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How To Cancel Hbo Subscription On iPhone

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How To Cancel Your Hbo Max Subscription

How to Cancel HBO subscription (HBO Now or HBO on iOS)

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HBO Max is the latest streaming service to take on Netflix and Disney+. It includes content from HBO Go and HBO Now, WarnerMedia and Warner Bros TV shows and movies, and HBO Max originals all for $15 a month . If the streaming service isnt for you, heres how to cancel your HBO Max subscription.

Hbo Officially Shuts Down Its Apple Tv Channel Cutting Off Hbo Max Access For Some Users

When WarnerMedia launched its new expanded streaming service, HBO Max, earlier this year, HBO simultaneously stopped participating in Apple TV Channels. This meant that new subscribers could not sign up for HBO through Apple TV Channels, but existing subscribers could continue to access their subscriptions.

HBO appears to have flipped a switch today, however, that completely shuts off access to HBO via Apple TV Channels, including the ability to sign in using your Apple TV Channels subscription information.

: Apple is now sending out an email to affected users informing them that HBO is no longer available and that they will receive a refund. Apple and HBO are offering users a discounted rate for an HBO Max subscription. Here is the full email:

The HBO channel on the Apple TV app is no longer available and your subscription has ended. You will receive a refund or credit for any unused portion of your current subscription period.

Redeem your code below to keep watching on HBO Max which includes all of HBO along with so much more for a discounted rate of $9.99/month for the first 3 months of the HBO Max Ad-Free plan. This limited-time offer is valid through September 5, 2021.

So those who subscribed to HBO through Apple TV Channels could access some HBO content through the TV app, but they could also sign in to the HBO Max app to access all the content at no additional charge via your Apple ID account.

Unsubscribe To Hbo Max Using Computer Web Browser

  • On your desktop or laptop computer, launch a web browser.
  • Then, go to
  • Sign In to your account if youre not already signed in.
  • Now, in the upper-right corner of your screen, choose your profile.

Once in the Settings screen of your mobile app or browser follow these steps:

  • Tap or click on Billing Information to see which provider your subscription is billed through Please note that the Billing Information is only available with Adult profiles.
  • Select Learn More to be redirected to your billing providers own website.

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How To Cancel Hbo Max On iPhone

Given that your iPhone or iPad is installed with the HBO Max app, the cancellation of the HBO Max subscription is similar with the methods applied on Android device. Just ensure that the billing information is only accessed by the adult in case of the children’s unreasonable operation.

  • 1. Tap the Profile tab found on the left-hand side of the app. This one is different with the Android, whose Profile tab appears in the bottom-right of the app.
  • 2. Press the gear-icon to open HBO Max settings menu.
  • 3. On the list of the settings menu, you can find the option of Billing information near the top of the list. Tap it to enter the page for “Manage Subscription”.
  • 4. Select the option of “Cancel Subscription”. Make sure your unsubscribing the HBO Max is well considered before cancelling it.

Avoid Being Charged For Free Trials With The Help Of Donotpays Virtual Credit Card

HBO Now 101: How to Cancel Your Subscription « Smartphones ...

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Can I Filter Age

Yes! You may turn on the Parental Control feature in the Settings menu. This is in place to ensure that children are not exposed to content that are not suitable for their age when they use HBO GO. The Parental Control feature is controlled by a 4-digit PIN and different levels of restriction: General Parental Guidance , PG13, 16, 18, 21.

After setting your Parental Control PIN you will be asked to enter the PIN whenever you play any content that is equivalent to or exceeds the restricted level.

Hbo Cancel Now On Itunes

The HBO network offers a mobile streaming service called HBO Go. HBO Go is a subscription service that enables users to watch movies, special events, television shows, and other programs on demand.If you subscribe to HBO via a participating television provider, the HBO Go service is free. Simply follow the easy step-by-step instructions below to cancel HBO Go via iTunes.

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Canceling Prime Video Subscriptions

To get HBO through Prime, users need an Amazon Prime subscription. If people cancel their Prime membership, theyll also get rid of any additional subscriptions like HBO. To cancel Prime, users can click Manage membership under their account settings and do it there.

Like with Prime Video Channels, canceling Prime wont end the service immediately. People can continue to use Primes benefits until the payment period ends. They can also reverse cancellations at any point before the subscription period ends.

How To Cancel Hbo Now Using Your iPhone Or iPad

How to cancel HBO GO subscription in iTunes?

Now that Game of Thrones and the popular Silicon Valley shows are done, you might want to cancel your HBO Now subscription. Heres how.

Now that Game of Thrones and the popular Silicon Valley shows are done, you might want to cancel your HBO Now subscription.

When HBO Now was first announced as a service, we showed you how to get your free 30 days trial . At the time it was exclusive to Apple for the first 90 days, so you had to subscribe via iTunes.

In that article, we showed you how to start your free trial and here well take a look at canceling it via your iOS device.

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How Do I Cancel Subscriptions On Android

Follow these steps to cancel a subscription on your device:

  • Launch the Google Play Store app.
  • Tap Menu -> My Apps -> Subscriptions and tap on the app of the subscription youd like to cancel.
  • Alternatively, tap Menu -> My Apps -> Tap the app of the subscription youd like to cancel -> Tap the apps details page.
  • Find Manage Your Prime Video Channels

    The first step to canceling HBO on Prime is finding the Manage Your Prime Video Channels option. To get there, users have to go to the Prime Video main menu first. The main Amazon account settings wont list this option.

    After logging into Prime Video, users need to first click Settings on the upper right-hand side of the Prime Video home screen. This will open a new screen with a list of options. Manage Your Prime Video Channels is the only option under the Prime Video Channels category on this page.

    Its worth noting that these actions are only available on the desktop version of the site. Both the Amazon app and Prime Video app will redirect users to the website for this option.

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    How To Cancel Hbo Now On iPhone iPad Or Ipod Touch

  • Launch the App Store app from your Home screen.
  • From the Today tab, tap the Profile icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Tap your Manage Subscriptions.

  • Scroll, then tap on your subscription.
  • Tap Cancel Subscription.
  • Tap Confirm to cancel the subscription.

  • That’s it. Your subscription will be canceled at the end of your billing period.

    How Much Is Hbo Go

    Pin on iPad

    You can subscribe to HBO GO in the Philippines at P149 VAT inc. per month via GlobeOne.

    You may also purchase via Google Play, however, you’ll be charged 12% VAT on top of the monthly fee of P149 . This comes with a 7-day free trial. The free trial automatically converts to the paid subscription if you don’t opt out prior to the end of the 7-day period.

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    Unsubscribe To Hbo Max Using Android Phone Or Tablet And iPhone/ipad Mobile Device

    • Launch the HBO Max app on your Android phone or tablet, or iPhone or iPad device.
    • Tap the Profile icon located at the bottom edge of your phones screen or the left edge of your tablet screen.
    • Sign in to your account if necessary.
    • Now, tap the Settings icon on the upper left corner.
    • And, then, tap the Settings icon .

    How Do I Find My Hbo Now Password


    • Go to and sign in .
    • In the upper-right corner, choose Settings and then the Edit Profile button.
    • If you havent entered your password recently, youll be prompted to enter your password. Enter your HBO NOW password and choose OK.
    • Enter a new email or password and then choose Save Changes.

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    Canceling With A Mobile Device

    Whether youre using an iPhone, iPad, or comparable Android hardware, heres how to terminate your subscription with the HBO Max app.

  • Open your HBO Max app, then tap the Profile icon, located at the bottom-right of the home screen. From here, youll want to tap the gear-shaped Settings icon .
  • On the next screen, tap Billing Information. From here, youll see one of two options .
  • If you see Manage Subscription on the next screen, go ahead and tap that. Then, on the last screen, tap Cancel Subscription. If instead of Manage Subscription you see an option for Learn More, proceed to Step 4.
  • Tap Learn More to be taken to a list of HBO Max service providers. Locate your subscription provider, then follow the listed steps to continue canceling your Max subscription.
  • Canceling Via The Hbo Max App

    How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription

    The following steps will show how to cancel your subscription via the HBO Max app. The instructions are the same whether it’s on mobile or tablet, but the images seen are from the mobile app.

  • Open the HBO Max app, and tap the Profile icon button.

    The Profile icon is located on the bottom edge on smartphones and on the left edge on tablets.

  • Tap Settings .

  • Select Subscription and when you go into the next window, tap Manage Subscription.

  • The app will then take you to your account via web browser. Select Cancel Subscription.

  • A question will be shown asking for feedback. Confirm the cancellation by tapping Yes, Cancel Subscription.

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    When Is My Next Billing Date

    Your monthly billing cycle begins the day you start your subscription. If you cancel mid-month, you can continue streaming until the end of your monthly billing cycle. You pay for your subscription in advance of the covered month.

    Some third-party billing providers will charge your payment method 1 or 2 days before your next billing cycle starts. Check with your to find out when you’ll be charged next. If you subscribed directly through HBO, your payment method will be charged within 24 hours of your auto-renewal date.

    Unsubscribe Using Your iPhone iPad Or Android Device

    No matter if you watch HBO Max on your iPhone, iPad, or Android handset, you can cancel your monthly membership from any of your mobile devices.

    Start by opening the HBO Max app on your device, ensuring that youre signed in to your account, and selecting your profile. Make sure that the profile is set as an adult with full access to the accounts billing information. From there, tap on the Profile tab found in the bottom-right corner of the app.

    If youre using the HBO Max app on your iPad, the Profile tab can be found on the left-hand side of the screen.

    Next, select the Gear icon to open HBO Maxs Settings menu.

    Tap on the Billing Information option found near the top of the list.

    Now, select the Manage Subscription button found at the bottom of the page.

    Finally, tap on the Cancel Subscription link.

    You will need to select the Yes, Cancel Subscription button to confirm that you want to terminate your membership.

    Your HBO Max subscription has now been canceled. You can still access the streaming platforms content through the end of your billing period .

    Repeat these steps if you change your mind and wish to resume your subscription before the membership expires.

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    How To Cancel An Hbo Max Subscription On Roku

    When HBO debuted in the early 1970s, it provided premium programming to paying home viewers. Today, the material it generates is some of the best available. And, due to HBO NOW, that programming is now more accessible than ever, particularly through a Roku device.

    However, if you’ve had enough of HBO, despite its programs and movies, it’s simple to say goodbye and unsubscribe from HBO NOW through your Roku device at any moment. You’ll be allowed to keep viewing until the end of your current payment cycle if you cancel your HBO NOW subscription.

    Apple Itunes Or App Store

    36 Best Images Cancel App Subscription On iPad : How To ...

    iPhone or iPad

    • Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
    • Tap your name and then tap Subscriptions.
    • Now, sign in with your Apple ID.
    • Find and tap your HBO Max subscription.
    • Select Cancel Subscription.
    • Go to the Settings page on your Apple TV and select Users & Accounts.
    • Now, select Account.
    • Tap HBO Max from your list of subscriptions, and then Cancel the subscription.

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    How Hbo Now Cancel On Mac

    So you’ve signed up for HBO Now on your Mac. Here’s a step-by-step guide to unsubscribing from it. Make sure you complete the procedure on your Mac.

    • Go to the iTunes store.
    • Go to the toolbar and choose Account.
    • Select View My Account from the drop-down menu.
    • Find the Manage option by scrolling down.
    • It should be on the subscriptions’ right side.
    • Scroll down and hit the Edit button once more.
    • The choice is shown on the subscription’s right side.
    • Select Cancel Subscription from the drop-down menu.
    • To confirm the cancellation, click the Confirm button.

    Your HBO Now membership has finally been canceled. The subscription expires when the paying term finishes.

    Unsubscribe Using Your Computer

    If youd rather cancel your HBO Max subscription from your computer, you can, using your desktop browser of choice.

    Start by visiting HBO Maxs website, signing in to your account, and then selecting your profile. Make sure that this profile has access to the accounts billing information.

    Next, select your avatar and name in the top-right corner of the page.

    From the menu that appears, click on the Billing Information tab and then choose the Manage Subscription button.

    Select the Cancel Subscription option found on the right side of the My Account screen.

    Finally, confirm that you wish to terminate your membership by clicking the Yes, Cancel Subscription button.

    Your HBO Max subscription has now been canceled. You will be able to continue watching your favorite WarnerMedia TV shows and movies through the end of your billing period or free trial.

    Your account can also be reactivated at any time before the subscription expires.

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    Manging Amazon Prime Channels

    Canceling HBO after a show ends is relatively common. While users keep a streaming subscription for 31 months on average, HBO typically retains users for just 18. Keeping Prime Video while getting rid of HBO isnt an unusual action.

    Users wondering how to cancel HBO on Prime have plenty of company. The process may be slightly more convoluted than canceling through HBO, but its still reasonably straightforward.

    How To Cancel Your Hbo Now Subscription

    How To Cancel HBO Max Subscription (2021)

    Maybe you signed up for HBO Now so you could watch the final season of Game of Thrones earlier in the evening and then you let your subscription continue even though you dont have much of a need for HBO Now right now?

    The entertainment world has seen the rapid proliferation of subscription services providing streaming access to premium content. One of the most popular and successful of these services is, of course, HBO Now, a subscription TV service like Netflix or Hulu that offers access to HBOs premium content for a price.

    Theres no fixed contract with HBO Now, so you can subscribe and unsubscribe whenever you like, offering you the flexibility to pay for HBO Now when you need it and canceling it when you dont need it.

    Many people are choosing to subscribe to the channel, binge-watch the programs they are interested in , and then unsubscribe when theyre done and while they wait for the next season to come out. Game of Thrones is definitely the headliner for HBO Now but it isnt the only TV show on the channel. Others such as Veep, Westworld, Big Little Lies, True Blood, and The Wire are all good reasons to subscribe.

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    How To Cancel Hbo Now Directly From The Hbo Now Website

  • Navigate to from your web browser.
  • Click Sign In in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Enter your Email address and password to sign in.
  • Click on Settings in the upper right corner.
  • Click on Billing Information.
  • Click on the switch next to Auto-Renew to turn off auto-renew.
  • Click Yes to confirm the changes.
  • Your subscription will end at the end of your current billing cycle.

    Note: If you purchased or started your HBO Now subscription on another device or platform, such as Amazon’s Kindle, Android, Samsung, or Roku, you’ll need to cancel your subscription through that device.

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