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How To Tweet On iPhone

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How To Quote Tweet Using The Twitter Website

How to Use Twitter on iPhone and iPad
  • Navigate to the and log in to your account if you haven’t already.

  • Find a tweet you want to quote tweet, then select the Retweet icon at the bottom of the tweet. The icon resembles a square made of two arrows.

  • Select Quote Tweet.

  • A dialog box appears. In the text box, type the comment you want to add to the quote tweet.

  • After you’re done writing your comment, select Retweet at the bottom of the Quote Tweet dialog box to post the quote tweet.

  • Your quote tweet posts and your followers should be able to see it.

  • See The Step By Step Guide To Creating A Twitter Poll Learn To Create Polls On iPhone Android Phone And Pc

    Twitter is a platform to connect and communicate with people worldwide. It is a platform to share views by the medium of a 280 character tweet. You can follow leaders, celebrities or your friends on Twitter to know what are they talking about. On the trending section, you get to know the trends.

    You can create a poll and know what people prefer or like the most. It is very easy to create a poll on Twitter. By creating a poll, let people vote. The poles are created for a day by default, but you can always change the settings to increase the time limit of a poll.

    How To Manage Participants In Your Twitter Space

    Hosts have complete control over their Space.

    • View Participants In the space UI, tap the people icon. Here, youll see 4 tabs All, Speakers, Requests, Listening. Select the appropriate option.
    • Accept/reject a speaker request From the guest section, go to the Requests section and make your decision accordingly.
    • Invite someone to speak Tap the people icon and select Add speakers. You can also send requests to Listeners by tapping the persons profile picture to add them as speakers.
    • Mute someone Tap the users avatar to pull up an options menu. Select Mute their mic, and youll receive an in-app notification confirming it.
    • Manage speaker permissions By default, the Space allows only invited speakers. However, you can modify the settings:
    • In the Space UI, tap the three-dot icon and select Adjust settings.
    • Here, you will see options for Speaker permissions you can select
    • Everyone
    • People you follow
    • Only people you invite to speak

    Notably, the changes only apply to a particular space. So, youll have to adjust settings for every room.

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    Heres How To Save A Vaccine Qr Code To Apple Health With Just Your iPhone Running Ios 1:

    1. Log in and obtain your vaccination QR code from your province or territory. Save the QR code to your iPhone or take a screenshot and itll save to Photos.

    2. Launch Photos and go to the saved QR code. Tap the Live Text icon in the bottom right, which will then turn blue.

    3. Tap and hold on the QR code, then tap Open in Health when the menu options appear. Follow the next steps to add the vaccine QR code to Health.

    In order to add your vaccine QR code to the Wallet app on iPhone, youll need to wait for iOS 15.1, which is expected to be released the week of October 25, 2021.

    Levering the Live Text feature in iOS 15 on iPhone and iPad means you dont need a secondary device to display your QR code, then scan it with your iPhones camera. This could be one reason to update to iOS 15 if you havent already.

    Where To Find The Return Key In Twitter iPhone App

    Twitter for iPhone and iPad  Everything you need to know ...

    1. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone and tap the Compose button in the bottom-right corner.

    2. Tap the 123 key in the bottom-left corner of the keyboard.

    3. Find the Return button on the right side of the space bar, right below the Backspace key.

    Dont look for the icon that usually represents the Return key. Instead, the key has the text saying return. Tapping this key will start a new line.

    Note: Dont worry that tapping the return key will send an unfinished tweet. The send/execute command is reserved for the Enter key, which is not present in the Twitter app at all.

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    Who Can See Your Twitter Fleets

    If you have protected your Tweets, the Fleets will also be protected. This means only your followers will be able to see these at the top of their Twitter app.

    If your account is public, anyone can view Fleets by going to your Twitter profile and tapping your profile picture View Fleets.

    Next, learn about some basic features of Fleets.

    How To Clear Twitter Cache On iPhone

    Twitter cache might make your iPhone run much slower after a while. If you need to speed up iPhone, you can try to clean iPhone cache through app > Settings> Data Usage> Storage> Clear.

    If you don’t mind to removing all data on iPhone, you can try to reset iPhone, which erases all contents and settings on iPhone including Twitter account and its cache. The simplest option is to go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Contents and Settings.

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    Twitter App Update For Ios Brings New Share Tweet Menu With Dm Suggestions

    Twitter has been testing a new Share Tweet menu with a small group of users since August, and now this redesigned menu is available for all Twitter users on iOS. The app provides easy access to your recent Twitter contacts as well as shortcuts to apps like Messages, WhatsApp, and Mail.

    The new Share Tweet menu replaces the native iOS Share Sheet, which shows all the apps you have installed with the share option enabled. You can still access the native iOS Share Sheet in the Twitter app, but now it requires you to access the new Share Tweet menu and then tap the Share via option.

    In addition to providing shortcuts to some of the popular messaging apps, the new Share Tweet menu also features users you recently interacted with via Direct Message on Twitter, so sharing a tweet with a friend or someone else has become even easier.

    The downside is that apps using their own sharing implementations may not have the same features as the native iOS Share Sheet, such as contact suggestions from other apps and rearranging the available options.

    Now available to everyone on iOS: the new Share Tweet menu that lets you share Tweets to other apps in fewer taps.

    Twitter Support

    Update: You can still long press the share button on Twitter to access the native iOS Share Sheet. Thanks, Bruce!

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    How To Share A Tweet Via Sms Or Email Through iPhone And iPad

    How to Use Twitter on Your iPhone, for Seniors

    If you are an iOS user, you can share a Tweet via SMS or email to anyone by following the below-given steps.

    Step 1: Open on your iOS device.

    Step 2: Next tap the from a Tweet on your Home timeline or from a Tweet detail.

    Step 3: From the pop-up menu, select

    • To send via SMS, select your SMS application and add the contacts you wish to send the Tweet to
    • To send via email, select your email client and enter the email address of the people you wish to email the Tweet to.

    Step 4: Choose any one option and tap Send.

    Note: You can even choose to add a comment to the SMS or email.

    In today’s world Twitter has gained huge fame. Starting from breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics, and everyday interests, when it happens in the world, it happens on Twitter first.

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    Here Are The Most Interesting iPad Mini 6 Case Covers You Can Get In 2021

    In this updated overview, we list the best covers and sleeves that are compatible with the newest iPad mini 6 released in 2021.

    About Piotr Kowalczyk

    Struggling with technology since he took over his parents’ Grundig radio & cassette recorder. Designer & part-time coder. Founder of Geek Updated and Ebook Friendly.

    Capture & Video Fleets

    As mentioned, the idea of Fleets is to share something quickly and casually. So, if you come across something worth sharing, you can quickly snap a picture or a video and Fleet it.

  • Tap your profile picture in the Twitter apps Home tab.
  • Choose CAPTURE to click a picture or VIDEO to start recording up to 30 seconds.Note: Even if you select CAPTURE, you can hold the button to start recording.
  • Customize the image or video. You have all the standard tools.If it is a video, you can choose to turn off the sound by tapping the speaker icon.
  • Once done, tap Fleet to post it.
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    What Is A Quote Tweet

    On Twitter, you’re not limited to sharing your tweets. You can also share other people’s tweets by retweeting. A retweet shares another person’s tweet on your Twitter page, usually so others can view the tweet.

    A quote tweet is a kind of retweet. A simple retweet shares another person’s tweet. A quote tweet lets you share another person’s tweet andadd your comments to it. Quote tweets are sometimes also referred to as a Retweet with comment.

    Video And Audio Settings

    6 Of The Best Twitter Apps for iPhone

    While most conference calls require that your audio is put on, not all of them require the same for your video. While setting up for your conference call, you can check if the call requires your video. If your video is necessary, ensure you confirm that both your audio and video functionality are operational.

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    iPhone Users Can Now Share Tweets Directly To An Instagram Story

    Twitter users can now share a Tweet directly to an Instagram Story from their iOS device, instead of having to rely on taking a screenshot.

    users now have the ability to share Tweets directly to an Story from their iPhone. First introduced in 2016, Instagram Stories provide a Snapchat-like ability to share photos or videos that last for 15 seconds and then disappear after twenty-four hours. While users could previously share a Tweet to other social media apps including Facebook or Tumblr on an iPhone, Instagram Stories was not an option. Another Instagram Stories-related limitation is also set to be fixed soon thanks to the upcoming option to save a Story as a draft, a feature previously limited to Feed posts and Reels.

    Besides the ability to share Tweets directly, Twitter recently unveiled Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces, two new features that offer users exclusive content from their favorite creators for a fee. Twitter also rolled out its Twitter Blue subscription tier with an Undo Tweet feature earlier this month. Twitter Blue is currently available to Canadian users for $3.49 CAD or Australian users for $4.49 AUD.


    pls stop posting screenshots of Tweets on IG Stories. you can now share Tweets directly on iOS.


    How To Use Voice Tweets On Twitter

    Before getting started with the steps on how you can use voice tweets on Twitter, it is important to note that you can record up to two minutes and 20 seconds for each individual voice tweet. Your message will be automatically threaded up to 25 tweets if it’s longer than the given time limit.

  • Open the Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on the tweet compose icon from the bottom right.
  • Now, hit the wavelengths’ voice tweet icon available above the keyboard. This will begin recording your message.
  • Tap Done when you’re finished with your message.
  • You can add follow-up tweets in text to your voice tweet. However, it is worth noting here that you cannot post audio tweets through replies and the Quote Tweet feature. You can only record your voice tweets as original tweets. Twitter also doesn’t allow users to directly upload any audio files as voice tweets on its platform.

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    Pin Twitter Lists On iPhone And iPad

    Open and follow these steps to pin a list.

    1) On iPhone, tap your profile photo on the top left. On iPad, go right to Step 2.

    2) Choose Lists.

    3) Tap the pin on the right side of the list you want to pin. This will move the list to the top in the Pinned section. You can pin more than one list if you like.

    4) If you pin more than one list, you can arrange the order you want them. Tap Edit.

    5) Tap and drag the lists where you want them and then tap Done when you finish.

    Tap the arrow to go back and youll see your pinned lists at the top of the Home tab.

    If you want to remove a pinned list, go back to the Lists section and tap the pin at the top for that list. It will be removed from the Pinned section.

    How To Join A Twitter Space

    How to Audio TWEET on the iPHONE with YOUR voice! 2020

    If you see a purple Space indicator on a profile icon, it means the Twitterati you follow is the host. To participate:

  • Tap the Space icon.
  • Select whether you want to join as a Listener or Speaker and then tap Join this space to participate.
  • If you choose to join as a speaker, the host will have to approve your speak request first.

    Note: You can also switch from a listener to a speaker while attending the space discussions. Just tap Request, placed under the mic icon.

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    How To Use Twitter For Ios

    The Twitter for iOS app can be used on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch device.

  • , if you haven’t already installed it.
  • Once the app is installed, you can log in with an existing account or sign up for a new account directly from the app. Learn about through your app.
  • You will be guided through our sign up experience and prompted to enter information such as your name and email address.
  • If you provided an email address while signing up, we will immediately send you an email with instructions so we can verify your email address.
  • If you provided a phone number while signing up, we will immediately send you a text message with a code so we can verify your number.
  • Learn how to customize settings for your new account.
  • How To Share A Tweet On Ig Stories On iPhone

  • Open the app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the button on the tweet you want to share.
  • Select Instagram Stories.You will be redirected to the app. Now, move or resize the tweet sticker.
  • You can choose to share the tweet with a single person, close friends, or all your followers.
  • Now, tap the arrow button at the bottom right to share the Story.
  • Note: You can only share public tweets on Instagram Stories.

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    What Is Twitter Spaces

    A recently introduced live audio-only chat feature Twitter. It allows users on the platform to host real-time voice streams, wherein others can participate as speakers or listen in on the conversation.

    You can call it Twitters answer to Clubhouse. First launched the beta in December of 2020, and now it has opened it up for the public on both iOS and Android platforms.

    The clear benefit here is that the feature is well-integrated onto the platform and you already have a broad audience to interact with.

    Scheduling Tweets From Desktop Or Pc

    Twitter brings back tweet source labels for iPhone app ...

    If you are a desktop Twitter user, this guide will help you schedule your tweets using Twitter for desktop or PC. This method is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS with a web browser.

  • Launch a web browser on your desktop or PC and open the official website of Twitter.
  • Sign in using your Twitter credentials.
  • You can see the home page of your Twitter account and can find the tweet box. Write your tweet that you want to schedule, and click on the calendar icon.
  • Now, set the custom date and time you want to schedule the tweet.
  • This is the easiest way to schedule tweets from your windows, Mac, or Linux desktop. You no longer need to install any third-party plugins to schedule your tweets anymore.

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    Library Sticker Of Ig

  • Launch the app.
  • Now swipe right from the home screen or press the + icon at the top left.
  • Scroll down to Story at the bottom.
  • Click or select a random picture and tap the drawing tool button at the top.
  • Now, select a color of your choice.
  • Long-press to change the background color.
  • Swipe up and choose the , and select the cropped tweet from the gallery.
  • Now tap Send to.
  • Thats how you can share a tweet on Instagram Stories either on iOS or Android. However, the feature to directly share tweets on Instagram Stories is limited to iOS, but we can expect Twitter to roll out this feature for Android users soon.

    Got some more Instagram tips and tricks? Share with us in the comments below and help out others as well.

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