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Verizon iPhone Trade In Deals For Existing Customers

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Verizon iPhone Deals For Existing Customers

Verizon’s Free iPhone 13 Deal: Explained!

Verizons current iPhone deal for existing customers is offering a free iPhone if you do a trade-in and add a new line.

Thats the offer on the Verizon website. Its not really an appealing offer.

You can get better offers if you talk to Verizon either online or in person.

Verizon stores have unique promotions that youll only be able to access if you go into a store and try to understand your options. You need to be careful about these promotions because often these offers are upsells that will end up costing you more at the end of the day.

However, if you go through the fine print and dont see any problems, you can get better deals than some trade-in credits with an iPhone.

Most of the time these are buy-one-get-one-free discounts tied to additional services like signing up for wireless tablet service.

Theres often additional costs but oftentimes you can come up ahead a couple hundred dollars if you plan carefully.

Theyre relying on most people keeping the overpriced services they bundle in and making bank from that.

Does Verizon Offer Deals On Older iPhones

If you’re willing to forego the latest and greatest iPhones, you can find sweet savings on older iPhone models. Look for free or extremely cheap iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X, and iPhone 11 handsets. Many times, these devices are refurbished or pre-owned, but free is free. Verizon’s deals on older iPhones vary but include free or 50% off handsets.

Up To $1000 Off On Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5g

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G will be available for pre-order in the United States. You can get an extra $1,000 off if youre an existing customer, and you can get up to $1,000 off for the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+!

However, if you are cancelling your plan, youll get up to $1,000 if you have the 5G Get More Unlimited Plan.

The Google TV costs $50 less than the Nexus Player, but if you trade in a Nexus Player, you can save up to $440.

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Free Google Pixel 6 W/trade In & New Unlimited Line

Trade in your old phone and add a new unlimited line at Verizon and get a free Google Pixel 6. Thats a $700 value on Googles latest addition to the Pixel lineup. Value is paid as bill credit over 36 months. Switching to Verizon? Youll also get a free $200 Verizon gift card. If you dont need a new line, you can still save up to $440 when you trade in your old phone and upgrade to an unlimited plan.

Verizon Offers Up To $1000 Off A New iPhone 13 With A Trade

The best Verizon deals for August 2021: free iPhones, discounts on ...

Its iPhone season, so of course, the major carriers are all competing for your wallet. Verizon is coming out swinging with a promotion offering up to $1,000 off a new iPhone 13 series device with select trade-ins, even if your trade-in device is broken. You just need one of their premium plans to get top dollar.

Verizons Get More, Do More, Play More, Above, and Beyondplans are considered premium plans. Their other unlimited plans get the lower values for their trade-ins.

Plans and promos are getting pretty complicated these days, so heres a breakdown of devices and their values. When buying a new iPhone 13, 13 Pro, or 13 Pro Max, trading in a Tier 1 device will net you $800 off if youre on a premium plan or $400 off if youre on another unlimited plan Tier 2 devices are worth $400 for premium plans and $200 for non-premium plans. For purchases of an iPhone 13 Mini, Tier 1 devices are worth $700 and Tier 2 devices are worth $350 on premium plans.


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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The first phone on our list is the Samsung Galaxy S8+. Verizon offers this phone for $180 less its retail price to existing customers. However, you have to exchange your old phone as part of the deal. You also have to subscribe to an unlimited plan.


  • The Samsung Galaxy 8 comes with a display that is 5.8 inches wide, so you can use it to watch movies and music videos on your phone comfortably. The screen is protected by corning gorilla glass 5, making it less susceptible to damage, e.g., cracking.
  • It has an Android 7.0 operating system and a 1.9 GHz processor used to keep this phone running even if you download CPU-intensive games.
  • For the internal storage, the galaxy s8 has a 64 GB ROM that you can use to store all your crucial data and files. The RAM is 4GB in size, which is still a decent size.
  • You can use a 12MP dual camera or an 8MP front camera when it comes to photos. These cameras take good photos thanks to the optical image stabilization features.
  • This phone has a 3000 mAh battery that can power the phone for close to 20 hours on Talktime.

Can You Trade In Phones For Cash At Verizon

Before we get down to brass tacks, lets talk about what that trade-in is going to net you financially .

So does Verizon offer cash like some of its competitors? Were sad to say it does not, as its more about the trade-in game.

Its program is designed to earn you credit for your old phone, tablet, or wearablecredit being the operative word. With Verizon, your main payment options are either instant credit, account credit, or an electronic Verizon gift card depending on whether you are an existing or future Verizon Wireless customer.

If you prefer, there is a Paypal option as well, though its likely to take longer due to processing.

Instant credit: Only available for existing Verizon customers who are adding a new line or upgrading their current device, depending on eligibility can be used immediately towards down payments, for the purchase of accessories, etc.
Account credit: Only available for current Verizon customers who arent eligible for instant credit after receiving the final appraised value of the device, the account credit is applied within one or two billing cycles. So, yes, youll have to wait a bit.
Verizon Wireless Gift Card: Available for non-Verizon customers gift card is sent through email within two weeks after Verizon receives the traded-in device. Again, waiting.

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Verizon Wireless iPhone Bogo Deals For Existing Customers

iPhone BOGO deals is where the buyer is given a special discount on pricing of one device after buying more than one device at the same time. However, the discounted device should be of a lesser or equal value to the original device. Below are available Verizon iPhone BOGO deals for existing customers.

Save Up To $800 On Google Pixel 6 Pro

FREE iPhone 13 Deal | AT& T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Comparison

Although Google is not an electronic device company, its Pixel series phones are some of the best in the smartphone market. There are plenty of customers for pixel phones for their fast and smooth user experience. You can save up to $800 on Google Pixel 6 Pro by doing a trade-in at Verizon. All you need to do is add a new line with the company. And just like with Apple iPhone12, you can get a $200 coupon in case you shift from another carrier.

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What Happens If You Leave Verizon Before The 36 Months Are Up

If you don’t stick with Verizon through the full 36 months of bill credits, you’ll be responsible for all the remaining charges. Before canceling or transferring your service to another carrier, be sure to communicate with the carrier to understand the actual cost of what you’ll owe to make sure you can cover that before making the move.

Get your next phone for the best price.

Set price alerts on your favorite models with the CNET Shopping extension and get notified when prices drop.

Best Verizon iPhone Deals 202: Save On The iPhone 14

4.55Up to $1,000 off iPhone 14 Pro

  • Trade-in required

4.55Up to $800 off iPhone 14

  • New line required

4.55Up to $800 off iPhone 14 Plus

Verizon’s best are highlighted by big savings on the all-new iPhone 14 series. Currently, you can get the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, and iPhone 14 Pro for free from Verizon with trade-in, or get $1,000 off the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Update: The iPhone 14 is finally here and ready to purchase now! New Verizon customers can trade in their old phone to get up to $1,000 off. That gets you the iPhone 14 Pro for free. Order yours today.


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Get More Of The Best For Less Just In Time For Mothers Day

Our best 5G Unlimited plans offer up to $90/month of value the most included value in the industry. Already paying for entertainment services? Verizons premium 5G Unlimited plans include incredible savings and the most popular entertainment, like Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Apple Music, and Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass, plus, 600GB of Verizon Cloud storage and TravelPass in addition to high-speed 5G Home Internet offered at only $25 per month3 with an eligible premium 5G Unlimited plan and Auto Pay.

Get The iPhone 13 Pro Max For As Low As $15/month

Verizon offers new iPhone 11 models for up to $500 off with eligible ...
WhistleOut Rating:

Deal details

Get an iPhone 13 Pro Max for as little as $15/month with a new line of service, and up to $200 when switching carriers. When upgrading a line, get up to $600 off with trade-in on select 5G unlimited plans. Enjoy up to $120 off an iPhone 13 with an eligible smartwatch plan.

Who qualifies?

New and existing customers adding new lines or upgrading existing lines.

Why we love it

Starting at $1,099 the iPhone 13 Pro Max doesn’t come cheap. Although you can’t snag the iPhone 13 Pro Max for free, this deal does get you a massive discount on an outstanding Apple phone.


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Best Verizon Deals On Phones

Many of Verizon’s phone deals are available to both new and existing customers, though trade-ins are often required to get the advertised prices. It’s worth noting that these deals are split across 36 months of bill credits, meaning you’ll need to remain a Verizon customer for at least three years in order for the phone to get paid off. If you cancel before that period is over you’ll be responsible for any remaining charges associated with it.

Our researched and curated deals picks are below, but if you’d like a more customized deeper dive, check out Navi, an independent marketplace that aggregates information on service plans and phone deals.

Which Phone Should I Buy

There is a plethora of phone brands on the market, so you’ll definitely come to a few crossroads during your purchasing journey. To help, ask yourself the following questions:

  • iOS or Android? These two operating systems make up more than 95% of the market, so choosing between the two is your first big choice. iOS, the Apple iPhone’s operating system, is known to be user-friendly, secure, and home to a robust library of quality apps. Android, on the other hand, utilizes Google’s software and AI smarts to produce a more customizable user experience.
  • Small or large? What do you use your phone for? Browsing social media? Streaming TV shows on the go? Some users prefer smaller devices for their ergonomics and one-handed usability. Larger phones provide more screen real estate for social and multimedia consumption. You also can expect greater battery life with the latter.
  • Budget? How much are you willing to spend on your next phone? Fortunately, there is a wide selection of capable mobile handsets on the market, so paying less doesn’t always mean you’re getting the worst. Today, you can buy a 5G-ready smartphone for as little as $200.
  • My best advice for you is to give every phone a try at a brick-and-mortar store. There’s nothing more helpful than holding and interacting with the phones in person and seeing what satisfies your consumer needs.

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    Introducing The Unlimited Plan That Loves Your iPhone As Much As You Do

    Introducing One Unlimited for iPhone, exclusively from Verizon. Your Apple favorites. All in one plan. Its the only plan that gets you Apple One including Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud+ all shareable with your whole family.

    Thats right, we bundled all of your Apple favorites in the only unlimited plan that loves your iPhone as much as you do, with an annual value of up to $480 included for a family with a connected device. It’s all ad-free and running on Verizons award-winning network, and available to new and current customers.

    Plus, with up to 50% off connected device plans, new and existing customers can add Apple Watch or iPad to their account and enjoy their Apple favorites and One Unlimited for iPhone across all devices. And save up to an additional $25 per account per month with Student and Those Who Serve discounts. Dont forget Verizon Home Internet starts at $25 per month when combined with One Unlimited for iPhone, with Auto Pay, available in select areas. You can learn more at

    One Unlimited for iPhone is available to new and current Verizon customers starting today, regardless of what smartphone you have.

    How Do I Transfer Data Between Phones And Carriers

    Verizon Wireless – âBiggest 5G Upgrade Everâ? Trade-in Promo and Premium Unlimited Plans Explained

    First, back up your phone’s content either to your computer or cloud-based storage service. Then, do a factory reset of your phone so that none of your data is present when you send it in for trade. Lastly, when your new phone arrives, power it up and either follow the set-up instructions to download your cloud backup, or connect it to your computer to retrieve your data from there.

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    Where Can You Get More

    There are so many ways to get your new 5G phone: pop into a Verizon retail store, order online or through the MyVerizon app, grab it in-store through our new express pickup lockers, or have your phone shipped directly to you. If youre looking for the industrys best value, theres never been a better time.

    New customers and those who have been with us since the beginning, get a 5G phone on us, with a select trade-in and select 5G Unlimited plan:

    Is It Easy To Transfer My Data And Set Up My New iPhone

    Yes, iCloud makes moving your settings, photos, apps and documents to a new device seamless. Just sign in to iCloud when you set up your new device, access your previous devices iCloud backup and youll be ready to go in minutes.

    Dont have enough iCloud storage to complete a backup? iCloud will grant you enough temporary storage to make sure you can back up your device and get all your data transferred, free of charge .

    With Quick Start, you can restore your data and content to your new iPhone from your iCloud backup. For phones using iOS 12.4 or later, Quick Start offers the option of using device-to-device migration, allowing you to transfer all your data wirelessly from your current device to your new one.

    If you are switching from Android, you need to download the Move to iOS app first and follow the setup process on your new iPhone.

    To learn how to transfer data to your new iPhone, see

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    Up To $800 Off The iPhone 14 Plus

    WhistleOut Rating:

    Deal details

    Save up to $800 on an iPhone 14 Plus with a trade-in, select unlimited plans, and a new line of service. And get up to $200 back when you switch from another carrier. When upgrading an existing line, save up to $800 with device trade-in and some unlimited plans. Cop an iPad for as little as $8/month with the purchase of an iPhone 14 Plus.

    Who qualifies?

    New and existing customers who purchase a new Apple iPhone 14 Plus, sign up for select unlimited plans, and trade in an eligible device.

    Why we love it

    With up to $800 off for new lines of service and upgrading an existing line, you can get a big screen iPhone for a little money!


    How Genuine Is The Deal

    Existing Verizon customers can now preorder Apple

    You should first determine if the Verizon Phone deal you are about to sign up for is legit. Nowadays, many fraudsters on the internet purport to be Verizon customer representatives. Once you contact them, they may steal your personal data and hard-earned money. The best way to find out if a phone deal is genuine is by going to the Verizon Deals page.

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    Faq Frequently Asked Questions

    There are many iPhone deals that existing Verizon customers can enjoy. For example, you can get an iPhone 12 for free and pay its $699.99 retail price in monthly installments for 36 months. If youre not on their network already, you can get a free iPhone when you switch.

    Yes, there is. To enjoy Verizon phone deals, you need to subscribe to one of their unlimited plans. You also have to complete the payment for the phone over 36 months

    It is important that you confirm the deals legitimacy and if it is still being offered. It would help if you also compared Verizon phone deals for existing customers with deals offered by other Service Providers.

    Yes. You can return the phone and exchange it for another one as long as it is within 30 days from the date you got it. Verizon charges a $50 fee for any returns and only offers you one exchange.

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