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What’s The Newest iPhone Update

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Whats new in iOS 11.1 update

iOS 9 brings powerful new features to Mail, so you can do more right from your iOS device and with a little flair. Markup lets you add drawings, comments or a signature to attached photos and documents. You can easily attach any files you have stored in your iCloud Drive. And new search options help you find the email youre looking for faster by narrowing down results based on subject, sender, recipient or a combination of criteria.

Which iPhones Get Ios 15

Here are all the devices that can install iOS 15:

  • iPhone 6s
  • All iPhone 13 models
  • …plus the current iPod touch and the new iPod touch if and when it eventually launches.

This is great work from Apple, which has kept all the same compatible devices as on iOS 14 and even iOS 13. We discuss the iPhones that can install iOS 15 in more detail in a separate article.

However, you should remember that just because your iPhone can run iOS 15 doesn’t mean that you will get all the features. Read: Which iOS 15 features run on my iPhone to find out which iOS 15 features your iPhone supports.

Vodafone iPhone 13 Pro Deal

Apple iPhone 13 Pro deals with Vodafone:

  • £47 per month with an upfront cost of £49 for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro – 128GB – build your plan here.
  • Unlimited data, minutes and texts, 5G for £30 a month
  • 50GB data, unlimited minutes and texts and 5G ready for £25 a month
  • 25GB data, unlimited minutes and texts and 5G ready for £22 a month

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What’s The Latest Version Of Ios 15

The new iPhone software update for 2021 is iOS 15. It arrived on 20 September. It is likely that Apple will soon issue it’s first update to iOS 15: iOS 15.1 is already being beta tested.

iOS 15.1 will be one of many X.1 updates. These point updates will enable Apple to add some of the previously announced features that didn’t make it into the X.0 versions of iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and tvOS 15. For a few examples, read Eight iOS 15 features that will be missing at launch.

We explain how to install iOS 15, whether the final version or the beta, in a of this article.

How Can I Download It

iOS14.0.1 Update on iPhone 6s

The best way to check is to head to Settings, then General, then Software Update. Your iPhone will tell you whether iOS 15 is ready to roll. Some older phones should allow users to update by plugging in to a laptop and going through iTunes, if you prefer a tethered option.

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Apple Ios : Everything To Know About The Latest iPhone Update

Apple’s iOS 14.7 is out, and the small update comes with useful features like MagSafe battery pack support;for the;iPhone 12;and managing timers on your;HomePod. The April iOS 14.5 update brought the abilities to unlock your iPhone with;Face ID while wearing a mask, stop apps from tracking you;for advertising purposes and choose from four Siri voices. You can check out the beta now, ahead of the general;iOS 15;release expected this fall.

iOS 14.5 will get some new features compared to previous versions, pictured here.

Facetime Safari Weather And Apple Maps Have A New Look

Familiar apps have also a new look. FaceTime looks more square but adds a new Portrait mode to blur your background in a call. Theres also a new Voice Isolation function, a better grid view with FaceTime Group, and people can join your conversation from the web or Android with a FaceTime link, which is pretty neat.

Its important to notice how good these new mic modes are: if youre using an AirPods, choosing the voice isolation mode is groundbreaking because you can wash dishes or be close to someone talking loudly, but the person on the other side of the call wont hear anything aside from your voice. Apples implementation of this feature is quite impressive.

The Weather app has a new icon and everything looks more realistic with new animated backgrounds. There are also next-hour precipitation notifications so you can get a notification when rain, snow, hail, or sleet is about to start or;stop. Apples team has put a lot of effort into the app and it does look good.

Safari, after all the controversy during the beta, has also a new design. While the design has proven to be controversial, I think its only a matter of time before people to get used to it. With iPadOS 15, you can have a Compact Tab Bar, which looks pretty great. Even still, if you dont like what you see, theres also the classic design, which you can learn how to go back here.

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Fitness Plus Helps You Get And Stay In Shape

With gyms closed or running at limited capacity, now’s the time to work out at home. Apple’s Fitness Plus service is built directly into your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, and it uses your Apple Watch to track your workout. The guided video workouts are released weekly, with options for all different fitness levels. Read our;hands-on with the new service and then let us walk you through everything you need to know to set it up.

You can view details of what each session is about, including a preview of the songs that are included.;

iPados 1: Worth Upgrading It Or Not

iOS 11.3.1 Released! | URGENT UPDATE! Whats New? (iOS 11)

iPadOS 15 finally brings a redesigned Home screen with widgets, but after Apple announced the M1 iPad Pro, many people had higher hopes for this years software updates.

While you can easily use Split Screen and Slide Over, and there are new keyboard shortcuts, Apple didnt give iPadOS the complete revamp that some users were hoping for.

Pro apps like Final Cut Pro and Xcode are nowhere to be found, and the only thing Apple will give to developers, is another version of Swift Playgrounds where they can create an app and send it to Apple to publish on the App Store.

With all the power and fancy features the M1 iPad Pro has, Apple seems to be holding back for the next big step. Maybe next year.

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Casetify Covers Are Now Live

Phone case company Casetify has launched a range of new iPhone 13 cases starting from around £45. The company has become a hit in the age of Instagram and TikTok with bright cases featuring eye-catching logos and patterns. The brand includes covers featuring artwork from artists past and present, as well as collaborations with fast food outlet KFC for some chicken-themed covers.

You can see the new range of covers here.

Update Your iPhone iPad Or Ipod Touch

Learn how to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS.

You can update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS wirelessly.

If you can’t see the update on your device, you can update manually using your computer. Learn how to update your device manually;if you’re using a Mac with macOS Catalina or later, or if you’re using a Mac with macOS Mojave or earlier or a Windows PC.

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How To Update Your iPhone Automatically

The easiest way to manage iPhone updates is to let your device handle it.;

Here’s how to make sure your iPhone is ready to update automatically:

1. Open the Settings app and tap General.

2. On the General page,;tap Software Update.

3. On the Software Update page, tap Automatic Updates.

4. To let the iPhone do everything automatically, be sure both the and Install iOS Updates buttons are turned on by swiping them to the right, turning them green.

When both switches are turned on, your iPhone will download update files to the phone and then install them automatically overnight, when your phone is charging and locked.;

Note: If you prefer, you can turn off Install iOS Updates but leave turned on. If you do this, the update will download to the phone and wait for you to install it manually.

Starting Monday You Can Download The Latest Software On Your Apple Devices

Apple TV App Update iOS 12.3 beta

Apples iOS update is the annual consolation prize for people not buying the newest iPhone model. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars, you can add a little zest to your perfectly fine older-generation iPhone at no charge.

This years update, iOS 15, is available starting Monday. Its the usual grab bag of new features, extra settings and a subtle software makeover for iPhones and iPads. More than a few of this years changes are familiar to anyone who follows Android updates, but some are original or improved. Beta testers have been using the update for months.

There are tons of big and small changes in iOS 15, though none that will disrupt your life too much if youre not into learning new things. Weve been using it and found some of the standouts features.

Heres what you need to know about Apples latest iOS update.

The big question: Should you update your iPhone or iPad now?

This is a trick question. You should absolutely, without delay, make sure your phone is updated to the most recent version of iOS 14.8, the operating system you are probably already on. Earlier this month, Apple released an important security patch after researchers said they found an exploit that could be used to hack Apple devices.

The easy directions: How to update to iOS 15

Go to Settings General Software Update and start the install.

Other bits to check out

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What Are The Benefits Of Updating To The Latest Version Of Ios

At the time of writing, the latest Apple software update is iOS 11.2.2. Assuming youre already on a version of iOS 11, this wont bring you any spectacular new features. But it should to help fix a few of the bugs that blighted iOS 11.

Unfortunately, it wont restore battery life for those older iPhones hampered by the latest update. But according to Apple, iOS 11.2.2 provides a security update and is recommended for all users.

This is because the update is designed to mitigate the effects of Meltdown and Spectre, the security flaws that can cause problems for iPhone users.While it sadly wont fix the issues completely, it will help to protect your iPhone from malware.

Apple has said that forthcoming iOS 11 updates will do more to address users concerns, but as this bug is a developing issue, it will likely take Apple engineers a while to get on top of the problem.

So, if youve already downloaded iOS 11, updating to iOS 11.2.2 is a pretty sensible move. However, if youve got an older iPhone and youre still on iOS 10, the update might slow your phone down.

Apple Fans Queue For New iPhone 13 As Handsets Sell Out Online

Apple fans queued outside the technology giants Regent Street store in central London on launch day.

The company unveiled four new iPhone 13 handsets last week including the Mini, the standard iPhone, the Pro and the range-topping Pro Max. The new phones get a small redesign, longer battery life and new and improved cameras.

Fans of the phone were able to get their hands on the new models at 7.30am after pre orders opened last week and Apple staff applauded the first customers inside when the London store opened its doors at 8am.

The pandemic and increased options for buying online and reserving pick-up times have seen physical queues outside Apple Stores scaled back in recent years.

The iPhone 13 is available to buy from:

Unveiling the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max during a virtual event last week, Apple boss Tim Cook said they are the best iPhones we have ever created.

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Become An Apple Developer

If you want to be the;very first;to try out any software updates from Apple,;join the Apple Developer Program. The program is designed for app developersindividuals and companies. But anyone can join for $99 per year. A note of caution, though: since you’ll have an early version of iOS, you’ll face bugs that are more than the minor annoyances you’re used to on stable versions of iOS. The entire point of developers having the software is to test it out with their apps, so you might find that some of your apps become unusable or that you lose information. Make sure you’re comfortable with that before signing up. Or install the dev version on a second, non-primary iOS device.

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Create A Smart Stack Widget Of Your Liking

iOS 14.6 is Out! – What’s New?

Speaking of widgets, you’re not locked into using Apple’s curated Smart Stack widget. You can create your own stack of widgets using the same technique you’d use to create an app folder. Seriously, it takes longer to decide which widgets to include than it does to create it.;

Just keep stacking widgets until you’re happy.;

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Apps Reverting To Defaults

A few days after the arrival of iOS 14 users were complaining of a bug that could revert apps to their defaults.

Prior to iOS 14 it wasn’t possible to choose which browser would be your default, if you clicked a link it would automatically open in Safari. As of iOS 14 it is now possible to set different default apps, alternatives to Safari and Mail can be used instead.

However, it’s emerged that should you select a different browser or email app if the iPhone is shutdown once it restarts it will have defaulted back to the old default apps.

Apple’s fixed this bug in iOS 14.0.1. However, by iOS 14.1 it became apparent that there was still a problem with the function. It appears that default apps setting will be reset if your app is updated. For example, if a software update for Gmail is installed Gmail will no longer be your default email app and the system will default back to Apple Mail. Read more here: Default apps bug in iOS 14 returns.

Facial Recognition Selfies To Validate Digital Id Cards In The Wallet App

At WWDC this spring, Apple announced that it will add ID card support for the Wallet app in iOS 15, allowing you to carry digital versions of government-issued identification cards like your driver’s license;on your iPhone. The ID feature isn’t in the initial release of iOS 15 and it’s still unclear how exactly it will work. According to code uncovered by 9to5Mac in the iOS 15 beta 4 for developers, Apple could be using facial recognition selfies to validate your digital ID cards when adding them to your wallet. Some banking apps already use this selfie validation feature to authenticate users when logging on with new devices.;

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Hide Home Screen Pages And Apps

In iOS 14, entire Home Screen pages can be hidden from view, which lets you keep a clean iPhone interface. Apps are viewable through the App Library when hidden this way.

To hide Home Screen pages, long press on the Home Screen to make the app icons wiggle, and then tap on the dots at the bottom that represent the different Home Screen pages you have set up. From there, you can uncheck the pages you don’t want to see.

If you want to hide individual apps, you can drag them from the Home Screen over into the App Library, which removes their icons from the Home Screen view.

In the Settings app, you can also toggle on a feature that prevents new app downloads from showing up on the Home Screen, limiting them to the App Library.

For a closer look at everything new with the Home Screen, widgets, and the App Library, make sure to check out our iOS 14 design guide on the user interface elements that got an update in iOS 14.

Custom App Icons I’m Listening


Apple also added new features to its Shortcuts app, with the most popular addition being the ability to create your own app icons and fully customize the look of your phone. So instead of the Apple Mail app icon, you can download an icon that replaces it with a picture of a cute cat or the Gmail icon and use that to launch the app. The process is somewhat tedious, but if you want a home screen that’s unlike any other, it’s well worth your time.;

Custom icons make your phone your own.

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Weather And Maps Apps Get Upgrades

The two Apple apps get important upgrades. For Weather, data and layouts will change based on the forecast, including;graphics and;animated backgrounds.

For example, if it’s raining, you’ll see rain pouring in the background as you review the forecast. The app will also support full screen, high-resolution weather maps with details such as air quality and precipitation.

Maps will include custom designed landmarks and a nighttime mode with moonlit glow. Maps will also feature more detail such as the location of turn lanes and where crosswalks are spotted to help spot;traffic conditions more easily and figure out the right lane to join.

Maps also get transit upgrades, including the option to view directions on Apple Watch. You can also soon use augmented reality to point toward the right direction when exiting a transit station. The AR feature can capture images of nearby buildings, then provide visual directions;on where to go.

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