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How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To iPhone Via Bluetooth

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How To Send All Of Contacts From Android To Android Via A Vcf File

Can You Transfer Files Between Android and iPhone / iPad / iOS Via Bluetooth

Syncing contacts from a Google Backup to the new Android device may take a long time if you have thousands of contacts on your old Android device. However, sending all of your contacts as an Email attachment from Android to Android would be faster.

Here’s how:

Step 1. On your old Android phone, please go to the ‘Contacts’ app > tap on the three-line menu button > tap ‘Manage contacts’. These buttons may be slightly different on some devices.

Step 2. Tap on ‘Import/Export contacts’ > choose ‘Export’ all of your contacts from your phone as VCard file to internal storage/SIM card. The file is named as ‘Contacts.vcf’ by default.

Step 3. Then you need to find out the vcf file on your phone with a file finder.

Step 4. Email it as a vcf file attachment to your new Android phone. The left thing is to sync contacts from Gmail to your new Android phone.

Step 5. Log in the Gmail/Email account on your new Android device and download the vcf file.

Step 6. Open the ‘Contacts’ app on your new Android device. Please tap on ‘Settings’/the tree-line menu button > ‘Manage contacts’.

Step 7. Tap on ‘Import/Export contacts’ > ‘Import vcf file’ > select the vcf file that you downloaded from the Email just now > tap on ‘OK’ to transfer contacts from your old Android to the new one.

CSV is an alternative import/export contacts format, you can learn about this format in:

How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To iPhone With/without Icloud

What to do if you need to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another without iCloud? How do I transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone via Bluetooth? Follow this guide to find the answer.

When you get a new iPhone the first thing you have to do is to transfer your important data such as contacts to the new iPhone. Usually, people will back up their contacts to iCloud and then restore them on the new iPhone with the same iCloud account.

But what should you do when you find there is no storage space in iCloud and you do not want to pay for more of it? This guide shows you four methods about how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud.

Ways To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Samsung In 202

  • Way 3. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung S10 with Bluetooth. You can also use the Bluetooth to share contacts from iPhone to Samsung S10. But, as the speed of transfer will be slow, it is recommended to use this method only when you have few contacts to transfer. 3 Steps to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung S10
  • On you old Samsung phone, go to Contacts app > Menu > Import/Export contacts > Send namecard via. It will show you a list of contacts. Select the contacts that you wanted one by one or tick on Select all. Select Bluetooth and choose the target Samsung phone
  • The iPhone 5 series allows individuals to download various applications for various tasks. The phone has various features, including the ability to transfer contacts from other handheld devices, like Android, using Bluetooth.This feature can be used effectively if users can download and install an application known as Beam It
  • At this point, a list of all your contacts is presented, and you will need to tap on Select All Contacts When these are checked, you should then Select Bluetooth > and then select your new phone. This will then transmit a small file from the old Samsung phone through to the new Samsung phone called a vcf or vCard
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    How Do I Get My Contacts From My iPhone To My Samsung

    If you want to use a computer to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Samsung, you need a little bit of free software . The software you need is:

    • Software to sync data from iPhone to your computer. On a Mac, that’s Finder . On Windows, it’s iTunes.
    • An address book program that can sync with iPhone and Samsung. On Windows, try Outlook or Windows Address Book. On Mac, try Outlook or the pre-installed Contacts app.
    • Software to sync data from your computer to your Samsung. There are many options, but Samsung’s Smart Switch app is an excellent place to start. You can also choose any number of other syncing apps if you prefer those.

    Once you’ve got all the right software, follow these steps:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB or Wi-Fi and sync the iPhone to your computer.

  • On the iPhone management screen, click Files and ensure the Contacts box is checked. Ensure the drop-down shows the address book program you want to sync your contacts to before transferring them to your Samsung phone.

  • Click Sync in the bottom right corner to sync your contacts to your chosen address book program.

  • Disconnect your iPhone from the computer and connect your Samsung phone.

  • Launch the software you want to use to sync your Samsung and your computer.

    The exact steps for syncing differ depending on what program you use, but the concepts are basically the same for all of them.

  • How To Transfer Contacts From Your iPhone To Your Computer

    3 Ways to Sync Contacts from iPhone to iPad  iMobie

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    You can use iTunes or iCloud to transfer your iPhone contacts to your computer. If you’re using iTunes, contacts will be synced like your other iTunes content. If you’re using iCloud, contacts will be updated automatically on your computer when they’re updated on your iPhone, and vice versa.

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    Section 1 Transfer Contacts From iPhone To iPhone Without Itunes Or Icloud

    AOMEI MBackupper is a powerful and popular iOS backup and transfer tool that enables you to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone easily. And it can be one of the fattest iPhone contact transferring tools. It is tested that transferring 3000 contacts can be finished in 9 seconds. Below are some features and advantages of this software to making it to be your best choice.

    • Preview and select: It allows you to preview and select the contacts on your iPhone. It can save your time if you don’t want to move the whole contacts.

    • Transfer all data from iPhone to iPhone: Its “iPhone to iPhone Transfer” tool helps you to transfer all data on your current device to switch to a new iPhone.

    • Full compatibility with iOS: It works well with all iPhone models, including iPhone 12,11, X, 8, 7, 6, SE, as well as iPad, and iPod Touch.

    Step 1. Select Custom Backup on the home screen. AOMEI MBackupper could also let you do photos backup to transfer photos from old iPhone to iPhone 12.

    Step 2. Click the icon of Contacts and then you could view all the contacts on old iPhone.

    Step 3. Select contacts while viewing all the contacts on iPhone. Click OK.

    Step 4. Click Start Backup to save all the selected iPhone contacts to computer. Disconnect your old iPhone.

    Step 5. Connect your new iPhone 12/11/X/SE to AOMEI MBackupper. Click Custom Backup and then click Back to enter Backup Management. Select the backup and click Restore to transfer contacts to iPhone.

    Video: How To Transfer Contacts From Samsung To iPhone Quickly

    For example, you still can’t send photos from iPhone to Samsung or from Samsung to iPhone over Bluetooth. Today, we will introduce iPhone and Android users a great alternative which can help you transfer photos and videos wirelessly over wi-fi network Method 3: Without SIM, Via Bluetooth. Since data can also be stored in the phone’s memory, a SIM card isn’t always necessary. If you have Bluetooth capability on both phones, you can quickly transfer contacts to new phone Android. Connect. Connect your phones via Bluetooth. Visit the Bluetooth menu of both phones to pair them Select a method. Next, select one of these transfer methods. Quick Start : Use your iPhone or iPad that’s already running iOS 11 or later to automatically set up a new device. iCloud: Transfer your data and purchased content to your new device from your previous device’s iCloud backup. iTunes or Finder : Transfer your data and purchased content.

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    Ways To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To iPhone Se 2020

    Want to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone SE 2020? This guide will show you 6 ways to help you transfer contacts from old iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 to new iPhone SE.

    ByLena/ Last updateAugust 27, 2021

    Although the latest iPhone follows the same name of iPhone SE that released in 2016, it is totally brand-new one that is equipped with the fastest chip ever in a smartphone. You have already gotten one to replace your previous iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6/6s, or iPhone 7 to get a better experience.

    Instead of transferring all old iPhone data to new iPhone SE, you just want to copy contacts so you come to this page. Now letâs start to see how to transfer contacts from iPhone 4/5/6/7to iPhone SE 2020.

    S To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Android Via Icloud:

    How to transfer contacts via Bluetooth

    Step 1: Go to and sign in to account.

    Step 2: If you have a Mac, click on ‘Contacts‘ and then on ‘All Contacts‘. Simultaneously, you should go ahead and click ‘Command‘ and the ‘A‘ keys. If you possess a PC, you should simultaneously click on ‘CTRL‘ and ‘A‘ keys.

    Step 3: Click on ‘Settings‘ and then click on ‘Export vCard‘.

    Step 4: After doing this, contacts will be saved as a ‘.vcf‘ file. Once you connect new device to computer, you can easily transfer the contacts in a timely fashion manner and thus begin finding out how easy it is to copy contacts from iPhone to Android.

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    Transfer Contacts From iPhone To iPhone By Bluetooth

    The easiest but time-consuming way to transfer contacts from the old iPhone to the new one is via Bluetooth:

    Step 1. Just open the Bluetooth option on your two iPhones and then pair them.

    Step 2. Tap on Contacts on the source iPhone and select the one or more contacts you wish to transfer.

    Step3. Click on the Share button and select the target device from the list of options > Accept the incoming data on the target iPhone.

    Send Contacts to new iPhone by Bluetooth

    How To Transfer Contacts From Google Contacts To iPhone 7

    • On your source Android device, please open the ‘Contacts’ app.
    • Tap on ‘Settings’/the tree-line menu.
    • Tap on ‘Manage contacts’.
    • Choose the ‘Import/Export contacts’ option.
    • Select to export to a SIM card.
    • Take off the SIM card and insert it to your new Android phone.
    • On the target Android device, navigate to find out the ‘Import/Export contacts’ option.
    • Select ‘Import from SIM Card’.

    In this process, you need to take off the SIM card from an Android device and insert it into another one. Compared with other means, this method would be more convenient. However, it has the risk to permanently lose all of the contacts and other files on your SIM card if it suffers physical damage. So it is a good idea to backup your contacts before the job.

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    Transfer Contacts From iPhone To iPhone Using Icloud Sync

    If youre already using a new iPhone and just want to get all contacts without resetting your device, you can easily do it with iCloud:

  • Connect both your old and new iPhones to Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure youre signed into the same Apple ID on both devices .
  • On both iPhones, open Settings > > iCloud.
  • Enable the Contacts toggle on both devices.
  • Wait until the message about merging contacts appears and tap Merge.
  • Now, your contacts are synced between both iPhones. You can open the Contacts app on your new iPhone and pull down from the top of the screen to refresh the app. The contacts from your previous device will appear on the list.

    How Do I Transfer Contacts From One iPhone To Another With Airdrop

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

    AirDrop is a valuable feature on iPhone, Mac, iPod Touch and iPad. It allows the transfer of data between two iOS devices or Mac and iOS device. With AirDrop, you can quickly send files such as contacts, videos, photos, websites, locations and much more between two AirDrop-supported devices. For instance, you can AirDrop contacts from one iPhone to another.

    In this section, we will show you how to airdrop contacts from iPhone to iPhone. Since AirDrop requires both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to function correctly, you should ensure that the two features are correctly working on your iOS devices.

    Here is how to transfer contacts from iPhone to new iPhone via AirDrop:

    * Open the Control Centre on the two iDevices. * Turn AirDrop ON by tapping on it. Ensure that you have switched ON Bluetooth and WLAN. * On the source iPhone, go to the contacts and check the contacts you would like to transfer to the other iPhone. Select ‘.’* Click ‘AirDrop‘ and then select the destination iDevice. * A notification will appear on the destination iPhone. Tap the ‘Accept‘ option to receive contacts.

    Final Thoughts

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    Transfer Contacts If Your Old iPhone Is Lost Or Broken

    What if you dont have your old iPhone? It may have been lost, stolen or just doesnt work anymore. Never give up! If you used iCloud on your old device and the iCloud backup was turned on, you can still transfer contacts to your new iPhone.

    Heres how to get contacts from iCloud:;

  • Go to the and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Click Contacts. Here, youll see the contacts synced with your iCloud account. Youll be able to transfer them to your new iPhone.
  • to transfer contacts to a new iPhone with the iCloud backup.
  • If you have no contacts saved in iCloud, you may still have an iTunes backup. If you believe thats the case, follow these steps to restore your new iPhone from the iTunes backup:

  • Turn on your new iPhone and follow the setup steps until you reach the Apps & Data screen.
  • Tap Restore from iTunes Backup.
  • Plug your new iPhone into the computer you may have used to back up your previous device.
  • Open iTunes and select your new iPhone at the top left of the screen.
  • Click Restore Backup.
  • Select your most recent backup.
  • If your backup is encrypted, enter your password.
  • Keep your iPhone connected to iTunes and Wi-Fi until the transfer finishes.
  • Complete the rest of the setup steps on your iPhone.
  • Can You Just Transfer Contacts From A Sim Card

    Yes and no 🙂 Its a little more complicated. Lets break down how this works in iPhones here.;

    Lets say you are switching from an Android smartphone to the iPhone. Probably, your existing card holds your contacts. In this case, simply insert your SIM into the iPhone & follow the exact instructions below:

    • Go to the Settings app > Contacts.

    • Select Import SIM contacts

    • Wait till the procedure is complete. Head to the Contacts app. Check if all contacts are available.;

    iPhone lets you import existing contacts from SIM, but this doesnt work in reverse. It doesnt write any info inside your SIM. So if you are switching from an iPhone to a new iPhone, replacing SIM will not work.;

    So why does Apple refuse to store data in SIM? Theres a simple reasoning behind this. Using iCloud & iTunes backups is more convenient. It also contradicts Apples philosophy. Removable objects like SIM cards or SD cards arent reliable in Apples eyes. They can be easily lost or damaged.;So why risk it?

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    S For iPhone To iPhone Bluetooth Pairing

    Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth and connect the iPhones between them

    The first step will be to make sure that the two iPhones are within a discoverable range of each other. Make sure that you place the two devices as close together as possible for the Bluetooth technology to work properly. After that, you will need to turn on the Bluetooth device that you want to connect the iPhones to in order to share data between them.

    Step 2: Settings and tap the Bluetooth

    The next thing you will need to do is go to the iPhones home screen and then tap on Settings and then Bluetooth. After that, you will need to tap the Bluetooth button so as to toggle it from off to on. Once the Bluetooth turns on, the iPhone will start searching for the discoverable devices that are within its range.

    Step 3: Tap the device and enter its pass key or PIN

    You will need to tap the device that you would like to connect to, and then enter its pass key or PIN when prompted. If you do not know the unique pass key or PIN of the device, consult its documentation to obtain it. Repeat the above steps for the second iPhone.

    How Do I Export iPhone Contacts To Csv Or Xls

    How to transfer contacts via Bluetooth from Android to Android

    How do you logically keep track & organize hundreds of contacts so that they are easy to skim read and navigate? Exporting them to Excel is a good way to start.;

    In short, this is completed in a simple way with iCloud. If your contacts are already synced to iCloud, head over there.;

    • Sign in to iCloud > Chose Contacts.;

    • Choose Select All;>Export vCard

    vCard is a standard format for business cards. They usually can hold contact names, phone numbers, email, address info. They can be converted to .csv or .xls in a moment using any of the online software .;

    Upload your vCard contact into the cloud and select the desired format. It supports both CSV and XML. Finally, hit Convert and done!;

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