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How To Change Voice Message On iPhone

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Procedure To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone 11

How to Change Voicemail on iPhone – Record Voicemail Greeting

You have to create a passcode before you can use your voice mail messaging services The voice mail service provided by the carrier will already be stored in your device.

  • On your iPhone open the phone app.
  • Tap Voicemail present in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Select that up now.
  • Tap on Done.
  • Solution : Restore Your iPhone Using Itunes

    If the solutions mentioned above dont work, then there could be some issues with your iPhone, so restoring the iPhone will be the solution to try.

    So, your iPhone will be restored in the Recovery Mode, and the only challenge with this solution is that it erases all the data you have in your iPhone.

    So, try this solution only if you have the backup for the files. Now, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Take the USB cable and connect your iPhone to the computer that has iTunes installed in it. Usually, iTunes should get launched automatically, but if it doesnt, just launch it manually.

    Step 2: Put your iPhone into recovery mode.

    If you are using iPhone 8 and later, press the Volume Up button first and release it, then press the Volume Down button and release it, finally press the side button and keep pressing it until you see the iTunes key.

    For iOS 7 and 7 Plus, then you need to press the side and the Volume buttons together, and after seeing the iTunes screen, please release the buttons.

    For iPhone 6 and earlier models, you need to press the side button, else the button on the top along with the home button and keep pressing it for some time. After you see the iTunes screen, you need to release the buttons.

    Step 3: There will be a pop-up window asks you to restore your iPhone. Click on Restore. Just a reminder, your data will be erased when iTunes restores your iPhone. Then install the latest firmware and allow the restoration process to get completed.

    How To Change Your Voicemail Message On iPhone

    Need iPad and iPhone help? Sign up for iPhone Life Insider and Sarah will help you with all your iPhone troubleshooting and iOS-related issues. To learn more go to iPhoneLife.com/Insider. In this Hey Sarah column, one Insider wants to know how to change the default greeting on their iPhone’s voicemail. Other questions include how to view more than the current month on Apple Watch and how to sort notes in the Notes app alphabetically.

    How can I view more than the current month on my Apple Watch?



    Dear Outdated,

    You are far from the only person who wants to be able to see upcoming months on their Apple Watch. However, while the Today view in the Apple Watch Calendar app will show you appointments for the next week, even if a new month starts during that week, the Month view will only show the current montheven if its the last day of that month. Apple needs to add this feature, stat! The only thing I can recommend at this point is requesting this feature from Apple: Apple.com/Feedback/.

    Hey Sarah,

    How do I change the default Voicemail greeting on my iPhone 8 Plus?


    Leave a Message

    Dear Leave a Message,

    Hey Sarah,

    How do I alphabetize my Notes app? Right now its chronological.


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    Our Rating: Partly False

    Based on our research, we rate PARTLY FALSE the claim that, in an emergency situation, cellphone users can change their voicemail greeting without service or data. It’s true that cellphone users can change their greetings over Wi-Fi or a landline, but they can’t change their voicemail settings using a phone without service or data, as the Instagram post makes it seem.

    iPhone Voicemail Message Tips

    How to Change Voicemail Messages/Greetings on iPhone

    Here are a few tips on how to use iPhone voicemail efficiently:

    • Only one custom voicemail greeting can be stored on an iPhone. Any new message that is recorded overwrites the existing custom greeting. You can’t switch between other greetings made in the past. If you want to reuse an old greeting, record it again.
    • There isn’t a button to delete a custom greeting. Instead, record a new one to replace the one you want to remove.
    • While it is possible to undelete voicemails in some situations on the iPhone, voicemail greetings cannot be restored. If you record a new greeting and save it, the old one is gone.

    iPhone voicemail greetings cannot be undeleted, but some deleted voicemails can be recovered. Find out how to undelete voicemails on the iPhone.

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    Manage Your Voicemail Messages

    If you have Visual Voicemail , youll see a list of your Voicemail messages. You can use bulk actions on this screen to delete messages or mark them as read.

    • To delete an individual message, swipe it from right to left and tap Delete.
    • To delete more than one message, tap Edit, select the messages, and tap Delete.
    • To mark messages as read, tap Edit, select the messages, and tap Mark As Read.

    You can take more actions in individual messages as well. Select one and you can perform the following:

    • Play/Pause the message.
    • Play the message on speaker.
    • View the callers details.

    You can also enlist the help of Siri with your Voicemail. You can ask Siri if you have any new Voicemail messages or to play one from a specific contact.

    How Do I Make An Mp3 Audio File

  • Start by selecting Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder and then open Windows Sound Recorder.
  • You can record your message by clicking the red Record button, waiting three seconds, and speaking.
  • You can hear your message by clicking the Play button
  • The file can be converted to MP3 format.
  • 7Double-click the MP3 file to see if it works.
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    How Do I Manage My Cricket Visual Voicemail

  • Open the Cricket Visual Voicemail app and log in.
  • See your list of messages, which are grouped into Inbox and Saved.
  • To listen to the message, tap the play button.
  • To manage a message, tap the Menu icon in the top right corner. Then tap the option you want:
  • : sends the message to someone else
  • Save: moves the message to the Saved folder and stores the message inside the application.
  • To keep the message permanently, use the export to file option below.
  • Export to file: saves the voice message to your device in a file
  • Copy text: copies the text of the message to the clipboard so you can paste it into a text message, email, note, or other text format
  • Add to contacts: adds the caller to your Contacts
  • To delete the message, use the trash can icon.
  • S To Convert Voicemail To Text On iPhone

    How to Record or Change Your Voicemail Greeting on iPhone

    1. Tap on the Phone app on your iPhone

    2. Next, tap on Voicemail from the bottom of your screen .

    3. On the Voicemail screen, tap on the Voicemail that you want to convert to Text.

    4. The recorded audio message will start playing automatically, and you will see a Transcribed message being displayed as your iPhone transcribes the voicemail message.

    As mentioned above, the voicemail transcription is still in beta mode and not always perfect. But, it is worth trying out this new feature on your iPhone as it can certainly provide an idea about what the caller wanted to convey in his/her voicemail.

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    Set Up A Visual Voicemail Transcript

    Beginning with iOS 10, and operative on iPhones dating back to the iPhone 6S, you can see both your visual voicemail and a text transcript of the message. Voicemail transcripts take the audio file and run it through Apples servers using machine learning to transcribe the audio into text. That way, you can either listen to or read your messages. To see both, you need to have Siri enabled via Settings > Siri & Search > and Language English or English . After you set it up, you can tap on any previous or existing message, and it will start a new text transcription of it.

    How To Mark A Voicemail As Heard On iPhone

    You don’t have to actually listen to a voicemail in order to mark it as already heard. Sometimes, you already know what a message says and you don’t need to hear it.

  • Open the Phone app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Voicemail in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Edit in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Select the unheard message or messages.
  • Tap in the bottom left corner of the screen.

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    How To Remove Someone From A Group Chat

    1. Launch the Messages app and open the group chat message.

    2. Click on the group chat image at the top of the screen.

    3. Click on the info icon to see the group members.

    4. Find the person you wish to remove from the group, slide left on them, then select Remove.

    · The person will be notified that they have Left the Conversation. They wont be able to send or receive messages from the group chat unless you add them again.

    Remove A Downloaded Voice

    How Do I Change My Voice Message On My iPhone

    You can’t delete the Siri voices for your country or region. You can change the language and country or region settings to delete some Siri voices, but at least one of the Siri voices for your country or region will download automatically.

    You can remove enhanced-quality voices and voices you have downloaded. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver and tap Spoken Content.
  • Tap Voice, then tap the voice that you want to remove.
  • Tap Edit.
  • , then tap Delete. Or swipe left to delete.
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    Convert Voicemail To Text Format

    Before going ahead with the steps to convert voicemail into text messages, there are a few things that you need to know about this feature.

    1. The feature that transcripts Voicemail into text is available only on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

    2. You need to set Siri language to English in order for this feature to work.

    3. Your telephone carrier needs to support the visual voicemail feature for voicemail transcription to work on your iPhone.

    4. Voicemail transcription works only for voicemail messages received after updating to iOS 10. Previous voicemails cannot to converted to text format and they will have a note saying Transcription not available.

    5. The voicemail transcription service is still in its beta version. Hence, the transcription is not going to be perfect. However, you should be able to get a good idea about the Voicemail received.

    How To Send Audio Messages Using Voice Memos App

  • Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the red button to record a voice note.

    Pro Tip: While recording, tap anywhere on the black recording card, to open this in full screen. Now you can pause your recording and resume it conveniently.

  • Tap the red square button when you finish recording the voice clip.
  • Tap the three dots icon below the latest New Recording.
  • Tap
  • Next, tap Messages. (Or if you see the
  • You have successfully shared a voice note on iMessage using the in-built Voice Memos app. Now, open the Messages app and continue your conversation.

    Thats all, mate!

    Signing Off

    These are two easy ways to send a voice message on the iPhone. You can follow this on the iPad and Mac as well. In both these methods, we used the in-built Apple apps. But you can also use third-party recording apps in place of the Voice Memos app to send an audio iMessage.

    Finally, you are not limited to the Messages app only. You can use one of the best iMessage alternatives to send and receive audio messages. You and the receiver both need to install and use that particular app to exchange voice notes.

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    Setting Up Your Voicemail By Calling Your Service Provider

    While the Phone app can be used to set up voicemail on some iPhones, where you live can change whether this option is possible. Older versions of the iPhone and different service providers might not allow you to set up your voicemail via the phone app. Alternatively, your service provider may also have a section in the settings relating to setting up and managing voicemail. If you search how to set up voicemail for your specific provider online then you can usually find information on the ways you can activate your voicemail services.

    In some cases, like Australia and New Zealand, to begin setting up your voicemail you will need to call the mailbox number of your service provider. You can find the voicemail numbers of popular Australian carriers below:

    • Vodafone – 121

    The voicemail numbers of popular New Zealand service providers are also featured here:

    • 2Degrees – 202

    • Vodafone – 707

    Depending on which carrier you are with, when you set up voicemail youll be asked to record your name for your standard greeting. You can then follow the prompts to personalise your greeting, change your notification method and set up a security code.

    Remove Portions Of A Recording On iPhone

    How to Record or Change Voicemail Greeting on iPhone

    To remove certain portions of a recording, tap the crop icon in the upper-right corner of the editing screen. You now have two options. Trim removes the sections of the audio before the left yellow marker and after the right yellow marker. Delete removes all the audio within the two yellow markers.

    On the lower yellow graph, move the left marker to the starting position and move the right marker to the ending position. Then tap either Trim or Delete, depending on whether you want to remove the sections outside or inside the two markers.

    Play the audio to make sure you removed the right section. If not, just tap Cancel on the upper-left corner and try again. If you’re happy with your changes, tap the Save button and then tap Done.

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    How To Change Your Voicemail Number On iPhone

    In this part we will talk about how to change the voicemail number on your iPhone. Let’s look at the details.

    Step 1: Open phone app on your iPhone

    Go into your iPhone dialer and access the voicemail features.

    Step 2: Change your voicemail default settings

    Type “*5005*86*9876543210#” on the keypad.

    Note: “9876543210” is the number to which you want your voicemail to be sent to.

    Step 3: Save the new settings

    After you have entered the above number, tap on the “Call” button, and the new number will be set. OK now all your voicemail will be sent to the new number.

    If you have any query about voicemail, you can find the ultimate guidance from the article. Besides the greetings, messages, password and numbers, you can master all the skills to change your voicemail on iPhone. When you have any other query about the topic, we are looking forward to hearing the detail information from you in the comments.

    How To Send Photos In An Imessage

    1. Launch the Messages app, then click on the pen icon from the top-left corner to start a message.

    2. Enter your recipients, then click on the Camera icon.

    3. When the Photo feature displays, press the white circle at the bottom-center of the screen to take a photo.

    4. You can now select:

    · The start icon for effects

    · The filter icon to edit, or

    · The highlighter pen icon to personalize the photo.

    5. To send the message hit the blue upward-pointing arrow icon, or Done to enter a message to send with the photo.

    · If you dont want to send the photo press the X from the top-right corner of the photo.

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    How To Change Your Voicemail Password On iPhone

    If you still remember the password of voicemail on iPhone, you can easily change the password of your voicemail on iPhone. When you forget the voicemail password, you should retrieve the information from the Email or call the carrier directly for a solution.

    Step 1: Go to phone option of settings

    Launch Settings from the home screen of your iPhone, and then tap on Phone option. And then you can change the new voicemail password now.

    Step 2: Enter a new voicemail password

    And then you can tap on the “Enter a new voicemail password” option, the popup numeric keypad will appear on your screen, then you can tap in a new voicemail password. It must contain 4-7 digits.

    Step 3: Re-enter the password for confirmation

    It’s in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you have to re-enter the new password. Please be careful, you need to enter it exactly as you did the first time. Or else, you have to reset the password.

    Step 4: Change your voicemail password

    It’s in the upper right corner of the screen. Now, if you are prompted to type in your password when you are checking voicemail, you should enter the password you just set. When checking voicemail from your iPhone, usually you don’t have to type in the password again because your iPhone has automatically sent the password to your carrier already.

    Voicemails Not Showing Up On iPhone Here Is How To Resolve

    How To Change Voicemail Message On iPhone 7

    Out of many impressive features of the iPhone, one that truly stands out is its voicemail feature. However, many users are complaining that after updating their iOS, they are facing problems with their Voicemail. So, what is happening is that Voicemail is not showing up on the iPhone.

    Apart from Voicemail not showing up, users are also complaining about other similar issues, such as they can see the Voicemail, but the voicemails are not getting played, there is a delay in receiving voicemails, and so on.

    If you are facing similar issues, you will be happy to know that there are many ways to resolve this problem. Lets find out how to deal with this issue here in this article.

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