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Is iPhone 12 Mini Waterproof

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Sealife Sportdiver Underwater Housing For iPhone

is the iPhone 12 Waterproof? Here’s the Truth

Divers will love this waterproof case because they will have the ability to take videos and still photos of all the wonderful things found under the water without worrying about damaging the phone. If you get a SeaLife iPhone case, you can take photos up to 130 feet below the waters surface, so you can go snorkeling and diving too.

The material used to construct this phone housing include polycarbonate, aluminum, stainless steel and optical high-grade glass. The case itself only weighs 1.5 pounds . This is a versatile iPhone 12 dive case because it fits a variety of iPhones. This can be a good waterproof case for iPhone 11, but it is worth checking out this model in case you are looking for an iPhone X diving case.

Tip : Use Distance To Focus

Because you wont be able to lock in your focus or exposure underwater, youll have to do your best to predict the conditions youll encounter below the surface. Before going under, lock your focus on the most distant object in your frame of view. This will give you the best chance of a sharp underwater image.

iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 12 Mini: Which One Should You Get

Our iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 12 mini face-off finds two phones so evenly matched that the device you buy will ultimately come down to your personal preference if you even want an iPhone 12 at all at this point. After all, the iPhone 13 is arriving shortly.

But many of the same comparisons apply here. If you like phones with small screens or you want to pay the least amount possible and still walk away with all the key upgrades, the iPhone 12 mini model is for you. But fans of larger screens will find the 6.1-inch display on the iPhone 12 more to their liking.

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Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases: Waterproof To Shockproof

The iPhone 12 Mini is a ground breaking phone from Apple, featuring bundles of cutting edge technology. For instance, the device utilizes 5G technology, giving leading internet speeds for downloading huge files or streaming top-quality HDR movies. Youll want to protect your iPhone 12 Mini, from liquid, scratches and falls, thats why we have compiled our 15 best iPhone 12 Mini cases.

If you are an iPhone user who sometimes plays sports, lives an active outdoors life or are prone to dropping or scraping your stuff , you might want something that offers extra protection. Perhaps a case with a lanyard to help carry your iPhone 12 mini? You may lead a water sport, lifestyle, where waterproof technology would be great so you can film under water or at least not have to worry about submerging your iPhone.

Notwithstanding the above requirements, there, are two great features top manufacturers add to their cases. Firstly, the important function of using the iPhone 12 Mini seamlessly without taking off the case, and secondly: to look good while protecting your phone.

This list includes a variety of best cases for the iPhone 12 Mini so without further procrastination, lets find the case that fits your requirements and ensures the absolute protection of your valuable iPhone.

Adidas iPhone 12 Mini Case Sporty Classic


Not only does this case come from the sports brand we all love and trust, it looks the bomb too. Plus its crammed with likable special features. Coming in some downright cool colors, from blurred reds to cool grays this phone case wins the prize for best looking case on the market in my book. Not only that, it can walk the walk with TPU bumpers that will protect against any reasonable fall.

The anti-slip grip allows for an easy grip when youre standing and it doubles as a stand so you can watch movies on a table for convenience.

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Yayoii Compatible With iPhone 12 Mini Case 4 Corners Shockproof Clear Case Anti

Clear cases are always one step ahead of the competition for showing off your iPhone 12 Mini. This case will go the distance without yellowing and looking stale. According to Yayoii, its ten times more anti yellow than ordinary cases with 2.8 times the clarity. They put this down to an, Adopted aliphatic polycarbonate clear back and diamond antioxidant layer. They havent forgotten the protection side with shock proof corners in a TPU frame. Charge without taking off the case. This is a good budget case packed with benefits.

How To Take Stunning Underwater Photos

Once you have some ideas of what to take photos of underwater, its time to figure out some of the technical aspects of underwater photography with your iPhone. And taking photos underwater certainly has its fair share of challenges. For one thing, theres a lot less natural light underwater, and your phone may have a hard time focusing on specific subjects.

Is an iPhone the best choice? Maybe not. But unless youre planning on becoming a dedicated professional underwater photographer, then your iPhone will work just fine. You can always invest in a higher-quality camera that specializes in underwater photography if you develop a passion for it later. For now, here are some tips for making the most of your iPhone camera underwater.

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Tip : Up The Saturation On Your Photos

The brighter the light underwater, the more accurately youll be able to capture colors. But since you often wont have much light to work with, you will likely have to up the saturation during post-processing. If youre using an app like Adobe Lightroom, you can change the saturation of individual colors for a more realistic look, but even the most basic photo editor will allow you to increase the overall saturation.

Ready to explore the fascinating world of underwater photography? Whether youre heading to the pool for an afternoon in the sun or a weekend in the tropics, dont forget a waterproof case for your iPhone so you can capture the world beneath the waves.

Which iPhone Is Completely Waterproof

Best iPhone 12 Mini Waterproof Cases in 2020

Presently, no iPhone is completely waterproof to the point that you can perform water activities with it. So the iPhone 12 can only be said to be water-resistant but not waterproof. This is to say, it can survive rainfall, a splash of water coming from the shower.Also, if your iPhone 12 should fall inside the toilet, its not permanently damaged. You can still fix it.

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Vapesoon Waterproof iPhone 12 Mini Case

Vapesoons rugged, clear and shockproof case is a perfect pick if youre looking for an all-in-one case. Of course, the only thing is misses is a wallet case and a kickstand feature which you can get it separately if needed. It has a built-in screen protector that guards your iPhone from water and scratches in outdoors as well.

Coming to the main feature, the waterproof case when used on your iPhone can be submerged in water up to 6.6 feet but for only 20 minutes which is way too less as compared to Oterkins case. But given the additional features in the case, made us to list this case on the top.

The best part, it supports MagSafe charger and hence you need not remove this waterproof case while charging your iPhone 12 Mini.

Is The iPhone 12 12 Mini Waterproof And Water

Yes, your iPhone 12 comes with an IP68 rating making it water-resistant. Apart from been water-resistant, its dust resistant as well. If you care to know, your iPhone 12 can also be referred to as a waterproof device but not fully waterproof.

The IP68 IEC standard 60529 on the iPhone 12 has water resistance up to 2 meters. Unlike the Apple Watch series, the iPhone 12 is not fully waterproof meaning you can not swim or do water activities with it.

Dont get it all wrong, you can still take it to the shower, answer calls, and even listen to music as well. Yes, it can survive those activities, but remember it only lasts in the water of 2 meters up to 30 minutes. So the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and the 12 Pro Max have it limit it can last in the water.

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Mkeke Case iPhone 12 Pro Max Case iPhone Xr Case Screen Protector Mkeke iPhone 11 Case iPhone 13 Pro Max Apple Watch Band Charger Mkeke Brand Company Warranty Review Contact Website

Is the 12 mini waterproof?

Is 12 mini waterproof?

Is the iPhone mini waterproof?

Is an iPhone 12 mini waterproof ?

  • Yes, the iPhone 12 mini is waterproof!
  • According to Apple Official : iPhone 12 mini waterproof is IP68 Rating Survive underwater 6 meters depth for 30 minutesunder IEC standard 60529!
  • Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear.
  • Liquid damage is not covered under warranty, but you might have rights under consumer law.
  • A New iPhone 12 Mini Waterproof ability is strongest!
  • Is a iPhone 12 mini waterproof?

    Is my iPhone 12 mini waterproof

    Is the new iPhone 12 mini waterproof

    Catalyst Waterproof Case Top Of The Waterproof Cases

    For iPhone 12 Waterproof Case Shock/Dirt Proof iPhone 12 ...

    The first winning feature is the Catalyst is its waterproof up to 33 Feet, meaning scuba divers could even use this gem. A good quality lanyard comes with it so you can wrap it round your wrist for added grip on your phone as you dive, snorkel or fish or other watery pursuits. A built in screen protector means you whole phone is cacoonned in this case.

    If you go in the water dont forget to close the plastic tab that appears on the top lip. The frosted backing adds to your grip which is useful whether youre on a bike or swimming in the ocean. I would prefer if this case had more color options than just black. However, that may not be an issue to you when considering all the benefits of the multi functional Catalyst.

    Extra benefits are: it can be washed with soap and water and is shockproof from heights of 6 feet 6. I tested this on concrete from a 5 feet drop and the phone bounced gently and remained intact without issues.

    Check out;

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    Carterlily Case Compatible With iPhone 12 Mini

    • The Tempered glass will free you from all the worries about scratching or damaging the screen.
    • Also, the metal hybrid silicone scientific Hard Case protects your iPhone 12 Mini from knocks, bumps and falls.
    • The Unique sealing prevents sand and dust from entering so you dont have to worry about scratches from dust and dirt, keeping your mobile neat and clean.
    • Metal and soft tpu combined perfectly while a raised lip offers screen and camera protection on flat surfaces.
    • The metal and durable soft-touch silica gel provides full-frame protection on all four corners to protect your phone from drops and knocks.
    • Air cushion technology helps protect against drops and impacts by absorbing and dispersing shock. An additional LAYER of tempered glass protects your screen.;
    • CarterLily iPhone 12 Mini waterproof case is weather resistant, thus can protect your mobile from sudden water damage.
    • It is water resistant and rain proof, but dont put it into water.

    Water Resistance In iPhones

    Original iPhone to iPhone 6 Plus None
    1 meter up to 30 minutes IP67
    1 meter up to 30 minutes IP67
    1 meter up to 30 minutes IP67
    1 meter up to 30 minutes IP67
    1 meter up to 30 minutes IP67
    2 meters up to 30 minutes IP68
    2 meters up to 30 minutes IP68
    iPhone 11 Pro/iPhone 11 Pro Max 4 meters up to 30 minutes IP68
    iPhone 12/iPhone 12 mini/iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro Max 6 meters up to 30 minutes IP68

    Notice that several models have the same Ingress Protection rating, but not the same level of water resistance. As part of the International Electrotechnical Commission , this is IEC standard 60529, and defines ranges of protection.

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    Moko Waterproof Pouch With Lanyard Armband

    We know that this isnt a typical waterproof case but a lot of iPhone users prefer to go with this waterproof pouch when not capturing images. Of course, before going underwater, you can turn on the video camera to record videos and go up to 98 feet which is simply amazing! No other waterproof case listed above have such capabilities and we loved that too.;

    Its made of PVC material and IPX8 certified which guards your iPhone 12 Mini against the water, snow, dust and dirt. The lanyard is detachable which can be used to hang your iPhone on the neck or you can also use the armband to attach the iPhone to arm.

    Its available in black, magenta, purple and white color variants. You usually wont get any color variations when it comes to waterproof pouches or cases but MoKo does have that option for you.;Be it for fishing, kayaking, snorkeling or swimming, this waterproof pouch from MoKo is the handy accessory you could ever get for your iPhone 12 Mini. Give it a try and youll never regret for sure!

    Our Recommendation

    As there are many cases yet to be released, the premium ones like Lifeproof, we recommend you to go with Oterkin waterproof case as it can stay underwater for up to 1 hour in 6.6 feet depth. But if you want to go deep underwater up to 98 feet and comfortable with a waterproof pouch, then MoKo waterproof case for iPhone 12 Mini is your way to go! Its a decent buy looking at the affordable price options it has got.

    Ricky Shah

    Cozycase Rugged Waterproof Case

    Catalyst iPhone 12 Pro/Mini/Max Total Protection Waterproof Case | A Must Have Case

    The 100% sealed case cozily & securely encases your iPhone 12 Mini, keeping it protected from water, dust, snow, shocks, and drops. It meets the IP68 rating and can be immersed in 2 m water for 30 minutes.

    Crafted from high-quality, scratch-resistant TPU and PC materials, the case maintains the stylish and compact profile of your device.


    • Raised bezels around the camera
    • Anti-scratch back and front panel


    • Clear back, yellows with use

    Price: $19.99

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    Comousa Phone Case For iPhone 12 Mini 5g With Case Kickstand And Car Mount Holder Red 14 Best iPhone 12 Mini Cases

    This chosen model red, though it also comes in bright pink, dark blue and black among other eye catching shades. With military standard protection, you can rest assured your iPhone Mini is protected on the back, sides and screen from drops. This is in part helped the case is 2 mm higher than the camera and front screen and superb 15ft Anti-Fall protection.

    The kickstand which can be rotated 360 degrees is a neat feature many phone cases dont have. There is also a car magnet with this case though we ask you to drive responsibly if you use your iPhone Mini on your dashboard.

    Also, ComoUSA is charging compatible without removing it, which is excellent. Its also the CHEAPEST! Thus, considered as one of the best protective cases for the iPhone 12 Mini.

    How To Tell If Your iPhone 12 Is Damaged By Water

    You can tell if your iPhone is damaged by water by checking the liquid contact indicator or LCI on the side of your iPhone.; You can see it inside the SIM slot. Now if your iPhone has been in contact with water or any liquid, the LCI turns red. If its white or silver, your iPhone does not have water damage.

    If your iPhone is damaged by water, you cant fool Apple. If you bring it for repair and Apple Tech sees that your LCI is red, they wont repair or replace it even if your device is still under warranty.

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    Is Apples iPhone 12 Actually Waterproof Though

    And that but relates to HOW waterproof Apples iPhones actually are. In my own, admittedly, anecdotal experience, I did run into some issues with an IP68 rated iPhone.

    My issue was that my iPhone XS Max, an IP68 rated phone, after the briefest exposure to some water, was effectively ruined.

    • Save

    My iPhone XS Shortly Before It Kicked The Bucket.

    Like, unusable-ruined. The type of ruin that means a trip to the nearest Apple Store 45 miles away. And even then, they were perplexed by the issue. And I hadnt even gotten it that wet; just a splash of water from a running faucet.

    But those few drops of water caused havoc with my iPhone XS.

    How did this happen? Well, it was a hot day and some droplets of water had gotten inside the FACE ID sensor. I didnt see them at first, but as the day progressed, I noticed a cloudy film developing over the FACE ID lens.

    It was condensation.

    And I could not get rid of this condensation for the life of me; I tried everything from rice to kitty litter.

    And this iPhone, the iPhone XS Max, has the exact same rating as the iPhone 12, so forgive me if I dont take Apple at its word.

    Im sure, most of the time, water isnt a problem for modern iPhones. But it killed mine, so I am ALWAYS wary about the official claims made about an iPhones water resistance.

    Moral of the story? Dont get your iPhone 12 wet.

    My advice? If you know youre going to get your iPhone wet on a regular basis, pick yourself up a water-proof case as well.

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