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Best Diet App For iPhone

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Sanvello Anxiety & Depression

Best Apps: Diet and Nutrition

This is an excellent app for recording your daily moods to manage your stress and well-being adequately. The app provides you with the tools you need to break the cycle of whatever is stressing you out so you can reach your goals one step at a time. There are many deep breathing exercises, positive visualizations, and meditations paired with relaxing background noises. An integrated health tracker drives you toward your everyday health goals. The app is free, but you must pay $9 a month or $54 per year to access all features. You get the latest educational content based on cognitive behavioral therapy and an updated home screen with immersive content and experience choices. A new recommended feature assists you in selecting the activity best suited for you. The newest version improves the look and feel of the apps Communities, a space where you can vent, get support, and commiserate with others.

How We Chose The Best Weight Loss Apps

The weight loss apps below were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Vetting. All the apps on our list have been vetted to ensure that they meet Healthlines medical and business standards.
  • Ratings. We chose apps with mostly positive ratings for both Apple and Android devices.
  • Features. We recognize that weight loss is a highly personalized process. The apps included on our list have a range of features to suit a variety of needs, such as community challenges, food tracking, and personal coaching.
  • Weight loss approach. Its important to have realistic expectations and maintain a healthy relationship with food and your body. We chose apps that support realistic weight loss goals and encourage a whole body approach.
  • Expert-recommended. All the apps below have been recommended by nutrition experts.

PlateJoy is a meal planning app designed by dietitians.

Its one of the most customizable meal planning apps, allowing you to set goals, such as weight loss, and even choose from several dietary patterns, like keto, dairy-free, paleo, and more.

It also allows you to filter out ingredients that you prefer to avoid and offers the option to set different portion sizes for each person in your household.

Using your responses from a brief questionnaire, the app creates a custom meal plan for you each week, including a curated grocery list.

Diet & Meal Planner By Get Fit

Next on our list of the best weight loss apps is Diet & Meal Planner by Get Fit . DMP is a helpful calorie tracker that is more focused on helping you eat healthier rather than losing weight.

That may sound counterintuitive at first to those looking to lose weight. Whats a weight loss that isnt centered around your weight loss?

The idea behind this app is that if you start to eat smarter and pay more attention to the food that youre eating, youll inevitably lose weight. Its an approach that pushes you towards mindfulness and healthy habits rather than counting pounds and stressing over your body image.

DMP includes features that will help you understand the nutritional content of your diet. Youll get alerts whenever you eat junk food, notifications that motivate you to stay healthy, and a membership club with others whose primary goal is nutrition.

You will need to pay for a subscription to unlock all of the features that this app comes with. Its $9.99/month or $39.99/year. The annual price is a pretty good deal when compared to other apps on this list. If you dont mind dropping a bit of cash on one of these apps, this one is pretty affordable.

For these reasons, I think this is a great app for those who maybe want to lose a little weight, but are mostly focused on improving their diet. If youve had a long-term habit of eating out, drinking sodas and juice, and have had a hard time breaking those habits, then I think you could really benefit from this app.

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Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log

This workout-tracking app lets you easily enter information about your session. Hitting certain milestones unlocks achievements, and the app lets you add your own routines to your workouts. It also has a range of cardio exercises, but the apps primary focus is on progressive barbell routines. You can start a brand new Start Workout screen, with folders to organize your routines drag-and-drop routines drag-and-drop custom folders collapsible sections and, for the Apple Watch, routines are now organized under folders. You can also start an empty workout with Siri by saying, Hey Siri, start a workout with Strong, and customize your Apple Watch settings to show heart rate or duration during your workout.

How We Chose The Best Nutrition Apps

Weight Watchers Mobile review: Best diet plan app for iPhone
  • Quality of information. We looked for apps that offer reliable and helpful nutrition information, ideally from an expert source, such as a registered dietitian.
  • User interface. We looked for apps that are easy to use and intuitive to navigate.
  • Nutritional needs. We included apps to suit a variety of nutritional needs, from meal planning and food tracking to pregnancy and weight loss.
  • Customer reviews. We asked friends, family members, and colleagues for their recommendations, as well as read through countless user reviews to find highly rated apps.
  • Vetting. All the apps included have been vetted to ensure that they meet Healthlines medical and business standards.
  • Android rating: 4.6 stars
  • Price: free with in-app purchases

Whether youre a health enthusiast or a nutrition newbie, the MyPlate Calorie Counter app from Livestrong is well worth the download.

Besides tracking your nutrient intake and exercise, the app also offers a range of recipes, meal plans, and workouts. Plus, theres a community section, which provides peer support, motivation, and tips and tricks from members.

Although the app is free, for $3.75 per month, you can upgrade your account for access to premium features, including custom nutrition labels, daily averages, and advanced statistics on your nutrient intake and overall progress.

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Home Fitness For Weight Loss Workout Within 6 Mins

A 30-day weight loss fitness challenge is the next challenge you should take by installing Home Fitness. You get a personalized training plan based on your goals for easy workouts you can carry out at your home itself. Managing your workout schedule and the number of workouts per week is up to you.

Besides, there are workout plans which are as short as 6 minutes, making it even easier to make it a habit. Since Slimkit developed the app, you can expect to get the latest music recommendations in the app while working out.

I love how efficient progress tracking is, and you also get useful tips to work better and tips that promote an overall better lifestyle! You can focus on your trouble zones and even get real-time feedback and suggestions.


  • Too much flexibility might result in slacking off

Price: Subscription starts at $8.99

Nike Training Club: The Best For Learning Workouts

Getting the most out of a weight loss drive requires sweating through some workouts. As I well know, the thought of visiting a gym can be terrifying if you havent visited one in years and lack a gym-ready body, but the Nike Training Clubapp makes eases that transition by acting as a friendly private coach. Even better, many of its workouts require nothing more besides some space on your living room floor. Many of the other apps listed here track workouts, but I love this one because it shows you how to do them.

For the times when walking 10,000 steps just wont cut it.

This isnt a hodgepodge pile of workouts without explanation or curation. Nike Training Club suggests workouts based on factors like your available time and level of activity, and itll draw from your Apple Watch data to determine workouts youre ready for. I especially like the way it assembles some workouts in collections, such as the No More Excuses series that shows its possible to stay fit without a gym or with little free time in your schedule.

Nike being Nike, youll also find actors and athletes like Serena Williams or Michael B. Jordan showing off their favorite routines in video clips. It feels a little like having them as coaches or gym buddies. Nike Fitness Club reminds us that maintaining bodies like theirs is largely a matter of sticking to a few good habits, and with this app, youll know what some of those habits are.

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A Calorie Counter And Diet Tracker

Maintaining your food tracking and intake of food and other physical exercises can be planned with the help of a calorie counter and diet tracking app. With the help of this app, you can log on to know what food you should take from the database as per the schedules.

As the app provides you with 3 million foods and beverages. One can use it to track the nutrient and track your exercise with the help of available build-in planning and logging. You can follow up on any kind of dieting plan that will help you to build a holistic diet and exercise daily and it can be tracked in a single place.

Best Fitness And Nutrition Apps For iPhone

6 Best Diet & Nutrition Apps

Apples drilled it into your head: Theres an app for everything. The expensive communication box can make fart sounds, help you learn a new language and even turn your photos into cartoon stills. And it can help you get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestylefor much cheaper than a personal trainer or nutritionist. To get you started, we put together a roundup of the best apps on the market right now:


Lose ItCost: Free

Consolidate your workout journal and food diary into one with this handy tracker. Inputting data can get tedious but the food library is extensive and includes name-brands plus generic categories like fruit, coffee and chicken . Each food type includes accurate calorie, carb, fiber, fat, sodium and protein values, which you can track on a separate page. Add in your daily exercisesincluding the intensity and hours spentand it calculates how many calories you ate, how many you burned and how much more you can eat that day. For added motivation, a graph based on your data shows how much weight youve lost.

NutritionTipsCost: Free

Did you know that cut melon must be thrown out after two hours? Or that the leanest beef cuts include round steaks and roasts? Or that oysters contain protein, calcium, phosphorus and iron? This colorful app has fun factoids like these and more than 500 others to help you have a safe and healthy diet. Each tip is written on a sleek Post-it look-alike. Swipe the page or shake your device for a new tidbit.

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Yoga Studio: Poses & Classes

Featuring dozens of individual classes, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes at a number of difficulty levels, Yoga Studio guides you through poses with HD video classes. It has a robust catalog of more than 280 free poses, which should be enough for most people. You also get more than 15 two-hour meditations and relaxation practices that help center your mind, body and soul with tracking from Apples mindful minutes integration. The app also offers nearly 200 ready-made yoga videos and meditations with frequent class updates, or you can customize or create your own unique HD video classes with your favorite poses. It now works on the Mac in addition to Apples mobile devices. After a seven-day trial period, subscriptions range from $10 to $100.

Best Free Weight Loss App: Myfitnesspal


Tracks: Food, exercise and water.

Cost: The basic version is free, but there is a premium version for $19.99/month or $79.99/year. The premium version is ad free and includes features such as a more customized dashboard, the ability to set goals for each day of the week or by meal, greater precision in tracking macros and calories and access to workouts, recipes and coaching.

MyFitnessPal is for you if you:

  • Are not looking for a structured diet plan
  • Want to lose, gain, or maintain weight
  • Want an app to connect to your activity tracker
  • Want to log your dietary intake quickly and easily

MyFitnessPal boasts the largest food database of any food tracking app. It also has unique features that make adding food to your log a breeze. You can use the barcode scanner or import recipes via a URL. Its also great for managing your own recipes because it can automatically calculate the calories for you based on the ingredients.

Another unique feature of MyFitnessPal is its end of the day summary. After you complete your daily food log, it reports back to you that based on your day’s intake of food that you will be X weight by X time. This can be helpful information in gauging the feasibility of your goals. As a safety measure, the app will only let you lose a maximum of two pounds per week and will give warning messages if you are losing weight too fast or not consuming enough calories.

This app is not for you if you:

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Stronglifts Weight Lifting Log

Strong Lifts Weight Lifting Log is one of the best ways to gain muscle and lose fat, but its probably too intense for inexperienced lifters. The app coaches you through three 45-minute workouts a week, focusing on the largest muscles in your body for optimal effect. The new version offers several updates to the Graphs, making it easier to review progress and boost motivation. Updates include increments to set how often to add weight after all sets are completed and to deaload after a certain number of fails.

Cups Anxiety & Stress Chat

Best calorie counter and diet apps for iPhone: MyFitnessPal, Lose It ...

This app helps you manage depression and stress, offering 24/7 support and enabling you to chat with someone one-on-one whenever you need to. The app offers over 450,000 trained listeners and licensed therapists in 189 countries and in 140 languages. Each listener has a profile with reviews and specialty categories, such as panic attacks and bullying or eating disorders, surviving a breakup, and more. Try a new listener each time, or pick one listener and develop a relationship. The app is free to download, but premium subscriptions start at $13 per month or $95 per year.

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My Diet Coach: The Best App For Making Weight Loss With Food Tracker

My Diet Coach makes the process of losing weight much more fun, with a set of challenges inspired by modern games. Meet your goals to earn points, which you can use to buy things for your avatartokens, better phones or houses, or even whole new avatars. Your progress is always visible on the screen, so you always know how you are doing.

A lot of weight-loss and exercise apps offer tools and data to help you get in shape, but we think weve found the best. The idea behind My Diet Coach is to gamify fitness: track your progress and level up as you lose weight, hitting benchmarks along the way. When setting up a new account, you create a character, selecting from a default set of templates or customizing your avatar with 13 different body types. Weight loss gets tracked in two waysfirst by inputting what you eat in the apps database, and then by tapping your daily exercise.

Thoughtful design and ease of use already set My Diet Coach apart in the crowded App Store health category. The latest version adds in-app friends, new achievements, and improved food database to keep you motivated on your way to one of three different weight loss goals.

Free Best Diet Apps For iPhone Of 202: Roundup Reviews

For Overweight guys, Dream to be losing weight without effect on fitness. But wrong direction or unhealthy food creates an exact problem on significant bodys organ. We have a great Diet apps for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that will guide all about diet and will give the best result in your time frame.

we are happy to help you, submit this Form, if your solution is not covered in this article.

Enter your perfect body details . Dont west time to find the nearest health center, Perfect trainer, Time waste in go to training center. Just keep very best Diet apps for iPhone and get success result at your home or office.

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The Best Weight Loss Apps For Getting In Shape

And thats it! Those are my recommendations for the best weight loss apps on iPhone.

Before finishing up this article, I did want to touch on another important component of losing weight, and thats working out.

There are a few caveats to this! If youre doing muscle-building workouts, for instance, youll find it harder to lose weight, though youll almost surely be losing fat.

Working out in addition to trying to eat healthy can also be problematic if youre at a weight that affects your mobility. If youre at that stage of your journey, then its best to focus on improving your diet and, if you really want, adding low-impact exercises into your daily routine.

Lastly, its important to recognize that you arent a machine. Everyone has a limit on how many things they can manage at once! Striving for a healthier diet and cutting down on your daily intake is already a difficult change to make. Dont feel pressure to add fitness into your routine until you feel confident in your ability to maintain a healthy diet.

With that in mind, low-impact daily exercise is a great and essential part of maintaining your health even if its usually not needed to lose weight. If you want to start incorporating fitness into a healthy lifestyle, here are a few apps that will make it easy to start building an exercise routine.

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