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How To Get Calendar Back On iPhone

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What You Need To Know About Ios Calendar Spam

How to Get the Calendar App Back on iPhone

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to subscribe to a spam calendar. Spam calendars can be sent via email, appear as pop-ups on shady websites, or be listed on hacked websites. In any of these cases, you will likely see a seemingly harmless calendar invitation, urging you to click the link or download a file to add a sale or other event date to your iOS calendar. Although it might seem convenient, you should avoid doing this! If you have any doubts about the source, do NOT click the link and simply add the event to your iOS Calendar manually. This is the best way to prevent iOS Calendar spam.

A few important notes about getting rid of calendar spam:

  • Never click any files or links embedded in Apple calendar spam events. These can lead to viruses on your phone.
  • Never remove a spam event invitation by clicking “Accept” or “Decline.” This interaction can signal a valid email address and lead to further spam later on.

Below, we’ll cover how to get rid of calendar spam by showing you how to unsubscribe from a spam calendar. Once you unsubscribe, all spam events associated with that calendar will be removed.

Recover Disappeared iPhone Calendar Without Backup

Step 1: Download, install and run Tenorshare UltData on your PC and Mac.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: Click Start Scan. All the data associated with your calendar will be displayed on the left pane of the interface.

Step 4: Click Recover to recover the calendar and its data.

Copy Icloud Calendar From The Web To Outlook

This one is useful for those who dont want to go through the iCloud app and expects a native experience on Windows. Users can manually add the iCloud Calendar in Outlook and access them from the Mail and Calendar app on Windows. Here is how to set it up.

Step 1: Open iCloud web on a browser and select the Calendar option.

Step 2: Decide which Calendar you want to export and select the share button beside it.

Step 3: Select Public sharing and copy the sharing link for the calendar.

Step 4: Navigate to the Outlook web and open the calendar menu in it.

Step 5: Select the add calendar under the monthly view in the Outlook calendar.

Step 6: From the following dialog, tap on the subscribe from the web option.

Step 7: Paste the calendar URL that you copied from the iCloud Calendar.

Step 8: Hit import, give it a name, icon, and color, and voila! You have successfully integrated iCloud Calendar in the Outlook.

Now, you can open the Outlook app on PC, and you will find the iCloud Calendar under the subscribed Outlook calendars.

After that, whenever you add new events or make changes in the Apple Calendar app on the iPhone, it will get synced to the iCloud Calendar in Outlook on the Windows PC.

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iPhone Calendar Disappeared How To Add The Calendar Back To Your iPhone

If your iPhone Calendar has gone missing, use this tip to bring the Calendar icon back to your iPhone Home screen. If you accidentally deleted your Calendar app, you need to reinstall the app from the App Store. To get the Calendar back on your iPhone:

  • In the App Store, tap Search.
  • Type “Calendar” in the Search bar, then tap Search.
  • Once you locate the Calendar app, tap either Open or the .
  • If you see Open it means that the Calendar app is installed on your iPhone already. You can simply tap Open to use your calendar right away, and go through your app folders later to find the app and put it in a more easily visible location. The download icon means that you somehow deleted the Calendar app from your phone tap the icon to re-download the app.

    Adding An Alert To A Calendar Event

    How to Get Back Lost or Deleted Calendar from iPhone SE ...
  • 1Open the Calendar app on your iPhone. You can set up notifications for the events or appointments you add to your Calendar. You’ll find the Calendar app on your home screen or in your App Library.
  • The notification alerts you add to your calendar on your iPhone or iPad will also work across all of your Apple devices, including your Mac.
  • 2Tap the calendar event for which you want to set a reminder. This opens a brief summary of the event. If a reminder is already set, you’ll see it next to “Alert” on this screen. If no reminder is set, you’ll see “None.”
  • If you want to create a new calendar event and set a reminder, tap + at the top-right to create an event instead.
  • 3Tap Edit. This opens the event for editing.
  • If you’re creating a new event, just enter the info for your event, including the name, date, location, and other pertinent information.
  • 4Tap Alert. It’s toward the bottom of the event details. You’ll see this option whether you’re editing an existing reminder or creating a new one.
  • You’ll be able to create two reminders for a single event. This is helpful if you want to be reminded before the event and at the time the event begins.
  • 5Choose when you want to see a reminder. You can have the Calendar app remind you of an event before it begins or right at its start time. Select an option, such as 2 days before or 30 minutes before. Once selected, a reminder will be set.
  • Open your iPhone’s Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap Calendar.
  • Tap Default Alert Times.
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    Selectively Restore Missing iPhone Calendar From Itunes Backup

    To restore calendar on iPhone using iTunes backup files, follow step 1 and 2 above and proceed with the procedure below.

    Step 1: Click Recover from iTunes Backup File.

    Step 2: Select a backup file and click Start Scan.

    Step 3: Click calendar on the left pane, select the data you wish to recover and click Recover.

    Use Apple Calendar Everywhere

    As you can see from the list above, each option lets you access Outlook Calendar on PC. Use the iCloud web for a quick glance, use the iCloud desktop app for more Apple services integration, including Calendar and Photos. And the third and fourth option lets you get things done without using the iCloud platform.

    Next up: Looking for an alternative for Apple Calendar? Read the post below to find the five best Apple Calendar alternatives on the iPhone.

    The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. The content remains unbiased and authentic.

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    How To Delete Calendar Spam With Ios 146 Or Later

    If you have iOS 14.6 or later, you can actually use both this option and the one below to remove iOS Calendar spam. The steps are very similar for both options, so it comes down to preference. For more helpful tips, consider subscribing to our free Tip of the Day. Now, here’s how to remove calendar spam on your iPhone.

  • Open the Calendar app.
  • Tap an unwanted Calendar event.
  • Tap Unsubscribe from this Calendar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Unsubscribe to remove an unwanted calendar.
  • If you feel this calendar is spam, make sure to tap Unsubscribe and Report Junk.
  • Tip : Show All Calendar Events

    How to backup iPhone calendar

    Due to restoration, upgrade or reset of your iPhone, some settings on the Calendar app may be changed, which may make calendar events fail to sync to the stock Calendar app on iPhone, like the older events. To fix it, you can set up Calendar app to show all calendar events on your iPhone with the following steps:

    Step 1: On your iPhone, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

    Step 2: Scroll down to CALENDARS and tap Sync.

    Step 3: Select All Events under the Sync page.

    Step 4: Now launch the Calendar app tap Calendars> pull down the list of calendar refresh it.

    If these tips work, you’re good. If not, keep reading and try the solutions below to recover lost iPhone calendar.

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    Enable Calendar Sync In Icloud Setting

    Some of the users use iCloud calendar and other online services of calendar. If you’re one of those, you’re supposed to turn on the iCloud calendar syncing. For this, just move to ‘Settings’ > ” > ‘iCloud’ > ‘Calendars’ and toggle it on. Please note that if you observe that it is already enabled, simply disable it and enable after a couple of seconds.

    Learn How To Delete Spam Calendar Events On Your iPhone By Unsubscribing From Unwanted Calendars

    Are you concerned your device has an iPhone calendar virus? The more likely answer is that you’ve accidentally subscribed to a spam calendar on your iPhone. If unknown events are suddenly appearing in your iPhone calendar that are not a part of the standard holidays and memorials displayed, these can be easily removed. Let’s cover how to get rid of calendar spam.

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    Tips For Syncing Calendars On Your iPhone

    Only sync the calendars you know you’ll need on your phone. Calendar items generally don’t hog space unless you have a ton of attachments in your appointments. However, the more devices that sync to a calendar, the more likely it becomes that you’ll run across a syncing collision. Limiting your iPhone to just the necessities reduces the risk that other calendars will incur a sync error.

    How To Recover Calendar Events On iPhone

    iPhone Calendar Disappeared? How to Get the Calendar App ...

    Despite missing calendar apps, you may also come across calendar events loss. There are two possibilities

    1. Old events missing but recent event still showed in Calendar

    In this case, events haven’t disappeared from your phone but just being hidden. Recover it by the following steps.

    Step 1: Run Settings, tap Calendar and then Sync. Choose All Events, or others to show events.

    Step 2: A few minutes later, run Calendar again and you can see old events back to your sight. However, the more events show, the slower Calendar run, so you’d better hide some events if you don’t need it.

    2. All events disappeared

    It may happen when you update the system, reset your phone to factory settings, or even log out of iCloud. You can try to recover calendar events by rebooting your phone, or by apps like FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery. It helps to restore iPhone data from iDevice, iTunes backup or iCloud backup, and calendar events, message, contacts etc. can be easily recovered with just two steps.

    Step 1: Have your iPhone and your computer connected to USB cable. Launch the recovery tool, click Recover from iOS Device on the left list, and then click Scan in the middle of the interface to start scanning your phone.

    Step 2: After the scanning is finished, the lost data will be shown on the list. Tick the calendar events and recover them. They will be saved on your computer.

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    Basic Tips To Get Disappeared Calendar Back On iPhone

    When your old iPhone calendar events are missing, there are several tips you can try at first. Simple as they are, most of the “iPhone calendar disappeared” issue can be fixed following the tips below.

    1. Force reboot your iPhone

    Reboot your iPhone, or force restart your iPhone by holding on both home button and power/sleep button, then open the Calendar app on your iPhone.

    2. Turn off iCloud Calendar and turn it on again

    Go to “Settings” > > “iCloud”, slide to turn off calendars, wait a few minutes and turn it on again on your iPhone.

    3. Make your all calendar events are synced

    If you are using more than one device or online calendar services, make sure you have turned on Calendar sync. Go to “Settings” > “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, under “Calendars” section, choose “Sync” > “All Events”.

    4. Check the Data and Time settings on iPhone

    Calendar events have a strong connection with the data and time. Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Data & Time”, and then set the Time Zone correctly on your iPhone.

    5. Turn on the Calendar notifications on iPhone

    Head to “Settings” > “Notifications” > “Calendar”, turn “Allow Notifications” on. Then you may get your missing calendars back on iPhone.

    How To Get The Calendar App Back On iPhone

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    If youve deleted or removed the built-in Calendar app on your iPhone, dont worry: Its easy to get Calendar back with a quick download on the App Store. Heres how.

    Like all of Apples built-in iOS apps, the Calendar app is available for a free re-download on the App Store. So first, lets open the App Store.

    With the App Store open, tap the search bar at the top of the screen and type calendar, then tap Search. In the search results, you might see some apps that arent the official app youre looking for. To make sure its the real thing, tap on the icon or name listing for the Calendar app.

    Next, youll see the Calendar app store page. Look at the row of facts just below the download button, and youll see Developer: Apple in the list. That means its the real thing.

    To download the Calendar app, click the iCloud download button.

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    Preview And Recover Deleted Calendar On iPhone

    The scanning may take some time depending on a load of data stored on the iPhone. Once it is finished, all the chosen files for recovery will appear on your screen listed in categories. Carefully review each calendar item by using the preview option. Not all recovery programs allow previewing the recovered files whereas FoneDog iOS Data Recovery perfectly understands the need to verify and confirm if the required files are really in there so they made an option that will allow the user to preview each item and selectively choose files for recovery.

    So go over each category and calendar item and check the boxes you only need to be recovered. Once done, click Recover to save the files on your desktop.

    Remember to stop using the calendar on the iPhone once you discovered that the notes and schedules are gone. This is to avoid overwriting the data which may lead to permanent loss.

    Find Events In Other Apps

    iPhone iOS 14: How to Add a Calendar Widget to the Home Screen

    Siri can suggest events found in Mail, Messages, and Safarisuch as flight reservations and hotel bookingsso you can add them easily in Calendar.

  • Go to Settings > Calendar > Siri & Search.

  • Turn on Show Siri Suggestions in App to allow Siri to suggest events found in other apps.

  • To allow Siri to make suggestions in other apps based on how you use Calendar, turn on Learn from this App.

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    Finding Your Calendar App On Android

    Regardless of your specific device, the Android ecosystem comes equipped with the same tools. These include a calculator, clock, camera, and calendar just to name a few. As such, when you unlock your screen, these apps should be easily located. These standard apps are probably already on your home screen.

    If theyre not on your home screen, then you can add the calendar app shortcut by:

    • Opening the app drawer.
    • Selecting the calendar app and holding it.
    • Dragging the app upwards onto your home screen.
    • Dropping the app wherever you like. If you want to relocate it, drag it to the desired location.

    But, what if youre not satisfied with the generic Android calendar tool? Well, youre probably going to download the Google Calendar app. That makes the most sense since Android is tightly integrated with the Google ecosystem.

    However, calendar apps like Calendar, Microsoft Outlook,, Business Calendar 2, aCalendar, or TimeTree may also deserve a look. All of these apps are available on Google Play and offer unique features. It really depends on what your needs are. For example, Calendar is ideal for all of your scheduling needs, while Outlook makes life more comfortable if everyone at work uses it.

    Whether youre rolling with or one of the apps listed above, visit Google Play, search for the app, and then install it on your phone. After installation, the calendar app should be placed in your app drawer.

    How To Recover Disappeared iPhone Calendar Events

    iPhone calendar events still keep missing after all the tricks above? Then you need to restore disappeared or deleted calendars from iPhone. For people who have backed up calendar to iCloud or iTunes before, you can restore iPhone from backup to retrieve disappeared iPhone calendar events. But this will erase all existing contents and settings on iPhone.

    Alternatively, we recommend you to use the professional iPhone calendar events recovery tool, which enables you to restore iPhone calendar with no data loss. iPhone Data Recovery is the most advanced program that helps you to recover any lost/deleted iPhone data with ease.

    It offers three recovery modes to get disappeared iPhone calendar events back. More highlights are listed as below:

    Step 1Open iPhone Data Recovery

    Download and open iPhone Data Recovery on your PC/Mac. There are three modes you can choose, here we will take “Recover from iOS Device” as the example. Connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. After your device is detected, you’ll see the basic info of your device on the main interface.

    Step 2Scan iPhone data

    Click the “Start Scan” button. iPhone Data Recovery will begin to scan all data on your iPhone. It will take a few seconds until the scanning process is completed.

    Step 3View and choose the disappeared calendars

    Step 4Recover calendar that disappeared from iPhone

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