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What Is The Difference Between The iPhone Xr And Xs

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iPhone Xr Vs iPhone Xs Screen

iPhone XS vs XR – Which Should You Choose?

The top-of-the-range XS Max is equipped with a 6.5-inch screen, while the standard XS is home to a 5.8-inch display. The XR comes in somewhere in between, with a 6.1-inch display.

However, while the XRs display uses LCD technology, the XS has an OLED screen.

What does that mean in practice? Well, it means that images on the XR are a little less sharp and the colours are a bit less vibrant. It also performs poorer in bright light, we found.

But as well see, theres a trade-off to be made for that brighter, more colourful screen. And thats that its more of a drain on the XSs battery.

Winner: A comfortable win for the iPhone XS, which is brighter, crisper and performs better in low light.

Processor And Battery Life

When comparing the iPhone X and XRs processing power and battery life, the iPhone XR wins without a doubt. Whereas the iPhone X is packed with the A11 Bionic -chip, the iPhone XR is powered with an A12 Bionic -processor. This makes the iPhone XR great for games and even augmented reality applications. Still, the iPhone Xs A11 Bionic -processor is up to 70% faster than its predecessors, allowing the phone to run even demanding applications and functions.

Even though the iPhone Xs battery will last you a good while with a single charge, it still pales in comparison with the iPhone XR. This is thanks to the more powerful processor and less energy-intensive display. The iPhone XR will last you even 4 hours longer with a single charge than the iPhone X. However, both phones are equipped with wireless charging.

Selfies: Same Front Cameras Too

Selfies should also turn out looking exactly the same. Both the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS have a 7-megapixel front-facing camera that’s able to perceive depth. This “TrueDepth” camera, as Apple calls it, is what enables the FaceID unlock feature. It also forms the backbone of the iPhone’s portrait mode for selfies.

Although 2017’s iPhone X was the only one in Apple’s stable to make use of multiple lighting effects right on the camera interface, the iPhone XR can access all the same settings as the iPhone XS on the front camera, which means there really is no difference.

Winner: Draw

Both phones have the same depth sensing front-facing camera for portrait mode selfies.;

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The Difference Between iPhone Xs And Xr An iPhone Comparison

Waiting for Apple to unveil its flagship phone each year is one of those mega-events that journalists, Apple loyalists and people looking to try the companys technology for the first time usually look forward to with bated breath. There is always a huge buzz around the event itself, while platforms try to put out leaked images and speculate about the features that the new iPhone or iPhones will have to offer. The last year was nothing different from the rest, with a grand event where the company launched three iPhone variants the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.;

While the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max were expected to launch in September 2018, the unexpected entry into the line of iPhones was the iPhone XR, which ended up creating quite a buzz in the industry for being a more affordable even though its not cheap alternative to the iPhone XS. As the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro hit the market, the price of the iPhone XR has fallen and the iPhone XS may be bought for cheaper. This makes both of these great options for people who are looking to purchase some of the best Apple smartphones. However, it is important to learn the difference between the iPhone XS and Xr.

How’s The Battery Life

Difference Between iPhone XS and XR

I did not conduct any formal tests, but, in mixed use, I got well past the full workday with juice to spare. I charge my phones every night anyway, and the XR would be no exception. As with other recent models, the phone supports wireless charging . Apple claims it’s marginally better for the XR;compared to the XS and XS Max.

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iPhone Xr Vs iPhone Xs Vs Xs Max: Which One To Buy

Is it time to upgrade your iPhone? Have you held out long enough and are finally deciding to treat yourself with a new gadget? Well, if youve taken a look at the most recent range of iPhones, no one would blame you if you felt overwhelmed. Apple rarely offers so many different new iPhones at the same time. With all the choices, youre probably left wondering where to start.

Well, its a good thing youve landed here then. Were going to compare iPhone models to see how they differ. So, keep reading as we pit the specs of the iPhone XS vs XR.

iPhone Xr Vs iPhone Xs: Which Is Right For You

Struggling to decide between the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS? This comparison will show you all the major differences.

Apple releases new iPhones every year. With each series, we usually get at least three different models, which have slightly different specifications. iPhone XR and iPhone XS were released in 2018, but the two are still eligible for the latest iOS updates.

Provided their launch timeline, they’re now even cheaper than ever, and you might see it fit to pick either. In this iPhone XR versus XS comparison article, we stack the two phones against each other to help you make an informed decision if you’re in the market for a cheaper iPhone.

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iPhone Xr Vs iPhone Xs: Which iPhone Is Right For You

It’s been years since the iPhone XR and XS were officially unveiled by Apple. Thanks to that, you can now grab the two at an accessible price point. iPhone XS is better in different categories, but it doesn’t trump the XR in all places.

If you want an iPhone with better battery life, a bigger display, and an accessible price point, the iPhone XR is that device.

But if the display, camera, memory, storage, performance, and IP68 rating are key to you, get the iPhone XS instead. All of these are what you get when you pay $400 more for the iPhone XS. Although iPhone XS does tick boxes in several categories, it doesn’t offer a great value for money compared to the XR.

Image Credit: YouTube/Zollotech

The Overall Winner Is

What’s the difference between iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Ultimately it comes down to what you’ll be using the phone for. The iPhone XR camera is going to do right by you if 99.9% of your shots are taken in automatic mode. There’s not a significant difference in image quality between these two phones for general photos and videos.

But the iPhone XS is your go-to camera if, like me, you’re taking a lot of portraits of kids and pets who don’t like to hold a pose. Or if you use the zoom in stills and videos.

And then there are the other noncamera features to consider: The XS has a nicer OLED screen, and comes in a smaller 5.8-inch or larger 6.5-inch display compared to the 6.1-inch LCD screen on the iPhone XR. The XS has a stainless steel frame and a higher water resistance, while the XR has more color options to choose from.

Either way you can’t go wrong. Both of these phones have impressive cameras capable of producing printworthy shots.;

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So Should You Upgrade From iPhone X To Xs

Theres no right or wrong answer to this. If theres something wrong with your current iPhone X, say one of the buttons is broken, then yes, upgrading to the iPhone XS is totally worth it.;

If youre happy with your iPhone X and its still working just fine, there might not be any reason for you to rush it and upgrade right this second. The iPhone XS is a nice little improvement from the previous model, but theres no reason you couldnt wait until there was truly something wrong with your iPhone X.

Hopefully, seeing the iPhone X and XS comparison helped frame what youd be getting by upgrading to the most recent model. There are a lot of great reasons to upgrade and equally as many to keep using the iPhone X. And I guess the final argument that might persuade you to upgrade is if youve absolutely been dying to have a gold iPhone. If thats the case, you should upgrade to the iPhone XS right now!

Weight: Less Than An Ounce Of Difference

  • 6.84 ounces

The difference in weight between the two phones is less than an ounce, but that may be enough to make a difference for some people. The iPhone XS weighs in at 6.24 ounces, while the XR is 6.84 ounces. Half an ounce may not seem like much, but that weight can add up if you’re holding your phone for a long time. If you think you could be sensitive to the weight differences, hold the phones in the store before you buy.

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Screen Size: Oled Can’t Be Beat

  • 6.1-inch screen.

  • LCD.

You can tell by looking at these devices that screen size is a key difference between the XS, XS Max, and XR. The iPhone XS has a 5.8-inch screen, the XS Max a 6.5-inch screen, and the XR a 6.1-inch screen. But, more than size is different here.

The technologies used to create the screens matters a lot. The XS series uses OLED screens compared to an LCD screen for the XR. Because of how they generate light in the pixels that make up the screen, OLEDs are brighter and provide a wider dynamic range and contrast ratio for blacks and colors. They look fantastic, and the picture quality of OLEDs is better than that found in LCDs. That’s not to say an LCD screen doesn’t look good. OLEDs are the future, though, and if you want the best-looking screen possible, you want an XS.

The 11 Series Gets Night Mode

iPhone XS vs iPhone XR: What is the Difference?

Apple has also fixed another major iPhone complaint, the quality of these phones low-light image quality. The iPhone X and iPhone XS series lagged behind phones from the likes of Huawei, which was the first to put serious time and money into developing ultra-low light camera performance.

This seems to have finally been rectified with Night mode. It does more-or-less what the Google and Huawei modes do, combining a handful of exposures to radically improve dynamic range, detail and the perceived brightness of low-light photos.

It is arguably the single most important upgrade of the iPhone 11 range for keen mobile photographers. Ready to get annoyed? As this is primarily a software improvement, Apple could create a version of it for the iPhone XS and iPhone X ranges. But, for now at least, it is an iPhone 11-exclusive feature.

Apple says Night mode uses short exposures captured in anticipation of the shutter press, as well as ones shot after, which may well make it faster than the Huawei P30 Pros take.

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The iPhone Xs Standard Smaller Sooner

Apples new flagship phone is the iPhone XS. If you want the best Apple has to offer that will still fit in your pocket, this is the one for you.

Its got a 5.8-inch diagonal OLED Super Retina HDR screen with 458 pixels per inch, which is actually taller than the old 8 Pluss 5.5-inch screen, but its a little thinner, so it has less total screen volume. Dual 12 megapixel cameras offer stabilization and 2X optical zoom, plus the new depth control Portrait mode feature. Its $999 for the 64GB, $1,149 for the 256GB, or $1,349 for the 512GB.

It comes in;silver, gold and space gray, all in stainless steel thats waterproof to two meters. Pre-orders start Friday, September 14th, and they ship and hit stores on September 21st.

Comparing iPhone X And iPhone Xr

Both phones are worth buying even some years after their release. The iPhone X and iPhone XR have their pros and cons, so it might not be easy to decide between the two. Luckily, we compared these two Apple smartphones to help you decide which one is the right device for you. Continue reading and find out if your next smartphone could be the iPhone X or XR.

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Camera Quality: iPhone Xs Vs Xr

So when it comes to which one has a better camera, it should be obvious that the more expensive iPhone will probably be the better performer. And it is. The camera on the XS has more featuresone of them being multiple lenses to change focal lengths.

When both of these phones were released in 2018, the XS was significantly more expensive$999 for the base version versus $749 for the XR. Even though $999 is a lot for a phone, photography with the XS was industry-leading back in 2018. Despite the incredible camera performance, though, not everybody could validate paying over $1000 for a phone.

But now thanks to Back Market, you dont have to pay this much for a refurbished iPhone XS. As a matter of fact, the price gap between a used iPhone XR vs;XS has significantly decreased. At the time of writing this, you could get both refurbished iPhones for under $400 on Back Market. And because the two are so similar in terms of price, we;think the iPhone XS is the clear winner in this category.

iPhone X Vs iPhone Xs Vs Xr

iPhone XS vs iPhone XR: Whatâs the difference?

The iPhone XS and XS Max vs. the iPhone X

The iPhone XS has a similar layout to that of the X. The two phones have almost the same dimensions, and they both feature a 5.8-inch OLED display screen. The XS Max, however, has the largest screen of any current iPhone at 6.5 inches, making for pretty a striking layout. The XS Max is about the equal length typical as the iPhone eight Plus however has a display it really is a complete inch larger. Apple saved the notch in its XS and XS Max designs.

To go together with the bigger screen, the XS Max gives a mild increase in resolution as compared to the X. The decision of the X and XS are the identical. At 458 ppi, the pixel density is constant throughout all 3 phones.

One of the large differentiators between the X and the XS and XS Max is the processor. The two more moderen phones characteristic the A12 Bionic chip, the most effective processor in any smartphones, in addition to an progressed next-era Neural Engine.

All three phones have the equal digital camera in addition to Face ID, but the XS and the Max introduce a few new digital camera functions consisting of Depth Control and advanced bokeh, which has to do with the satisfactory of the IPHONE X / XS blur in the out-of-focus portions of pix.

The new phones also improve a piece on battery life. According to Apple, the XS lasts up to IPHONE X / XS 30 minutes longer IPHONE X / XS than the X, whilst the Max lasts up to at least one.5 hours longer.

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Overall Findings: Better Camera Vs Better Battery Life

  • Has a 128 GB model.

  • Better battery life.

  • Better color customization options.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XR are both very good phones. The screens look fantastic, both have plenty of storage, and come in a variety of fun colors. The iPhone XS has a better camera, while the XR has a better battery life. The XS wins in a few other areas as well, like water protection, and the XR is the clear winner when it comes to price.

iPhone Xs Vs iPhone Xr: Price

Our pick: iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is a full $400 cheaper than the iPhone XS when you compare outright pricing.

Even if you’re looking at plans, you’ll save a good chunk of cash each month by opting for an iPhone XR over an iPhone XS.;

If you decide to opt for a 64GB iPhone XR over a 64GB iPhone XS, you’ll save $400. This jumps up to $570, if you were considering the iPhone XS Max. Better yet, you can get a 128GB iPhone XR for $1,299, which is only a $70 premium over the base price. Since the iPhone XS isn’t available in a 128GB model, the jump between a 64GB iPhone XS and a 256GB iPhone XS is a much more significant $250.

Here’s a few iPhone XR plans:

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Which New iPhone Should You Buy iPhone Xr Vs iPhone Xs

If youre looking for a cheaper alternative to the new;iPhone 11;its worth remembering Apples alternative trio of iPhones. Theres the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS;and the iPhone XS Max.

The iPhone XR sits at the bottom of the range, offering a similar design to the XS at a more affordable price. Its still far from cheap, however, with launch prices hitting £899/$899 for the 512GB model.

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The iPhone XS and XS Max both replace the singular iPhone X from 2018 and sit at the top of the range of Apples smartphones. The XS is near-identical to the X with a 5.8-inch display, while the XS Max is the next-generation Plus variant with a whopping 6.5-inch panel.;

Now that we have the basics out of the way, lets have a look at how the iPhones compare internally and externally.

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