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How To Unlock iPhone If You Forget Your Password

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Forgot iPhone Password Reset The Locked iPhone Using Itunes

How to restore your iPhone if you forgot your passcode – Apple Support

Note: Before you resetting iPhone with your iTunes account, make sure you have backed up it with iTunes before. In another word, you should use the computer that you have synced with iTunes. Otherwise you will be required to enter the forgotten iPhone passcode again to unlock your iPhone.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer and launch iTunes

Use a lightning USB cable to connect iPhone to computer. Launch iTunes and then it will sync your iPhone automatically. So it does not matter when you forgot iPhone passcode. You can see your iPhone icon displays in the top left corner. If you cannot find it, click “View” and select “Show Sidebar” to see your iPhone.

Step 2. Reset iPhone with a forgotten iPhone password with iTunes

After iTunes has synced your iPhone, go to “Device” in the sidebar. Choose “Summary” button. Click “Restore iPhone” under the iOS version you are running. You will be required to set up your iPhone by the iOS Setup Assistant, hit “Restore from iTunes Backup” to continue. Later, your iPhone is unlocked with no password. So you can reset iPhone password manually.

Solutions If You Forgot Your iPhone Passcode

1: Try to Factory Reset a Locked iPhone with iCloud

To factory reset a locked iPhone using the iCloud, follow this guide:

  • Log into iCloud using the same email and account you used when setting up the Find My iPhone feature.
  • Your phone will come up on the screen, so click the Erase button.
  • Youll have to confirm that you understand the implications.
  • Your phone is now back to its factory settings, and you can load a backup if you have one.
  • 2: Try to Factory Reset Your iPhone with iTunes Backups

  • Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer with iTunes on it.
  • Open iTunes and select the iPhone Management Screen
  • Select Restore.
  • You must then connect to the same iTunes account that you used to set up your phone.
  • Reregister your device according to the directions on the screen.
  • Select the backup you wish to restore.
  • It may take up to an hour to repopulate the data to the phone.
  • 3: Use Apple’s Data Recovery Mode to Reset Your iPhone

    Follow this recovery mode guide step-by-step:

  • Switch your iPhone off and connect it to your PC.
  • iPhone 8 & Newer: Press and hold the Volume up button, then the Volume Down button, and the side button at the same time.
  • iPhone 7: Press and hold the Volume Down and the side button at the same time.
  • iPhone 6S & older: Press and hold both the Side and Top buttons.
  • Hold these down until the iTunes connection recovery mode screen appears.
  • Now move across to your PC, and select the Restore button in iTunes.
  • 4: Use the Hard Reset Feature

    How To Reset An iPhone Using Find My

    If you have an Apple ID account, your iPhone is probably connected to Find My, Apple’s global device tracking network. This service also lets you reset and erase your iPhone without having the password for it.

    1. On a computer, go to iCloud’s website and log into your account.

    Quick note: If you can’t log into iCloud because you don’t have a trusted device or working phone anymore, you’ll need to contact Apple for help recovering your account.

    2. In the main menu, click Find iPhone.

    3. You’ll be given a map of all your devices. Click All Devices at the top and then select your iPhone.

    4. In the pop-up menu that appears, click Erase iPhone, and then confirm your choice.

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    Is There Any Official Way To Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Losing Data

    There is no such official way to bypass iPhone passcode without losing data. Once your device is locked, you ultimately land up losing entire data in the process of unlocking the device.

    However, one common solution for this problem is a regular backup. One can always keep the backup of its data on some other device. You can go to “Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup > Turn on iCloud Backup”. This would automatically store your data in the cloud so that you can easily restore them.

    Next, we will tell you some users have tried methods to solve the issue. Although they are not recommended by Apple official Support, they can truly solve the problem.

    Bonus Tip: How To Unlock iPhone If You Forget The Apple Id Password

    How to Unlock iPhone Passcode if You Forgot [2020]

    Now you have learned all the Apple ID password requirements and the methods to reset the Apple ID password. However, what if you forgot the Apple ID password and was locked out of your device? Dont worry. You still have a way out.

    You can unlock your Apple ID without password using the WooTechy iDelock. It is a professional unlocking tool that is very easy to use and navigate. With it, you can not only unlock the Apple ID if you forgot the password, but also remove the MDM lock, screen time lock, screen lock and the encryption of iTunes backup. Whats more, it is compatible with all devices and iOS/iPadOS versions, including the newly released iOS/iPadOS 15.

    Here is how to use WooTechy iDelock to unlock the Apple ID:

    Step 1: Launch WooTechy iDelock on your computer and select the Unlock Apple ID mode.

    Step 2: Connect your iOS device to your computer with a USB cable and trust this PC if you havent done that before.

    Step 3: Click Start to Unlock. If Find My iPhone is disabled on the device, iDelock will immediately unlock your device.

    If Find My iPhone is enabled, you need to reset all settings on your device by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Your device will restart, and iDelock will start to unlock your Apple ID account.

    If your iPhone has the Two-Factor Authentication enabled , make sure youve set up the screen passcode and Click Yes on the screen to continue.

    Next, choose the firmware package version and click . Then you need to extract it.

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    Are You Sure You’ve Forgotten Your Passcode

    It might sound obvious, but before we start going through steps that involve resetting your iPhone, try recalling your passcode. It can save you from the hassle of having to explore these other ways to remove your passcode.

    You’ve got a few attempts at guessing your passcode first. Your iPhone allows you five consecutive incorrect attempts to enter your passcode. After this, with every attempt, your device will lock you out for longer periods of time. Starting with 30 seconds for the first incorrect guess, and going up to an hour on the ninth attempt.

    Your device will lock you out completely after your 10th attempt. That’s when you’ll see the iPhone is disabled, connect to computer message.

    Once your iPhone or iPad tells you it’s disabled, and you need to connect to a computer, you’ve unfortunately lost the battle. The only way to get it back to life now is by erasing and resetting the device using a computer.

    How To Erase An iPhone Or iPad Using Icloud

    If you sync your iPhone or iPad with iCloud and you have Find My iPhone enabled on your locked device, you can reset your iPhone using iCloud. Your locked device must be either connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

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    In the rare case that you do not have an active internet connection and have disabled access to Control Center on the Lock screen, this method won’t work for you. Fortunately, you can still reset your iPhone or iPad using the instructions given in the next section.

    As long as your device has a network connection, you’re good to do the following:

  • Open the Find My app on a Mac or the iCloud website on a non-Mac computer and log in using your Apple ID.
  • Click on Devices at the top and then select the device you’ve lost access to.
  • Click on Erase iPhone to reset your device.
  • Your device will erase itself remotely, deleting everything including the passcode. On the setup screen, you can choose between restoring from an iCloud backup or setting up your iPhone as new. Select the option you want, then you can set a new passcode.

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    Remember To Always Back Up

    Now that you’ve successfully reset your iPhone or iPad’s passcode, you’re back into your device. To avoid this happening again, maybe make a note of your device’s passcode somewhere.

    And, as an extra safety precaution, make sure to regularly back up your device in case you ever need to reset it again.

    Way 2 Unlock Forgotten iPhone 11 Passcode With Icloud

    How To Unlock iPhone When You Forgot iPhone Password

    If “Find My iPhone” is enabled on your disabled iPhone 11/11 Pro , you can erase your iPhone 11 via iCloud, which will delete your data and settings, including the passcode. Please make sure that your iPhone 11 is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. If not, you can open the iPhone 11 “Control Center” to switch.Hereâs how to unlock your iPhone 11/11 Pro passcode using iCloud:Step 1. Go to on a computer and log in with your Apple IDStep 2. Click âFind My iPhoneâ

    Step 3. Click on “All Devices” at the top to find your iPhone 11 on the map and select it.Step 4. Click âErase iPhoneâ

    Your iPhone 11 will remotely wipe itself, thereby deleting everything including the passcode. Your iPhone 11 will now be fully restored to factory settings.

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    Way 2 Remove iPhone Passcode With Icloud

    If Find My iPhone is enabled on your iPhone, you can reset your forgotten iPhone passcode via iCloud. You also must have synced your iPhone before.

  • Visit Log in with your Apple ID. Click on Find My iPhone and All Devices.
  • Choose your iPhone from the devices list. Click on Erase iPhone. Your iPhone will be erased alongside the passcode you forgot.
  • Set up your iPhone afresh and restore your last backup from iCloud. You will be able to continue to use your iPhone without a passcode.
  • If Forgot iPhone Password Erase iPhone Via Icloud

    Forgot iPhone password? For those who looking for restoring iPhone to factory settings without iTunes, using iCloud – Find My iPhone is a good choice. With this method, you can delete all personal settings including passcode so that you can enter iPhone without a password.

    Of course, this requires the Find my iPhone function is enabled. And you need to log in iCloud with your Apple ID account and password. Let’s see how to erase iPhone passcode not using iTunes restore.

    1. Visit iCloud website in any browser.

    2. Log in with the Apple ID associated with your iPhone.

    3. Find and click on “All Devices.” at the top of your browser window and select your iOS device.

    4. Then you will see three functions. Click on the “Erase iPhone” button to restore your iPhone as a new one.

    5. When the erasing is complete, you can see that the iPhone password lock screen has been removed.

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    What To Do When You Forgot Your iPhone Passcode

    Assuming you can’t remember the passcode and enter the wrong one six times in a row, your iPhone will be disabled. The only option is to erase your locked iPhone. But if you use your iCloud or iTunes to back up your phone regularly, there’s nothing to worry about and you can restore data from the backup return everything to normal.

    Forgot iPhone Password Use The Recovery Mode To Reset iPhone


    Note: For people who do not back up iPhone with iTunes or iCloud before, the only method to unlock a disabled iPhone is using the recovery mode. Putting your iPhone into recovery mode to hack iPhone when forgetting passcode. Absolutely, all your contents and settings will be erased. So you can get a new iPhone or iPad in some degree.

    Step 1. Get “Connect to iTunes” screen on iPhone

    Disconnect iPhone from all cables and turn it off. Press and hold “Home” button and connect iPhone to iTunes with a USB cable simultaneously. Power it on manually if your iPhone does not turn on. Do not release home button until you see the “Connect to iTunes” screen.

    Step 2. Erase the forgotten iPhone password with recovery mode

    There will be a popping-up window informing you that your iPhone is in recovery mode. Hit “OK” to start restoring iPhone to factory defaults with iTunes. It will erase all contents and settings from your iPhone or iPad, so does the forgotten iPhone passcode.

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    Option : Utilizing A Third

    iPhone Unlocker has the ability to enable your iPhone when you can’t get into your iPhone as you don’t remember the correct password. Also, if you don’t remember your Apple ID password or Screen Time passcode, the software is your best friend. So, be relaxed, and download the robust software on your Windows or Mac.

    Using this tool to factory reset your iPhone requires a computer, a USB cable and your phone. If you don’t have computer, borrow one from a friend, or go to local Apple Store for help.

    Here’s how to reset iPhone when you forgot the passcode.

    1. Plug your phone into any USB port on your computer, and launch the software. When having entered the main interface, click the “Wipe Passcode” option.

    2. In the next step, click Start button. The software will scan your device and then displays its information in this interface. If there’s no error, click Start to continue.

    3. The process of downloading firmware package will then begin. Just wait a few minutes.

    4. OK now, the firmware is downloaded successfully. Follow the on-screen guide: enter “0000” and hit Unlock button. As the last step, just wait the software to enable your disabled iPhone. When it’s done, the iPhone is erased, and then you need to complete the setup process.

    Video Tutorial: How to Restore iPhone If You Forgot the Passcode

    How To Unlock iPhone 4s If It Is Locked By Icloud

    First, let’s figure out in which cases the iPhone can be locked using iCloud:

  • The Apple ID password is too simple, so hackers can easily hack it and lock your phone.
  • With the unofficial purchase of the device, the past data of Apple ID remained.
  • Perhaps you inadvertently bought an already locked iPhone.
  • On reboot, the Apple ID is no longer valid.
  • In the first case, you need to try to recover the password from the mail and Apple ID. There is such an item as “Forgot your password?”, Which will help you create a new code for entering the mail. And there we are already trying to change the ID of the iPhone.

    But if hackers have already gotten to the Apple ID, they usually send messages with an ultimatum: “You are sending me money, I will provide you with a new ID.” You can, of course, pay, but not the fact that they will be true to their word. So it’s better not to follow their lead, but to contact technical support right away, who will definitely help.

    In the second and third cases, your iPhone can either also be blocked at any time by the previous user, or again you will have to alarm Apple support if he forgot the ID.

    The fourth case is very rare, but it happened to someone. Here it is possible to recover the password via email. To do this, go to the address: and indicate your mail through which you logged into your Apple ID.

    But all the same, the irreversible happened – they blocked the iPhone through the icloud. We have several options.

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    Change Apple Id On Web

    You can make use of a web browser on any computer, tablet, or smartphone to reset your password. Here’s how to reset and create one that meets all Apple ID password requirements on web.

    • Open a web browser and navigate to Apple ID page.

    • Log into this platform with your present Apple ID and password.

    • Click Forgot Apple ID or password and follow the onscreen instructions.

    • Enter the Apple ID Verification Code to finish the Two-Factor Verification. You can also enter the recovery key if your device is using Two-Step Verification.

    • Once enter the Manage Account page, choose Change Password under Security section.

    • Enter your current password and new password twice to finish the resetting. Similarly, you can choose to Sign out of devices and websites using my Apple ID.

    What To Do After Erasing Your iPhone

    (2021) Forgot Your iPhone Passcode? Hereâs How You Can Regain Access!

    No matter which of these options you use, you’ll end up with an iPhone that’s in the state it was when you first took it out of the box. You’ve got three options for your next step:

    • Setting up iPhone from scratch: Choose this if you want to start completely fresh with your iPhone and don’t want to restore any data .
    • Restoring from backup: This is best if you have a backup of your data, either on iTunes or iCloud and want to put it back onto your phone. We have the instructions for restoring an iPhone from backup.
    • Redownloading content: Even if you didn’t have a backup, you can redownload virtually anything you’ve bought from the iTunes, App, and Apple Books Stores to your device. .

    Then, set up a new passcode on your iPhoneand make sure it’s one you can remember!

    In some cases, you may run into a problem restoring your iPhone that prevents you from completing the process. If you encounter this problem, learn how to solve it in How to Fix iPhone Error 4013.

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