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How To Setup iPhone Voicemail

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Set Up A Visual Voicemail Transcript

How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone

Beginning with iOS 10, and operative on iPhones dating back to the iPhone 6S, you can see both your visual voicemail and a text transcript of the message. Voicemail transcripts take the audio file and run it through Apples servers using machine learning to transcribe the audio into text. That way, you can either listen to or read your messages. To see both, you need to have Siri enabled via Settings > Siri & Search > and Language English or English . After you set it up, you can tap on any previous or existing message, and it will start a new text transcription of it.

How To Set Up And Access Visual Voicemail On Your Apple iPhone Xr

With Visual Voicemail, you can manage your voicemails by reviewing them in a list on your iPhone XR. Listening to any voicemail messages can be done with a single tap. That said, you dont need to listen to prior messages or command prompts. And in case you missed some part of the message, you can also rewind it to any point. To start using the service on your iPhone XR, it has to be added to your account by your carrier beforehand. Once the service is provisioned to your account, you can set up your device for it. In case you need help on how to set up and access Visual Voicemail on your new iPhone XR handset, Ive mapped out the standard procedures on how its done. Read on for more detailed instructions.

But before anything else, if you have an issue with your phone, drop by our troubleshooting page as we have already addressed hundreds of issues reported by the owners. Odds are that there are already existing solutions on our website or at least, there are similar problems we already fixed. So, try to find ones that are similar or related to your problem. If you need further assistance, however, feel free to contact us by filling up our iPhone issues questionnaire.

How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone & iPad

You can go through below given guides to know how you can step up voicemail on iOS devices including iPhone and iPad without having a hassle.

These some of the mobile network companies that offer voicemail features into iOS devices. Here we guided almost three mobile network companies voicemail setup process.

  • Verizon
  • Use the guide, for which mobile carrier services are you using with the iPhone or iPad.

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    Select A Custom Voicemail Greeting Or The Default One

    The last step in setting up your voicemail system on your iPhone is to set an audio greeting that people will hear before leaving you a voice message. You can choose to use the default greeting by tapping Default, or record your own personalized greeting by tapping Custom.

    If you choose to record a custom greeting, tap Record to begin recording one. When youre finished recording your greeting, tap Done to save it.

    Those are all the steps to setting up your voicemail. There are a few things you should keep in mind before you start the process of activating the service, so next, well go over those things with you.

    What About Basic Voicemail

    How to set up and use Voicemail on iPhone

    Apples Visual Voicemail is a solution thats designed for a more robust and appealing voicemail experience. Theres no logging in, and you can get a transcript of your voicemail quickly and easily. Better yet, you can call back or create new contacts quickly.

    But if its just not the right solution for you, your carrier may also provide basic voicemail support. In those cases, youll need to dial in to a specific voicemail line, but youll still be able to get your messages.

    Each carrier has a different method for setting up voicemail, and weve provided a brief description of how to do it where applicable below.

    AT&T: If youre an AT&T customer, you have the option of creating your own basic voicemail. Youll need to press and hold the 1 key down while youre on your phone. AT&T will then ask you to set up your greeting via voice prompts.

    Sprint: Sprint has its own basic voicemail for you to set up. In order to get there, youll need to press and hold the 1 button and create a four-to-ten digit passcode to access your voicemail. Youll then need to follow the voice prompts to set it up.

    Verizon: Sorry, but Verizon isnt much help here. Instead of allowing you to set up basic voicemail, the company instead directs you to set up Visual Voicemail on your iPhone.

    T-Mobile: T-Mobile has a similar story to tell as Verizon. Instead of allowing you to set up a specific basic voicemail, it instead directs you to Apple to set up Visual Voicemail.

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    How To Change Voicemail Settings On The iPhone

    The iPhone comes with a featured called Visual Voicemail that allows you to see and delete your voice mails without listening to them. It lets you record your own voice-mail greeting or use the default one, and also has settings for alerting you when voice mails arrive. You can change your greeting, reset your password or change voice-mail alerts by following a few simple steps.

    Tap “Phone” on your iPhone’s “Home” screen and tap “Voicemail” to access your voice-mail settings.

    Tap “Greeting” and select “Default” if you wish to use the default greeting for your voice mails. Click “Custom” if you want to create a personalized greeting, and tap “Record” to say your greeting. Tap “Stop” to finish recording, and tap “Play” to hear your greeting. Tap “Save” to save your settings.

    Tap “Settings” on your iPhone’s “Home” screen and select “Sounds” to edit your voice-mail alert settings. Tap “On” or “Off” to choose whether to hear an alert sound when you get a new voice mail.

    Tap “Settings” and “Phone” if you need to change or reset your voice-mail password. Tap “Change Voicemail Password” and follow the prompts that appear to change your password.


    Why Is Voicemail Transcription Not Working

    For whatever reason, Voicemail Transcription;only works on iPhone 6s or later, including iPhone SE and the newer models such as iPhone 8 and iPhone X. If you have an iPhone that Voicemail Transcription works on, make sure you’ve . If you want to try and get Voicemail Transcription working on your iPhone now, we recommend resetting your Network Settings:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select Reset, then;Choose;Reset Network Settings.;
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    Managing Your iPhone 12 Voicemail

    There may come a time that you need to change your voicemail password or greeting. Or maybe you hate the default voicemail notification sound and want to change it. All are easy options to adjust.

    • To change your voicemail greeting: Go to Phone>Voicemail and tap Greeting. Then follow the prompts to change the greeting.
    • To change your voicemail password: Go to Settings>Phone>Change Voicemail Password and then enter the new password you want to use.
    • To change voicemail notification sounds: Go to Settings >Sounds & Haptics>New Voicemail then select the sound you want to use from the Alert Tones options.
    • To make a call from a voicemail: Tap a voicemail to open it and then tap the option.
    • To delete a voicemail: Tap a voicemail to open it and then tap Delete. Be aware that some carriers may immediately delete a voicemail completely, so if it’s something you think you might want to get back, you should not delete it.

    Your iPhone’s Visual Voicemail Transcribe Voicemails On Your iPhone When You Can’t Or Don’t Want To Listen To Them

    How to Set Up Voicemail on an iPhone

    We’ve already gone over how to set up voicemail on your iPhone, so now it’s time to learn how to use Visual Voicemail. A lot of people are asking, “How do you use Voicemail Transcription on the iPhone?” The;voicemail-to-text feature on Apple’s iPhone takes;voicemail;and transcribes it, so you can easily read phone messages. The feature itself is pretty easy to use, but it can be a little glitchy. We’ll also go over what;to do if Voicemail Transcription is not working on your iPhone. Here’s how to use the voicemail-to-text feature known as Visual Voicemail;on your iPhone.;

    We’ve already gone over;how to set up voicemail on an iPhone,;how to change the voicemail greeting on your iPhone, how to change your voicemail password, and how to;open your voicemail;so you can listen to and delete messages. Check out our free;Tip of the Day;for more Phone and Voicemail tutorials.;

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    How To Record A Custom Greeting On iPhone

    You can leave the default greeting that is provided by your network carrier, but that might make callers worry that they’ve reached the wrong number. Instead, you can create a custom greeting with all of the flair that you bring to life.

  • Open the Phone app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Voicemail in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Greeting in the upper left corner of the screen.

  • Tap Custom.
  • When you are ready, tap Record and record your custom greeting.
  • Tap Play to play back your greeting to make sure you like it.
  • Tap Save when you are happy with your greeting.

  • Extra Tip: How To Recover Deleted iPhone Voicemail Without Backup

    In case you have accidentally deleted your voicemails, you can recover them by using Tenorshare UltData. Tenorshare UltData enables users to preview and selectively recover voicemail and other data from iPhone. To recover, follow the procedure below.

    Step 1: Download, install and run Tenorshare UltData on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

    Step 2: Click the Voicemail checkbox along with any other data type you wish to recover and click Start Scan.

    Step 3: All voicemails will be displayed; Select the ones you wish to recover and finalize the recovery process by clicking Recover to recover all voicemails.

    Here is a video link about the details of how to recover deleted iPhone voicemail or others without backup.

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    How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone With Verizon

    Verizon is yet another telecommunication company in the United States, prominently preferred among Americans to purchase and avail mobile products and services. Thus, heres a handy guide to set up voicemail on iPhone with Verizon:;

    • Enter the Phone App on your iPhone.
    • Tap on the voicemail icon.;
    • Or, dial *86
    • Visual voicemail will appear on the screen.
    • Enter username and passcode .
    • Sign up and create a password to get started .
    • Tap on the DONE button.
    • Do you see the Greetings screen?
    • You can also set up Verizons default voicemail message.;
    • Select the Default option .
    • Or, select the Custom option
    • Now, tap on the DONE button.
    • You have successfully set up voicemail on the iPhone.

    Setting Up Basic Voicemail

    How to set up or recover voicemail on iPhone

    Before launching visual voicemail on your device, it may be best to set up and get used to the basic voicemail service. If youre new to a carrier or just changed providers, the company itself may require you to set up a voicemail directly with them. For users who are still learning how to navigate their phone or who dont receive many calls, the basic voicemail service works well.

    Setup procedures will vary depending on your carrier. However, every setup will typically follow the same steps of dialing the correct number and setting up your voicemail over the phone.

    AT&T: You can find AT&Ts specific instructions here. Tap 1 or the Voicemail button to specifically navigate to your voicemail. You will be prompted to choose or record a greeting if you have not done so previously. AT&T will request that you create a password. If you get many calls, you can choose to upgrade your voicemail for more storage, but that isnt necessary for visual voicemail.

    Verizon: Verizons website offers an FAQ help page to set up voicemail on an Android phone. If youre an iPhone user, though, youll need to check out Apples specific instruction page to get visual voicemail set up.

    T-Mobile: T-Mobile sends users directly to Apples instruction page to launch visual voicemail.

    Sprint: Press 1 on your Sprint phone to open voicemail. To set up your voicemail, we recommend clicking to learn more about the process here.

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    Setting Up Sprint Voicemail On Your iPhone

    As with AT&T, you need to go through an extra setup step with Sprint. Press and hold 1 on the dial pad in the Phone app to begin.

    Image Gallery

    For a new voicemail box, you need to create a four to 10 digit passcode. Then you need to record your name. After you’ve done this, you can choose between recording a personal greeting or using the standard greeting. Finally, you can choose whether to enable One-Touch Access to your voicemail.

    Make sure to do this all without hanging up or canceling the process. If you don’t go through all the steps, you’ll have to repeat everything again.

    Procedure To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone 11

    You have to create a passcode before you can use your voice mail messaging services The voice mail service provided by the carrier will already be stored in your device.;

  • On your iPhone open the phone app.;
  • Tap Voicemail present in the bottom right corner of the screen.;
  • Select that up now.;
  • Tap on Done.
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    Part 5 How To Delete A Voicemail On iPhone

    If you have already listened to a voicemail message, you can delete it; it will be transferred to the Deleted Messages folder. Follow the procedure below.

    Step 1: Launch the Phone App on your iPhone’s home screen.

    Step 2: Tap Voicemail located in the bottom right corner of the interface.

    Step 3: Select a voicemail by tapping it and tap Delete.

    To delete it completely, follow step 1 and 2 above then tap Delete Messages > Clear Messages.

    Save And Share Voicemails

    How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone XR
    • Save

    Finally, the iPhone allows you to save and share voicemails . If you want to save or share a voicemail, do the following:

  • Tap the Phone app icon to open it.
  • In the bottom toolbar of the Phone app, tap the Voicemail icon.
  • Tap the voicemail message you want to save, then tap the share button.
  • In the Share popup that appears, you can tap the name of a friend you want to share the audio recording with or you can choose to save it to the Notes or Voice Memos app or save it to other apps.
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    Play Share Or Delete A Voicemail Message

    Ask Siri. Say something like: Do I have any new voicemail? or Play the voicemail from Eliza. Learn how to ask Siri.

    Or do the following:

  • Tap Voicemail, then tap a message.

  • Do any of the following:

  • Play the message: Tap

    Messages are saved until you delete them or your carrier erases them.

  • Delete the message: Tap .

    Important: In some countries or regions, deleted messages may be permanently erased by your carrier. Your voice messages may also be deleted if you change your SIM card.

  • To recover a deleted message, tap Deleted Messages, tap the message, then tap Undelete.

    Personalized Message For Your Voicemail

    Much like the old-style answering machine for landlines, you might prefer to have a personalized message from you so that the person calling will know for sure that they reached the right number. To do that, start at your Home screen. Tap the green phone icon you see at the bottom of the screen, and then hit Voicemail. You should see an option to Set Up Now.

    Enter a passcode so that you can access your voicemail in the future. It will have to be between 4 and 6 digits in length. Enter the passcode a second time, and then press Done. Now, you can press Custom and start recording a greeting.

    If Set Up Now doesnt appear, then that means your phone has been set to the automated voicemail option. You can change it whenever you like, though. All you have to do is tap Greeting, which should be at the top-left of the screen. Tap Record, and then speak slowly and clearly into the phone so that your message is recorded. When you are finished, hit Stop. Then, tap either Save or Done, depending on which generation of iPhone you have.

    Thats all there is to it. You can record and save a new message for your iPhone whenever you like. You might want a different, time-specific one if youre going on a trip or vacation. You can tell people how long youll be inaccessible, and then, when you get back, you can erase that message and leave a more general one. You can also switch back to the automated version whenever you like if youre more comfortable with that.;

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    Setting Up Voicemail On Your iPhone For Other Carriers

    Outside of the major carriers above, you may use another like Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, or Straight Talk Wireless. Most of these are Mobile Virtual Network Operators . This means they use one of the major carriers above as their backbone instead of setting up their own infrastructure.

    This is good news, because it means setting up voicemail is similar to one of the above approaches. In most cases, your carrier will have instructions for setting up your voicemail. If not, your best bet is to follow Apple’s instructions for setting up voicemail on your iPhone.

    How To Set Up Voicemail Visual Transcription On iPhone

    How to set up and use Voicemail on iPhone

    To set up voicemail visual transcription on your iPhone, all you need to do is- activate the voice assistant, a.k.a Siri. Follow the instruction guide to do so:;

    • Go to the Settings on your iPhone.
    • Tap on the Siri and Search option.
    • Do you see Listen for Hey Siri,
    • If yes, use the toggle to turn it to green.
    • Similarly, slide the toggle to the right for Allow Siri when locked.
    • Then, go to the Language option.
    • Set up the language as per your preference.;
    • You have set up voicemail visual transcription on your iPhone.;

    To verify that the visual voicemail transcript feature is working accurately on your iPhone. Visit any voicemail, open it, and automatically appear the transcript version of voicemail. Henceforth, by tapping on the extensions icon, you can save/move this text voicemail to mail, airdrop, messages, notes, and other third-party applications.;

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