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How Do You Power Off An iPhone

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How To Turn Off An iPhone 13

iPhone XR: How to Turn Off / Power Down (3 Ways)

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To help troubleshoot or save battery life, sometimes you need to completely restart or shut down your iPhone 13. Well show you how to do itwith instructions that also apply to the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

How To Turn Off Your iPhone

Turning off your iPhone seems like it should be a simple task and it is, provided you remember the specific buttons youre supposed to press to power down your device. The challenge is that Apple has changed the method every few models so that turning off your iPhone on an older device is quite different than whats required to turn off an iPhone 12.

Apples phones have a long shelf life, thanks to the companys support of multiple years of software updates. For example, iOS 14 the current version of Apples phone software runs on devices as old as the iPhone 6s and original iPhone SE. That means there are phones released five to six years ago that are still in circulation, and if youre upgrading from one of these older handsets to a new model, you may not be familiar with the changes Apples made over the years.

To help you turn off your iPhone, here are the different ways you can shut down a phone based on Apples assorted models. It all comes down to the position of the Sleep/Wake button and whether your iPhone is unlocked with a passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.

Heres how to turn off your iPhone.

How To Turn Off iPhone With Broken Screen

iPhone Tips

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If your iPhone screen breaks, it renders the device unusable. You cannot use it to call, email or even text. Instead of letting the iPhone remain on until the battery dies, the best thing to do is to turn it off and save the battery. Since iPhone lacks a power button, a common question that people ask themselves is about how to turn off iPhone with broken screen. We will help you figure out the answer to this question here.

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Turn Off Your iPhone 11 Or iPhone 12

So here’s what you need to do to get the power menu to show up: On your iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, you’ll need to press and hold the volume down button and the side button at the same time. It won’t take long — just a second or two. You’ll feel a haptic vibration and then see the power slider on the top of your screen, as well as a Medical ID and an Emergency SOS slider near the bottom.

Slide the power switch from left to right and your phone will power off. To turn it back on, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

See that button? It doesn’t do what you’d think it does.

How To Turn Off And Restart iPhone 11 Xs Xr

How to Turn Off / Power Down iPhone X [Tutorial]

Whether youve just gotten a new iPhone or just havent needed to power off or restart your device yet, follow along for how to turn off and restart iPhone 11, XS, XR, and X.

Apples recent iPhone lineup with the 11, 11 Pro, XS, XR, and X all feature bezel-less displays with no Home button. Along the changes, functions like turning off and restarting the new iPhones have changed compared to iPhone 8, 7, and earlier.

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How To Power Off The iPhone X Or Later

We’ve already gone over what to do if your Apple Watch is frozen, how to restart or reset your iPhone or iPad, how to hard reset your iPad, and what to do if your Mac is frozen. For more great advice on what to do when your Apple devices glitch or freeze, check out our free Tip of the Day.

As discussed later in this article, you can shut down your iPhone X, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12 using the Settings app. However, the fastest method for shutting down the iPhone is using the physical buttons on the device.

  • Simultaneously press and hold the Side button and the Volume buttoneither up or down, it doesn’t matter which.
  • Release the buttons when the shutdown screen appears.
  • Slide to power off your iPhone.
  • That’s it! Make sure not to keep holding down those two buttons, or you’ll automatically engage Emergency SOS, which you don’t want to do if you’re only turning off your iPhone X.
  • Option : Restart Using Voice Control

    Thanks to iOS 13, you can use Voice Control to restart your second-generation iPhone SE. Once you set up the Accessibility feature, you’ll be able to restart the device using just your voice.

    Once set up, you can restart your 2020 SE by saying “reboot device,” then “tap Restart.” If you don’t see the blue microphone icon in the status bar, Voice Control is not active. So if you have Voice Control set up but disabled, you can use Siri or Hey Siri to “turn on Voice Control” first before issuing the reboot and restart commands.

    Images by Amboy Manalo/Gadget Hacks

    That’s it as far as auto-restarts are concerned. An old trick in iOS where you would toggle on “Bold Text” used to prompt for a restart, but in newer iOS versions, it no longer needs to.

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    Shut Down Your iPhone Using Assistivetouch

    You can also use AssistiveTouch, the virtual iPhone button, to shut down your iPhone. If its not already set up, well have to turn on AssistiveTouch. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> AssistiveTouch and turn on the switch at the top of the screen to the right of AssistiveTouch.

    Now that AssistiveTouch is on, tap the button that has appeared on your iPhones display. Then tap Device and press and hold Lock Screen. Swipe the power icon from left to right across slide to power off to shut down your iPhone.

    Drag The Slide To Power Off Slider

    iPhone 12 Pro: How to Turn Off / Power Off / Shutdown

    The power menu should come up on your iPhones display, and you will see a Slide to Power Off slider at the top. Drag it to the right to power off your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro.

    You can also trigger the Emergency SOS mode from here by dragging the SOS slider to the right. If you dont want to switch off your iPhone, simply press the Cancel button at the bottom.

    Do note that your iPhone enters into a lockdown mode if you bring up the power menu. So make sure to enter your passcode to unlock it if you bring up the power menu and then decide not to shut down your iPhone 13.

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    Turn Off Your iPhone Using The Buttons

    There are two ways you can turn off your iPhone X or iPhone 11 using the buttons.

    One method is to press and hold either the Volume Up button or the Volume Down button and the Side button simultaneously until you see the Slide to Power Off slider.

    NOTE:Volume Up

    Alternatively, you can quickly press the Volume Up button followed by the Volume Down button and then press and hold the Side button to access the Slide to Power Off slider. When using this method, the SOS slider doesnt display. If youre nervous about accidentally triggering a 911 call, you can use this method.

    After using either of the button sequences, drag the Slide to Power Off slider to the right.

    If you cancel either method using the Cancel button at the bottom, youll have to enter your passcode to access your phone.

    How To Turn Off And Restart iPhone 11 Xs Xr And X

  • Press and hold the Side button and one of the volume buttons until the power off screen appears
  • Drag the slider to the right to turn off your device
  • Press and hold the Side button to power it back on and complete the restart
  • For a look at how to force restart, enter DFU mode and more, take a look at our video tutorial here.

    For more help getting the most out of your Apple devices, check out our how to guide as well as the following articles:

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    Use Hardware Buttons To Turn Off Your iPhone

    First, heres the traditional way to powering OFF your iPhone, using the buttons youll find on its sides. Go through the following steps.

    1. On the right side of your iPhone, youll find the Side button.

    2. On the left side, youll find the Volume Up button.

    3. Now, press and hold the Side and Volume Up buttons for a couple of seconds.

    4. Keep holding the buttons until you see the Slide to Power Off slider.

    5. As instructed, place your finger on the white circle and drag it to the right.

    6. After a few moments, your iPhone 13 will power OFF completely.

    Learn To Shut Down / Power Off Your iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

    How To Turn Off Your iPhone X: Power Off Different ...

    Here’s a fun fact: if you want to shut down your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, pressing the holding the sleep / wake button won’t do anything. Instead, you’ll be greeted with Siri, nothing else. It’s a change that was introduced with the iPhone X last year, and if you are using a Home button-less phone for the first time then you are probably scrambling out of your mind thinking that Apple has taken away the ability to let you shut down your smartphone. Trust me when I say this: they haven’t. Only the method has changed.

    So, how do you shut down an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max? It’s simple. Simply hold down the Sleep / Wake + Volume Up buttons together for a few seconds until you see the power down screen. Once you do, simply slide to power off your device. There you have it, now you know how to shut down / power off your iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

    While this change may be daunting at first, but there is a positive side to it as well. What if someone tries to power down your phone and steal it? If that person is not acquainted with the iPhone XS / iPhone X at all and how it works, it’ll give you a lot of time to fire up iCloud and wipe your device clean before the person gets access to your private data. Furthermore, this change makes sure that you do not end up accidentally turning off your phone while it’s lying in your pocket or a bag.

    Hope you agree with me on that one.

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    Option : Shut Down With Button Presses

    Since Siri is now activated by pressing and holding the Side button, there’s a new way to power off the iPhone X with buttons. Just squeeze the Side button and either Volume button together at the same time, and hold them for a few seconds. You’ll then see the “slide to power off” option appear on your screen, just like on other iPhones.

    Note: If you quickly squeeze and release the Volume up and Side button without holding, it’ll take a screenshot instead of showing you the power-off slider.

    Images by Bryan Crow/Gadget Hacks

    How To Force Shut Down An iPhone When It Freezes

    An application that uses a lot of memory may cause your iPhone to freeze. A simple restart will force the phone and its applications to reboot. If restarting your iPhone is not possible, use the reset process to reboot your phone.


    Hold down the “On/Off” button at the top of your iPhone for three seconds, until the red slider appears along the top of the device’s screen.


    Put your finger on the arrow and slide it to the right to turn off your device. Leave your phone off for 10 seconds, then hold down the “On/Off” button until it comes back on.


    Reset your phone if the device does not respond to a power-off procedure. Hold down the “On/Off” button and the home button on your iPhone at the same time. Continue to hold down both buttons until the Apple logo appears on your phone and it reboots.


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    Apple Has Changed The Way How You Power Down The iPhone X Here’s How It Works

    Since the first iPhone all the way to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the process of powering down the device is pretty straightforward. You hold down the power button for a couple of seconds and you’ll be greeted with the Slide to power off screen. Just slide the slider and the shut down process will begin.

    On the iPhone X, if you press and hold the power button, you’ll just launch Siri since the Home button is now gone. Even if you keep on holding the power button, nothing will happen. So how do you turn off the iPhone X? Well, it turns out, according to a quick hands-on video with the iPhone X by UrAvgConsumer, you power down the iPhone X by holding down the power + volume up buttons. Once you do, the Slide the power off screen will show up, and you already know what to do next.

    This is a rather big change if you are asking me. Just think about it, a simple routine for turning off the iPhone has been made slightly different in just one huge leap. Nonetheless, after a few weeks or so, users will definitely get used to the new gesture for powering down the iPhone. But it remains to be seen if the same method for shutting down the iPhone will carry forward to the next model of the iPhone or iPad. Whatever the case might be, it’s best to tune yourself to what Apple wants in its smartphone lineup.

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    How To Power Down iPhone Via Settings App:

    How to power off iPhone X
  • Open Settings > General
  • Scroll Down, You Should See Option For SHUT DOWN
  • Select SHUT DOWN
  • The Slide to Power Off Slider Will Appear
  • Slide It To Shut The iPhone 11 Down
  • This method, while not exactly user intuitive, is handy to have around if youre experiencing issues with your iPhone 11s buttons say, for instance, if one gets jammed or becomes unresponsive.

    If you do have a problem that affects your iPhone 11s physical buttons, its handy to be able to switch off the iPhone 11 without having to use any buttons. And with this method, you can do just that!

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    How To Force Shut Off iPhone X

    Newer Apple devices, the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR don’t have a home button and feature new side buttons with unique functionality, so Apple has introduced a new method to force a restart Quick.

    It takes a unique combination of pressing buttons to get your iPhone to reboot, and while it’s not immediately obvious, once you’ve learned the steps, a forced restart is the fastest way to restart your iPhone if it’s malfunctioning.

    This troubleshooting guide will solve the following problems:frozen screen

    It does not turn off

    how to turn on iPhone X


    If your iPhone X’s screen is frozen and you can’t turn off or restart your phone, follow these steps to fix the problem:First, make sure your iPhone X is fully charged and that it’s not just a dead battery causing the problem

    If your screen is frozen and you can’t turn off your iPhone X, you can force it to restart by doing the following:

    To force restart your device, press and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button, then press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

    The device will display the Apple logo and then reboot

    If forced restart doesn’t work, you can try to restore your iPhone X using recovery mode

    If none of the above solved your problem and the screen still doesn’t respond or freezes, then you will need to take your device to the Apple Store as it could be a completely depleted battery problem or a physical problem with the device.

    Force Restart An iPhone 8 Or Later

    Sometimes your phone stops working properly, and the only way to fix it is to reset things. However, if the screen is frozen, you won’t be able to do anything without initiating a force reset. How you perform this action depends on your iPhone model.

    With an iPhone 8 or later, quickly press and release the volume up button, quickly press and release the volume down button, then hold down the power button until you see the Apple logo.

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