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How To Get Recently Deleted Photos On iPhone

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How To Backup Photos To Itunes

How to Delete Recently Deleted Photos iPhone (2021)

iTunes is a piece of software that lets you add to, organize and play your digital media collection on your computer, as well as sync it to a portable device. It’s a jukebox player along the lines of Songbird and Windows Media Player, and you can use it on a Mac or Windows machine.

Honestly speaking, the most professional and most common method for photos backup in iPhones are iCloud and iTunes. However, iTunes offers you more a comfortable option to do just that. To use the service of iTunes, you will need a computer/laptop and a USB cable. So those who were wondering how to restore permanently deleted photos using a computer, this method is for you.

Steps to follow before iTunes backup photos:

  • Now, open iTunes on your PC.
  • Connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable.
  • Tap the device icon, as shown below.
  • Here, click Images in the sidebar.
  • Check the box next to âPhoto Sync.â We also mean that if you have already opened iCloud photos, there is no need to sync them with iTunes.
  • Select the folder or application with which you want to sync the images. Select to sync all photos with selected albums.
  • You can also select Insert videos.
  • Be sure to use it.

Recover Photos From A Backup

If you plug your iPhone into a computer to back it up via iTunes, some tools can dip into those backups and allow you to extract individual files from them.

One such tool is iBackup Extractor, and its available for both PC and Mac. There are similar apps out there, all doing what amounts to the same thingopening iOS backups that have been created by iTunes and allowing people to interact with them. If you know that the photo you need to recover is included in an old iTunes backup, this could be a great option to takee. Especially if the photo was deleted more than a month ago.

How To Recover Deleted Photos After Deleting From Recently Deleted


Whether you want to get photos back from recently deleted or recover deleted photos after deleting from the Recently deleted folder, you will know how to do it from the details below.

The Recently Deleted album is a folder designed to house the photos that are deleted by iOS users. All your deleted photos will stay there for 40 days before being permanently wiped from your iPhone. This gives you a chance to change your mind or revert mistakes. But what if you remove photos from the Recently Deleted folder, how to get these photos back?

No worry. Whether you want to recover photos from Recently Deleted or recover deleted photos after deleting from Recently Deleted, you will know how to get it done after reading this guide.

Part 1. How to Get Photos Back from Recently Deleted
Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Photos After Deleting from Recently Deleted
Part 3. How to Back Up Photos on iPhone

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Get Back Photos From An iPhone With No Backup Solution

Are your photos permanently erased from your iOS phone, and youve no backup? All is not lost. Resort to a third-party photo recovery solution. These are software designed to help you get back all-important photos permanently deleted from your iOS mobile phone. A reliable photo recovery software solution will help salvage inaccessible pictures from your device where no backup is available. There are various iPhone photo recovery solutions that you can use when all the above options have failed. Some of these tools include

  • Disk Drill
  • Tenorshare iPhone Photo Recovery
  • iSkysoft Photo Recovery

With a wide range of photo recovery apps today, finding the best for you can be daunting. However, you can narrow your option by focusing on the elements that make a reliable photo recovery tool. These include User-friendliness, multiple recovery options, selective scanning and retrieval features, enabled preview feature, and cost. Remember, no data will be lost during your photo retrieval with third-party recovery apps. Also, no iPhone resetting is required.

Other Possible Ways To Recover Deleted Photos On iPhone

4 Ways to Recover Lost iPhone Photos after iOS 11 Update

Tenorshare UltData is undoubtedly the simplest means of recovering deleted and permanently deleted photos on iPhone. It gives you enough versatility to recover the photos without backups, with iTunes backups, and with iCloud backups. But what if you dont want to rely on a third-party platform? Below, we provide some of the other possible ways to recover deleted photos on iPhone.

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Understanding Permanently Deleted Photos Recovery From iPhone

You can recover deleted photos from iPhone after deleting from Recently Deleted folder or 30 days of automatic deletion.

Of course, backups iCloud and iTunes are the immediate go through solution in such a case. However, Apple backups have their own disadvantage. Photo recovery with iCloud and iTunes results in loss of your current data on iPhone!

Thats reason, iCloud and iTunes are frustrating when you want to get back only a few photos.

So, if you are using another backup service such as Google Drive or OneDrive for iPhone photos backup, they are more convenient.

In addition, apart from backup, an iPhone recovery software is just a right solution. It works even when you dont have backup or dont want to eliminate your existing data on iPhone or iPad.

The Reason That My Recently Deleted Photo Album Is Missing

It is really a nightmare to not have all your selfies, portraits, pictures that you loved so much. And, that might have garnered you thousands of likes, being there no more. But, you need to understand what went wrong. Sometimes, you are not the one to be blamed for. Chances are you might have , and then you try to use your phone, get into the pictures, they are no longer there. If thatâs not the case, then you might have accidentally deleted your photos. Instead of tapping on another option, you would have had accidentally opted for the âdelete/trashâ button.

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Why Can’t I Find Recently Deleted Album

In iOS 12 and above, you will no longer find the “Recently Deleted” album under “My Albums.” So in your Photos app, if you scroll to the right, you will not be able to the “Recently Deleted” album. To find it, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the Albums list and see the section named “Other Albums,” which includes Hidden, Imports, and Recently Deleted. Open the “Recently Deleted” option to locate and restore your deleted photos.

How To Retrieve Deleted Photos From A Backup

How to Restore Recently Deleted Photos on iPhone 12 Pro Recover Photos

If youve been backing up your iPhone photos to your Mac, then you may be able to recover your photos that way. To help reduce the risk of losing a photo in the future, heres a tip back up your iPhone data to iTunes or Finder using a Mac. Apple Support has instructions on how to do this.

The downside to this method is that iTunes only allows you to restore your entire backup, overwriting everything currently on your iPhone. This means you may manage to find your photo, but you also might lose more recent data from your phone.

If youre only looking to retrieve photos, the best way to extract them from your iPhone backup is to use a third-party app. Heres how to retrieve deleted photos from your iPhone using EaseUS MobiSaver.

  • Choose Recover from iTunes and then choose your iPhone from the menu and click Scan.
  • You will be able to preview your lost photos. Choose the ones you want to restore. Then save them to a folder on your computer.
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    How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Icloud

    iCloud is an Apple’s cloud service that lets users backup and restore their iPhones. As long as you backed up your phone to iCloud server when you still had the photos you wanted, you can recover permanently deleted photo from your iPhone using iCloud.

    1. Open Settings app, and select your Apple ID card.

    2. Tap iCloud > iCloud Backup. Make sure you have a recent backup of your iPhone in iCloud.

    3. Go back to Settings.

    4. Tap General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings > Erase Now to reset your iPhone to factory settings.

    5. When your iPhone reboots and present you with the initial welcome screen, go through the normal setup steps.

    6. As soon as you see Apps & Data screen, choose “Restore from iCloud Backup.”

    7. Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password to access your backups.

    8. Select the backup that contains your permanently deleted pictures from the list.

    9. Wait for iPhone to finish restoring from iCloud backup.

    Restore Deleted Pictures From iPhone With Icloud Backups

    Apples iCloud is a standard way to backup and sync your files, including Photos. If youre trying to recover a Photo from the Photos apps Recently Deleted album and its not there it may be available on the iCloud website.

    On, simply select the Photos app, and the Recently Deleted folder on the left side of the screen. It will likely mimic what you see on your phone, but there are times it has images that arent on your iPhone any longer. Before you worry too much about lost photos, check

    All-in-one app toolkit on your iPhone or iPad

    For a flat fee, you fully own a list of apps for any routine. Solve tasks with no burning out.

    There are also iPhone backups to consider, which are also kept in iCloud. Apple keeps your most recent iPhone backup version in iCloud, which is used to restore a phone or establish a new device. Heres how to backup your iPhone with iCloud:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Select iCloud
  • Scroll down until you see iCloud Backup
  • Tap on iCloud Backup
  • Select Back Up Now
  • That will get your iPhone backing itself up to iCloud immediately. Keep in mind you may need to plug your iPhone into a power source for the backup to initiate and complete.

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    How Can I Get Back My Deleted Pictures On iPhone

    Your deleted pictures can be found in several places:

    • Check the Recently Deleted folder in the Photos app, right under the iPhone camera roll.
    • If you cant find the pictures there, look for them in the same folder on iCloud.
    • Still nothing? Then use Disk Drill to recover them from your iPhones memory.

    Retrieve Deleted Photos From iPhone Via Icloud

    How to Recover Deleted Photos &  Video from iPhone &  iPad the Easy Way

    Just like an iTunes backup, an iCloud backup could also contain your photos and you can restore such a backup on your iPhone to bring back the lost photos on your device. Here’s how to retrieve photos from iCloud:

    Step 1: You need to first reset your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Reset and tapping on Erase All Content and Settings.

    Step 2:Set up your iPhone from the beginning and tap on Restore from iCloud Backup on the apps & data screen. Choose a backup to be restored on your iPhone.

    When the iCloud backup is restored, your lost photos will be back on your iPhone and that’s how to recover photos from iCloud.

    As you have noticed above, restoring an iCloud backup also requires you to erase all the content on your device. In addition to that, it restores all the unnecessary files as well and not just lost photos.

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    Go To The Recently Deleted Folder

    Click on Albums, then scroll down to the Other Albums section. Keep scrolling to find the Recently Deleted folder to recover deleted photos. As long as it hasnt been over 30 days since you deleted your photo, it should appear in this folder. After 30 days, photos are permanently deleted. Keep in mind that if you want to keep your photos but need to hide them from prying eyes, you can hide photos on your iPhone.

    via iPhone

    S To Recover Lost Data Via Icloudcom

    Follow the steps below to discover how to recover lost iCloud Drive documents and files, whether you deleted them by accident or they went missing from iCloud.

    iCloud deleted data, such as those from the Photos app, are recoverable for 30 days. You’ll need a Mac, iPad, or any device with a desktop browser to see the most recoverable iCloud files.

    Step 1. Go to on a desktop browser.

    Step 2. Log in to your Apple ID and click Account Settings.

    Step 3. Under the Advanced menu, click Restore Files.

    Step 4. There will be a window to load the deleted files, and you can choose to restore specific files or all of them. To begin the recovery process, click Restore. The recovered data will be saved on your computer.

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    How To Selectively Recover Photo From iPhone With Drfone Recover

    We saw the organic means of restoring the recently deleted photo album is missing. But, that recovers all the backup or even demands for the complete deletion of data. However, with Dr.Fone-Recover, you can enjoy the liberty of selectively.

    Provides You with Three Ways to Recover Deleted iPhone Data After iOS 15 Upgrade

    • Retrieve data directly from iPhone, iTunes backup, and iCloud backup.
    • Supports the newest iPhone and iOs
    • Preview and selectively recover data in original quality.
    • Read-only and risk-free.


    Follow these step-by-step tutorial to understand how to recover lost photos on iPhone via Dr.Fone-Recover.

    Step 1: Launch the program and draw the connection of iOS Device with PC

    Just begin with installing and running the application on your working PC/laptop. Using an authenticated USB cable, connect your iPhone with a computer or Mac. Load Dr.Fone-Recovery and tap on âRecoverâ.

    Step 2: Scan the file

    After the program automatically detects your device, the data folders enlisted in your iPhone will appear. Select the desired data type that you wish to recover. Then, tap on the âStart Scanâ button to allow program to scan out the deleted or data lost from your iPhone.

    Step 3: Gain insights of Photos/Photo album from Preview

    Now, the scanning will accomplish. Scrutinize the photo album or the photos that went missing from your iPhone. For much comprehensive view, click the âOnly display the deleted itemsâ to switching on.

    Step 4. Recover Photos on iPhone

    How To Recover iPhone Photos After Recently Deleted With Itunes Backup File

    How To Recover Photos From iPhone After Deleting From Recently Deleted

    If you have backed up your iPhone with your iTunes on the computer, then you can restore your iPhone with the iTunes backup file, but it will remove all the current data on your iPhone. The process is simple: connect iPhone with computer > Launch iTunes and click “Restore”> select the iTunes backup file to restore your iPhone.

    The above mentioned restoring way will remove all the current data on your iPhone, replace the data with old iPhone data. If you have many important data on iPhone, try iBeesoft “Recover from iTunes” to extract needed photos from the iTunes Backup file. Here are the steps:

    1. Install iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery for Mac or Windows on your computer. After then, click “Recover from iTunes”.

    2. Select the iTunes backup which contains the recently deleted photos and click “Scan” to recover iPhone photos after recently deleted.

    3. Find the picture category, preview photos. Select the ones you need, and click “Recover” to save them on your computer.

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    How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Itunes/finder

    This is similar to the above method. The only difference is that instead of iCloud Backup, well be using the iPhone backup made on Mac or Windows PC. The rest of the basics are the same as above.

    Heres how to recover deleted photos from an iPhone backup using a computer:

  • Open Settings tap on your Apple ID banner from top Find My.
  • Now, tap Find My iPhone and turnoffFind My iPhone.
  • Connect your iPhone to Mac or Windows PC.
  • On Macs running macOS Catalina, open Finder and click on your iPhone name from the left sidebar. On older Macs or Windows PCs, open iTunes and click on the iPhone logo.You can choose to archive one or multiple iPhone backups in Finder/iTunes before proceeding. Archiving a backup will ensure that a new backup doesnt overwrite it. Now that thats out of the way, make a new backup. This way, if you do not successfully recover the deleted photos, you can at least restore them from todays backup.
  • Click Restore Backup.
  • Choose an old backup and enter your password. Finally, click on Restore.
  • After the process completes, open the app on the iPhone and see if you retrieved the lost photos. If not, you can choose to restore from an even older backup .
  • Recover Recently Deleted Photos From Icloud Backup

    Use iCloud backup to recover deleted photos from iPhone after 30 days of deleting them from Recently Deleted folder. iCloud backup is the best solution to retrieve permanently deleted photos from iPhone free.

    Just get on to the below steps to recover deleted photos from iCloud:

    • On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > General > Reset> Erase all Contents and Settings.
    • Select Erase Now in the dialog box and follow the prompts until you reach the Apps & Data screen.
    • Click on Restore from iCloud Backup.
    • Sign in to your iCloud account.
    • Select the recent backup from the list that has the deleted pictures. Click Restore to get back the deleted photos on iPhone.

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    View And Recover Deleted Photos From iPhone Directly


    1. If your iPhone runs on iOS 7 or higher, then you need to tab “Trust” on your iPhone for scanning your iPhone data successfully.

    2. For iPhone 4/3GS, you need do more 3 steps before continuing this photos recovery process:

    Hold your iOS device in hand and click the Start button.

    Press and hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time for exact 10 seconds.

    Release Power button and keep holding Home button.

    Scan and recover deleted photos from iPhone

    Then checkmark the recently deleted pictures , and click “Recover” to start to extract the deleted photos from iPhone to computer.

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