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How To Change Your Keyboard On iPhone

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How To Add Keyboards To iPhone

How to Change your Keyboard Background on iPhone

In case you communicate in various languages, you might need additional keyboards on your iPhone. Here is how you can add them with a standard keyboard changer:

  • To access the keyboard menu, go to the Settings app.
  • There tap General.
  • Choose the Keyboard option.
  • Select Keyboards. You may also disable or enable other keyboard options like Auto-Capitalization, Check Spelling, Auto-Correction, etc.
  • To add a new one, press on Add New Keyboard.
  • Choose the required language and tap to select it.
  • When the keyboard is added, you can tap it to access advanced settings.
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    How To Set Up And Use One

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    Sometimes you don’t want to use both hands to send a text maybe you’re holding a coffee, a dog leash, or a particularly squirmy toddler. Whatever the reason, here’s how to set up a one-handed keyboard on your iPhone.

    While it’s not uncommon for people to text using both hands, there are a fair amount of people who have been accustom to sending texts with one hand only. However, as smartphones get larger, such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max, one-handed texting can be a real pain in your hand to do.

    Fortunately, you don’t need to choose between a large phone and one-handed texting. Apple has implemented an easy-to-use solution the one-handed keyboard. Here’s how you go about setting that up.

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    How To Customize Your iPad Keyboard

    To adjust the settings for your keyboard, you’ll go to the Settings app. Here’s what to do:

  • Open your iPad’s Settings app.

  • On the left-side menu, choose General to display the general-purpose device settings on the right side of the screen.

  • Scroll down the right side of the screen until you see Keyboard, then tap that item to open the keyboard settings menu.

  • You now have several options for changing your keyboard language, layout, and features.

  • Learn How To Change Keyboard Color On iPhone

    How To Change Your Default Android &  iPhone Keyboard: 6 ...

    In this article, weve covered two methods on how to change keyboard color on iPhone. One method uses your iPhones default feature and changes your keyboard color from white to black. In comparison, the other method includes the use of a dedicated keyboard changer app on your iPhone. The two methods are as follows:

    • Switching to your iPhones Dark Mode
    • Use the Fontix app, a specialized fonts and keyboard app

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    Extension: How To Backup Text Messages From iPhone To Pc

    Here we are going to demonstrate a brief guide to back up data from iPhone to PC with Leawo iOS Data Recovery.

    Step 1: Download and install the compact app on your computerClick the button below to download and install the app on your computer. This will be quick to complete and you can launch the app after installation is done.

    Step 2: Choose the mode to back upWhen you launch the app, there will pop up three modes to select. We will choose Recover from iOS device in this case.

    Step 3: Connect iPhone to PC and select the device type from the appConnect the iPhone to PC and the app will automatically read the device and you need to select the device type from the bottom of the app.

    Step 4: Scan the data inside the deviceThe app will read and scan the data inside the device when you click the green button Start to kick it off analyzing and scanning your device.

    Step 5: Select the file to back upOnce the scanning completes, all your files including those deleted or broken ones will be displayed on the left pane. Click the specific type of data, for example, contacts, camera, text messages, etc and check the box on the right pane for each specific type of data. Then, click Recover to back up the data to your PC.

    Step 6: Set a directory to save the exported data from the iPhoneOn the prompted window after you click Recover, set a directory to save the backup data and click Go to proceed. As soon as the process completes, your data will be easily found from the directory.

    How To Enable Multiple Keyboards On The iPhone:

    • Open Settings.

    * This post is part of iPhone Life‘s Tip of the Day newsletter. . *

    • Select Keyboard.
    • Then select Keyboards.

    Youll see a list of the keyboards youve already enabled. Below that will be the option to Add New Keyboard.

    • To add another language keyboard or a third-party app keyboard, youd select that and then select the keyboard you want from the menu of available keyboards.

    You can also reorder your existing keyboards or delete one while in the Keyboards settings:

    • Tap Edit in the top right corner. This is useful particularly for bilingual people who want to choose their dominant texting language.
    • Hold your finger over the three vertical lines and drag to reorder your keyboards.

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    How To Add A New Keyboard Language To iPhone Or iPad

    How to Change Keyboard on iPhone

    Lets start by adding a new language keyboard to your iPhone or iPad.

    Open the Settings app and then go to the General section.

    Here, select the Keyboard option.

    Now, tap the Keyboards button.

    Youll see a list of all available keyboards. Here, tap the Add New Keyboard option.

    Browse through the list of available keyboards and tap the language you want to add.

    Youll now see it in the Keyboards list. If you want to reorder the list or remove a language from the list, tap the Edit button in the top-right corner.

    Tap and drag the Handle icon next to a keyboard to reorder it.

    If you want to delete a keyboard, tap the Minus button and then tap Delete.

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    How To Switch Between Keyboards On iPhone

  • Touch and hold the Globe icon while using the keyboard.
  • Now, select the keyboard you want to use from the pop-up list.
  • Thus, you can switch between keyboards while using it.

    Alternatively, you can also use some of the best iPhone keyboard apps and can follow all the above steps to use them.

    So, thats how you can customize the keyboard on your iPhone. Want to type faster on iPhone? Check out our explainer. Have more queries? Share them in the comments below!

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    How To Create An iPad Keyboard Shortcut

    A shortcut allows you to type an abbreviation like “idk” and have it replaced by a longer phrase like “I don’t know.” Keyboard shortcuts on the iPad work in the same way as the auto-correct feature. You type out the shortcut, and the iPad will automatically replace it with the whole phrase.

    Here’s how to set one up:

  • In the Keyboards section of Settings , tap Text Replacement.

  • Tap the plus sign in the upper-right corner to add a new shortcut.

  • Type the longer Phrase you want to use and the Shortcut to activate it in the text boxes.

  • Tap Save to save your shortcut.

  • When you type the shortcut you set, the iPad will automatically replace it with the phrase you tied it to.

  • Intuitive Tutorial To Change Keyboard Background

    How to Change the Keyboard Layout on Your iPhone

    The virtual keyboard is one of the most important utility on smartphone. With it, you can type in text messages, search anything in your browser, or rename your files on mobile devices just as what you do on computer. However, many people complained that the white background of keyboard is boring.

    Is there any way to use your photos or any pictures as the keyboard background?

    The answer is simple, yes, but the procedures are different depending on the device you are using.

    This comprehensive tutorial will show you how to change keyboard background on both iPhone and Android phone simply.

    Change Keyboard Background

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    Close Multiple Apps At Once

    Roxy’s last little-known trick makes it easier to close multiple apps at once.

    It involves the iPhone’s app switcher, which you can access by swiping up and pausing for a second.

    You’ll be presented with a line-up of all of the apps that are currently open and running in the background on your iPhone.

    Most people know that you can close an app by swiping up on it when in this view.

    But few people know you can close multiple apps at once by placing two or three fingers on the screen and swiping up.

    In other news, Facebook has announced that it’s changing its name to “Meta”.

    The company is working to create lifelike avatars of its users that they can control in a virtual world called the “metaverse”.

    Apple’s system that exposes creepy iPhone apps that track your location or snoop on your browsing history has finally arrived.

    And, astronomers claim to have spotted the first known planet outside of the Milky Way.

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    Switch Keyboard From Qwerty To Azerty Or Qwertz On An iPhone

    The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 5, in iOS 10. These steps are going to change the layout of your keyboard in all of the apps that use the stock device keyboard. This includes apps like Mail, Messages and Notes. If you find that you do not like the different keyboard layout, you can always return to the least menu in the steps below and restore the setting to the default QWERTY option.

    Step 1: Open the Settings menu.

    Step 2: Scroll down and select the General option.

    Step 3: Scroll down and tap the Keyboard button.

    Step 4: Touch the Keyboards button at the top of the screen.

    Step 5: Select the English option.

    Step 6: Choose the type of keyboard layout that you would like to use.

    Would you like to be able to include smiley faces and other types of emojis in your text messages or emails? Learn how to add the Emoji keyboard to your iPhone so that you can take advantage of those fun little symbols.

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    How To Change Keyboard Color On iPhone

    This article teaches you how to customize your iPhone keyboard to make messaging more exciting

    Change Keyboard Color on iPhone

    You probably send messages using your iPhone every day, and you might be looking into ways on how to make the act of messaging more exciting or maybe pleasing to look at.

    With the release of iOS 8, Apple now allows third-party keyboards in the App Store.

    In this article, well teach you how to change your iPhone keyboard color to something you like. Lets jump right in.

    Add Or Remove A Keyboard For Another Language

    How to Change Your Keyboard Color/Style on your iPhone & iPod Touch (No iAccess)
  • Go to Settings > General > Keyboard.

  • Tap Keyboards, then do any of the following:

  • Add a keyboard: Tap Add New Keyboard, then choose a keyboard from the list. Repeat to add more keyboards.

  • Remove a keyboard: Tap Edit, tap next to the keyboard you want to remove, tap Delete, then tap Done.

  • Reorder your keyboard list: Tap Edit, drag next to a keyboard to a new place in the list, then tap Done.

  • If you add a keyboard for a different language, the corresponding language is automatically added to the Preferred Language Order list. You can view this list and add languages directly to it in Settings > General > Language & Region. You can also reorder the list to change how apps and websites display text.

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    How To Easily Change The Color Of Your iPhone Keyboard

    Update: with the release of iOS 8, Apple now allows third-party keyboards in the App Store. If youre looking for a different keyboard for your iPhone or iPad, make sure to check out our list of iOS 8 keyboards.

    I generally hate jailbreak releases that feature goofy names like ColorY0urBoard, but I decided to give the new jailbreak app a try despite my inclinations. To my surprise, ColorY0urBoard is actually not that bad of an app.

    If youre searching for a way to easily customize the color of the stock keyboard within iOS, then ColorY0urBoard is a viable option. Its a standalone app release with an interface dedicated solely to changing the keyboard color. The app includes a color wheel, much like youd find in image-editing applications, and it also features brightness and alpha sliders to perfect your customized look.

    ColorY0urBoard isnt perfect, but it does a pretty good job of customizing the look of your keyboard. Have a glance at our video walkthrough inside for more details.

    After installing ColorY0urBoard, youll find a new app icon on your Home screen. This application is where you need to go to configure your custom keyboard, as the app features no settings or options in the stock Setting app.

    At the top of the ColorY0urBoard interface, youll find a button dedicated to turning off the custom keyboard, and a button for saving your customizations. Only one keyboard can be saved and customize at a time, and the effect is applied to the whole of iOS.

    Tap And Hold For Alternates

    If you tap and hold on certain letters, the keyboard will bring up a series of alternate characters for instance, accent marks, where you just have to slide your finger to select the right one. Not every key has an alternate. Alternates also work for punctuation and even emoji. In the emoji keyboard, if you tap and hold an emoji, you get various skin tone options, for example, and you can choose one for the default skin tone. This feature works identically in iOS 13 and iOS 14.

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    iPhone Keyboard Tips And Tricks

    Here are some tips and tricks you can use for better typing experience.

  • Quickly hide the predictions. If you want to turn off the predictions for some time, just tap the prediction area and pull down to hide it. When you need it again, simply pull the area up.
  • Special characters. When you need to type a letter like à, è, í, just tap and hold the letter that contains the alternative you want to access.
  • CAPS LOCK mode. In case you need to type the whole sentence in capital letters, tap the Shift button twice. Press Shift again to leave the CAPS LOCK mode.
  • Shake to undo. When you need to delete a word, undo cutting or pasting, simply shake your iPhone. Youll get an option to undo what you previously did.
  • Correct mistakes. If you found a mistake in a word youve typed, tap and hold the word down until the magnifying lens appears. Drag the cursor at the mistake and make your corrections.
  • Replacement. Whether you misspelled the word, tap on it and choose one of the replacements suggested by iOS.
  • Cut, copy, paste. Double tap on any word to make the text menu appear. Select whether you want to delete the word or copy it. To paste a text double tap on a space where you want it to be and choose the Paste option.
  • Formatting. To make the text Italic, Bold or Underlined, double tap on it in any app that supports formatting, tap the B/U option and select the necessary formatting style.
  • Come Over To The Dark Side

    How to Change Your Keyboard Language on iPhone or iPad: 9 ...

    Apple, officially, only lets you change your keyboard colour to either a dark-grey or white colour when alternating between dark and light modes respectively on your iPhone or iPad.

    Hence, if you want to change the keyboard colour, then you may choose to enable the dark mode in your iPhone. Take note that dark mode is a feature that is introduced with iOS 13. Meaning you will have to update your iOS version to iOS 13 to have the ability to enable dark mode. Additionally, also note that iOS 13 is not available on all iPhones, especially models before iPhone 6/6 Plus.

    Heres how you can enable dark mode on your iPhone:

  • Open your iPhones Settings app from your home screen and then scroll down and tap on Display & Brightness.
  • Once you click on Display & Brightness, youll see appearance choices for Light and Dark. Tap the Dark option to turn your iPhone keyboard to dark grey with white letters
  • Heads Up!

    The dark grey keyboard is not consistent across all apps you may have installed on your iPhone or iPad. Meaning, if an app like WhatsApp which has does not support dark mode on the iOS or iPadOS system, then your keyboard despite dark mode turned on will still appear as the light mode version with the standard white keyboard.

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