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How To Set iPhone To Military Time

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Changing The Clock Format In Galaxy Gear Watches

How To Change Clock To Military Time On iPhone

Heres a good example of how the path may differ. In a Galaxy Gear watch you dont have a 24-hour format option. But you can still put your clock in a 24-hour format from the standard US 12-hour format, if you turn off one simple feature.

  • Go to your Home Screen and tap Settings.
  • Go to Clock.
  • Select the Data and Time tab.
  • Look for an option called Auto Sync.
  • Uncheck the Auto Sync feature.
  • Make any changes you want to the time and date.
  • Exit the menu.
  • This puts your watch on a 24-hour format, even though it doesnt specify that anywhere on the screen, when you turn off the Auto Sync feature.

    How To Change A Watch From Military Time To Standard Time

    Welcome back to another article on military time. If you have learned how to read and pronounce military time with us in another article, it is good to go ahead and learn how to change a watch from military time to standard time and vice versa.

    Whatever reason you have to use a particular time system, it is handy to have the steps in mind since you do not have to go searching on the Internet every time you need to make the switch.

    Understanding this, here we have an article that will take you through all the necessary steps, which are briefly summarized as follows:

    For a standard digital watch:

    • Hit MODE three times
    • Hit START until the time passes 24 hours
    • Hit START until you get the time you want

    For an Apple Watch:

    • Turn your Apple Watch and iPhone on
    • Open the Watch app and select CLOCK
    • Turn the 12-HOUR TIME on with swiping motions

    For a Marathon WR50M watch:

    • Hit SET once

    For a complete set of instructions, continue to read!

    How To Set 12 Hour Time On iPhone Automatically

    Didnt like the 12 hour time on iPhone? Want to disable Military Time on iPhone? But theres one more setting to be changed when you turn on 12 hour time on iPhone, that is you need to turn on Set Automatically option and disable the 24-Hour Time, this will directly change the 24 Hour to 12 Hour on iPhone.

  • Navigate to the Settings of iPhone.
  • Go to General> Date & Time.
  • Disable the 24-Hour Time option.
  • And turn ON Set Automatically.
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    Show Military Time On Your iPhone

    Any iPhone / iPad / iPod touch purchased in the US, Canada, and some other countries will automatically display the time using the standard AM / PM time format. But you can make your iOS device show instead “military time“, the 24-hour time format. Instead of “4:40 PM”, it will say “16:40” .


    To customize the time format you use, click on the Home button and launch the Settings app . If needed, go back to the first setting “screen”.


    Scroll down until you see the General options, in the fifth group of settings: tap on it, and select “Date and Time” on the next screen. “24-Hour Time” is displayed first, and disabled by default. Tap on the toggle switch: notice the screenshot’s clock at the top, right before I set my iPhone to military time.


    As soon as you change to military time, the iPhone clock at the top will be updated to use the 24-hour format. But this doesn’t stop there: once you’ve made military time the default, it will be used wherever hours and minutes are displayed. The mail app, where messages’ timestamp are shown in the folder, your calendar, the time shown next to SMS texts or iMessages, etc.


    How To Use Military Time On Apple Watch Or iPhone

    How to Change Date and Time on iPhone, iPad: 12

    So, in order to use the 24-hour clock on Apple Watch follow these steps.

  • Go to the Watch App on your iPhone.
  • Swipe down and go to Clock.
  • At the top, tap the toggle next to 24-Hour Time to turn on military time.
  • Thats it, now 24-hour time or military time has been enabled on your Apple Watch and will show up in your digital clocks.

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    How To Enable Or Disable Military Time On iPhone

    The time that is displayed on your iPhone has a few different settings that you can adjust. One of these features lets you choose whether the time is displayed in the 12-hour or the 24-hour format. But the menu where the date and time settings are located can be difficult to find if you havent had to use it before, or if its been a while since you made any changes there.

    Our tutorial below will help you find the iPhone SEs time and date settings so that you can switch your phone from its current 24-hour time format to the 12-hour time format to which you might be more accustomed.

    How Do I Change My iPhone From Military Time To Regular Time

    Set Your iPhones Clock to 24-Hour Time

  • From the iPhones home screen, tap Settings.
  • Tap General. The window shown below appears.
  • Scroll to the middle of the screen and tap Date & Time.
  • Tap the 24-Hour Time slider to the on position.
  • Your iPhone will now display the 24-hour clock at the top of the screen and in the Clock application, as shown below.
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    How To Change Your Apple Watch To Military Time

    1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

    2. Go to the My Watch tab.

    3. Scroll down and tap Clock.

    4. Switch on 24-Hour Time.

    Only digital Apple Watch faces will display military time. To find digital faces to add to your Apple Watch, head over to the Face Gallery in the Watch app, tap on the Watch face you want, then tap “add” to add it to your Apple Watch.

    Examples of Apple Watch faces with digital clocks include Astronomy, Modular, Motion, Solar, and Timelapse.

    Change The Date And Time On iPhone

    How Do I Change The Timezone or Switch To Military Time On My Apple iPhone 4S?
  • Go to Settings > General > Date & Time.

  • Turn on any of the following:

  • Set Automatically: iPhone gets the correct time over the network and updates it for the time zone youre in. Some networks dont support network time, so in some countries or regions, iPhone may not be able to automatically determine the local time.

  • 24-Hour Time: iPhone displays the hours from 0 to 23.

  • To change the default date and time, turn off Set Automatically, then change the date and time displayed.

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    How To Change Date And Time On iPhone iPad: 12

    Like a normal Phone, Apple handset allows us to Set Date and Time on iPhone by them overcome those errors some function has not working genuinely on your iPhone/iPad. You should know an official way to change and set time, the date on the iPhone. You can set the time schedule for 24 hours or 12 hours format on your iPhone. Keep in mind that the devices time and date clock incorrect then, some of the functions wont work as usual. So at least, you must have a clear path to set up date and time on iDevice.

    we are happy to help you, submit this Form, if your solution is not covered in this article.

    For example, a user will travel from the USA to UK or Canada and your location services have been enabled, at that time you dont need to do manually because of its sets automatically according to the Recent Time Zone. Truly, this is an awesome and time-saving feature.

    You can also Set Time Zone on iOS devices manually too. Then go on the Settings app and change what you want. If youve need full steps then go beneath to set date and time.

    Note: This guide is Useful for All iPhone 11 , Xr, Xs, Xs Max, X,8 ,7 , 6S , SE, and 5S.

  • Turn On 24 Hour Time on iPhone

  • Thats it.
  • How To Switch To A 24 Hour Clock In Google Calendar

    Different organizations and geographical regions around the world are often inconsistent in the way that they manage time. Some situations will call for you to use a 12-hour clock, where you identify the time with an AM or PM modifier, while others will adopt a 24-hour clock format where the AM and PM arent necessary.

    Your Google Calendar may currently be in the 12-hour format, but this is a setting that you can change in the application. Our tutorial below will show you how to change Google Calendar settings through your Web browser so that your calendar starts using a 24-hour clock format instead.

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    How To Change Timezone On iPhone Change The Only Date Or Only Time

    Most of the time, iPhone Automatic Time is Wrong, in that case, changing the timezone manually on iPhone helps. If Date & Time Set Automatically is Greyed Out then jump to the next section.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Search the City to set the new time zone on the iPhone.

    Change Time Zone on iPhone

  • Thats it.
  • How To Switch To A 24

    How to use military time on Apple Watch

    Not everyone wants the standard 12-hour format on their phone or tablet. Heres how to change the clock to military time on Android.

    Note: The screenshots for this article were taken on a OnePlus 6T running Android 10. The steps may vary slightly depending on your phones manufacturer. But this will give you the general idea of what to look for when changing to a 24-hour time format on your phone or tablet.

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    Can You Change The Timestamp On A Photo

    Read on to learn a few easy ways to change photo date. Even though practically all digital photos contain the correct photo date inside the image file, due to social media platforms, photo timestamp is many times altered. As long as you use your cameras original photo file, a photos date should be correct.

    Setting iPhone Clock To Military Timing

    Oops! What does this means? Changing your iPhone clock to the Military timing. Well, it has got nothing to do with you joining the army anytime soon nor you would be sent on a mission. Ah! A sigh of relief!

    standard time

    Military time is nothing but to set your phone clock to 24-hours format instead of the usual AM/PM clock. The default clock to your iPhone device is a 12-hours clock with numbers from 00:00 to 11:59 followed by AM or PM, specifying morning or evening.

    Its a very easy job guys. We will take you to the instructions which will make it a childs play.

    So, in order to set the clock to 24-hours format, this is what you need to do:

    1. After unlocking your screen, head towards Settings on your home screen.2. Reach down for General and tap on it.3. Select Date and Time to choose your pick.4. Finally, tap on the 24-hours toggle, bringing it to ON-slide it to your right.

    Now you can see the 24-hours clock on your lock screen and on the top bar of your device. Not only this, the preferred time format would be followed for all your apps installed.

    To enable the 12-hours format, simply follow the above listed and select the same toggle to turn it off, sliding it towards your left.

    Both actions do not require a system reboot. Immediate effect would take place as per your choice. The instructions remain same for all iPhone devices and across all iOS versions, regardless of the system software on which iPhone is running.

    military time

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    How To Change Apple Watch To Military Time: Use 24

    To change your Apple Watch to Military time, youre going to need the connected iPhone. You cannot change the time format directly from the Apple Watch. You will have to make the changes on your iPhone, which will then automatically reflect on the Watch.

    When you make the change on your Apple Watch, then the time will not sync with the iPhone. The Apple Watch will only show military time in digital-style watch faces.

    If youre using an analog watch face, and have set the time to 24 hour format, then it wont make any difference. If you prefer seeing the 24 hour format, or the military time, then follow the steps below.

    Step #1. Launch the Watch app on your connected iPhone.

    Step #2. Head to the My Watch tab.

    Step #3. Scroll down to the Clock option.

    Step #4. Here, you will find a toggle to enable the 24-hour Time format. Enable this to change the time to 24-hours or Military time.

    Thats about it. The new setting should automatically sync with the connected Apple Watch and the time will now be shown in the 24-hour format. As mentioned earlier, only digital watch faces will be able to show the time in this format. If you havent selected a digital watch face on your Apple Watch, heres how you can.

    Step #1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

    Step #2. Head to the Face Gallery tab.

    Step #3. Search for a digital watch face, and tap on the Add button.

    Some of the digital watch faces include, Astronomy, Modular, Motion, Solar, Numerals Duo, X-Large, and Timelapse.

    More Information On How To Switch To A 12 Hour Clock On The iPhone Se

    How to Turn on 24 hour Military Time on IPhone

    When you elect to change the clock on iPhone it will automatically update some of the current options where times are displayed in the 24 hour format. For example, if you have any alarms that are set to go off in the PM then those times will be adjusted to the 12 hour clock format instead.

    One of the options on the Date and Time menu is called Set automatically. If you have enabled this option then the device will automatically determine the time and date based on your physical location. If you would prefer to manually set the time, however, then you can turn this off and you will be given the option to set the time and date yourself.

    Setting the time and date manually can cause some apps and websites to behave incorrectly, or even not function at all.

    iPhone users who have an iPod touch or an iPad may be wondering how to make similar changes on those devices. Fortunately, the iOS menus are found in the same place, so you will be able to use the same steps above for adjusting the iPhones clock on your other Apple devices.

    Note that you can also control some other time-related options on this screen as well, including whether or not your iPhone time will update automatically for Daylight Savings Time and time zone changes.

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    Turn On Hourly Chimes Or Taptic Time On Apple Watch

    Apple Watch also offers useful hourly chimes and Taptic Time features.

    When enabled the hourly Chimes feature will play a sound every hour. You can choose from Bells and Birds sound. To enable it follow these steps

    • Open Watch app on your iPhone and tap on My Watch tab.
    • Select Clock option from the menu and then enable the toggle for Chimes.

    For subtle alerts, you can use the Taptic Time feature. which lets you pick between Terse, Morse Code, and Digits.

    In order to enable Taptic Time feature on your Apple Watch follow the steps below.

    • Open Watch app on your iPhone and go to My Watch tab.
    • Tap on the Clock option and then tap on Taptic Time option.
    • From the next screen enable the toggle for Taptic Time and choose between Digitals, Terse or Morse Code by tapping on these options.

    Now that you know how to use military time on Apple Watch and iPhone, share this information with your friends and family. Want to add more information about military time on Apple Watch? Hit the comments below.

    For more useful posts for your Apple devices, stay tuned to iOSHacker.

    How To Enable 24 Hour Clock On iPhone & iPad

    If you wish to enable the 24 hour clock in iOS or iPadOS, just do the following:

  • Open Settings on the iPhone or iPad, then tap on General
  • Scroll down and choose Date & Time
  • Toggle the flip switch for 24-Hour Time to ON position to enable the 24 hour clock / military time
  • Close out of Settings as usual
  • The settings change for the clock and time is immediately visible throughout iOS on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    Youll see the 24 hour time on the devices lock screen, as well as at the top of the device on the screen clock, and anywhere else system time is displayed in iOS and iPadOS.

    This can be helpful for many iPhone and iPad users, either for arranging international schedules, meetings across time zones, for military personnel, when traveling to other countries that dont use the 12 hour notation, for people who are simply accustomed to 24 hour clocks, or if you just outright prefer to use the 24 hour clock.

    If you wish to change the iPhone or iPad time back to a 12 hour clock, simply return to the same Date & Time settings section and toggle the switch again.

    As before, adjusting this clock back to 12 hour time intervals setting will impact all iOS system clocks including the time show on the passcode lock screen, and no device reboot is required to change the clock format like this.

    This settings change is the same on all iOS devices and all iOS and iPadOS versions, regardless of what system software the iPhone or iPad is running.

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    Can You Wear An Apple Watch In Military Uniform

    Many people are asking if they can wear an Apple watch in military uniform. The answer is yes, you can wear the Apple Watch in a military uniform. In fact, it looks great with all of your uniforms! You just have to follow a few simple steps to make sure that you’re wearing it properly and being respectful at the same time. Read on for tips on how to wear your apple watch while looking professional.

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