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What Phone Cases Fit iPhone Se

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Esr Clear iPhone Se Case

Does a iPhone 6 / 6S Case Fit On The iPhone SE (2020)?

At just 1.1mm thick, ESR’s shock-absorbing design presents a good case for anyone looking for a middle ground between slimness and protection without concealing the iPhone SE’s natural color and design. The clear material used is a yellowing-resistant polymer that features Air-Guard corners to protect your handset from drops, dings and bumps. The slightly raised bezels also do a good job of preventing the screen and camera from getting cracked in a fall or scratched on flat surfaces. It’s also entirely free of branding, if that kind of thing irks you.

Apple iPhone Se Leather Case

Apple uses specially tanned and finished European leather in its cowhide series of cases, which makes them a perennial favorite among iPhone owners. It makes them soft to touch and allows them to take on a natural patina over time without any loss of durability, while a microfiber lining inside helps cushion your handset. Having said that, it doesn’t offer much protection against drops, so if you’ve got butter fingers, best choose another case. Needless to say, it’s also wireless charging compatible.

iPhone Se 2020/8/7 Makeup Glitter Case Shop Now

This glamorously bling-bling style is especially for the female fans and is available in four colors i.e. rose gold, silver, red, and black. Makeup glitter case is compatible with iPhone SE, 8, and 7 and has a sparkling texture that gives a very dazzling look to your phone. This iPhone SE 2020 glitter case is not only affordable but also practical to use in your daily routine. The iPhone SE case 2020 comes with a PC layer that protects your phone from drop and nicks. It also has a soft TPU that allows you to install the case with ease. Last but not least, your iPhones camera and screen will be protected with the raised lip in the case.

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Otterbox Otter + Pop Symmetry Case

Otterbox’s case combines an inner hard shell that deflects shock and an outer soft slipcover for absorbing impacts, while a raised lip around the edge helps guard the screen against cracks. Besides offering decent overall protection for your iPhone SE, the case also includes an integrated popgrip that lies flush in the case when not in use and can be easily swapped out if you want to switch up the look.

The Best iPhone Se 2020 Cases

CoverON Apple iPhone SE 2020 / iPhone 8 / iPhone 7 Case ...
Pure Clear for iPhone 8/SE
Presidio Pro for iPhone 8/SE
Case Slim Armor CS for iPhone SE
Defender Pro for iPhone SE
Kung Fu Grip Case for iPhone SE
Thin Case for iPhone SE
Thin Fit for iPhone SE
Thin Case for iPhone SE

The best iPhone SE 2020 cases are essential purchases for anyone rocking Apple’s entry-level iPhone. There are man ways a phone can get damaged in the real world, and given how insanely good value the latest iPhone SE is, you want to keep it going for as long as possible.

After all where else can you get the power of the A13 Bionic chipset, a 12-megapixel camera, water resistance, and wireless charging for under $400? Thankfully you are spoiled for choice where cases are concerned, because pretty much every accessory maker stocks them. So whatever tastes or needs you have, there’s something for you. And these ones are the best iPhone SE 2020 cases you can buy right now.

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Will My iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 Case Fit The iPhone Se

Can I use my iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 case on the 2nd generation iPhone SE? Does my iPhone 8 case fit on the 2020 iPhone SE?

Yes, most iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 cases will fit perfectly on the 2020 iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE has the same external case design and dimensions as the iPhone 8. The camera bump and flash are also nearly identical in shape. With the exception of materials the iPhone 7 shape closely matches the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE.

Keep in mind that the iPhone SE back is made of glass to allow wireless charging. Metal cases of any kind placed over the back of the iPhone SE may prevent wireless chargers from making proper contact, making wireless charging impossible.

Apple Releases New Cases For iPhone Se But iPhone 8 Cases Also Fit

Apple today introduced the long-awaited low-cost iPhone SE, and alongside of the new device, Apple has unveiled silicone and leather cases designed to fit it.

Silicone cases for the new iPhone SE are available in pink sand, white, and black, and are priced at $35, while leather cases for the device are available in RED, black, and midnight blue and can be purchased for $45.

According to the compatibility section of the case product listing, the cases are only compatible with the new iPhone SE, but because of the design similarities between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 8, existing iPhone 8 cases will also fit. That should mean that earlier iPhone cases, such as iPhone 7 cases, should also fit the new iPhone SE models.

In fact, Apple confirmed to The Verge that cases designed for the iPhone 8 “will work fine on the SE.”

Except its an iPhone 11 generation phone. And if you were culturally aware, youd know that the number 9 is bad luck in the huge Asian market. Thats why there was never a Windows 9 either.

Why not call it the iPhone 9?Appropriate, and would have avoided confusion with previous generation iPhone SE.

Why not call it the iPhone 9?Appropriate, and would have avoided confusion with previous generation iPhone SE.

So being so culturally aware as you are. Since when is 9 unlucky in Asian culture?

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Apple iPhone Se Silicone Case

Apple’s own silicone case for the iPhone SE features a soft-touch finish and fits snugly over the volume buttons, side button and curves of the device without adding heft. As you’d expect, the alignment of the port hole cutouts is second to none and the case is fully wireless charging compatible. It offers a decent amount of protection, and is available in pink sand, white, and black.

An Old Case By Another Name

Does an iphone 7 / 8 case fit the new iphone SE 2020 ?

Other case-makers seem to be selling their old 5s cases but with a new SE-friendly name. Supcase, for example, has two listings for its water-resistant case , one for the 5s and one for the SE. The product pages use the same photo, and thankfully, both are listed at the same price. Supcase does a similar double-listing for its Unicorn Beetle Pro case .

Spigen slightly updated its signature cases for the iPhone SE

Heavy-duty case-maker Spigen has also updated the name of its 5s cases to indicate that they are compatible with iPhone SE. Spigens Tough Armor case for the SE looks near-identical to its 5s counterpart. The SE case does come in more colors, though, including rose gold. Spigen is currently selling both SE and 5s versions of the Tough Armor case for the same price, and the website does state that the new SE case is compatible with the 5/5s. Other Spigen cases like the Neo Hybrid look like they have been freshened up a bit, and there are more colors available, as well.

But its not all recycled. Spigen does have a few new cases for the SE that were never available for the previous 5s model, only for the iPhone 6 and later. One of the most eye-catching cases Spigen is selling for the SE is Style Armor in two very-timely colors: mint and rose gold.

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Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case For iPhone Se

Next on the list is the Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case for the iPhone SE . The Liquid Air Armor case gives slim protection, stays pocket and grip-friendly, showcases the new iPhone with long-lasting clarity, and stays watermark-free with its innovative dot pattern. Military Grade Protection with air cushion technology is present.

Available here.

Tech21 Studio Colour Mobile Phone Case Compatible With iPhone 11 Pro Slim Profile With Anti

If you want a thin case but dont mind a little extra heft, Tech21s Studio Colour cases are great options. They even have a lip around the edge of the display to keep the glass from shattering if your phone falls face-down on the pavement.

But its their antimicrobial coating that makes them particularly appealing in light of current events. In the past, Tech21 marketed this feature as a way of keeping stains from building up on your phone over the course of several months. These days, its another line of defense against unseen threats.

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Do iPhone 5 Cases Fit The iPhone Se

Yes, cases for the iPhone 5 will fit the iPhone SE.

The new iPhone SE is exactly the same size and has the same ports as the earlier iPhone 5 and 5S, ensuring that you can use iPhone 5 and 5S cases with the iPhone SE and theyll fit perfectly.

This has been confirmed by Apple, case manufacturers and our own Products team!

The iPhone SEs changes are all internal, with a new 12-megapixel rear camera, more powerful A9 processor, and NFC for Apple Pay. The only substantive external change is the addition of a new colour: rose gold. To learn more about the new iPhone SE and Apples other announcements including the iPad Pro 9.7 and new Apple Watch straps read our event roundup.

Best iPhone Se Cases: Our Selection To Protect Your Original iPhone Se

CoverON Apple iPhone SE 2020 / iPhone 8 / iPhone 7 Case ...

17 August 2018

Great cases for all budgets

Despite its age, the iPhone SE is still kicking, and Apple has even supported it with the latest release of iOS 12. If youve been enjoying your iPhone SE for a few years and want to keep enjoying, its a good idea to make sure its safe in a case.

Luckily, plenty of cases have come out for the iPhone SE, and finding good ones is even easier because iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S cases will also fit the iPhone SE .

With a good iPhone SE case and proper care, youll be able to make sure your phones screen and body last as long as the battery does. You could even pick up a case that extends the battery.

While some of these options are untested, they are each a cut above the rest due to their value and design, and are backed by positive consumer feedback.

Note: we’ve ranked these from cheapest to most expensive according to prices at time of writing.

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Ghostek Cloak iPhone Se Aluminum Tough Case

A compact case made with real metal

Reasons to avoid

The great shame of cases is that they cover up a phone, that often, as in the iPhone SEs case, has a premium design that youd rather show off, but the Power Support Air Jacket does its best not to hide your device.

The case is incredibly slim at just 1.2mm thick, and its totally transparent, making it almost invisible. In fact, viewed at a distance you might not even realize the iPhone SE is in a case at all.

The downside to this minimalist design is that it doesnt provide a huge amount of protection, but it should keep your phone safe from minor bumps and scratches.

Tech21 Evo Mesh Case For iPhone Se

Slender, strong and light

Reasons to avoid

Tech21 has a proven track record when it comes to protective cases, thanks to the company’s patented FlexShock system. The rubbery bumper on the Evo Mesh Case provides a solid defense against drops of up to 2 meters, yet the button covers are nice and flexible.

The rubbery mesh back has plenty of grip and keeps the rear of your phone stylishly guarded but clearly visible, plus it steers well clear of the camera and flash. Best of all, the case remains slender and super-lightweight, so you won’t even know it’s there.

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iPhone Se Cases: Our Top Picks

The iPhone SE might cost a lot less than phones from the iPhone 11 line, but its still wise to keep it armored in a good case. Fortunately, you already have a lot of good options to choose from, and weve collected our favorites below. We havent had a chance to handle a lot of these cases yet, but once we have, well convert this into a proper review roundup.

Before we get in too deep, though, heres a tip: If you already have an iPhone 7 or 8 sitting around, you can pull the case off that and itll work just fine on the iPhone SE. On the outside, at least, theyre essentially the same phoneall the improvements are under the hood. Indeed, many of the casemakers below appear to be simply repurposing their old designs for the new device.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case For iPhone Se

Will the iPhone SE Fit in 5/5s Cases???

In first place, we have the Spigen Tough Armor case for the iPhone SE . Adequate protection, good looks, and a distinct carbon-fiber design, this case has it all. It features a flexible TPU and air cushion technology for shock absorption. Sleek and simple, the carbon-fiber textures add to the aesthetic while keeping your phone safe, making it one of the best cases you can buy for the iPhone SE . Spigen once again delivers with a top-quality case, this time for the iPhone SE .

Available here.

So that rounds up our list for the 10 best cases for iPhone SE . The iPhone SE is one of the best smartphone deals available in the market right now and these cases should serve their purpose well. Stay tuned for more.

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Can I Use My iPhone 8 Cases With The iPhone Se

  • 2 minute read

Maybe the last iPhone you bought was the iPhone 8. This device was launched in 2017, so it has been by your side for more than two years. You may have been really careful with your device, and youve probably had to get a couple of cases to keep it safe. However, right now seem like the right time to get a better phone, and the recently launched iPhone SE may be the phone that youve been waiting for.

Now, what can you do with all the cases you own, should you try to sell them or throw them away? Well, you could also keep them. Remember that the new iPhone SE has a design that looks identical to the iPhone 8, but will your iPhone 8 cases fit your new iPhone SE? The answer is yes, but you should have a couple of things in mind before you decide to use them or not.

The design of the new iPhone SE is identical to the one found in the iPhone 8. This means that you may perfectly use an iPhone 8 case to protect your new device. However, one thing has changed. The position of the Apple logo on the iPhone SE has shifted to the center of the phone, while it used to be placed higher on the iPhone 8. This alignment started taking place with the arrival of the iPhone 11, so Apple may have decided to keep the current placing in the SE to make it look modern. In other words, you may want to think twice before buying a case with a circular cut-out for the Apple logo since it wont match its placement on the SE.

Moko Case For iPhone Se

Next up is the MoKo transparent case for the iPhone SE . Designed specifically for your device, it puts zero barriers in the way of you using your phone while keeping it protected as well. In the style department, it features a transparent design which means that your phone looks as good as ever. Protection, style and precision, this case has the complete package.

Available here.

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Carved iPhone Se Traveler Wood Case

Real wood and real art

Reasons to avoid

Dont think your iPhone is colorful enough? It will be if you stick it in one of these cases. Specks CandyShell Inked case comes in three different designs, all of which are almost blindingly bright in color.

They wont be for everyone, but if any of the designs appeal and you want to stand out in a crowd this is the case for you.

The case also offers a lot of protection, with shock absorbing and impact dispersing properties, which meet or exceed military drop test standards.

Spigen Tough Armor Case

iPhone SE 2 2020 Case,iPhone 8 Case, iPhone 7 Case, ULAK ...

For those looking for a little more protection for their device, Tough Armor provides the requisite specs without adding unreasonable bulk. Its durable polycarbonate and TPU dual-layer design hides military-grade extreme impact foam with Air Cushion technology, while raised edges shield the screen from corner drop shocks. It even has a built-in kickstand for viewing in landscape mode, yet maintains wireless charging compatibility. The red, gunmetal, and black options look slick enough against the Apple logo peephole, it’s just a shame the case isn’t available white.

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