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How Do I Completely Remove An App From My iPhone

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How To Get An App Back On The Home Screen On iPhone

Apple iPhone: How to Permanently Delete Apps | Uninstall apps from iPhone

Since the iOS 14 update on iPhone, people have been trying to get used to the new app library. And to be honest, its still pretty confusing to get your head around after having the old app layout for so long.

With the new layout, you can select certain apps to remain on your home screen, and it will keep other apps in the app library in categorised folders, which youll need to search for to find.

If youve moved an app into your library, you may be wondering how to move it back to your home screen.

We have you covered. Keep reading on for our step-by-step guide on how to get an app back on the home screen on iPhone.

Deleting From The Home Screen

  • 1Locate the icon for the app you want to delete. It will be on one of your home screens or inside of a folder.
  • To quickly search for an app, swipe right on the home screen, type the app’s name into the Search bar at the top, and then tap the app in the search results.
  • You can scroll through iPhone home screens by swiping left on the screen.
  • 2Tap and hold the icon. You don’t need to press down particularly hard simply long-press lightly over the icon for a second or so. You can lift your finger when the pop-up menu appears.
  • If you haven’t updated your iPhone to iOS 13.2, you won’t see a menu. Instead, all of the icons on the screen will begin to jiggle.
  • If you want to delete multiple apps, click “Edit home screen.”
  • 3Tap Remove App on the menu. A confirmation window will appear.
  • If tapping and holding the icon made the icons on your screen jiggle, tap the minus sign “” at the top of the icon to delete it.XResearch source
  • Some apps, such as the App Store, cannot be deleted.
  • 4Tap Delete App to confirm. This deletes the app from your iPhone.
  • If you select Remove from Home Screen instead of Delete App, the app will remain on your iPhone but no longer appear on your home screen–only in your App Library.
  • Deleting an app will not cancel any in-app paid subscriptions. If you are being billed by iTunes for a particular app, see this wikiHow to learn how to cancel your subscription.
  • Delete Apps In Your App Library

    There are multiple ways to do this.

    Your first option is to swipe the last page of your Home screen until you see your App Library. Next, use the search bar at the top of your App Library to search for the app by scrolling through the list of icons. Long-press on the app icon until you see a pop-up menu, and then select Delete App. The key to seeing the menu is the long touch. Be careful not to accidentally drag the app to your home screen instead.

    The other option is to find the app in its categorical folder, long-press on it, then select Delete App from the popup. You can then continue deleting apps with a tap on the “X” after triggering jiggle mode. Tap Done or leave the folder when you’re finished.

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    How To Delete Apps On A Chromebook

    Deleting apps on a Chromebook is simple: Select and open the launcher, then right-click the desired app, and select “Uninstall” or “Remove from Chrome.”

    On the other hand, if you want to , go to “chrome://apps” in the browser and, like with Chromebook, right-click the desired app icon and then select “Remove from Chrome.”

    Delete App On iPhone And iPad From Home Screen

    How do I completely remove an app from my iPhone iOS 14 ...

    Its the most common way to uninstall apps on iPhone through the home screen. But sometimes, this method may not completely delete the application. Check out the following steps:Step 1. Open the iPhone or iPad home screen, long press an application icon until the menu appears, and then click “Rearrange Apps“.

    Step 2. At this time, you will see the application icon start shaking, and there will be an “X” in the upper left corner of the application icon.

    Step 3. Click “X“, in the pop up message, click “Delete” again to uninstall the application on iPhone/iPad.

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    How To Delete Apps On iPhone 12 From The Settings App

    This option for deleting apps on iPhone 12 isn’t well known and it’s a bit hidden, but it works just as well. In fact, if the main reason you want to delete apps is to free up storage space, it might be your best option.

  • Tap the Settings app.

  • Go to General > iPhone Storage. This shows all of the apps on your iPhone and how much storage space they use. If you need to free up space, this will help you identify your best options.

  • Tap the app you want to delete. On the next screen, tap Delete App.

    You can also choose Offload App. This feature removes the app from your iPhone to save storage, but it retains any related documents and data. When you reinstall the app, you’ll access the documents and data to pick up where you left off.

  • In the pop-up, tap Delete App.

  • Do you also have an iPad that you want to delete apps from? Versions of these tips work on the iPad, too. Learn more in How to Delete Apps on an iPad.

    How To Delete An iPhone App On Ios 14 Devices

    The iPhone app deletion process changes for anyone with a more up-to-date device running iOS 14. This is because this version of the iPhone operating system introduced the new App Library. This is like a folder that all your apps are stored in.

    Within the App Library your apps are sorted into categories automatically. So, your social media apps will all be put into a “Social” subcategory. With iOS 14, when you install new iPhone apps, they’ll be added to your iPhone’s App Library. You can access your App Library by swiping left from your home screen.

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    How To Delete iPhone Apps From Your App Library

    Did you know you can delete iPhone apps straight from your App Library, too?

    From your iPhone’s home screen, simply swipe left until you see the App Library. Tap the search field that appears at the top of your screen and start typing the name of the app you’d like to delete.

    When the app appears in your search results do a long press on the app’s icon. This will generate a pop-up window giving you the option to delete the app from your iPhone. Just tap to delete.

    You then have one final pop-up window to confirm that you would like to delete the app from your iPhone. Again, remember that deleting an app this way will also delete the app’s data.

    Tap “Delete” one last time to confirm your decision and you’re done! Now that you know how to delete apps from an iPhone go forth and tidy your device. Maybe your home screens will become so clean that you’ll do away with app folders altogether and let your app icons roam free.

    This story was originally published in January 2021 and updated in August 2021.

    How To Delete Apps On iPhone X Directly

    How do I completely remove an app from my iPhone iOS 14 | Won’t Delete Apps on iPhone iOS 14

    You can delete apps on iPhone X directly. Just follow below two ways in order to know how to delete apps on iPhone X.

    Step 1: Press and hold the insignia of the application that you desire to erase from your device. Then, the applications will begin to jiggle, and a cross sign will appear on all the applications.

    Bc 2: Press the cross sign, and the iOS 10 or 11 application will get deleted. Alternatively, you can learn how to delete apps on iPhone X when you go to the settings directly.

    Step 1: Enter Settings and then go to General, choose the option of Storage and iCloud usage and then tap on Manage Storage.

    Bc 2: Youll see the list of all installed applications, select the app, which you desire to remove, and then select the Delete App option.

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    Why Cant I Delete Apps On My iPhone 6s

    You may have found you can’t delete apps easily on your iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 or other devices with 3D-Touch feature. Because when you press an app, it brings you to 3D touch menu, instead of showing you the X. In this situation, just gently put your finger on the icon without pressing down to delete or move apps.

    How To Delete Apps From Icloud

    Dont forget that your iPhone may not be the only place an app existsor at least a trace of it. As Edge explains, iCloud Settings on a device can show purchase history, be used to control subscriptions , and access certain family-sharing options. For these reasons, an Apple user may want to delete apps from their iCloud as well .

    To accomplish this, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage. Then select your devices latest backup and youll see a list of apps with a switch control , says Jackson. Simply turn the switch off for the app you wish to delete, and tap Turn Off & Delete when prompted. If youre deleting an old messaging app but want a new one, take a look at what secure messaging app you can download on your iPhone.

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    How To Completely Delete And App From iPhone

    So this problem particularly emerged with the Tinder app. I was using Tinder with a user account and one day I logged out and created a new user account which I never succeeded to activate due to sms verification problems, so I decided to login again with my old account. But even when I delete the Tinder app and reinstall it again, it still shows the B account logged in to the app. This means that IOS is somewhere storing a history for this app. Now I’m looking for a way to delete this history.

    Note that this question is not necessarily about a certain app, but rather about where IOS stores historical data of apps and how to delete those histories alongside with the app.

    P.S: If there are solutions like changing UUID of my i-phone that wouldn’t damage my phone , I’m open to them.

    How Do I Uninstall An App On My iPad If You’ve Ever Asked This Question This Is The Article For You

    Procedure How to delete Apps in iOS 13

    Getting rid of unused and unwanted iPhone and iPad apps can feel like a chore. In this article, we’ll cover how to remove an app from your iPad. Did you know you can delete apps off of iPad from Settings or the Home screen? Let’s go over the two methods for erasing apps and freeing up storage space on your iOS device.

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    Whether An App Is Causing Problems On Your iPhone Or You Just Want To Free Up Some Space You Need To Follow These Steps To Get Rid Of It For Good

    There truly is an app for everything. Thats a fact avid iPhone users know all too wellespecially when they look down at their phones and realize they have more apps than they ever wanted or needed. Ready to get rid of a few on yours? Not so fast. You need to make sure that youre actually deleting them instead of simply removing them from your home screen. Yep, you read that right: If you dont take a few extra steps, those unwanted apps will still be lurking somewhere on your smartphone. Thats just one of the things Apple insiders know about iPhones that you dont. Heres everything you need to know about how to delete iPhone apps permanently, whether youre navigating from your phone, your computer, or even in iCloud.

    S To Uninstall An App That You Can’t Find On Your Home Screen

    Looking to empty occupied storage or get rid of unwanted apps on your iPhone or iPad? Though one can easily uninstall apps, the procedure to delete apps works a bit differently on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Thanks to App Library in iOS 14, users now have the option to hide apps and even app pages from the home screen. Hence, if you remove an app from the home screen, it still remains installed on your iPhone. Then how one can uninstall an app after removing it from the home screen?

    Well, there are multiple ways to delete an app that is hidden from the home screen. Before that, you need to find the particular app that you want to completely uninstall from your device. After doing so, you can simply delete an app you removed from your iPhone home screen.

    Now lets see how to permanently delete apps instead of hiding them from your home screen. The below methods support iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and earlier iPhones that are running on iOS 14 or iOS 15.

  • TIP: Remove restriction to delete apps on iPhone
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    S To Delete Many Applications At Once On An Ios Device

    1: Link the device to your personal computer where iMyFone iOS cleaner software is already installed.

    2: Khi u iMyFone UmatePro and press the Quét nhanh button to let the software scan your iPhone. When the scanning is finished, it will display the amount of space, which can be cleaned from your device.

    3: Bm vào “Làm sch, which is written beside apps. It will present a list of the apps on your device. Start searching for the apps that you do not want on your phone. Now press on Hy b to begin with the erasing process. The unwanted apps will be erased from your device.

    These are three different methods to know how to delete apps on iPhone X, as mentioned above. You can erase applications by using iPhone, iTunes, and iMyFone iOS cleaner. These three ways are very easy and convenient to delete iOS 15 applications from your mobile. You can download and save all your important files by cleaning up the space occupied by iOS apps.

    How Do I Delete An App Without Holding It Down

    All iPhones: How to Uninstall Apps (Remove Applications Completely)

    Delete a particular app you dont like

  • Step 1: Tap and hold the icon of the app you want to get rid of on your Home Screen.
  • Step 2: Wiggling apps will show a small X mark in the upper left corner of the icon.
  • Step 1: Head over to Settings and look for the General section up toward the top of the list, and select it.
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    How To Delete Preinstalled Apps On Ios 11

    Previously, iPhone users using devices running on older versions, that is, before iOS 11, were stuck with Apps that came preloaded. Such apps could not be deleted from the device, let alone clean up some memory storage space. However, with the recent launch of iOS 11, users are allowed to delete built-in Apps although, still not all the Apps can be removed. However, apps like calculator, calendar, compass, FaceTime, iBooks, Music etc can be removed. To be precise, twenty-three preinstalled Apps can be removed from the iPhone. Let us now get to know, how do I permanently delete apps from my iPhone.

    Step 1: find the app to be deleted

    In the Home Screen, navigate right or left to find the icon of the application that you wish to delete.

    Step 2: Hold the App icon

    Now, tap and hold the app icon for around two seconds or until the icon slightly wiggles. A small âXâ surrounded by a bubble will appear on the top left corner of some of the apps.

    Step 3: Select the âXâ bubble

    Tap on the âXâ corresponding to the app that you wish to delete.

    Step 4: Delete the App

    The deletion by tapping on âDeleteâ or âRemoveâ . To delete more applications follow the same procedure. Once it is done, press the Home button to save the changes.

    Note: It should be noted that while some apps can be âdeletedâ others can only be âremovedâ. In both the cases, some amount of memory will be released as details associated with the deleted app will be lost.

    Quickly Reset Or Remove All Apps To Factory Restore

    These techniques are used in rare cases if you have a significant issue related to iOS corrupted and more. First, clean all Data with a single click thats called Factory Reset . Next to restore data from the old backup saved on iTunes or iCloud.

    iOS 15 & Later iOS

    • Go to the settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings > Continue > Enter iPhone lock screen passcode > Enter Apple ID password to remove Lock and find my. Thats it. all the apps are installed on device will be removed.

    iOS 14 & Older iOS

    • Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Content and Settings.

    Connect your iPhone to iTunes via lightning cable.

    Open iTunes > Welcome screen ask to set up as a new iPhone or iPad/ Restore from an old backup.

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    Way 6 How To Delete Apps In Bulk Via Tenorshare Icarefone

    To permanently delete unwanted apps on iPhone, you can get help of Tenorshare iCareFone. This is a smart iOS data manager that supports to permanently delete apps on iPhone in bulk and you can check the details of all apps at one time. So, if you have bunches of apps to uninstall, take iCareFone for help.

    • Check the box before the app you want to uninstall and click “Uninstall” button.

    Tenorshare iCareFone allows uninstalling multiple apps at the same time. This is how to delete apps on iPhone 8 as well as on other iPhone models in an easy and quick way.

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