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How Long Can An iPhone Xr Stay Underwater

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Should I Use Rice To Dry My iPhone

Apple iPhone XR Water Test

If you drop your iPhone in water, stick it in some uncooked rice to dry it out. Weve all heard this advice before, but it isnt true.

Its not hard to understand the logic: rice absorbs water, so it should draw out and absorb the water from your iPhone. In fact, the advice was around long before iPhones were invented, as rice was suggested to protect film stock from humid environments.

But that doesnt make it any less of a myth.

Rice is less effective at drying your device than just leaving it in an open, well-ventilated space. Not only that, but you run the risk of getting grains jammed in your iPhone ports. Trust me, it happens, and it can break your iPhone.

Chances are, whenever you hear a successful rice story, that persons device would have been fine if they left it alone anyway. In fact, it would have dried out faster if they avoided the rice.

Ignore the stories and keep your iPhone in the open.

Can I Take Photos Underwater With iPhone Xr

iPhone XRcan takeiPhone XR can

. Similarly, can you use an iPhone XR underwater?

The iPhone XR has an ingress protection rating ofIP67, meaning it is designed to be resistant to water whensubmerged up to one meter for no longer than 30minutes. This is by no means a guarantee that your iPhone XRwill actually survive if you drop it in water. In fact,AppleCare+ doesn’t even cover liquid damage!

Subsequently, question is, can iPhone 10 take pictures underwater? You can find the answer here. The iPhone 8& iPhone X are IP67 water-resistant. Like the lastgeneration iPhone 7, all of Apple’s new phones are rated atIP67 which can survive in 1m of water for 30minutes.

Accordingly, can you take underwater photos with iPhone?

The new iPhone has an IP67 rating, which meansthe phone can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for amaximum of 30 minutes. Hence, if you‘d like to takeyour iPhone for a swim, or take pictures underwaterwith iPhone 7, you‘ll need a waterproof case for yourdevice.

What does the R stand for in iPhone XR?

Of course, this is all moot as Phil Schiller,senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple, revealed inan Engadget interview that the ‘Rstands for nothingat all. Not a damn thing.

Can I Take My iPhone 13 Pro Max In The Shower

  • Yes, I Can take my iPhone 13 Pro Max in the shower as a new iPhone 13 pro max new buy for several times while its waterproof ability strongest !
  • However IP68 Water Resistant Test not including Steam Proof Test
  • For an iPhone 13 pro max not new buy, as iPhone 13 pro max water resistant decrease, not recommend take my iPhone 13 Pro Max in the shower directly, recommend using a waterproof Case for iPhone 13 pro max or using an iPhone 13 pro max shower phone holder.
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    Can You Swim With iPhone 13 Pro Max

    Can I take my iPhone 13 Pro Max in the pool?

  • Yes, The iPhone 13 Pro Max can swim with iPhone 13 Pro Max as a new iPhone 13 pro max new buy while its waterproof ability strongest below IP68 water test!
  • Usually the swimming pool depth is below IP68 water test
  • For an iPhone 13 pro max not new buy, as iPhone 13 pro max water resistant decrease, not recommend take my iPhone 13 Pro Max in the pool directly, recommend using a waterproof Case iPhone 13 pro max.
  • What To Do If Your iPhone X Gets Wet:

    Can You take Pictures Underwater with the iPhone XS Max/XS/XR?

    If your iPhone X gets wet with water, simply wipe it off with a soft cloth. If the liquid is anything other than water, Apple recommends rinsing the affected part of your iPhone with a small amount of tap water before wiping it up.

    Next you should dry your iPhone X. To do so, hold the device Lightning-connector-side-down and gently tap it against your hand. This will help shake any excess water out of the device. Place your iPhone X in a dry location and leave it there to dry.

    Make sure you dont apply heat to the iPhone X or insert anything into the Lightning connector while drying your device. Let it dry naturally or with cool air.

    Also, never attempt to charge your iPhone X if it has recently come into contact with water.

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    Is The iPhone Xs Waterproof

    The iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max are water-resistant. This does not mean they are waterproof.

    With normal, everyday use, it is likely that you will come into contact with common liquids. Whether it be coffee in the morning, water at lunch, or a beer or wine in the evening, spills can happen. However, a splash of water or coffee is not the same as dropping your phone in a swimming pool. As the iPhone XS is water and splash resistant, you can wipe clean your phone, dry it off, and continue to use it as usual, but it is not advised that you take your XS or XS Max for a dip in the pool!

    Ordtby Waterproof Case For iPhone Xr

    Pure black back cover give you a visual impact. Built-in screen protector help your iphone xr stay away from scratches.

    ORDTBY waterproof case is the first choice for outdoor sports. Whether you are at the beach, in the mountains or on a rainy day, the brilliant case can adapt to any environment and give you the perfect protection.

    • Cosy case. Only 1.7oz. Say goodbye to bulky.
    • Unique black back cover design offers you a cool visual experience.
    • Wireless charging. The exceptional materials back allows iPhone XR to charge easily and wirelessly.
    • Full sealed protection. 360-degree protection. Shockproof, waterproof, snowproof, dustproof.


    IP68 waterproof rating make sure no drop of water can enter the case in 8 feet of water.

    Swimming pool, snorkeling etc. are definitely Ok, just make sure you’ve sealed it.


    Don’t panic while your phone is dropped by accident. Strong material and the rubber edging can protect your iphone perfectly from 6.6 feet height drop.

    Provide full protections to your phone, no more worry about breaking screen.


    Just like the waterproof feature. No worried about big snowflakes. Enjoy photography in heavy snow.

    Go skiing with it, nothing to worry about. Just make sure your phone wonât get cold.


    Full-sealed body can block any dust and dirt in a variety of outdoor conditions and against any vicious environments.

    If you are a desert off-road lover, it might fits you pretty well.

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    Is The iPhone 8 Waterproof Or Water

    The iPhone 8 is waterproof when submerged in water of up to roughly 3 feet in depth. The iPhone 8 received an IP rating of IP67, which means it has received the highest level of dust-resistance and the third highest level of water-resistance .

    Water-resistance is graded on a scale of 0-9. Most top-of-the-line smartphones today have ingress protection ratings of IP68, meaning they’re fully dust-resistant and water-resistant at depths greater than one meter. The highest durability rating a cell phone can currently receive is IP69K, which means it can still work after coming into contact with high pressure liquid streams.

    The Second Dive: 3 Meters

    How Long Will iPhone XR Last?

    For round 2, we put the phones back on the drone, started the timers again, and let them go down to 3 meters. Once they had bobbed around in the currents for another 5 minutes, we brought them up again, cleaned them off and inspected them.

    Again, both phones were fully functional. There was no evidence of any water damage to the phones, but the iPhone XS speaker still sounded muted compared to the iPhone XR.

    The Trident is super-rugged, so you can pull it out of the water using its tether cable without damaging the unit.

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    Best Underwater Housing For iPhone

    Your iPhone is an investment, and if you want to practice underwater photography with your iPhone, some form of underwater housing is mandatory. We recommend investing in a waterproof case that has been thoroughly tested and has great user reviews. Even the most expensive underwater housings are a drop in the bucket compared to what youll have to pay to replace your iPhone.

    The AICase Underwater Housing completely seals in your iPhone, making it totally waterproof as deep as 50 feet down. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, can be used with a tripod, and is compatible with all iPhone models.

    Is iPhone X Waterproof The Last Article Youll Need To Read

    Whether youre thinking about buying an iPhone X or concerned about potential water damage on your current device, this article will quickly answer the question: is iPhone X waterproof?

    If youre in a rush, heres a super quick answer for you: the iPhone X is resistant to water but not completely waterproof. So, if you get a splash of water on your iPhone X it should be okay but we wouldnt recommend going swimming with your iPhone X!

    Read on for more specific details and practical tips on how to prevent and remedy iPhone X water damage.

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    iPhone 11 Phone Survives Extreme Waterproof Test Attached To An Underwater Drone

    iPhones have been water and dust resistant for a few years, even the models that dont have official ratings. In fact, iPhones were able to deal with water submersion even better than expected, surpassing Apples own estimates weve all seen those stories of iPhones that kept working after being found on the bottom of a lake. Apple has continued to improve its waterproofing technology over the years, and the iPhone 11 phones are even better than their predecessors. According to Apple, both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pros are water-resistant to double the depth of the iPhone XR, and iPhone XS, respectively. Thats 2 meters for the iPhone 11 and 4 meters for the iPhone 11 Pro. However, a real-life extreme waterproof test proves that both phones can be submerged even deeper and still work just fine.

    Both handsets survived for 30 minutes in salty water at depths of between 4 meters and 12 meters in CNETs test which is a remarkable achievement. The test involved the submersion of both phones with a timer running on the screen. Once the phones were brought back to the surface, the functionality of the screen, camera, and speakers was tested.

    The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro survived with no issues their trips to 4 meters, 8 meters, and 12 meters, which should be enough to put your mind to ease about your latest iPhone 11 water incident.

    What Happens If You Drop Your iPhone Xr In Water

    Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone XR in 2020

    As weve mentioned before, the Ingress Protection rating for the iPhone XR suggests that it can survive minor splashes, spills, or dips in the water. However, if you want to make sure that your device doesnt get any damage in case any of these do happen, here are some things you can do.

    If your iPhone gets wet with water

    • Wipe it with a soft, absorbent lint-free cloth.
    • Unplug all cables and accessories.
    • Let excess water drip through the lightning connector.
    • Let it dry for at least 5 hours before you attempt to charge it, turn it on, or open its SIM tray.

    If you spill or drop it in any liquid other than water

    • Gently rinse it off with tap water.
    • Wipe it with a soft, absorbent lint-free cloth.
    • Tap your device gently, with the lightning connector facing down, and let out the excess liquid.
    • Place it in a clean, dry area with proper ventilation.
    • You can use a fan to blow cool air to help your device dry off.

    However, you should NOT

    • Turn on the device before its completely dry.
    • Use heat or pressurized air to dry off your device.
    • Poke or insert a stick or cotton bud into the devices lightning connector.
    • Use harsh cleaning products to wipe off liquids such as detergent, soap, adhesive remover, or other solvents.

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    What To Look For In An iPhone Xr Waterproof Case

    With so many different rugged cases to choose from, its hard to recognize the best of the best. A lot of cases provide at least a little bit of surface or drop protection from day-to-day damage, but this may not be enough to keep your expensive iPhone XR totally safe from all damage. Though drop proof and waterproof cases do add a bit of width and bulk to iPhones and other devices, its a necessary trade-off to protect your investment.

    Another consideration is that not all cases are created equal in terms of protection: while many meet the minimum IP68 requirements, a lot of phone cases only provide minimal extra protection compared to a naked iPhone. Very few exceed 2 meters of submersion for longer periods of time. You should also look for a phone case that does not make your iPhone XR more difficult to use. Some cases make the OLED display screen harder to see, the camera lens much darker, the speakers more muffled, and the buttons less responsive.

    Why Choose Catalyst Case

    All these design features considered, the Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone XR has all the protective features to secure your iPhone without sacrificing too many capabilities. It offers IP68 protection up to 33ft of water submersion, as well as 6.6ft of drop protection. Catalyst cases are slimmer than many other protection cases, with easy-to-use buttons, patented mute switch knob, and clear and slim case features. They also allow wireless charging for the newer iPhone models. This exceeds most protection standards, making the Catalyst case the most suitable for adventurers and people with active lifestyles. For all your adventure needs, the Catalyst Impact Case and Waterproof Case for iPhone XR have got you covered.

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    What Do You Do If Your iPhone 13 Pro Max Gets Wet

  • if your iPhone 13 Pro Max gets wet, What do you do as steps:
  • Please use dry and clean cloth to dry your iPhone 13 Pro Max full body!
  • Please Stand your iPhone 13 Pro Max and let lightning charging port towards down!
  • Please put your iPhone 13 Pro Max under flow cooling air
  • Please do not charging or turn on my iPhone 13 Pro Max under 36 hours!
  • I Learnt This Lesson The Hard Way With An iPhone Xs Max

    How Long Will The iPhone XS Last?

    Not so long ago, during the summer, I was working out outside , and it was baking hot. I had my iPhone XS Max on the table and, mid-way through my workout, the audio in my headphones cut out.

    Perplexed, I went over to check my phone. It had shut down, gone into some emergency mode because it had overheated. I knew the iPhone XS Max was waterproof, so I decided to give the phone a little help in cooling down by running it under some cold water.

    This was a BIG mistake.

    But it shouldnt have been. You see, the iPhone XS Max has an IP rating of 68 which means it can survive under one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. I ran it under the cold water for maybe 30 seconds.

    When I rebooted the phone, it still worked fine. It booted up OK, everything seemed fine. But when I came to login with FACE ID, it wouldnt recognize my face.

    What had happened?

    Somehow, a drop of water either condensation or an errant droplet from its cooling session had gotten inside FACE ID, rendering the sensor all but useless. I tried to dry it out with rice and kitty litter, but it never worked properly again.

    This is why I am serious when I tell you to be CAREFUL when exposing your iPhone to water. Even if your iPhone has an IP68 or IP67 rating. Just because they can survive water does not mean they will thrive after a dunk. I learned this lesson the hard way, dont be like me! Especially if you end up buying one of Apples new 5G iPhone 12 models!

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    How Water Resistant Is The iPhone Xr

    The iPhone XR has an Ingress Protection rating of IP67. According to this rating, it can be submerged in up to one meter of water for as long as 30 minutes. This means it shouldnt be damaged by minor splashes, spills, or dips in the water. However, the iPhone XR warranty doesnt even support water damage. So how waterproof can the iPhone XR be when Apple Care refuses to cover it?

    At this point, youre probably wondering, What the heck does IP67 mean? and What in the world is Ingress Protection?

    Xs Protection From Mous

    Keep your phone protected with our iPhone XS cases and iPhone XS Max cases. All our XS cases come with superior impact absorption thanks to our specially designed AiroShock technology. Mous cases have been heavily tested far beyond what any phone should go through.

    Whatever your preferred style, weve got you covered. Our Limitless range features a tough selection of durable and real materials such as aramid fibre, and our Clarity range comes with built-in anti-yellowing UV protection.

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    How Do You Protect Your iPhone Xr From Water Damage

    The iPhone XR is designed to withstand splashes of water or accidental spills. However, there are still ways you can minimize those accidental device deaths.

    Below are some ways to make sure your iPhone XR doesnt die from water damage:

    • Dont take a bath or shower with it. It may very well survive a splash here or even a minor tumble in bathwater there, but prevention is still the key.
    • Dont take it with you when using the toilet. Believe us when we say, you can survive a few minutes away from your iPhone XR.
    • Avoid taking selfies in the water. You dont want your iPhone XR to suffer the same fate as Rose DeWitts blue diamond necklace. No, sir!
    • Dont use in the rain or a thunderstorm. Apple discourages users from using the device in extreme weather conditions. Come to think of it, you probably shouldnt be texting in a thunderstorm in the first place. You dont want to catch a cold.
    • Dont take it swimming or surfing. Seriously, why would you think of doing this in the first place?
    • Dont open it and tinker with its innards. Remember that old proverb about curiosity killing the cat? Along those lines, nothing good can come by pretending youre an Apple engineer.

    For more iPhone care tips, read up on common mistakes you should stop doing with your iPhone.

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