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How To Transfer Videos From iPhone To Pc

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How To Edit Videos From iPhone With Wondershare Uniconverter

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC (and Windows to iPhone) – UPDATED

Now that you are well versed in how to transfer videos from iPhone to Windows 10, you can edit videos with Wondershare UniConverter . This application is highly appreciated by the users for its ability to convert videos to 1000 formats at 90X faster speed. In addition, the video quality remains the same while using the tool.

With Wondershare UniConverter, you can trim, crop, apply effects, add watermark, edit subtitles, and merge videos. Apart from editing, you can download, compress, burn, transfer videos, and so on. It is a versatile application that runs on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and also in some Mac versions.

Different types of editing have become easy with UniConverter. Here is how you can do the task.

Transfer Videos Using Autoplay

AutoPlay is a great feature introduced back in Windows 95 and continued in every Windows version. Using AutoPlay, you can play media automatically when you plug in a removable drive. Well set up the AutoPlay feature to automatically import your videos every time you connect your iPhone. Heres how:

  • Connect your iPhone to Windows PC using a USB cable.
  • Does your computer show up the already connected iPhone? Select the option Import photos and videos .
  • Temporarily unplug your iPhone, wait for a moment and then reconnect it again.
  • Windows will automatically search for the media content and transfer it to your Microsoft OneDrive account.

    How To Get Videos Off iPhone Onto Computer Via Icloud Drive

    As you may know, the videos stored in iCloud Photos can be up to fifteen minutes in length. If you need to transfer large videos from iPhone to PC, use iCloud Drive instead, because iCloud Drive stores any file that is less than 50GB and doesn’t exceed your iCloud storage limit.

    To import videos from iPhone to PC via iCloud Drive:

    Step 1. On your iOS device, go to “Settings” > > “iCloud” and scroll down to enable “iCloud Drive”.

    Step 2. Find the large file you’d like to send to your PC and tap the share icon.

    Step 3. Choose “Save to Files” > “iCloud Drive” and select or create a folder in iCloud Drive to save the item.

    Step 4. On your PC, go to and sign in with the Apple ID you use on the iPhone.

    Step 5. Choose “iCloud Drive” among the options and click the folder you saved the large videos to.

    Step 6. Select and download the large videos from your iPhone to your PC.

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    Transfer Videos From iPhone To Pc With Windows Photos App

    Like TouchCopy, the Windows Photos app can copy your iPhone videos to your Windows computer. This, again, is a simple process. Although the downside to using this method is that you’ll have to manually find your videos in a list of all of your photos and videos from your iPhone .

    Here’s how to transfer videos from iPhone to Windows 10 computer…

  • Connect your iPhone to your PC with your USB cable and unlock it.
  • From the list of apps, select ”.
  • Hit the ‘Import‘ button, then ‘From a USB device
  • Select the photos and videos you wish to transfer, then click ‘Import Selected‘.
  • You can change the destination of the transfer on your PC by clicking ‘Import Settings’ when making your selections.

    If you’re using an older version of Windows, Microsoft’s website provides details on how to transfer iPhone videos to PC on Windows 8 and Windows 7 systems.

    How To Send Large Videos From iPhone Using Windows Explorer

    How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC

    Here is one more method that will help you know how to transfer a large video from iPhone to computer using Windows Explorer. Here are the steps that you need to follow to transfer big video from iPhone to PC.

  • Step 1: Begin with connecting your iPhone to the PC using a USB cable.
  • Step 2: Go to This PC and right click your iPhone and select “Import pictures and videos”.
  • Step 3: Select the videos you need to import and click next. You are done for the day.
  • Step 4: You can also go to This PC > > iPhone > > DCIM > > 100APPLE and directly copy the videos to your PC.

  • But there is catch here. You can only transfer those videos that are present in your camera roll.

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    What Happened To The My Photo Stream Album

    When you turn on iCloud Photos, photos from My Photo Stream that are in your My Photo Stream album but not saved to your library are removed. After you turn on iCloud Photos, you won’t see a separate My Photo Stream album.

    If you have an additional device with My Photo Stream turned on and iCloud Photos turned off, you’ll still see a My Photo Stream album on that device. Any new photos that you take or add to your library show in that album on that device.

    Import Photos With Windows Photos

    Any application that can import photos from a digital camera or USB device can also import photos from an iPhone or iPad. The iPhone exposes a DCIM folder, so it looks just like any other digital camera to software on your PC. As when using the Windows file manager, you just have to connect it via a Lightning-to-USB cable and tap Trust on your phone.

    For example, you can open the Photos application included with Windows 10, and then click the Import button on the toolbar to get a slick import experience. Photos you import in this way are saved in your Pictures folder.

    Any other application that offers an Import From Camera or Import From USB function should work with your iPhone, too. Many other image management and photography programs offer this feature.

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    How To Send Videos From iPhone To Computer With Itunes

    If you are a big fan of iOS, then you should be familiar with iTunes, a free desktop application provided by Apple that can help you manage data on your iOS device. You can use iTunes to backup and restore iPhone data, and of course you can also use it to download videos from iPhone to PC. However, the interface of iTunes is not so friendly, so it may not be as simple as the tool mentioned in method 1.

    Step 1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes and then launch it on your computer.

    Step 2.Connect your iPhone to your PC and it will be recognized by iTunes soon. On the iTunes screen, click the connected phone and go to its Summary tab. Then, scroll down to the Option tab and tick off the option “Manually manage music and videos“.

    Step 3. Now you can go to the Movies tab from the left panel, preview the videos files in thumbnails and then select the ones you want to sync. After that, click “Apply” button to sync these selected videos.

    How To Share Photos From iPhone To Mac Wirelessly

    How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone (and iPhone to Windows!)

    Wirelessly Share Photos from iPhone to Mac Active AirDrop on Mac AirDrop makes it easy to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac wirelessly Select “Photos” on iPhone. Open the Photos app on your iPhone and select the photo you want to share. Accept Files on Mac As soon as you tap the Mac name in the iPhone’s AirDrop list, a popup will appear on your Mac.

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    Solution : Transfer iPhone Videos To Pc Using Autoplay

    Windows 7 features AutoPlay which allows you to transfer video files and pictures from your iPhone to PC. Take the steps below to import videos from your iPhone to your computer.

    • Connect your iPhone to the computer. When you do this, the AutoPlay is displayed automatically.
    • In the Import Settings, select a folder or you can create a new folder to save the video files you want to transfer.
    • Choose the video files you want to transfer to your PC. Then you can click Import to start transferring video files from the iPhone to your computer.

    How Do You Import Videos From iPhone To Computer Youtube

    Open the Safari app on your iPhone and go to the Sign In section with your details. Then click on your account icon in the top right corner. Press the download icon. You will be redirected to the YouTube Studio Desktop site. From there, click Select Files. Select a video from your photo library or take a photo or video and view it.

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    What Happens When You Delete Photos From A Device Using Icloud Photos

    When you delete a photo or video from the Photos app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, it also deletes from your iCloud Photos and any other devices where you’re signed in to iCloud Photos. It also no longer counts towards your iCloud storage. If you want to remove photos and videos from all your iOS devices, your Mac, and, you can delete them in the Photos app.

    You can recover your photos and videos from the Recently Deleted album for 30 days. Learn how to recover a recently deleted photo.

    How To Transfer Videos From Computer To iPhone Via The Vlc App

    How to transfer videos/movies from computer to iphone ...

    VLC is a cross-platform media player that is well compatible with PC and iPhone. With the help of the VLC app on your iPhone or iPad, you are able to share videos between your iPhone and your computer wirelessly under the same network.

    To import videos from PC to iPhone via VLC:

    Step 1. Install VLC for iOS on your iPhone.

    Step 2. Open the app and click the VLC icon in the top-left corner.

    Step 3. Enable “Sharing via WiFi” and remember the IP address underneath.

    Step 4. On Windows, open a browser and enter the IP address .

    Step 5. Drag and drop the videos files to the page and then the videos are being transferred to your iPhone wirelessly and automatically.

    The items will be saved in the VLC app. If you prefer to save them in the Photos app, select the items, click the share button, choose “Save Videos” and choose “OK”. By doing so, you can transfer videos from PC to your iPhone camera roll.

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    Transfer Files Via Bluetooth

    When the Bluetooth feature first came to iPhones and PC, the connection medium was poor. You had to go through a series of challenges to connect your phone to your PC. But, today, this connection is quick, optimum, and efficient.

    Therefore, when you transfer files from iPhone to PC Bluetooth, you are able to easily achieve the task.

    First, understand how you can transfer file Bluetooth iPhone to PC:

    • Open the Settings or Connectivity of your PC, and make Bluetooth discoverable.
    • Now, go to the iPhoneâs Settings and achieve the same.
    • From your phone, search your PCâs name in devices and click on it.
    • This will prompt a key for connection.
    • Approve the connection from your PC.

    Thatâs all!

    When your PC and phone are connected via Bluetooth, you can send images and files over this connection. For example, go to Gallery and open an image. In this image, click on options and share the photo via Bluetooth to your computer.

    However, here, one thing that you need to note down is that you can achieve iPhone to PC Bluetooth file transfer for only a few types of files. In fact, you can share only a limited amount of data over Bluetooth as it is hectic to select files manually for iPhone to windows 10 Bluetooth file transfer. For this reason, we have explained another great method in the next section.

    Solution : Use Dropbox To Transfer Video Files From Your iPhone To Pc

    As you can see, all the above solutions involve transferring videos from your iPhone to PC via a USB cable. However, with Dropbox, you donât need any wired connection because you can do it over the air as itâs a cloud service. The Dropbox solution is possibly the easiest method you can utilize to import videos from iPhone to PC. Here are the steps to transfer video files from iPhone to PC:

    • First of all, download and install the Dropbox app on your iPhone.
    • Then press the â+â button to upload your videos. You can also upload folders in the same way.
    • Next, your iPhone will open a browser where you can choose the videos you want to transfer to the PC and go on importing them.

    When you complete transferring the video files from your iPhone to the PC, you can use the DropBox app on your computer to access your videos.

    deleted video recovery

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    How To Download Photos From iPhone To Pc Using Icloudcom

    You can also download your iPhone photos from As with iCloud Photos, you first need to enable your iPhone to upload photos to iCloud.

    Tap Settings > > iCloud Photos. Now youre ready to download photos from to your computer.

    Open a web browser on your computer, and go to Sign in using your Apple ID and password.

    If your iPhone uses two-factor authentication, then youll be prompted to enter a six-digit PIN on your PC.

    At the same time, a window will appear on your iPhone indicating that Apple ID sign-in has been requested by your PC. Tap Allow. The next screen will give you your six-digit PIN. Enter this on your PC.

    If you wish to use the same PC to access in the future, you have the option to trust your computer. That way, you wont have to go through the verification process the next time you sign in to

    From, click on . Now you can access your photo library. It will be organized similarly to the .

    On the left-hand sidebar, you can click to access your media by media type, or you can access your iPhone photo library albums.

    Select any photos you wish to download to your computer. Then tap the icon at the top of the screen.

    Your photos will begin to appear in the folder on your PC. From here, you can drag your photos into the Pictures folder on the left of the screen.

    Airdrop Not Working Wi

    How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC (Windows)

    Nonfunctional AirDrop might be another obstacle. Usually, it’s not an issue, but AirDrop, like any technology, may have problems. You can turn it off and on again, reload the devices, update the iOS or run a voodoo ritual to make it work. Before you throw your device against the wall, it’s much easier to simply open your browser.

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    How To Transfer Videos From Pc To iPhone Via Dropbox

    Besides iCloud, you can also choose other cloud storage service to transfer files under the good Wi-Fi connection. Dropbox can be also used to transfer files. But in comparison, Dropbox would be limited on the upload file size. Therefore if your media videos are quite large, you can have to seek for other tools for help. Here are the steps on how to transfer videos from PC to iPhone via Dropbox.


  • Open Dropbox and choose Files > My Files > Upload Files to upload the videos on your computer to Dropbox.
  • Install Dropbox on your iPhone as well.
  • Sign in Dropbox with the same account on your computer.
  • Sync and download the videos to iPhone. Once you signed in the same account and all the files would be synced on your iPhone and you can see all the loaded videos from your computer. Then choose the videos and download them to your computer.
  • How Do You Import Videos From iPhone To Computer Error

    Connect your iPhone to your computer. When you do this, the autorun will appear automatically. In the autorun window, click the Import images and videos button. In the import settings, select a folder where you can create a new folder to save the transferred video files. Select the video files you want to transfer to your computer.

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    Solution : Use Photos App To Transfer iPhone Videos To Pc

    Windows 10 has an App known as Photos, which you can use to import video files and photos from your iPhone to your PC. You may be wondering if the Photos App found on PC and the Photos App on App are the same thing. The truth is that they are different apps. So, to transfer video files from your iPhone to the PC, take the following steps:

      • Firstly, connect the iPhone to your PC using a USB cable.
      • Then, you need to unlock your iPhone by entering your password. If youâre requested, tap on the Trust to continue importing.
      • From the Start menu, run the Photos App. You can then select the Import > From a USB device. The Photos app will then automatically search for videos on your iPhone.
    • You can now tap the Import Settings. Here, you can decide to change the transfer destination by selecting the videos based on the date/month/year. You can also choose to delete some video files from your iPhone after transferring them to the PC. Once you make a decision, confirm your settings, and tap Done.
    • Choose the video files youâd like to import and set the transfer destination. Then you can click the Import Select to start transferring the videos.

    fix images on Windows 10

    How To Send A Long Video From iPhone To Computer With Vlc

    An Easy Guide on How to Transfer iPhone Images to PC

    Supported files: Mainly videos

    VLC is known as a media player for desktop. What you may not know is that it’s also available for iOS and Android. The VLC app for iOS also provides you with a wireless way to get a long video from iPhone to PC. On condition that your iPhone and computer are under the same network connection, you will be able to copy large videos from iPhone to PC without a USB cable.

    To send large video files from iPhone to PC:

    Step 1. Download and install VLC for iOS on your iPhone.

    Step 2. Go to the “Photos” app and select the video you want to send.

    Step 3. Click the share icon and choose “Save to Files” > “On My iPhone” > “VLC”.

    Step 4. Open the VLC app and click the icon in the top-left corner. Afterward, turn on the option “Sharing via WiFi” and take notes of the IP address under the option.

    Step 5. On your Windows PC, open a browser and enter the IP address.

    Step 6. Now you could see the videos shared from your iPhone. Play the video you want to copy to your computer, right-click the window, and select “Save Video as” to download the videos to your computer.

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