alerts

    Its important to understand that, in most cases, push notifications work in two ways. There are ones that you can configure and disable at the OS level, and others that operate on an app-to-app basis.

    For example, some websites will ask you if you want to receive push notifications through your browser:

    In the following sections, well show you how to disable push notifications from both angles, covering each major browser and OS.

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    How To Disable Push Notifications On Ios

    iOS enables you to both disable push notifications entirely, or turn them off for individual apps.

    To access iOS notifications settings, go into the Settings > Notifications menu.

    At the top of the menu, youll see the Show Previews option. Setting that to Never will turn off all push notifications:

    If you want to disable notifications for specific apps only, dont touch that previous setting. Instead, scroll down to the Notifications menu and click on an individual app:

    From that list, you can configure each apps notifications settings or disable them. This feature comes in handy for filtering out messages youre not interested in.

    Open From Notification Center


    Notification Center shows your notifications history, allowing you to scroll back and see what you’ve missed. There are two ways to see your alerts from the Notification Center:

    • From the Lock Screen, swipe up from the middle of the screen.
    • From any other screen, swipe down from the center of the top of your screen.

    To clear your notification history, tap the Close button , then tap Clear.

    To manage your notifications from the Lock Screen or Notification Center:

  • Swipe left over an alert or group of alerts.
  • Tap Options, then select from these options:
  • Mute for 1 Hour
  • View Settings
  • Turn Off
  • You can also tap View Settings to change your alert styles or alert settings for a specific app.

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    Answer Or Reject Calls

    If paired to an iPhone or Android phone, your Fitbit device lets you accept or reject incoming phone calls. If your phone is running an older version of the Android OS, you can reject, but not accept, calls on your device.

    For information on using Sense and Versa 3 to take on-wrist calls, see How do I take on-wrist phone calls with my Fitbit smartwatch?

    For other devices, note that you cant speak into the deviceaccepting a phone call answers the call on your nearby phone.

    To accept or reject a phone call:

    • Charge 3 and Charge 4to accept a call, tap the check mark. To reject a call, tap the x icon.
    • Ionic, Sense, and Versa seriesto accept a call, tap the green phone icon. To reject a call, tap the red phone icon.

    Your Fitbit device vibrates when you receive a notification. Turn your wrist toward you to see the notification. If you don’t read the notification when it arrives, you can check it later in the Notifications app . Notifications are stored on the device.

    How To Disable Push Notifications On Macos

    If you use macOS, you can both pause or disable notifications, depending on your preference. To stop all notifications, open the Apple menu and go to System Preferences > Notifications.

    Youll see a list of all the apps that can send you notifications, and you can disable those permissions for each individual item:

    To pause notifications, you can enable the Do Not Disturb setting on the left, under the same Notifications window:

    While the Do Not Disturb setting is on, notifications wont interrupt your work. To access them, youll need to open the Notifications Center.

    This is where theyll accumulate until you unpause notifications.

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    Getting To Push Notification Settings

    In iOS 11, the user needs to go Settings, then Notifications, then find your app amongst all installed apps. Once they find it, they can choose from no notifications, to allow notifications on the lock screen, in history, as banners when you are using the phone, or some mix of these settings. The user can also pick if they choose to see your notifications while the phone is in use either temporarily before the notice disappears or to keep the notice on the screen until they manually dismisses it.

    In Android Oreo, users pull up on the screen to get to the All Apps section, then click on the Settings icon. From there, they go into Apps and Notifications, and drill down to the specific app they want to modify. Google has added an alternative way to get to a specific apps notifications and notification settings. With Android Oreos new notification channels, a long press on an apps icon will bring up a list of its actions and current notifications. In that dialog, theres an Info icon that lets the user access the apps settings, including notifications.

    Im Receiving Notifications But My iPhone Doesnt Play A Sound

    How to Enable iPhone Push Notifications

    If youre receiving notifications on your iPhone, but it doesnt play a noise when you receive notifications, take a look at the switch on the left side of your iPhone. This is known as the Ring / Silent switch, which puts your iPhone into Silent mode when the switch is pushed towards the back of your iPhone. Push the switch towards the front of your iPhone to hear an audible alert when you receive a notification.

    If the switch is pulled towards the front of your iPhone, but it still doesnt play a noise when you receive a notification, check out our article on how to diagnose and fix iPhone speakers issues.

    The steps below will help you diagnose and fix the real reason why notifications are not working on your iPhone!

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    How To Close An Application If Your Device Doesnt Have A Home Button

    From the bottom of your screen, swipe in an upward motion. When your finger reaches the middle of the screen, you will be able to view all the open apps. Tap and long press on the application you want to close. Click on the x to close it. You can also swipe up the application that you want to close.

    Change Push Notification Type On iPhone Or iPad

    Another way of dealing with Push Notifications on iPhone is to change the type of Push Notifications on your device, instead of completely disabling push notifications on your iPhone or iPad.

    1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

    2. On the Settings screen, scroll down and tap on Notifications

    3. On the Notifications screen, tap on the app for which you want to change the Push Notification type.

    4. On the next screen, scroll all the way down and tap on either Temporary or Persistent option ,

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    Providing Timely Updates Or Urgent News:

    Use push notifications to message your users when they might need a reminder about something. People find value in receiving push notifications that alert them of updates or changes to their upcoming travel plans, reservations, deliveries, and other time-sensitive topics. With push notifications, companies can instantly pass along relevant information to their subscribers so that theyre always in the know.

    Answer Or Reject Phone Calls

    How to Turn On/Off Push Notifications on iPhone

    If paired to an iPhone, Blaze lets you accept or reject incoming phone calls. When you receive a phone call notification, tap the green phone icon to accept the call, or tap the red phone icon to reject the call.

    Note that you cant speak into the deviceaccepting a phone call answers the call on your nearby phone.

    Charge 2 vibrates when you receive a notification. Turn your wrist toward you or press the button to see the notification. You have 1 minute to read it. Notifications aren’t stored on the device.

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    Support For User Interaction On Custom Notifications Extensions

    The earlier versions of iOS did not allow the users to swipe through the contents of the push notification . Users had to use the notification action buttons that appear below the content, affecting the experience. However, with iOS 12 Apple has expanded the functionalities, where users can now tap upon the notification images to browse through multiple contents.

    Note to marketers:

    The change can be very handy for apps that wish to send multiple product recommendations or links to several items like news articles. The small change in UI can add immense value to both developers and users, and we at MoEngage are planning to introduce rich push notification templates on the Dashboard during the next quarter. Check it out here.

    Get the most updated push notifications delivery statistics and benchmarks in our recent report. today!

    Turn Off Push Notifications On iPhone

    Push Notifications on iPhone and iPad appear in the form of banners appearing at the top of the screen, each time you receive a notification.

    In general, push notifications on iOS devices can be classified into two types Temporary and persistent.

    • Temporary: These type of Push Notifications appear momentarily at the top of the screen and then disappear after about 3-4 seconds.
    • Persistent: These type of Push Notifications remain on your screen and do not go away, until you interact with the notification.

    While Push Notifications can be useful, they can sometimes be very annoying, making users look for a way to somehow Disable or Turn Off Push Notifications on iPhone.

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    Notification History On iPhone

    Notifications can seem like they appear and disappear too fast before you have had a chance to read them. In this situation, its easy to see your notification history on your iPhone.

    Go to the lock screen without unlocking your phone. Tap and hold, and then scroll up. If your notification setting is turned on, you will see the recent history of your push notifications.

    How To Turn On Notifications On iPhone And Android

    How to Enable iPhone Push Notifications

    Users have control over what push notifications they want to receive on both Android and iPhones. Heres how to turn on notifications on iPhone/Android devices.

    Turn on Push Notification on Android

    Open the settings tab on your Android phone and tap Apps and Notifications to access a list of all the installed apps. You should see a brief list of your most recently used apps, but you can click a link to view all installed. Click on any app to go through to the next screen, which will allow you to turn notifications on or off.

    Android has another convenient feature that lists the apps that dont have push notifications enabled, so you dont have to scroll through a lengthy list to find the ones you are interested in.

    Enable Push Notification iPhone Steps

    • Select the Settings app and press on notifications.
    • Select the setting for notification preview.
    • Choose when you want notifications to appear

    You can show Previews by selecting from one of three options Always, When Unlocked, or Never. If you want to override this setting for an individual app, you can.

    A preview can feature textual information or data from a calendar.

    If you allow notifications, you can also choose whether they display on the Lock screen or in the Notification Center.

    iOS also has a grouping feature, which allows you to group notifications by App, automatic, or turn off grouping.

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    Uninstall Mail App And Then Reinstall It

    Whenmail push notifications still doesn’t work in iOS 15/14 after trying the above solution, we suggest you to delete Mail App and then reinstall the app again. You just need press the mail icon for a while, and then there will be a “X” on the left top corner. You can delete Mail app by press the “X”. After that go to App store to download and install the latest mail app.

    How To Turn Off Push Notifications In Safari

    Disabling push notifications in Safari is rather straightforward. To do so, access the Preferences Websites > Notifications settings within your browser. Once youre in, youll see a list of websites that have requested permission to send you push notifications:

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    You can disallow notifications from specific websites through that list and vice versa. Youll also notice an option that reads Allow websites to ask for permission to send push notifications at the bottom of the Notifications window.

    Turning off that option will prevent sites from requesting permission to send you notifications.

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