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How To Move Data From Android To iPhone

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How Can I Transfer Photos From Android To iPhone Without Computer

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone (2 Free Ways)

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone without Computer

  • Install Google Photos App on your Android.
  • Launch Settings in the Google Photos App on Your Device.
  • Access the Backup & sync Settings in the App.
  • Turn on Back up & sync in Google Photos for Your Device.
  • Wait for Android Photos to Upload.
  • Open Google Photos on your iPhone.
  • Android To Ios: Post Data Migration Check

    Before wiping your Android phone or selling it, make sure all the data has been successfully transferred to your new iPhone. Double-check for things like contacts, photos, and message history. Just to be safe, you can also make a full backup of your Android phone before resetting it. We have a guide on how you can back up your Android phone.

    Do you think we missed something? If so, let us know in the comments section. If you or your friends and family are looking for a new phone, make sure to check our guides on the overall best phones, best iPhones, and best Android phones on the market right now. Alternatively, if you are moving the other way round, check out our guide on How to Copy Data from iOS to Android.

    Way 1: Move Data From Android To iPhone After Setup Via Data Transfer

    Can you swiftly transfer Android to an iPhone after setup? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. This Android to iOS transfer tool – Samsung Data Transfer, can help you smoothly move files to iOS after initial setup, including contacts and documents. Also, it can move files from iOS to Android in simple steps, including photos, videos, contacts, text messages, and more.

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    How To Transfer Data From Android Smartphone To Apple iPhone

  • Make sure that Wi-Fi on your Android device is on.
  • Plug your new iPhone and Android phone
  • Make sure that all the content you want to transfer from your Android phone will fit on the new iPhone.
  • Update to the latest version of Google Chrome on your Android device if you want to transfer Chrome bookmarks.
  • Move Android Data To iPhone With Mobiletrans

    Several easy ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

    In case you are way past your iPhones setup stages and cant afford to reset, you can try a third-party desktop app called MobileTrans.

    With MobileTrans, you can sync your Androids contacts, media, calendar events, and a lot more with your iPhone. Unlike the Move to iOS app, however, MobileTrans requires you to plug in both of your devices into a Windows PC or a Macbook. Its also not free and costs at least $32 for phone transfers.

    On the MobileTrans app, once you have connected your phones to your computer, select your Android device in the Source dropdown on the left and your iPhone on the right. Next, pick which content you want to copy to your iPhone and hit the Start button. Unlock your iPhone to kick off the transfer.

    As MobileTrans works locally instead of over a Wi-Fi connection, its much quicker for moving high-resolution images and videos and takes considerably less time than Move to iOS. Disconnect your phones when it says Your iPhone restore is completed on the screen and youll find your Android data in sync with what was already on your iPhone.

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    The Easiest Way To Transfer Data From Android To Ios

    It only takes a few minutes to get all your important data from an Android device to an iPhone or iPad. Here’s what you need to know.

    It used to be a big pain to switch from one mobile platform to another, but it’s now easier than ever to transfer all of your old data from an Android device to your new iPhone or iPad.

    Apple’s Move to iOS app in the Google Play Store makes the process quick and easy. While it can’t transfer your apps, music or passwords, it can be used to transfer your photos, calendar, contacts, text messages, photos and videos.

    The Move to iOS app supports phones and tablets running Android 4.0 or later and can transfer data to devices running iOS 9 or higher.

    Tool 5wireless Transfer App

    Wireless Transfer App is a great tool that would help you migrate your from one device to another within minutes. You can follow the given below instructions to move your data from Android to iOS.

    • Launch it on the iPhone and tap on the Receive option.
    • Now, the app will detect all the devices connected on the same Wi-Fi network and it will connect with your Android device automatically.
    • Tap on the name of the device from where you would move data to your iPhone.
    • Select the data that you want to move.
    • Now, tap on the option and it will start moving your photos and videos to iOS.

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    Here’s How To Move Data From Android To Ios After Setup Using Move To Ios:

    Step 1. Reset Your iPhone

    Launch the Settings app, and click the “General“>”Reset“>”Erase All Content and Settings” icon. If prompted, please confirm that you want to reset your iPhone. Then it will erase all your settings and data.

    Step 2. Download Move to iOS

    Please download and install Move to iOS on your Android phone, open and set it until you see the “Enter Code” screen.

    Step 3. Make a Connection and Copy Data to iPhone

    – As you see the “App & Data” screen on the iPhone, please choose the “Move Data from Android” option, and tap the “Continue” icon to get a code for connection. Then enter the code into your Android device.

    – Once connected, you can select the desired content on Android, and click the “Next” icon to begin sending the data to your iPhone. As the transfer is over, you can go on to set up your iPhone.

    Bonus: How do you fix Move to iOS not working? Sometimes, app bugs, network circumstances, and other issues will cause the app not working. Thus, please check your network connection first, check it the OS is iOS 9 and Android 4 or later, and reinstall the app. In general, these tips will work out the problem. But if the app still fails to move data, you can use an alternative, such as the transfer software in Way 1.

    Solution 1: Switch To New iPhone With ‘move To Ios’

    How to move from Android to iPhone Apple Support

    Apple offers the Move to iOS app to transfer your Android content to your new iOS device. If your old device is on Android version 4.0 or later, you can move your content to iPhone 7 with this method.

    • On your Android device, turn on Wi-Fi connection. Plug your new iOS device and your Android device in to power.
    • While setting up your iPhone 7, look for the Apps & Data screen. Then tap Move Data from Android. *Note: If you already finished setup, you have to erase your iOS device and start over. If you don’t want to erase, just transfer your content manually.
    • Navigate to your Android device, open the Move to iOS app and tap “Continue”. Read the terms and conditions that appear. Tap “Agree” to continue, then tap “Next” in the top-right corner of the Find Your Code screen.
    • On your iOS device, tap “Continue” on the screen called Move from Android. Then wait for a ten-digit or six-digit code to appear. Enter the code on your Android device.
    • Now, you are able to select the content that you want to transfer and tap Next on your Android device. Then leave both devices alone until the loading bar that appears on your iOS device finishes
    • After the loading bar finishes on your iOS device, tap ‘Done’ on your Android device. Then tap Continue on your iOS device and follow the onscreen steps to finish setting it up.

    Here’s what gets transferred via ‘Move to iOS’ App:

    Contacts, Message history, Camera photos and Videos, Web bookmarks, Mail accounts, and Calendars.

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    Detailed Steps To Use Move To Ios

    During the setup process of your new iOS device, select Move Data from Android on the App & Data screen .

    After connecting your new iOS device to your Wi-Fi network, you’ll see the Apps & Data screen where you tap Move Data from Android. Just hit Continue on the Android Move to iOS app.

    Next, you can see a code on your iOS device. Grab the 10 digit code that appears on your iOS device and type it into your Android device.

    After entering the code, your new iOS device and your old Android phone will connect to each other.

    This app on your Android phone will ask you what kind of data you would like transfer over to you new iOS device. Select the contents you don’t want to transfer and tap “Next” on the top left of the screen.

    Then, let the two devices do their thing. This could take a while depending on how much stuff you have.

    Once its completed, youll need to finish the setup process on your iPhone or iPad, and dont forget to wipe your Android device of all sensitive info.

    If any issues appear during using Move to iOS, like your Move to iOS not working, you can get the answer from Top 2 Ways to Fix Move to iOS Not Working.

    Move iPhone Data To Android With Google Drive

    In case your Android phone doesnt support an all-in-one transfer app, or if its not available beyond the initial setup stage, Google Drive is your next best option. However, this method is far from perfect since the Google Drive app can only sync your iPhones contacts, calendar appointments, and photo library. For the rest of the content, like texts and call logs, youll have to look for any alternate channels, which, unfortunately, arent that many.;

    Download the on your iOS device and sign in with the same Google account you plan to use on your Android phone. Tap the three-line button at the top left corner and head into Settings > Backup.;

    Select what kind of data you want to include in the backup. From the Photos & Videos option, you can also specify whether youd like to upload your photos and videos in their original quality or a space-saving compressed format.;

    Tap Start Backup, and your iPhone will begin backing up the files on your Google cloud storage. Once it completes, the data should be available in its respective app on your Android phone. So, contacts will go into the Contacts app, events in Calendar, and media in Google Photos.;

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    Choose What Data To Transfer

    After your Android device connects to your iPhone, you should see a list of all the different types of data you can transfer. Select or deselect the different types of data that you do or don’t want to transfer.

    Make sure you don’t try to transfer more data than you have space for on your iPhone. You can see how much space each type of data takes up below each item in the list.

    When you’re ready, tap Next on your Android phone to start the data transfer.

    Solution 1 Sync Android To iPhone 8 Wirelessly

    Move from Android to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    Apple announced a new app to help Android users switch to iPhone on iOS 9’s release, called Move to iOS. With the asistance of this app, you can simply switch your Android to an iPhone. Follow the steps below:

    Step 1. While you set up your new iOS device, after a few setup steps, you will enter Apps & Data screen. Tap Move Data from Android, it would generate a code.

    Step 2. Now turn to your Android device, download Move to iOS from

    Step 3. Open the app after installation, agree the terms and conditions that appear, then tap Next to enter the Find Your Code screen. Simply enter the code generated on Step 1, wait for the Transfer Data screen to appear.

    Step 4. Select the content that you want to transfer on your Android device, then wait for the transfer process to complete. It may take a while, depending on how much content you’re moving. And finish the rest of setup steps on your iPhone 8 to enjoy your new device.

    Notes: Your Android must run Android 4.0 and above version, and the contents allow to be transferred including contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, and calendars, some supported apps.

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    From Android To iPhone

    Connect your Android device to your computer and then slide down the notification bar.


    Select the option to enable USB Mass Storage and then choose “Open Device to View Files” from the pop-up window on your PC.


    Choose the files you want to transfer to your iPhone and then right-click one of the selected files.


    Choose “Copy to Folder” from the context menu and then click “Desktop.”



    Connect your iPhone to your PC and then select the device button from the top left in iTunes to switch to the device.



    Navigate to the “For iPhone” folder and double-click the file to transfer. Repeat for each file that you want to copy to the device.

    S To Transfer Files From Android To iPhone

    Android and iPhone make the most of todayâs mobile phone market share. People frequently shift from one to another and while moving to another platform is their own choice this change can lead to problems for the user because the devices are not meant to share files among one another. So, to help users shifting from Android to iPhone, Iâve compiled the 8 best techniques to let them transfer files from Android to iPhone without much hassle.

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    Wait For The Transfer To Complete

    A progress bar appears on both your Android phone and your iPhone while Move to iOS transfers data between the devices. Make sure you leave both devices alone, keeping them connected to Wi-Fi, until this process is complete.

    Even if your Android phone says the transfer is complete, leave Move to iOS open until the progress bar fills up on your iPhone as well.

    The length of time for this transfer to finish varies based on your Wi-Fi speed and the amount of data you need to transfer. If necessary, connect your Android device and iPhone to power to keep them charged up until the transfer is done.

    How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone By Syncing A Google Account

    Transfer data Android to iPhone 2019

    This is a great option if you keep your Android contacts in a Google account. It works with both a new iPhone and one that’s already set up. All you need to do is to add your Android’s Google account information to the iPhone.

    1. On the iPhone, start the Settings app.

    2. Tap “Passwords & Accounts.”

    3. Tap “Add Account” and then tap “Google.”

    4. Follow the instructions to add your Google account to the iPhone. It’ll automatically sync all your Google info, including contacts.;

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    Transfer iPhone Data To Android Via Third

    For the remainder of your iPhone data, you can turn to third-party services like MobileTrans. This desktop software can transfer content between phones with a click of a button. It can sync your contacts, call history, voicemail, reminders, and just about everything else youd want to keep from your old phone — for a price. MobileTrans is not free, and you will have to shell out at least $45 to access it.;

    If you do decide to pay for MobileTrans, theres little you need to do next. Start by plugging in both your iPhone and Android phone to your Mac or Windows PC. Open the MobileTrans app and grant the necessary permissions from the pop-ups on your devices. Keep your phones unlocked while MobileTrans will take a couple of minutes to siphon up all the data from them.;

    On the MobileTrans app, make sure your iPhone is on the left side of the window, and in case it isnt, click the Flip in the top center. Now, pick what data you want to migrate from the list of checkboxes in the middle and hit Start to kick off the transfer process. MobileTrans will move the selected data to your Android phone in a few minutes or hours and notify you when its done.;

    MobileTrans also offers mobile apps if you dont want to install it on your computer or migrate the data wirelessly, but it failed to work in my testing. ;

    Solution 2: Transfer Files From Android To New iPhone 7 With Syncios Mobile Transfer

    Syncios Mobile Transfer is a quite high user evaluation data transfer software, which supports not only transfer data like contacts, text messages, media files, call history, bookmarks, photos and more from one devices to iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, but also can extract data from iTunes/iCloud backup files, and transfer to any supported iDevice or Android handset.

    TIPS: if you have any detection issues, please follow our iOS tutorial or Android tutorial according to your device.

    Tips: It allows you to extract what you want from iTunes and iCloud backup without performing full restoration on your new iPhone 7 .

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