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How Long Does Backing Up iPhone Take

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Use Icloud/itunes On A Regular Basis

iCloud backup taking too long or forever (For iPhone and iPad both)

If you are wondering how long does iCloud backup takes, then the solution to this problem could be reached by the frequent use of iCloud. Remember that iCloud only creates a backup of new files so if you have been diligently using iCloud or iTunes then the number of new files will be considerably lesser than someone who uses it rarely. In this case, your backup duration will be minimal.

The Pros And Cons Of Each Solution

Restore time

Restoring a backup from your Mac is considerably faster than restoring a backup from iCloud. Where a full restore from a Mac can be done in half an hour or less, an iCloud restore can take several hours or more. The actual restore time depends on the size of your backup, and in the case of an iCloud restore, your internet connection speed as well. Note that regardless of the size of the backup, it still takes a long time to render your device exactly as it was prior to restoring the backup. This is because apps are not backed up, and are redownloaded to the device after the backup is restored. This is the case with both iCloud and Finder backups.

Storage space

With Finder backups, you are limited only by the capacity of your computers hard drive. As long as the required space is there, your backup is fast and free. This is not the case for iCloud backups, however. Given the paltry 5 GB storage you get for free, most people spend the extra $0.99 or $2.99 a month just to back up their devices. Dont skimp its worth paying a bit more to ensure that your data is protected.

For comparison, on my iPhone 11, the iCloud backup, as shown in screenshots above, was 1.62 GB. When I backed up my iPhone to my Mac, the backup was about 7.6 GB.

Storing multiple backups

With iCloud, you will have the latest backup, which means you cant downgrade, and if the backup happens to be corrupted, you cant load another.

Backing up your backups

Solution 3 Turn Off Useless Backup

The items that iCloud will backup automatically are photos and videos in your Camera Roll, device settings, app data, home screen and app o

Another factor for why iCloud backup is taking so long is the iPhone data file size.

When you set iCloud backup for all data, it is no doubt that data size will be large.

Actually, you can control the size and iPhone data you really want to backup, and disable those useless backups in order to make the backup process faster.

To do so, you just need to go to “Settings”> “iCloud”> “Storage & Backup”> “Manage Storage”, and then select the items you want to backup. As you can see, there are lots of items iCloud will backup. And the size of the files you want to backup to iCloud is one of the factors that decide how long it takes to backup to iCloud.

For those iCloud backup containing part important data, but you want to turn off it, just use iCloud backup extractor to access the important data firstly.

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How Can I Make My Icloud Backup Faster

iCloud backups can take a considerable amount of time, especially the first time. The upside is that iCloud backups are iterative, meaning that after the first one its only backing up what has changed since the last time.

The two biggest factors influencing are your Internet connection and the amount of your data.

And while you cant always influence your Internet speed, you can definitely slim down the data youre backing up.

Cleaning up your photo library can help make your iCloud backup faster, because the more photos you have, the larger and slower your backup is. You can use an app like Gemini Photos to find and remove similar photos, screenshots you dont need anymore, and other photo clutter thats taking up space on your phone and in your backup.

Find A Backup With Courier Service

Backup iPhone to iCloud How Long Does It Take?

Some online backup businesses overcome speed issues with a reasonable band aid: courier service. Unfortunately, in most cases, courier service costs money and, rather pointlessly for the purpose of this article, are only available for data recovery.

Of all the online backup services, IDrive has by far the best courier service, which is called IDrive Express. What makes IDrive Express great is that its available for both backup and recovery. Also, its free.

Under the terms of the program, IDrive will send you a 3TB external drive. You load the data on it, send it back, and IDrive technicians will transfer your data to a server. After that, itll be available to you in the cloud.

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Start Backing Up And Wait

You will come to the backing up screen right after you click Back Up. Just wait a while for the backup to complete.

Backing up an iPhone can sometimes take forever using iTunes or iCloud. Luckily, there are alternatives. You can back up your phone using iMyFone iTransor and it will only take about 20 minutes. Best of all, you have a lot of control over the backup, and you can store it anywhere, as well as selectively extract data. It’s definitely worth a try next time you need to back up your iPhone.

What About Ios Backup Apps

Instead of using iCloud or iTunes, you can use backup apps to back up the data on your iOS device. These types of apps can be helpful, but are usually limited to backing up your photos and your contact list. Other information, such as application data, game data, texts, voicemails, etc., is not typically backed up by these apps. The most comprehensive way to back up and restore the data on your iPhone is to use either iCloud or iTunes, or both.

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How To Restore Your iPhone From A Backup

In case of data loss, or if youd like to have the data you backed up from an old iPhone on a new one, you can restore your data backup to your device. Depending on the method you used to back up your device data, there are a few different options for restoring from a PC or Mac running macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier, a backup from a Mac running macOS Catalina 10.15 or later, or an iCloud backup.

What Is Included In An Icloud Backup

Backup process in iCloud is taking too long or forever in iPhone or iPad

iCloudâs purpose is to back up your data from all your iOS devices. This is to ensure that you can easily get upgraded towards a new device and your files will still be kept intact. This way, upgrading to a new device is made easy for you. iCloud plays a huge part in Appleâs part of helping you get a great user experience. Thus, it helps you store different files and data types, especially the most significant ones. iCloud is backing up a variety of data such as the following:

01 – Call Logs03 – Backups From Your Apple Watch04 – Ringtones06 – Visual Voicemails 07 – Purchases You Have Made Through The Apple Servers 08 – Screen Display12 – Data On Health App13 – Photos, Music, and Videos 14 – SMS, iMessages, and MMS.15 – Messages From Messaging Apps

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Try Another Computer & Usb Cable

At times, the problem could also be prevailing deep down inside your PC or perhaps, the USB cable that you may have been utilizing for establishing connection is a faulty or an ingenuine one. Therefore, ensure to make use of only an authentic lightning cable certified by Apple for establishing connection between your PC and iOS device. In case, you’re still facing issues, try opting for a different computer and then check if you’re able to carry out the task in question.

‘this iPhone Cannot Be Backed Up Because There Is Not Enough Icloud Storage’

If that iCloud backup worked just fine, then great, you’re done. But I realize a lot of people won’t be able to back up to iCloud without a little work. You might see this message on your iOS device, “This iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available.”

Look at the message below the Back Up Now button.

Every iCloud account gets 5GB for free. But most people have more than 5GB of data on their phone — or they have more than one iOS device that needs backing up. Hence, 5GB isn’t enough space. And maybe one day Apple will change its free tier to give us more data and make backing up easier for everyone. But until then, we need to do some calculations to optimize our iCloud accounts.

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How To Speed Up The Icloud Backup Process

iCloud backup taking forever issue dissuades many users from availing this feature. To help you overcome this problem and answer all your queries regarding how long does it take to back to iCloud, here are a few tips that can stimulate the process by speeding it up and better your experience of using iCloud to backup your data:

Tip 1- Clean up your device and create more space

It is advisable to clear the cookies stored in the Safari browser to resolve iCloud backup, taking forever error. It not only cleans your deviceâs memory but also prevents probable risks to your data.

Also, make it a point to permanently delete photos, music, and videos that occupy too much space in the deviceâs internal memory.

Tip 2- Turn off Large Apps and files data backup

This might sound tedious, but thanks to Apple’s iCloud services as it offers users an option to select and deselect what and what not to backup. If you feel a certain App and its data is large and will consume a considerable amount of time to backup leading to iCloud backup taking forever problem, all you need to do is visit Settings> tap on your name> hit iCloud> toggle off the Appâs backup option.

Tip 3- Avoid unnecessary backups

For example, if your Notes include nothing but your grocery lists, toggle it off in iCloud.

Tip 4- Delete unwanted data, especially photos

Try these tips and let us know if your iCloud backup speed improved.

Tip 1 Spare More Space For Icloud Backup

How Long Does It Take to Backup an iPhone to iCloud

If you are wondering why is my iPhone iCloud backup taking so long, then keep in mind that iCloud only offer 5GB of storage for free. So, if your backup data size is larger than 5GB, then it is apparent that the process will take time.

The ideal thing to do is cleaning the unnecessary data from your device. When there is less data on your iPhone to backup, the process will automatically be fast and smooth.

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Why Is My iPhone Not Backing Up To Icloud

When it comes to backing up your iPhone to iCloud, one of the most common assumptions is that your phone does it automatically. Well, unfortunately, just because youve logged in to iCloud on your iPhone, it doesnt mean the backups are automatically on.

Two factors could contribute to why your phone is not automatically backing up:

iCloud Backup is not configured

iCloud has to be configured to automatically back up your phone in Settings > Account Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup.

Once iCloud Backup is set up, it will automatically start whenever your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, plugged into power, and locked. Which, unfortunately, means you cant use your phone while its backing up.

Not enough iCloud storage

iCloud only gives you 5 GB of free cloud storage, so unless youre paying for extra storage, than theres a good chance youve maxed out your space already. You might want to check out what else you have syncing to iCloud.

Things like your photo library could be eating up a majority of that 5 GB, and you wont even realize it. If your photos are taking up most of your iCloud space, then youll want to try using an app like Gemini Photos to help you trim some weight off your photo library. And for more ways to make room in iCloud, check out our article iCloud Storage Full: How to free up space in iCloud.

Section 2 What To Do If Icloud Backup Taking Forever

If your find iPhone backup taking hours, you should not give up backing up iPhone because it is important to regularly save your data. Follow the solutions to check the Internet connection and your iOS to complete iCloud backup.

#1 Restart iPhone: It seems like a universal solution to computer or mobile phone issues, but you need to believe that it really solves most of the problems because it could refresh your system to avoid many bugs.

#2 Check Internet Connection: The speed of the Internet would directly affect iCloud backup progress. Poor network conditions can make iCloud backup slow. You could open Safari to see whether the Internet is available to browse any content. If you find it is very slow, you could try a faster Wi-Fi.

#3 Reduce iCloud backup size: How to make iCloud backup faster? If there is too much content in your backup while your Internet is slow, you could choose to backup less content to quickly finish your backup. Go to iCloud > Manage Storage > tap your device name to see the estimated size of your iCloud backup and you would find that app data would cover much storage. Switch off the button could reduce several GB of iCloud backup content.

#4 Delete old backup: If you have the early iCloud backup, your backup might fail this time for iCloud could not add new content to it. Delete the old backup could release iCloud storage and make start a new iCloud backup.

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How To Back Up An iPhone To Icloud

Setting up iCloud Backup on your iPhone couldnt be any easier. The first thing you should do is make sure youre signed into your iCloud account, and then:

  • Plug your phone into a power source and connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to Settings > iCloud Account Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup.
  • Toggle the iCloud Backup switch on.
  • The first time you back up, it may be best to let your phone charge overnight. That way it will have plenty of time to complete the entire backup.

    How Long Does It Take To Backup iPhone To Icloud

    How to Backup iPhone to Computer with or without iTunes (PC & Mac)

    You may have known about the steps of how to backup iPhone data to iCloud. But how long does it take to backup iPhone to iCloud? Actually the time you spend on the data backup is based on the data size: Larger data you have, more time you will spend.

    However, here is a helpful method of how to shorten the time you will take to backup iPhone to iCloud. Follows the steps below:

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    Why It Takes So Long To Backup iPhone To Icloud

    iCloud Backup virtually includes a full set of content on your iPhone device, such as App data, Apple Watch backups, iPhone settings, Home screen and app organization, iMessage, text , and MMS messages, Photos and videos on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Purchase history from Apple services, like your music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books, Ringtones, and Visual Voicemail password. Also, remember that iCloud DOES NOT include information already stored in iCloud such as Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, Notes, Reminders, Voice Memos4, Messages in iCloud, iCloud Photos, and shared photos.

    In rare cases, if you feel the iCloud backup takes longer than you expected, for instance, it takes 2-5 hours or even longer time, probably you are having kind of iCloud backup not working issues. Here are some useful tips that we think can make your iCloud backup faster.

    How To Fix It Takes Too Long To Backup iPhone To iCloud:

    • Fix 1 – As said, the iCloud backup may contain your files, photos, call logs, and other app data. Try to free up space before backing up your iPhone to iCloud.
    • Fix 2 – iOS uses your Wi-Fi connection to upload the backup files to Appleââ¬â¢s servers. So try to get a fast Wifi network while backing up your iPhone to iCloud.
    • Fix 3 – Check if your iCloud storage is full or it gets too much clutters. Check if iCloud saves multiple copies of your iPhone backups.

    The Bottom Line

    More iPhone Problem Fixes and Tips

    How Long Does It Take To Backup iPhone 11/xr/8 To Itunes

    As per Apple’s official statement, backing up an iPhone 11/XR/8 to iTunes shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes. However, if you are trying to back up a large amount of data, it can even take up to 40 minutes. In addition to this, your iPhone model can also increase the backup time.

    • If you have an iPhone with 64 GB storage space, it’ll take only a few minutes to back up.
    • If you own the 256 GB model, it might even take an hour to back up the iPhone to iTunes.

    That’s how long does it take to backup 64gb iPhone and 256 GB iPhone. You can refer to it to decide whether to backup.

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    Best Alternative To Icloud: Backup And Restore iPhone/ipad Data

    Getting tired of iCloud because it takes so long for backing up? Of cause, by USB cable and iTunes, you can reduce the time it takes to backup iPhone to Computer. But there is a better option.

    Now, you have Fone Toolkit iOS Backup & Restore, a new way to support you to back up and derive data directly to the computer. Meanwhile, you also can choose to selective restore the backup data to the iPhone, iPad devices.

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