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How To Reset My iPhone

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How to Properly Reset iPhone to factory default
  • Make sure that your Mac or PC is updated. If you’re using iTunes, make sure that you have the latest version.
  • If you want to save the information on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, make a backup.
  • Go to Settings > > Find My, tap Find My iPhone, then turn it off. Learn what to do for an unresponsive device or one that won’t turn on. Get help if you forgot your passcode.
  • How To Factory Reset iPhone Without Apple Id Password

    “How can I reset an iPhone without my Apple ID password? I forgot the stupid thing.”

    How do you reset or erase iPhone without Apple ID? – As we all know, Apple ID is so important that you can use it to log into all the different accounts provided by Apple, such as iTunes, iCloud, Apple Store, etc. And even, if you want to wipe your iPhone, you should input the right password. So, if you forgot your Apple ID, it’s awful.

    Hence, I’m going to show you how to easily reset iPhone without Apple ID password.

    Note: This only works when iCloud Find My iPhone is disabled.

    Step 1. Connect iPhone to your computer and select Erase Private Data

    Once connected, then find and click on “Erase Private Data” on the left. As soon as successfully connected, the iPhone’s name and used memory status will be displayed on the right side. Now, click on Scan.

    Step 2. Select what you want to erase

    Wait for the scan completes. Then, check and select the data you need to permanently delete from iPhone. After that, click on the “Erase Now” button.

    Step 3. Erase iPhone without Apple ID or Restore

    After confirming the Security Level, type ‘delete’ without quote in the text box. Finally, click “Erase Now”.

    The whole process will last for about 10 minutes. Please keep the iPhone and computer connected during the time. In addition, if you encounter an iPhone restart several times, you don’t need to panic.

    Factory Reset iPhone 7 On Device

    Factory resetting your phone using the settings is a straightforward method.

    To do so on your iPhone 7/7 Plus, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings and enter the passcode to confirm erasing. This step will require a password if you have set one and will delete all the data on your phone.

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    How To Restart Your iPhone X

    Restarting your iPhone X is good to do from time to time anyways, but if its been running slow or generally feeling buggy, a restart is the first thing youll want to do.

    Heres how you restart the iPhone X, which doesnt have a Power button:

  • Press and hold the Side button and either the Volume Up or Volume Down button.
  • When the Power Off Screen slider appears, drag to turn your phone off.
  • To switch the phone back on, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo.
  • Update Using Your Computer

    How To Reset &  Restore your Apple iPhone 8
  • Connect iPhone and your computer with a cable.

  • Do one of the following:

  • In the Finder sidebar on your Mac: Select your iPhone, then click General at the top of the window.

    To use the Finder to update your iPhone, macOS 10.15 or later is required. With earlier versions of macOS, use iTunes to update your iPhone.

  • In the iTunes app on your Windows PC: Click the iPhone button near the top left of the iTunes window, then click Summary.

  • To install an available update, click Update.

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    How To Reboot Your iPhone Or iPad

    If your iOS device has crashed or stalled, and you only wish to reset it, then you can do so easily without deleting any of your data by pressing and holding the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for 5-10 seconds.

    For newer model iPhones you wont have a home button so try this instead:

  • Press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Hold the Side Button.
  • This will force the restart of your phone closing out any unnecessary processes and fix a lot of your issues. This also works if your phone randomly shuts off and wont turn back on. Be sure to plug the phone in and perform the soft reset, using an iPad charging block works best.

    How To Factory Reset A Locked iPhone

    iPhone Tips

    2 min read

    If you forgot your iPhones passcode, you can bypass the lock screen completely and reset the passcode but there are several things you will need to take into consideration to do this. The first and most important is that any method you use will require you to restore your iPhone.

    Note: This means that you will lose all the data on the device as it will be back to its factory settings – as if it were brand new. If you have a backup, this shouldnt be a problem, you can simply restore the device to that backup. If you didnt, all the data will be lost.

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    How To Factory Reset Your iPhone Or iPad: A Simple Guide To Wiping Your Ios Device

    CassandraRead more May 31, 2021

    Do you need to factory reset your iPhone or iPad? Perhaps youre planning to sell your handset and want to wipe all of your personal files, or maybe youve been the victim of theft and want to remotely scrub anything valuable on the device.

    If thats the case, performing a factory reset is the quickest way to delete everything and start all over again.

    Way : Hard Reset iPhone With Home And Power Button

    How to Reset iPhone To Factory Default

    When iPhone buttons are available, this way is one of the easiest methods to restore iPhone to factory settings without passcode.

    Step 1: Press and hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously.

    Step 2: Hold both buttons until the iPhone shuts off and begins to restart.

    Let it go when you see the Apple logo appear on screen. You’ve just performed a hard reset. For iPhone 7/7Plus users, you need to press Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons together until you see the Apple logo.

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    How To Reset Your iPhone

    Weve spent years with the iPhone and have discovered countless tips and tricks to get the most out of it, but its always good to get a reminder of the basics. Something all Apple fans need to know is how to reset an iPhone. The steps used to be exactly the same on every device, but things have changed a little with the release of newer models in recent years.

    If you upgraded from an older iPhone model to the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max but have never needed to reset it, you may be at a loss as to how to begin the process. Dont worry were here to explain how to reset your iPhone, when you should restart it, and how to force a restart when your phone is not responding. We also lay out the differences between a restart, a soft reset, and a factory reset.

    How To Turn Off Find My Before You Reset Your iPhone

    Find My is the built-in iOS app that combines the features of Find My Phone and Find My Friends. Its the former that affects your ability to reset your iPhone to factory settings. You’ll want to stop Find My from tracking your phones location if you’re resetting your iPhone in order to get rid of it. Heres how to make that happen.

    1. Open your iPhones Settings app.

    2. Tap your name at the top of the Settings App.

    4. Tap Find My iPhone.

    5. Turn off Find My iPhone.

    6. When prompted, enter the password for your Apple ID and tap Turn Off.

    Find My iPhone will now be turned off.

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    How To Factory Reset iPhone 13 Using A Computer

    If you prefer, you can also factory reset iPhone 13 using the computer you sync your iPhone to. Here’s how:

  • Turn off Find My iPhone on your phone by going to Settings> > Find My> Find My iPhone> move the Find My iPhone slider to off/white.

  • Connect your iPhone 13 to your computer using a USB cable.

  • On Macs running macOS 10.15 and higher, open a new Finder window and click your iPhone under Locations.
  • On PCs and older Macs, open iTunes.
  • On the main iPhone management screen, click Restore iPhone.

  • Choose whether you want to back up your iPhone. We strongly recommend it!

  • Click Restore.

  • When the iPhone restarts and returns to the setup screen, your iPhone 13 is factory reset.

  • Hard Reset Directly From The iPhone

    3 Step
  • Tap the Settings icon on your Home screen.
  • Go to General and then scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on Reset -> Reset All Content and Settings.
  • You’ll get a warning box appear, with the option to Erase iPhone in red. Tap it.

  • You’ll need to enter your Apple ID password to confirm the action, then the iPhone will wipe everything off its storage and go back to the initial setup screen you saw when you first used the device.
  • This is the easiest way to reset an iPhone but it requires you remember the Passcode. If you forgot your iPhone Passcode and couldn’t bypass the lock screen, then perform a hard reset with the following methods.

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    How To Restart iPhone

    To restart all other iPhone models, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button. On older models, it’s on the top of the phone. On the iPhone 6 series and newer, it’s on the right side.

  • When the power off slider appears on the screen, release the Sleep/Wake button.

  • Move the power off slider from left to right. This prompts the iPhone to shut down. A spinner displays on the screen indicating the shutdown is in progress. It may be dim and hard to see.

  • When the phone shuts off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button.

  • When the Apple logo appears on the screen, release the Sleep/Wake button and wait for the iPhone to finish restarting.

  • Way : Using Recovery Mode To Erase The Data On Your iPhone

    Follow these steps to put your iPhone into Recovery Mode and erase all of its data:

  • Turn off your iPhone
  • Connect the iPhone to your computer
  • Perform a hard reset on your phone by holding down the sleep/wake button and the Home button at the same time.
  • Hold the buttons until the Connect to iTunes screen appears.
  • On your computer, choose Restore from the iTunes screen. This will delete all data from your phone.
  • At this point, you will need to set up your iPhone from scratch unless you have a backup. If you did have a backup, you probably would not be using Recovery Mode anyway. You essentially have a new iPhone in your hands and you can set it up as you like. Recover all of your purchases from the app store and iTunes. This cantata a while depending on the number of apps you had installed and the speed of your Internet connection.

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    How To Force Restart iPhone 7 Series

    The process to restart the iPhone 7 series is slightly different. That’s because the Home button isn’t a physical button on these models it’s a 3D Touch panel. As a result, Apple changed how these models are force restarted.

    With the iPhone 7 series, hold the Volume Down button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time until you see the Apple logo and then release the buttons and wait for the phone to restart.

    A force restart is also one way to solve a much less common problem: An iPhone that won’t turn off.

    Those two methods of restarting are not the same as a reset , which erases all the content on the iPhone and returns it to factory condition. After resetting your iPhone, you also restore your data from a backup. That’s a more extreme option.

    Should I Factory Reset My Device If It Was Stolen

    How To Hard Reset An iPhone | iPhone Basics

    This really depends on a few factors. Did you have a passcode? If your phone is passcode locked, the data on the device may be secure enough for you to use Find My iPhone to track it.

    If you dont have a passcode its probably best to protect your private information from those who took it and just factory reset it.

    If your Apple device is locked or stolen but the thief has powered it down you can set an alert on icloud.com to notify you if the device is turned on and connected to an internet connection.

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    Totally Reset Frozen iPhone When Other Methods Don’t Work

    You might still find that your iPhone is frozen or unresponsive after you try restart or reset. If you can’t bear it, you can fully refresh your whole iPhone, which would be very helpful for you. iMyFone LockWiper is the right software that you can use to refresh iPhone and fix any screen issues. Fixing frozen iPhone is a small case for LockWiper.

    LockWiper – Your Mighty Helper to Fix iPhone Screen Issues:

    • Instantly refresh your frozen or unresponsive iPhone and fix the issues
    • Very useful if you are in critical situations, like iPhone stuck at white/black/Apple logo screen, recovery mode, DFU mode, etc.
    • Easily unlock your iPhone when it’s locked, disabled or even screen is broken
    • Promise high success rate even to unlock second-hand or
    • New iOS 15/14 and iPhone 13/12/11/XR/XS are well supported, let alone the previous version

    Did You Forget To Back Up Your iPhone Before You Wiped It

    If you’re worried that your iPhone or iPad wasn’t backed up, don’t despair: there’s a good chance that there’s a backup you’re unaware of.

    To find out if you’re backing up to iCloud go to Settings > iCloud and tap on Storage. Wait a few seconds for Manage Storage to show up and tap on that. Here you will see your various backups for your iOS devices .

    One of the backups should say that it is This iPhone or This iPad. Tap on that and you can see what is, and isn’t being backed up. You can basically turn things on and off so that they don’t take up your full 5GB, or you can pay a few pounds/dollars a month for more storage.

    You may think that some of those apps don’t need to be backed up after all, you will be able to download them again from the App Store as you already own them. But note that the data may include saved data for games, and other settings and preferences you would prefer not to lose.

    To check when your iPhone last backed up, go to Settings and tap your ID card at the top of the main screen . Now hit iCloud > iCloud Backup and look at the date and time of the last backup. It will have happened the last time you plugged your iPhone into charge and had Wi-Fi access available. It happens automatically.

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    Reset Location & Privacy

    Oftentimes when youre pushing a bunch of buttons and experimenting with your settings, you can accidentally cause problems. If you need to reinstate your phones initial privacy and location settings, you may want to consider this reset. You dont have to worry about losing any other information in the process.

    Editors’ Recommendations

    How To Force Restart iPhone

    This is how to factory reset an iPhone before selling it

    A force restart or hard reset restarts the phone and refreshes the memory that apps run in. It doesn’t delete data but it does help the iPhone start from scratch. When you need to force restart an older iPhone model , follow these steps:

  • With the phone screen facing you, hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time.

  • Continue to hold the buttons when the power off slider appears, don’t release the buttons.

  • When the Apple logo appears, release the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button.

  • Wait while the iPhone restarts.

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    What To Do If A Restart Doesnt Work

    If your phone is unresponsive or failing, you can try entering recovery mode, which should let you update or restore your phone. However, if you cant get past the Apple logo or if your phone just wont respond, this is another option.

    While this may be your only option to save your phone, this procedure will delete everything you previously had on your phone. Hopefully, you followed our guide on how to backup your iPhone, so you can recover your data after you erase your iPhone. Heres how to enter recovery mode.

    Factory Reset A Locked iPhone Using Recovery Mode

    Another solution to this problem is to put the device in recovery mode. Heres how to do it.

    Step 1: Connect the USB cable to your computer but dont connect it to the iPhone yet.

    Step 2: Launch iTunes and then on your iPhone press and hold the Home and Power button to turn off the device.

    Step 3: Press and continue to hold the Home button and connect the USB cable to the iPhone. This should cause the device to turn on.

    Step 4: Continue to hold the Home button until a message appears in iTunes that a device in recovery mode has been detected.

    Step 5: From iTunes, under Summary click on Restore to wipe the device and its passcode.

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    Perform A Factory Data Reset

    If you are still having issues with your device, you may need to do a Factory data reset . This will reset all settings to their defaults and erase all data stored on iPhone, including your contacts, messages, and music. 1. From the home screen select the Settings app. Note: iPhone cannot be used while data is being erased. iPhone will instantly and securely erase all data, and then restore settings to their factory defaults. After iPhone reboots, it will display the “Connect to iTunes” screen. If you have backed up your device to iTunes or iCloud, you may be able to restore personal data back to iPhone, if desired. Wi-Fi or a wireless data connection is required to re-activate iPhone after a reset. Learn more from the Apple support articles Back up your iPhone and Erase all content and settings on your iPhone. 2. Scroll to and select General, then scroll to and select Transfer or Reset iPhone. 4. Select Erase All Content and Settings to reset device, then select Continue.

    5. Select Finish Upload Then Erase or Erase Now.

    6. Select Erase iPhone to confirm. Note: If you have a passcode, you will be prompted to enter your passcode to complete the reset. Enter your Apple ID password then select Erase. If you can’t update or restore your iPhone with the steps above, for instructions on how to put your device in recovery mode and set it up again, .

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