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iPhone 13 Versus 13 Pro

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iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Camera

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro – Which Should You Choose?

The main difference between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro is their rear camera setups. The iPhone 13 has a dual 12MP camera system with Ultra Wide and Wide lenses, whereas the iPhone 13 Pro has a triple camera setup that adds a Telephoto lens into the mix. The iPhone 13 Pro is also able to optically zoom in ten times further than the standard iPhone 13.

The iPhone 13 Pro is also able to take photos in Apple ProRaw, allowing you to take higher quality photos and record video in 4K at 30 fps.

In addition to this, the iPhone 13 Pro has a LiDAR Scanner in the rear camera array to accurately map the environment and depth, allowing you to take Night mode portrait photos and use the camera for augmented reality.

If the camera is important to you, then you’re probably better off opting for the iPhone 13 Pro or the iPhone 13 Pro Max models, rather than just the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Which Is Better For You

Can’t decide between the regular iPhone 13 or the more powerful iPhone 13 Pro? We’re here to help.

The professional’s iPhone

The iPhone 13 Pro is the iPhone to get for those who are serious about mobile photography and want the absolute best display that Apple offers on its popular smartphone. With the triple-lens camera system, you have not just Wide and Ultra Wide, but Telephoto as well for optical zoom instead of digital only, as well as ProRAW, ProRes video, and more. Plus, the 120Hz ProMotion display also ensures that you have the smoothest experience when you use your device, no matter what you’re doing. And you can get it in up to 1TB storage, which is incredibly useful for ProRes video.


  • Blazing fast A15 Bionic with 6GB RAM
  • Super Retina XDR OLED display with ProMotion
  • LiDAR and Wide, Ultra Wide, and Telephoto cameras
  • Macro mode, Apple ProRAW, ProRes video
  • Up to 1TB storage
  • ProRes video not supported on 128GB
  • Screen scratches easily

The iPhone for everyone


  • Battery life is much improved over iPhone 12
  • Wide color selection
  • Cinematic mode is limited to 1080p at 30fps
  • Still no telephoto lens
  • Only 2x Optical zoom range

iPhone 14 Pro Vs iPhone 13 Pro Camera Specifications

You can see a complete breakdown of whats new with the iPhone 14 Pro compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, but were only concerned with the cameras for this test. Apple has made some changes with the new generation. The iPhone 14 Pro has a new 48-megapixel main camera with an f/1.78 aperture, second-generation optical image stabilization, and its Deep Fusion, Smart HDR 4, and new Photonic Engine features. Its joined by a 12MP ultra-wide camera and a 12MP telephoto camera with a 3x optical zoom.

The iPhone 13 Pro has three 12MP cameras on the back. The main camera has Apples previous generation optical image stabilization and an f/1.5 aperture, while the telephoto also has a 3x optical zoom. On the software side, the phone also has Deep Fusion and Smart HDR 4 technology but doesnt have the new Photonic Engine. The two phones use different processors, with the A15 Bionic powering the iPhone 13 Pro, and the A16 Bionic in the iPhone 14 Pro. On the front is a 12MP selfie camera, but the 14 Pro gets the Photonic Engine and an f/1.9 aperture.

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You’d Like To Spend Time On Dynamic Island

Probably the biggest change from the iPhone 13 Pro to the iPhone 14 Pro is the new notch and lock screen interface, with Dynamic Island and always-on display functions. Bridging the gap between lock screen widgets and home screen notifications, the new Dynamic Island allows easy and live access to controls while you are still using other apps, including music player toggles, microphone indicators, and more.

New Features Battery Life And More

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Regardless of which iPhone 14 model you buy, there are a few changes and features that apply across the board. The US models, for instance, no longer feature a physical SIM tray but go all in on eSIMs instead, which shouldnt impact those on a major carrier but could prove to be a hindrance with some providers. In addition, the entire iPhone 14 lineup runs on iOS 16 out of the box, so youll be able to, say, edit sent messages and add widgets to your lock screen no matter which phone you buy.

All of the new phones will also support satellite-based Emergency SOS starting in November. This will make it possible to send messages via communication satellites when you dont have a cell signal. While its a premium service, those who purchase an iPhone 14 model will be able to use the feature for free for two years. Additionally, each phone in the iPhone 14 lineup as well as the Apple Watch Series 8 offers the ability to automatically connect you with emergency services if it detects youve been involved in a car accident.

Apples satellite-based Emergency SOS feature is a first for the iPhone.The iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus .

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iPhone 13 Pro Vs iPhone 12 Pro: Portrait Mode

Both the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro have the same portrait mode that weve seen on the last few generations of iPhone. However, as the telephoto lens for the newer model is a 3x zoom, rather than 2x, there is a clearly marked difference between the two when shooting with the 2x/3x option enabled.

If you shoot at the 1x option to include more of the background/context of whatever it is youre photographing Photo Styles bearing in mind that Portrait mode is not just for Portraits but for any subject which you want to isolate from the background the differences are a lot more subtle.

The iPhone 13 Pro Pays Dividends For Macro And Telephoto Shots

While the capabilities that have been baked into the base-level iPhone 13 camera are impressive, its the iPhone 13 Pro camera where the whole system is pushed to the next level. The sensors here may all have the same 12MP resolution, but they bump up their aperture values to f/1.5 for the wide camera and f/1.8 for the ultrawide camera. The 13 Pro also adds a 77mm-equivalent telephoto camera with a f/2.8 aperture, giving it a total of a 6x zoom range between the ultrawide and telephoto cameras. The telephoto cameras focal length makes it ideally suited to portrait photography, as well as for using a compositional tool.

Its the iPhone 13 Pro camera where the whole system is pushed to the next level.

Macrophotography is a big part of the iPhone 13 Pro, as its ultrawide camera can focus down to just 2 centimeters for super-close-up photos and video. The wide camera features a larger sensor, extremely bright aperture, and lidar scanner for exceptional lowlight photography and night mode portraits. Night mode is also now available in the telephoto camera, as well as in the ultrawide camera. Cinematic mode on the 13 Pro is also enhanced by these superior cameras and the addition of telephoto capabilities.

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The Dynamic Island Is A Creative Feature

Another consideration to keep in mind when comparing the iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro is the Dynamic Island. For those that dont know, this is a new feature exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro.

Essentially, Apple has replaced the Notch at the top of the iPhone with a pill-shaped cutout at the top of the screen. This cutout holds the front-facing camera and the Face ID sensors. This is all pretty standard stuff for a smartphone in 2022.

What makes the Dynamic Island unique to Apple is that Apple has decided to animate the pill-shaped cutout on its iPhone. You can tap it, various app interact with it, and it can display information and real-time interactions.

While this feature doesnt do anything extra that your old iPhone cant do, its the way that information is presented which is exciting. For some, I imagine that this is a non-feature. Who cares?

For others, though, including myself, this is a really neat idea and something that adds a little extra spice to using the iPhone 14 Pro. I personally love interacting with it and seeing it on my display, and Im very happy with it. Something to consider if you like little details of polish like this.

Have You Been Waiting For The New Color Options Or The Always

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro – Which to choose?

Another reason you might consider upgrading to the iPhone 14 Pro from the iPhone 13 Pro is that the new color options are appealing to you. Namely, the Deep Purple option.

Apple doesnt usually keep these more interesting colors around for very long, so theres a good chance that this is your only chance to grab a purple iPhone. At least for a long time.

A feature that is likely to be a bit less rare is the always-on display. Apple will probably keep this feature around for future iPhones, so I wouldnt advise you to rush to get it.

However, if youre someone who loves this feature and has been waiting for it for years, then you may enjoy it enough to go ahead and make the upgrade. To be clear, I imagine that this is a minor feature for most users, and having used it for about a month now, I havent noticed it changing the way I use my iPhone all that much. Its neat, though, and something to consider if it appeals to you.

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Pricing And Storage Options

Prices begin at $699 for the 128GB iPhone 13 mini, $799 for the standard iPhone 13, $999 for the Pro, and $1,099 for the Pro Max. Higher storage capacities will cost you more. Want the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max? Be prepared to shell out $1,599. As is expected, more storage is more money. Your options are as follows:

  • iPhone 13/mini: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
  • iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

The iPhone 13 lineup has a lower starting price however, the Pro and Pro Max add a higher storage tier. Still, most people likely won’t need a whopping 1TB of storage, making the iPhone 13 the best deal of the bunch.

There are plenty of iPhone 13 . Whether you want to upgrade from an old iPhone, switch carriers, purchase an unlocked iPhone, or something else, theres undoubtedly an option to fit your needs. Check out the on the market.

Both iPhone 13 Pro models pack what Apple dubs its ProMotion display technology. ProMotion is a variable refresh rate implementation capable of operating as low as 10Hz and as high as 120Hz. As an adaptive refresh rate, ProMotion automatically adjusts to your on-screen tapping and scrolling. For example, it dips down while slowly scrolling through an article but ramps up during fast-paced gaming.

  • iPhone 13/mini: 60Hz fixed refresh rate display
  • iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max: Up to 120Hz variable refresh rate panel
  • Ultra-wide: 12MP /2.4 aperture, 13mm focal length, 5-element lens, 120-degree field of view
  • Front-facing: 12MP
  • Front-facing: 12MP

iPhone 13 Pro Vs iPhone 13 Pro Max Buyer’s Guide

In 2021, Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max as the successors to the popular iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, featuring a ProMotion display, the A15 Bionic chip, improved cameras, longer battery life, and more. As Apple’s premium flagship offerings, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are the most fully-featured iPhones available.

The iPhone 13 Pro starts at $999 and the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1,099. Although the two phones share the vast majority of features, there are a small number of differences between the devices besides just screen size. Our guide highlights the differences between the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, and helps to answer the question of how to decide which of these two iPhone models is best for you.

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iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Battery Life

When playing back video, the iPhone 13 Pro allows three extra hours of battery life compared to the iPhone 13, which offers 19 hours total . The Pro model can also offer five hours longer battery life when streaming video too.

Overall in regards to battery life, the iPhone 13 Pro has a strong advantage over the iPhone 13. For those who tend to stream video a lot or want to use their iPhone to record and edit video, the higher-end Pro model would be the better option of the two models.

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Buy Now Or Wait

ìì?´í?° 13

It’s been more than six months since the launch of both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, so you might be thinking about waiting for the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro.

Well if you need a new iPhone now, say if yours in broken, then both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are well worth getting in fact Roland Moore-Colyer has even made the switch from Android to iOSthanks to the iPhone 13 Pro. And if you get either iPhone 13 model, you can now benefit from the scope to carry out your own repairs, thanks to Apple’s new iPhone Self Service Repair kits.

If you decide to wait, then it’s looking likely that the iPhone 14 Pro will be the phone to get as it’s tipped to get more significant upgrades than the standard next-gen iPhone. According to the rumors so far, the iPhone 14 may only be a minor upgrade over the iPhone 13, whereas the iPhone 14 Pro could have a significant redesign.

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iPhone 13 Pro Vs iPhone 13 Pro Max: Whats The Same


Other than the size difference, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are pretty much identical. There’s a smaller Face ID notch at the top of both phones’ displays, flat edges and a fairly square camera bump containing three cameras and a LiDAR sensor on the back.

Both iPhone 13 Pro models are available in the same four colors, too Graphite, Gold, Silver and Sierra Blue.

ProMotion display with 120Hz refresh rate

One of the new features this year for both iPhone 13 Pro models is the ProMotion display. This allows for a maximum 120Hz refresh rate, which results in smoother performance and animations. What’s more, the refresh rate can dynamically scale all the way down to 10Hz, which can save battery life.


The main cameras on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max consist of three photo sensors: a 12MP main camera with sensor-shift stabilization, a 12MP ultrawide camera and a 12MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom. There’s also a LiDAR sensor that aids with AR apps and low-light photography. Last but not least, you have a 12MP selfie camera on the front.

These cameras enable the same new features too, such as Apple’s Cinematic mode for video, real-time filters with Photographic Styles, and the option for high detail video recordings with ProRes video. However, ProRes only supports 4K resolution if you opt for 256GB storage or higher.

A15 Bionic chip and performance



iPhone 14 Pro Vs iPhone 13 Pro Design

One of the most obvious changes from the iPhone 13 Pro is the display notch has been replaced by the Dynamic Island. It’s essentially an interactive box around the pill-shaped Face ID and front camera cut-out that changes size and form based on different notifications, alerts and activities.

While the iPhone 13 series reduced the size of the Face ID notch for the first time since its introduction on the iPhone X, the iPhone 14 Pro’s new variable-sized island will give back more screen real estate to actual pixels, making it less obstructive when using an app in fullscreen mode.

We had thought there would be a more obvious new look for the back of the iPhone 14 Pro too. But it now looks like it’ll be basically the same as the iPhone 13 Pro, with the now-familiar triple lens camera mount.

The iPhone 14 Pro still has a Lightning port rather than a USB-C port for power and data transfer too. That may change next year though, due to changes in the law in the EU and demand for similar legislation in the U.S.

And on the side of the shell you’ll notice a distinct absence of a SIM tray this is because Apple have decided to restrict the iPhone 14 Pro to eSIMs in the U.S., which has numerous benefits.

In regions where eSIMs are already commonplace, such as the U.K., this move likely won’t be an issue, as many carriers offer eSIMs already to both new and existing customers. In regions where eSIMs are not as widely used, however, it could cause headaches and restrict consumer choice.

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iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 13 Pro: Cameras

Both of these phones make considerable improvements in the camera department. The iPhone 13 borrows some key components from last years iPhone 12 Pro Max for its dual 12MP system, while the iPhone 13 Pros triple 12MP system takes a further step forward from that point.

The iPhone 13s mains sensor can pull in 47% more light than before, and produces large 1.7µm pixels rather than the iPhone 12s 1.4µm. But the iPhone 13 Pros wide sensor goes even larger, producing 1.9µm pixels rather than the iPhone 12 Pros 1.4µm.

Both camera systems pack in the sensor shift stabilization system that made last years iPhone 12 Pro Max so special in low lighting conditions. Night mode is a thing to behold with both phones, though again the iPhone 13 Pro is the prince of darkness here.

Both ultra-wide sensors are improved, but the iPhone 13 Pro also has the benefit of a 12MP 3X telephoto lens for zoomed-in shots. Thats a big advantage over the iPhone 13, which has to crop in on the main sensor for such close-ups.

Of course, any new iPhone camera is the beneficiary of Apples software advances as much as any hardware improvements. As such, both phones get the new Photographic Styles feature, which enables you to fundamentally change the tone of your snaps, whether you prefer them to be warmer, cooler, more vibrant, or more contrasty.

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