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How To Change Playlist Cover On Spotify iPhone

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Add Artwork To Content In Music On Mac

How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture / Cover Photo (2020) Desktop, Laptop, iPhone & Android!

The artwork for songs, albums, and music videos that you purchase from the iTunes Store or download from Apple Music is included with your purchase. You may also customize any song or other item in your collection by uploading your own artwork. It is possible to include a variety of still-image files, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and Photoshop files. Before you may add artwork to WAVfiles, you must first convert them to a different format. You can also modify the artwork for any playlist in your library by selecting it and clicking on it.

Add A Photo To A Playlist On iPhone And iPad

  • Launch theMusicapp on your iOS device and scroll to the playlist to which you want to add an image
  • Then press the + button. In the top right-hand corner of the screen, select Edit
  • Select the cover image by tapping it. Then, from the pop-up menu, select Take Photo or Choose Photo
  • Picture taken with your devices camera or from one of your photo albums is acceptable. TapDone
  • Do You Need Spotify Premium To Change Covers

    You dont have to pay for a subscription to use Spotify. However, youll be missing out on many useful and interesting features, such as no ads, a better listening experience, the ability to download songs and listen to them offline, etc.

    Fortunately, changing playlist covers isnt one of the features available only for Spotify Premium users. You can add a personal touch to your playlist even if youre using the free version of Spotify.

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    How To Edit Playlist Cover Of Youtube Music On Web And Mobile

    This article will teach you how to edit the playlist cover of YouTube music on the web and on your mobile device. We will make every effort to ensure that you comprehend this guidance. The following blogHow to Edit Playlist Cover of YouTube Music on the Web and Mobile is intended for you. If you answered yes, please share your thoughts with us when you have finished reading this.

    Add Custom Covers To Spotify Playlists On Mobile

    Spotify 101: How to Change Playlist Pictures from Your ...

    First, open the Spotify app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Select one of your personal playlists from the Library tab.

    Next, tap the three-dot menu icon to bring up the playlist settings. The location of this icon will vary by platform.

    Select Edit or Edit Playlist.

    Under the playlist cover, tap Change Image.

    Youll have the option to select an image from your device gallery or take a new photo.

    After youve selected an image, Spotify will allow you to crop it into a square. Tap Choose when youre done.

    Tap Save to finalize your changes.

    Thats it! Now you can easily customize your playlists and make them look a little more polished.

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    How To Change A Spotify Playlist Picture On Android

    You can easily change Spotify playlist pictures on Android, too. The steps are fairly similar to those on iPhone, so lets dive right in. Open Spotify on Android and tap the Your Library tab in the bottom bar.

    Select any of the playlists youve created.

    This will open the playlist page on Spotify. Now, hit the three-dot icon in the top-right corner.

    In the menu that appears, select Edit Playlist.

    When you do that, you will see the Edit Playlist page, where you can change the playlists name, picture, and description. Were going to select Change Image to use a different playlist picture.

    Youll now see a menu titled Change Image. To get rid of the playlist picture, select Remove Photo.

    If you want to click a new picture, select Take Photo, and you can quickly take a nice picture for your playlist.

    To pick an image from your photo gallery, select Choose Photo.

    You can adjust the photo by swiping on the screen, and when youre ready, hit Use Photo to select the playlist picture.

    Finally, tap Save to change the playlist photo.

    How Do You Change The Playlist Picture On Apple Music Ios 14

    1) Select the Edit option from the drop-down menu at the upper right of the playlist screen. 2) Select the current cover image by tapping on it. 3) Select either Take Photo or Choose Photo from the drop-down menu. To finish, touch Done on the top right of the screen after selecting your photo and it appears on your playlist.

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    How To Change A Spotify Playlist Picture On iPhone

    Spotify lets you quickly change the playlist picture on iPhone. First, open Spotify on your iPhone and tap the Your Library button in the bottom bar.

    In Your Library, tap any playlist that youve created.

    Once you open the playlist, tap the three-dot icon below the name of the playlist.

    This will open a menu with several playlist options. Select Edit.

    This will open a screen titled Edit Playlist. To use a new playlist picture, tap the Change Image button, which is located above the playlists name.

    You will now see a pop-up titled Change Image near the bottom of the screen. This menu allows you to change or remove the playlist picture. If you want to get rid of the image in the playlist, tap Remove Current Image.

    Alternatively, you can select Take Photo to quickly click a picture and add it to your playlist.

    If you select Choose From Library, Spotify will open up your photo gallery to allow you to select an image.

    You can tap any image to select it, and then hit Save to change the playlist picture.

    How To Change A Spotify Playlist Picture On Windows Mac Or The Web

    How to change Spotify Playlist Cover on Phone (2021)

    Its fairly easy to change the playlist picture on Spotify for Windows, Mac, and Spotifys Web player. Fire up the app and select any playlist that youve created. You can find these playlists in the sidebar on the left side of the screen when you first open Spotify. These playlists are located under a separator below the Liked Songs button.

    Once you do that, hit the three-dot icon below the playlist image.

    This opens up a menu where you can see various playlist options. To change the playlist picture, choose Edit Details.

    Move your mouse pointer to the image and click Choose Photo.

    Navigate to the folder containing the playlist photo on your computer and double-click the image that you want to use. Click Save when youre done.

    And thats it! You now have a new playlist photo. If youre short on ideas for playlist cover images on Spotify, websites such as make it easy to create beautiful cover art for your playlists.

    Now that youve found great images for your music, you might enjoy learning how to with the world. Enjoy!

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    Change Playlist Cover On Spotify For Android

    Open the playlist that you want to change the cover and tap on the three-dot menu icon to select Edit playlist.

    You should now notice three horizontal lines next to each song. Tap and hold it to move the song up and down the list.

    Save changes and recheck the playlist cover.

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    How Do I Add A Picture To My Playlist

    Navigate to the playlist that youve built and select the image that youd want to upload. To access the menu, click on the three dots at the bottom of the screen. To make changes, choose edit. Change the image by tapping change image, then scrolling through your phones library to find the correct oneor snapping a new oneto replace the current one.

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    How Spotify Playlist Cover Works

    Spotify will automatically create a playlist cover collage by taking the album cover of the first four songs on your list.

    That’s not very imaginative. You can’t choose an image of your liking. However, what you can do is rearrange the first four songs in your playlist to change the playlist cover collage. We will see how that works below.

    The desktop app is the only place where you can choose any image as your Spotify playlist cover art. Even one that you downloaded from the web and not necessarily one of the song’s album art.

    How To Add Custom Cover Art To Spotify Playlists

    Spotify 101: How to Change Playlist Pictures from Your ...

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    There are literally thousands of pre-made music and podcast playlists from Spotify and community users. If you like to make your own playlists, you can further personalize them with custom cover art. Well show you how.

    Changing playlist covers can be done using the desktop and mobile Spotify apps. That includes Windows 10, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web player. Spotify Premium is not required for this feature.

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    How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture On Phone Android

    Wondering how to change Spotify playlist picture on an Android phone? Here are the simple steps you can follow.

    1. Open the Spotify app.2. Choose the playlist you want to rearrange.3. In the upper right corner of your playlist screen, tap the three vertical dots.4. Select Edit playlist.5. The track list will show up. To move the song to another position on the list, you need to press and hold the horizontal line icon to the right of the song title.6. Drag up and down to reposition tracks inside or outside the first four places on your playlist.7. Rearrange your playlist until you are happy with the songs in the first four positions.8. Tap “Save” in the upper right.

    Learn How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture Easily Using This Handy Guide

    Tripboba.com – Spotify is one of the largest and most famous music streaming apps in the world. This service is well-known for a number of reasons. However, one of the reasons is how simple it is to personalize your playlists.

    Playlists created by Spotify typically feature, like an album, a single photo or image as the cover. Meanwhile, user-made playlists by default feature image collages attached to the first four songs they display.

    In case you do not like your photo collage–probably it’s the same four album covers over and over again. Or maybe the images aren’t all that exciting, there is a way to change it.Follow this handy guide to know how to change Spotify playlist picture.

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    How Do I Change The Artwork On Apple Music

    Is It Possible to Upload My Own Artwork to iTunes Albums? Select and right-click on the album in your iTunes library that you want to alter from the drop-down menu. Select Edit,Album Info, then Artwork from the drop-down menu. Then either pick Add Artwork, navigate to the saved picture, and then click Open, or. To save your work, click on Done.

    Design Your Own Apple Music Cover Art From Scratch

    How to change Spotify playlist Cover 2022

    To this point, weve spoken about services that make it simple to produce Apple Music cover art. However, if youd want a bit more control over the appearance of your playlists, you may create your own album art using Adobe Photoshop. In order to complete this task for Apple Music, youll need square photographs. Your cover art will look great on most Apple devices as long as it is high-resolution and well-designed. If youre looking for gradient backdrop inspiration, you may check out theColorful Gradients Tumblr blog for some ideas and inspiration.

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    How Do You Add A Picture To A Music File

    Select all of the music files in that directory by pressing the ctrl+A keyboard shortcut. If you look closely at the video/screenshot, you will see that there is a square-shaped symbol in the lower left corner of the program. Add a cover by selecting it using the right-click menu. Then choose the image that you wish to include.

    + Ways To Create Custom Playlist Art For Apple Music

    Apple Musics playlists may not be the most spectacular things on the planet, but if theres one area in which they shine, it has to be the artwork on the albums covers. Weve added well over 100 playlists from the service to our collection, and we cant seem to stop staring at the artwork when were listening to them. Additionally, weve created several playlists on Apple Music, although the album art for these playlists is nowhere near as attractive. Thats why were going to teach you how to make stunning playlist covers in the Apple style for your Apple Music playlists in this tutorial.

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    How To Change A Playlists Picture In The Spotify App On Your iPhone

    • On your iPhone, you can easily change the picture associated with a Spotify playlist in two ways: Choose a photo from your iPhones camera roll or alter the default album collage from the Edit playlist option. If you modify the playlist photo in Spotifys desktop application, the picture will be updated on your iPhone as well. More stories may be found in Insiders Tech Reference collection

    Spotify is popular for a variety of reasons, one of which is the ease with which it allows you to customize your playlists. When you make a playlist on Spotify, the default picture that appears is a collage of the album art for the first four albums in the list, as shown below. If you dont like this collage, or if you have a better concept for the cover that is more themed, you may simply replace it. Heres how to modify the image associated with a Spotify playlist while using the iPhone app.

    How To Change Playlist Picture On Spotify On Phone 2020

    How to change a playlist cover on the Spotify iPhone app ...

    How to Change Spotify Playlist Picture – Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

    Heres how to change Spotify playlist picture on mobile.1. Navigate to the playlist you made.2. Choose the three dots that display the menu.3. Tap edit.4. Tap “change image” to select a new image. After that, scroll through your phone library to choose the correct one or take a new photo.5. Change the title if you want. After that, write a description below it and tap “done!”

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    Change Your Playlist Cover Picture On Spotify

  • Wrapping Up- Set Custom Playlist Cover Picture on Spotify
  • Initially, Spotify allowed only desktop users to change the playlist cover picture. However, last year, the music streaming app introduced the feature on its Android and iOS mobile apps, allowing users to choose an image from their phones gallery and set it as the cover picture for their playlists. Below is how you can do it on your Spotifys mobile or desktop apps.

    How To Change Spotify Playlist Cover On Android Device

    Are you an Android user who is looking for a way to change Spotify playlist picture on phone? If yes then heres what you can do to change the playlist cover.

    • Open the Spotify app on your Android device.
    • Now, go to the playlist tab in your library and open the playlist you want to change the cover for.
    • You must be able to see three horizontal lines with each song. You have to tap on that and hold it to move the song up and down.
    • The next step requires you to save the changes that you have just made.
    • Then, check the spotify playlist to see if the cover image has changed.

    This is how you can change the playlist cover on your Spotify playlist on Android devices.

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    Now You Know How To Change Spotify Cover

    this is how you can change the cover image of a Spotify playlist on a desktop including both PC and Mac and in the mobile app on iPhone and Android, as well as in the web player.

    Currently, there is no direct method to change the playlist picture from the phone app or web player. That being said, you can still use the workarounds mentioned here to get it done.

    How To Add A Custom Playlist Cover On Spotify

    How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture (Full Tutorial) | Change Spotify Playlist Cover

    If you are looking for a way to add a custom playlist cover on your Spotify playlist, you will require to use its desktop version. If you have a desktop version of Spotify, here are the steps to add a custom cover to your playlist:

    • Launch the desktop Spotify app.
    • Now, select the playlist for which you want to add a custom cover.
    • Move yourself to the image that is currently appearing on the playlist.
    • Then, click on the pencil icon that is visible and select Choose Image or Replace Image option to add a custom image to the playlist.

    Now that you have changed the cover of your Spotify playlist on its desktop version and have added your preferred one, this custom image will show up on your iPhones Spotify app as well.

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    Wrapping Up

    Changing Spotify playlist cover is easy, especially on desktop. Given that you can custom add a cover to your Spotify playlists on the desktop version, you can seek it whenever you are tired of unwanted playlist cover images. Or you can continue to do that on your Android and iPhone device if you dont mind shuffling the songs. So, these were the convenient methods to change your Spotify playlist cover. Do you know how else it can be done? Share your take on this in the comment section.

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