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How To Log Out Of An Email On iPhone

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How To Log Out Of Gmail App On Android iPhone And iPad

How to Sign Out of Mail on iPhone (2021)


04 Dec 2020

Typically, when you want to log out from an app, tapping on the apps sign out or log out button does the trick. But when Gmail users try to find the same button, they are left disappointed. So how does one sign out from the Gmail mobile apps on Android, iPhone, and iPad? Lets find the answer in the post.

Log out or sign out means you want to end the session for the account you are using on a device. You will need to enter your credentials again to use the account on the same device again. Is it even possible to log out from the Gmail app, and how does one do that?

Let’s start our journey to know the answers.

Removing Unused Email Accounts From The Mail App

There may be various reasons why youd want to log out of an email account in Mail. Regardless, the guide above should teach you how to do that in a few easy steps.

Mail is indeed a great email client for macOS, and the more you learn about it, the better you can manage your incoming and outgoing emails.

Sign Out Of The iPhone/ipad App

There is no option to sign out of Outlook for the iPhone app. The only option is to delete the account from the app. Here is how

  • Then, on the top left of the app, tap the app menu icon . The apps menu will be displayed.
  • On the bottom of the displayed menu options, tap Settings .
  • Then, on the Email Accounts section of the Settings screen, tap on the email account you want to sign out from.
  • The outlook account details screen will open see the second image below.
  • Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the outlook account details screen and tap Delete Account. A delete confirmation window will pop out from the bottom of the screen.
  • To remove the account from the Outlook app, at the pop-out screen, tap Delete.

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Log Out Of Specific Mail Accounts

Go to the iPhone’s Setting app and select “Accounts & Passwords.” Look through the established email accounts you have on your phone. You may have a private business email, an iCloud or Apple email, a Gmail or Outlook account, and other types of email services that are available on the iPhone.

If you want to log out of any of the accounts you see listed, tap the arrow to the right of the account and then move the slider from the On position to the Off position. This does not remove the account from your iPhone. You can turn it back on at any time in this same screen.

How To Sign Out Of Gmail On The Web

How to Log Out of Email on iPhone

When youre done using your Gmail or Google account, always remember to log out of the account if youre on a shared computer. Simply closing the Gmail tab will not sign you out of the account.

To sign out of Gmail on the web, open the Gmail website in the browser where youve logged in. Next, click the Google Profile icon in the top-right corner of the window and select the Sign Out button.

And instantly, youll be logged out of the browser.

But the browser will still remember your email address to help you log in quickly. If youre privacy-conscious, its best to remove your account altogether from the browser.

On the Choose an Account screen, click the Remove an Account option.

Next, click the red remove icon next to the account.

In the pop-up, click the Yes, Remove button to confirm.

Your account will be fully removed from the browser.

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How To Sign Out Of Outlook: Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers commonly asked outlook sign out questions:

1. How Do I Sign Out Of Outlook On My Computer?

On the top left, click File and click Office Account. Finally, to sign out of Outlook on your computer, beneath your account name and email, click Sign out.

2. How Do I Sign Out Of Microsoft Account In Settings?

Open Settings -> Accounts. Then, to sign out of Microsoft account in settings, click Sign in with a local account instead. Finally, follow the steps to sign in with a local Windows 10 account instead of a Microsoft account.

3. How Do I Remove An Account From Outlook App?

On the top left of the Outlook app, tap the home icon or your profile icon . Then, scroll down to the bottom of the displayed options and tap Settings. On the Email Accounts list, tap on the account you want to remove from the Outlook app. Finally, when the Outlook account opens, scroll down to the bottom and tap DELETE ACCOUNT.

4. How Do I Switch Email Accounts In Outlook?

On the Outlook app, on the top left tap the Home icon or your profile icon . Then, tap the outlook account you want to switch to. However, on the Outlook app for Windows 10, on the top left, click File and select Office Accounts. Finally, to switch email accounts in Outlook, beneath your account name and email, click Switch account.

5. How Do I Log Into My Live Email Account?

Alternatively, you could ask a question, leave a comment or provide feedback with the Leave a Reply form found towards the end of this page.

Turn Off Gmail Account

This method only works on iOS and iPadOS. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on the profile picture icon at the top-right corner.

Step 2: Select Manage accounts on this device from the pop-up screen.

Step 3: Turn off the toggle next to the account that you dont want to show in the Gmail app. Hit the Done button at the top of the pop-up to save the changes.

When you turn off the toggle, the account will disappear from the Gmail app. You wont be able to view the emails or receive new emails for such accounts. However, if you enable the toggle again in step 3, you can see and receive new emails.

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How To Sign Out Of Apple Id Without Password By Itunes

You can directly use your iTunes account to sign out of your Apple ID without a password. However, make sure to back up your data without moving ahead with the process as this will protect you from any potential data loss.

Follow these instructions to sign out of Apple ID using iTunes.

  • First of all, youâll have to disable the âFind My iPhoneâ feature. To do so, go to âSettingsâ > âiCloudâ and toggle the switch next to âFind My iPhoneâ to disable the feature.
  • Now, go back to the âSettingsâ app and locate the âiTunes & App Storeâ option.
  • A dialog box will appear on your screen. Here, click âSign Outâ to remove your Apple ID.
  • Thatâs how to sign out of Apple ID without a password using iTunes. However, if you follow this approach, youâll have to sign out from every account individually. So, letâs walk you through the process of signing out from your iCloud account.

    How To Sign Out Of Apple Id Without Password By Creating A New Password

    How to Remove/Sign Out of a Mail Account on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

    Another convenient way on how to sign out of Apple ID without password is to reset the password of your Apple ID by tapping the âForgot Passwordâ option. In this case, however, you must remember all the security questions to reset your password successfully. If you donât remember the security questions, you can also reset the recovery password using the registered e-mail ID.

    Follow these instructions to reset your password and then sign out of the Apple ID.

  • Go to Apple ID Account Page and click âForgot Apple ID or Passwordâ.
  • Enter your Apple ID and click âContinueâ. In the next window, select âI Need to Reset My Passwordâ.
  • Now, select the method using which you want to reset the password. Here are the three possible options.
  • In case you have enabled two-way verification on your iPhone, youâll receive a different screen after clicking âForgot Apple ID or Passwordâ. In this case, youâll have to follow a different approach to reset your Apple ID password.

  • Go to the Apple ID Account page and click âForgot ID or Passwordâ.
  • Enter your Apple ID and select the âReset Passwordâ option.
  • In the next window, youâll be asked to enter the âRecovery Keyâ. This is a unique key that is provided when a user enables two-way verification for their iCloud account. Enter the recovery key and click âContinueâ.
  • Choose a trusted device to receive the verification code. Now, enter this verification code and click âContinueâ.
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    Sign Out From Another Computer

    If you forgot to sign out of your email on another computer, you can remotely sign out of Gmail.

  • In the bottom right corner, click Details Sign out all other web sessions.
  • Tip: If youre using a public or shared computer, sign out of your Google Account before leaving the computer. Learn more about .

    Switch Off Icloud Mail

    Even after the Email Account is switched OFF, you will still find messages from your Email Account syncing to iPhone via iCloud.

    If you do not want to see your Email Messages in the Mail App, you will have to turn OFF iCloud Access for the Mail App on your iPhone.

    1. Open Settings and tap on your Apple ID Name.

    2. On Apple ID screen, tap on iCloud.

    3. On the next screen, move the toggle next to Mail to OFF position.

    After this, the Mail App wont be able to access iCloud and you will no longer find your Emails appearing in the Mail App via iCloud.

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    Sign Out Of Icloud On Your iPhone iPad Ipod Touch Apple Tv Or Mac

    You can sign out of iCloud on one of your devices, or you can sign out on all your devices to stop using iCloud.

    When you sign out of iCloud, you’ll be asked if you want to keep a copy of the information that you store in iCloud on your device. Whatever you choose, your information will remain in iCloud. However, you can’t access or use the following services on your device after you sign out of iCloud:

    • Apple Pay, Apple Cash, and Apple Card*
    • Find My
    • Home app to control your HomeKit devices
    • iCloud Backup
    • Updates to your contacts, calendars, reminders, bookmarks, and Safari tabs
    • Continuity features like Handoff, Universal Clipboard, and Auto Unlock with your Apple Watch
    • App data for any third-party apps that you’ve installed that use iCloud

    * Your Apple Cash and Apple Card accounts are linked to your Apple ID. They can’t be transferred to a different Apple ID or accessed by a different Apple ID.

    When you sign out of iCloud, you’re automatically signed out of the App Store, iMessage, and FaceTime. You can to keep using the App Store. And you can use iMessage and FaceTime with your phone number.

    If you sign out of iCloud and you don’t keep a copy of your data on your device or your Mac, you can’t access that data until you sign in to iCloud again.

    How Do I Sign Out Of Gmail On Safari

    How To Log Out Of Facebook Remotely

    Type in that browser tab where you have Gmail open, press enter and then post an update. Also, can you please consider the following: Include a screenshot of what you see when you click on the profile image at the top-right corner of the page.

    In this regard, how do I logout of my email on safari?

  • Open the Mail app.
  • Select the email account you want to log out from on the left.
  • Untick the Mail option on the right.
  • Amazingly, how do I log out of Gmail on safari?

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the Safari app.
  • Go to
  • To sign out, tap your profile image on the top right Sign out. (
  • To remove an account, make sure youre signed out.
  • Choose the account you want to remove, then select Done.
  • As many you asked, how do I logout of Gmail on a Mac? To sign out of Gmail on the web, open the Gmail website in the browser where youve logged in. Next, click the Google Profile icon in the top-right corner of the window and select the Sign Out button. (If youre logged in to multiple accounts, this button will read Sign out of All Accounts instead.

    Considering this, how do I log out of my email?

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app .
  • In the top right, tap your profile picture.
  • Tap Manage accounts on this device.
  • Choose your account.
  • At the bottom, tap Remove account.
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    Log Out Of Icloud Accounts

    You can opt to log out of all iCloud services via the Settings app. Go to “Settings” and tap your “iCloud ID” or name. Go to the bottom of the screen and select “Sign Out.” Your device is now signed off from all iCloud services including Mail, iTunes, Apple Pay, iCloud Photo and Data Sharing, and all Shared Notes, to name a few. This quick method is not efficient if you are using these other iPhone apps. If you have set up email on an iPhone and seek to disable or sign out of only one account, you do this directly in the Settings in Accounts & Passwords. Signing out of an email account app doesn’t affect all other iCloud and data sharing function.

    How To Sign Out Of Outlook From Windows 10

    • On the top left of Outlook client for Windows, click File. Some menu options will be displayed.
    • From the displayed options, click Office Account.
    • Finally, on the Outlook Account screen, beneath your name, click Sign out.
    • If you receive a Sign out of Office confirmation screen, at the bottom right of the confirmation screen, click Sign out.

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    How To Permanently Delete An Email Account In Mail On A Mac

    You can remove your email account permanently if you dont intend to use it anymore on your Mac.

    You can do that as follows in the Mail app:

  • Launch the Mail app.
  • Click the Mail menu at the top and select Accounts.
  • Choose the account you want to remove on the left.
  • Click the Remove sign at the bottom to remove the account.
  • Mail will fully remove your selected account as well as all of the downloaded emails associated with it from your Mac.

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    How To Sign Out/logout Of Yahoo Mail In iPhone: Cant Find Sign Out Option

    How to Sign Out of Mail iOS 11 – How to Logout of iPhone Mail

    A lot of people use Yahoo Mail on their iPhones. Many people want to sign out of their Yahoo account because they dont want to remain signed in for security reasons or because they want to avoid constant push notifications. But the problem is that it is so damn hard to log out of Yahoo mail in iPhone. The app is a textbook example of poor design. A normal user cannot find any sign out button on the app interface. In this article we will tell you how to sign out or log out of your Yahoo mail account.

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    Way : Uninstall And Reinstall Mail To Recover Mail Storage On iPhone

    Too much junks and caches accumulated in Mail can lead to app not working or crashing. In this case, uninstall Mail app and reinstall it again can be the best choice.

    • On your iPhone Home Screen, tap on the Mail app and when you see the × appears, click on it to delete the Mail app.
    • Then open App Store, search Mail, download and install it on your device.

    With the 3 easy methods introduced in this post, you can easily clear cache and attachments from your iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/SE/6s Plus/6, iPad or iPod. If you have other questions or suggestions about this article, you are warmly welcomed to contact us.

    Updated on 2020-07-23 / Update for Cleanup iPhone

    Log Out Of Email On iPhone

    The iPhone Mail App allows you to access all your Email Accounts within the App, without the need to login to your individual Email Accounts.

    Once Email Accounts are added to iPhone, the Mail App gets synced with your Email Accounts and it keeps bringing new messages to iPhone from your Email Accounts.

    As mentioned above, there is no Sign-out option in the Mail App and the only way to Log out of Email on iPhone is by using steps as provided below.

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    How To Log Out Of Email On iPhone

    Receiving email on your iPhone is a very convenient way to manage your messages. Whether you are keeping up with personal or work correspondence, having your messages be so accessible is often desirable for any smartphone owner.

    But many people will accumulate multiple email accounts over the years, some of which may end up getting less use than others. This can lead to a lot of unwanted or spam emails. If you have an email account on your iPhone that is not receiving anything important, and you never send messages from that account, then you can log out of it.

    The steps in this guide are going to show you how to log out of an email account on your iPhone so that you stop receiving new emails in your inbox, and so that you are not able to send emails from the device. We cover these steps briefly at the top of the article, then continue below with additional information and pictures for the steps.

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