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Is It Bad To Use Your iPhone While Charging

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How Does Your Phone Battery Store Its Charge

Should You Use Your iPhone While CHARGING !?

Li-ion battery charge/discharge cycles are chemical reactions triggered by electricity. Lithium ions flow from the positive to the negative electrode while charging and then from negative to positive while you use your phone.

The Li-ion batteries found in modern phones today have been around for quite some time, and were constantly developed to be smaller, safer, and last longer.

Modern batteries are much more safe and efficient than their nickel predecessors, which overheated quite rapidly, changed shape over time and required to only be charged when the battery was completely empty due to the memory effect.

Why Cant You Use Your Apple Watch While Charging

You might be wondering why most Apple products, such as the Macbook, iPhone, and iPad have the capability to be used while charging while the Apple Watch is not able to do the same thing.

Well, it all has to do with the structure of the watch itself. You see, the Apple Watch charges via a magnetic charging circle on the underside of the watch, the same spot that is touching your wrist. The reason you cant use it during this is that you wont be able to put it on while the charger is connected.

Apple knows this and has the watch go into whats called nightstand mode as it is charging. This means it can only display the battery level, date, and time until it is disconnected from the charger.

Is It Hot In Here

Trickle charges can generate some heat. Many experts recommend taking a phone out of the case to charge overnight. But that’s not always feasible with a complicated protective case.

At the very least, do NOT stack a bunch of crap like books or other devices on top of a charging device. And for the love of Jobs, do not put it under your pillow. Do any of the above, and you can expect the phone to get hotnot necessarily enough for spontaneous combustion, but enough to damage the battery .

Image: spyarm/shutterstock)

If you are afraid of fire, some in the UK recommend leaving the charging device on a dish or saucer while plugged in, or putting it on something metal that is more likely to dissipate heat, like a heatsink does on the chips inside a PC. That’s not much of an option if you use a wireless charging pad, so don’t sweat it.

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When Should I Charge My Phone

According to Apple, you can charge your phone at any time, for any length of time. Theres no need to wait until the battery dies to charge the phone, or to wait until its fully charged to unplug it. Generally, however, you should charge your phone overnight with a device that stops the charging process at 100%.

Is It Bad To Use My iPhone While Its Charging

Is it bad to use your phone while wireless charging?

I like to use Oovoo, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Youtube while it is charging. And I’ve always heard from most of my friends that its bad and can cause

the iPhone to die faster than usual. Is that true?

Yeah, it’s not very good for your phone. Especially the battery and the U2IC

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by maxcar95

It’s a chip on the logic board that helps the power from your charger get to the battery

This is totally normal, why do you even buy the thing if you don’t use it?

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I’ve used plenty of apps on my phone while it was charging for well over a year now and I’ve had no issues. The only thing which will be different is that the phone will charge more slowly, because you are doing things on the phone which require power too. If you want to quickly charge your phone, it is best to completely shut it down and then plug it into the charger. However, if you want to use the phone while it’s plugged in, there will be no issues.

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What About A Charging Band

You may have heard rumors about technology being created that will allow you to use the Apple Watch while charging in the form of whats called a charging band. This is a watch band that would also charge your Apple Watch while youre wearing it, theoretically making your watchs battery last for much longer.

However, there are a number of reasons that Apple has never allowed third parties to supply this product, as it is a very bad idea.

Firstly, the odds of you getting electrocuted or burned while the device is charging are quite high. Think about it, that much electrical charge right next to your skin is going to create a lot of heat.

Secondly, the moisture on your wrist from sweat and natural oils on the skin is a very bad mix with a charging battery. This is just another reason that the idea of a charging band has never taken off, its just too dangerous.

The Best Thing To Do:

Don’t worry about this too much. Plug the phone in or place it on the wireless charger when you go to sleep. If you wake up in the night, unplug it or move it to prevent constant trickle-charging. Or plug your phone into a smart plug that’s on a schedule to turn off.

Potential problems that could be encountered while charging overnight:

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iPhone Battery Health: Everything You Need To Know

Your battery is the lifeblood of your iPhone. It keeps it powered up and at the ready for anything you need. Thats why its important to take proper care of it, so you can extend its life. Because is there anything worse than your phone dying on you?

Battery health is crucial, so weve put together a guide to help you keep your iPhone battery healthy and strong for as long as possible.

Youll learn what kind of battery an iPhone has, dos and donts, charging tips, how to check and extend battery life, the best iPhone battery products and answers to your frequently asked questions.

Can You Overcharge An Apple Watch

Can I Use My iPhone While Charging??

You might be thinking: Ive heard that youre not supposed to charge devices overnight. Its true that there are rumors of whats called overcharging where you damage the battery, and therefore the devices battery life if you keep it in the charger for too long.

However, an Apple Watch battery in good shape will not be damaged by being charged overnight. This is because the charging will automatically stop when the device reaches full charge, not allowing too much power to enter the battery.

If youd prefer not to charge your watch at night, as you want to track your sleep patterns or health during sleep at night, then youll need to find another time to get the watch charged. It only takes around 2.5 hours for a full charge, and 90 minutes for an 80% charge.

Just putting it on your desk while working, or taking a short break from wearing it for a little bit is just fine.

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What’s The Worst Thing For My Phone’s Battery

To be very warm and fully charged at the same time. Avoid this!

The most stressful thing that can happen to your phones battery during regular use is not, in fact, being discharged, or even being empty. The combination of full charge and warm actually causes more stress than usage, Buchmann warns. If youre in a car in the summer, dont put it on the dashboard. Put it on the floor, or in the shade.

Circumstances where your phone or laptop are fully charged and extremely hot should be relatively rare and, as such, relatively avoidable. Dont leave your fully-charged phone in the summer sun! Perhaps the most dangerous recurring heat-and-charge combination is a laptop that is always plugged in and prone to running hot, in which case investing in a cooling stand may be a smart move in case you ever want to use your laptop away from its tether.

We’ve Uncovered The Charging Mistakes You Are Making Every Time You Plug In Your Phone:

Letting Your Battery Die It was once good practice to let your battery fully die before charging it, but that was when our phone batteries were nickel-based. With todays lithium-based batteries, experts suggest it is better to keep it charged than to do a deep charge every once in a while.

Charging Your Battery to 100% It may seem counter-intuitive, but keeping your phone constantly charged to 100% isnt good for it either. Pushing your phone to extremes in either direction will cause wear and tear on the battery since it only has a finite number of charge cycles. A battery functions best when its kept between 40 and 80 percent.

Charging It Overnight Which brings us to our next point: Dont charge your phone overnight. It may seem convenient to plug in when its time for lights out, but over juicing your phone can kill the battery quicker. Like with everything else in life, moderation is key, so charge your phone in short bursts throughout the day.

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Leaving The Phone Case On A colorful phone case is a cute way to add a touch of color to your outfit . However, keeping the case on while your phone is charging might actually be doing harm to your battery. Heat is bad for batteries, and by leaving your phone case on while it charges you are trapping the heat that is being generated. Take your phone case off when you plug it in to give your phone a little fresh air.

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Does Using Samsung Tablet While Charging Has An Effect

Using Samsung tablet while doesnt effect or damage the tablet or its battery, but one need to be very cautious and dont do it very often in order not to damage the battery in the long run.

This is what Im talking about in this article of Is it bad to use your tablet while charging.

Theres nothing wrong using and charging your tablet at same time though I dont recommend doing it very often especially when the tablet gets heated up.

I dont recommend playing high graphics online games while charging your phone, not only the battery will charge slow, but it may get damaged and you will start to experience annoying battery issues.

Hover In The Sweet Zone

Is It Bad To Use Your Phone While Charging?

The second thing is to preserve your depth of discharge by hovering around the sweet zone: 2585% battery level. At this range, you receive the best balance of depth of discharge and runtime. If you stay in this zone, you can maximize your battery use and retain that healthy battery life for a much longer time.

Image by Linus Tech Tips/

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Some Things To Consider

You can safely use your iPhone while its charging, but its still a good idea to keep it under some control. For example, keep your smartphone from getting too hot. It is advisable to remove the case to keep things cool, especially if the ambient temperature is high from the beginning. once again, Your phone is smart It intelligently reduces power to counter heat factors and shuts off power completely when needed, allowing everything to cool.

If youre looking for battery and iPhone details, be sure to read this knowledge article. Apple community website. Here are some solid tips for extending the battery life of your device and addressing issues related to battery status.

Also check the following.

How To Avoid Charging Your iPhone Overnight Practical Tips

So if you are not charging your iPhone at night, how can you go a whole day without losing power?

The iPhone surely isnt the phone with the best battery life out there. Still, you can extend it by charging it right. Here are several tips to keep your iPhones battery at maximum health for longer.

If you want to keep your iPhone healthy, charge it right that means not at night.

Tip #1 Stop Charging Your iPhone Overnight

Most people have at least an hour between waking up and going to work. Thats why you could plug in the iPhone charger once you wake up.

By the time you eat your breakfast, drink your coffee, and take a shower your iPhone should reach a healthy 70%-80%, which is more than enough to get you through the workday.

Tip #2 Have an iPhone Charger Everywhere

I know this may sound like an awful lot of trouble, but it actually isnt.

Its easy to place a charger in the office and in your car so you could plug it in from time to time. If you have a lunch break, that would be a perfect time as well. Short but frequent charges work way better than a single long charge. Besides, youll have more time to do some old-school face-to-face socializing with your co-workers.

Tip #3 Use a Portable iPhone Charger

If you are usually on the move, a power bank could be a great solution. You can get a decent one for $15-$30.

And since the iPhone 7 is the most popular smartphone in the US, you could get an iPhone 7 wireless charging case for as low as $18 on Amazon.

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Turn Off Cellular Data

Similar to turning off your WiFi, you can also turn off your cellular data usage. As with your WiFi, you can completely turn off your cellular connection in your Settings app.

The control center lets you turn off your connection, which can be quicker. Either way, you will need to remember to turn your cellular data on each morning.

Is It Ok To Use A Wireless Charger

This Will Happen if You USE Your iPhone While CHARGING !

Yes, especially if it helps you maintain that 20 to 80 percent charge.

While lithium-ion batteries dont like to be hot when theyre full, Buchmann says recent studies on vehicle batteries suggest they do like to be warm while they charge and discharge, so your wireless charger is probably not terrible for your batterys health even though it may create additional heat. And if it helps you stay within the 20 to 80 percent power band, that’s a very good thing.

For charging and discharging, the battery likes to be warm. Between 25 and 40 degrees Celsius , Buchmann says. But in storage, the battery should be cool, maybe 15 or 10 degrees Celsius . Monitoring these temperatures constantly is a tall order and probably not feasible, but you can find apps that will take note of your batteries temperature and warn you if it hits extremes, which will at least help you avoid the worst scenarios.

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Is It Bad To Charge Your Phone Multiple Times A Day

Nope! It’s fine. Good even!

Lithium-ion batteries like to be charged in short spurts, so plugging in for five percent here and 10 percent there is not only fine, but advisable. Cycling your phone from 100 percent, down to zero, and back up has a very limited utility in that it can recalibrate a battery if its doing strange things like dying out of nowhere when it claims to be decently charged, says Buchmann. But other than that, its not advised to fully cycle lithium-ion.

Tips For Preserving The Lifespan Of Your Phone Battery

Tip #1: Avoid extreme temperature in general, especially while charging

As weve said earlier, extreme temperatures are the biggest enemies of mobile phone batteries. To keep your battery in tip-top shape for longer, you should avoid exposing it to extreme heat or cold.

The most common situation when a phone gets too heated is when you leave it in the sun for too long in summer, for example, on a beach towel, on the dash of the car, simply anywhere that is directly under the scorching sunlight. If your phone is also charging in any of these situations, it will only be worse. Try your best to keep it in the shade or at least covered with a bright material that will absorb less heat from the sun.

There is a myth circulating on the internet that keeping your phone in the freezer will somehow improve battery health. In truth, charging your phone in freezing temperatures multiple times will cause permanent damage to the battery. Also, the charger must keep up with the accelerated discharging caused by extreme cold, leading to a slow charge. You might have noticed that when using your phone outside on freezing winter days, the battery goes down quickly.

How to keep your battery cool while charging your phone:

Tip #2: The phone charging sweet spot is between 20% and 80%
Tip #3: Charge your phone battery halfway before storage
Tip #4: Avoid cheap chargers, use fast charging in moderation
Tip #5: Unplug your phone after charging

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Battery Percentage Going From 100 To 10 Under 10 Seconds

This is the most annoying battery issue one will experience in mobile phones and tablets. If your battery issue gets to this level, the only solution is to get a battery replacement immediately.

Now the question is

What causes the battery percentage going from 100 to 10 under 10 seconds?

The answer is simple, overheating.

Overheating is one of the major causes of battery issues or problems in a smartphone and majorly caused when youre using your tablet or phone and charging it at same time. For example, playing high graphics online games like pubg, call of duty, and same time charging your tablet.

Normally these games heats up the tablet, and charging you tablet at same does no good to the tablet but rather reduces the life span of your tablet or phone tablet.

These are of the major issues you may experience if you charge and use your tablet while its has heated, and this is why I dont recommended using and charging your tablet while it is hot.

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