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Where Is System Services On iPhone 11

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iPhone Location Not Correct Check Your Apps

iPhone 13/13 Pro: How to Enable/Disable System Services That Use Location Services

Some apps may use this information . For instance, Siri uses your location information to help you with your request.

If you are experiencing issues , you may try the following troubleshooting tips to fix your problem.

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Location Services AND any apps that are enabled.
  • If they are greyed out, check if you have any restrictions on. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions to check.

Turn Off Preload Top Hit

The Cupertino based brand introduced Preload top hit feature in iOS 14. Essentially, it loads the data on the first page of a search. , it automatically loads the first website appeared on the search page. The drawback of this feature is it will drain battery life, will consume some data and you might not end up launching that particular site.

To turn off Preload Top Hit:Head over to Settings > Safari Settings > Turn off Preload Top Hit switch.

Put The Address Bar In Safari Back On Top

Apple moved the address bar in Safari to the bottom of the screen by default in iOS 15. This should theoretically feel more natural since it’s closer to the keyboard and where you typically place your thumbs. But it can be off-putting since many people are used to seeing the URL bar near the top of the screen, as is the case on laptops.

You can change this by opening Settings, tapping Safari and choosing the Single Tab option under the Tabs subheading.

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Fix iPhone Location Not Accurate

Many apps that you use on your iOS device may use your iPhones location to provide you the information when you need it. However, sometimes the app gives you the wrong information. This can be specifically annoying in apps that heavily rely on location data such as Maps or an Augmented Reality app. So, in order to fix the iPhone location not accurate, you can try the following fixes:

On your iPhone, go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services> and Enable Location Services by tapping on the problematic apps name and turning on the access to Location from the next screen. On newer iOS versions you can even turn on Precise Location from apps Location Services page to share your accurate specific location.

In case these apps are shown in grey color, check if you have turned on the Restriction by going to Settings> General> Restrictions.

iPhone Location Not Updating Try A Forced Restart

How to Disable the Ultra Wideband Chip in Your iPhone 11 Pro to Prevent ...

If youre in a situation where you see your iPhone location not updating, this may be the right time to force restart your device. Depending on the iPhone model you own, follow the steps below:

  • On iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPad without Home Button:
  • Press and release quickly the Volume Up button
  • And then press and release quickly the Volume Down button
  • Now press and hold the Side Button till you see the Apple logo.
  • On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:
  • Press and hold Side and Volume Down buttons for 10 seconds, and wait for the Apple logo to appear.
  • On iPhone 6 or older models, iPads with home buttons, and iPod Touch:
  • Press the Home and Power button simultaneously and wait for the Apple logo to appear.
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    How To Change The Location Tracking Settings On iPhone

    If there exists an app like a third party map or tracking app, which needs location always in the background, then here is how to allow it.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Scroll down and tap Privacy.
  • Tap Location Services.
  • From the list, find the app whom you always want to give location permission. Tap on the app name and tap on Always.
  • Note: You may not see Always for all apps.

    Many Many Options To Choose From

    Everyones needs are different than others, and for that reason, we cant exactly tell you what you should turn on or off. But, with this information, you should now know a little bit about what your device is using your location for and can make better educated decisions on what to use and what not to use.

    Location services can be incredibly power-hungry, and thats why I personally choose to disable as many iOS location services as possible so that my device can remain as power-efficient as possible. The only time I really want my location being used is when Im the one using it.

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    iPhone Settings You Should Turn Off

    You who have an iPhone may already know that there are lots of different settings that you can choose to have running in the background, without noticing them. This can be things like location-based services or apps that are automatically updated. Although some of these are really good to have, there are many services that just eats up your battery. If you switch off some functions, that you do not need anyway, the battery life can instead be improved.

    Weve listed some features that you can turn off in your iPhone with good conscience without noticing any difference.

    System Location Services: Product Improvement

    How to get to System Services on iPhone

    One reason you just might keep seeing that location services arrow is that your iPhone is sending data to Apple for future updates and improvements. This is optional, but it is set on by default. If concerned about privacy, this particular information doesnt identify you and is anonymous and encrypted. Apple calls these grouped information sources and uses this data to improve their crowd-sourced databases. Its these types of databases that offer users geographically relevant apps, like local transit or city apps, and other Apple products and services.

    But that doesnt mean you have to send that data its optional! To toggle off these settings go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and scroll down to Product Improvement. There are toggles for Analytics, Popular Near Me, Routing & Traffic, and Improve Maps. Toggle some off, all off, or leave them on. Its your choice.

    Product Improvement Toggles

    • iPhone Analytics. This setting gathers location data about how you use your iPhone and where
    • Popular Near Me. Sends the locations of when and where you purchased or use apps
    • Routing & Traffic. Transmits GPS locations and travel speed information for road traffic databases and traffic flow patterns

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    Ask Your Carrier Provider And Apple Support

    Check the real-time issue from your network provider online via phone call, chat, or email. You will get the right answer and valid information as Per your carrier plan. If everything is just fine with the network provider then you should contact to Apple Support Team or Apple Genius bar for direct assistance that might be a Hardware or software issues.

    How To Turn Off Location Services And Stop Your iPhone Apps From Tracking You

    Customizing location settings to protect your privacy can be confusing and complicated for the average user. Here’s how to control what Apple and app makers know about your whereabouts.

    When you first boot up an iOS device, it asks if you’d like to turn on location services, which can be helpful for apps like or when tagging your location on social media.

    Many hit enable and never look back. Who has time to drill down and customize location settings? You do. It may seem daunting, but with a few simple taps, you can take control of your location data to only give Apple and its app developers the information they actually need to run their apps and services.

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    Set Location Preferences To Ask Every Time For Certain Apps

    With iOS 13 comes new privacy features and this is one of my favorites. iOS has long allowed you to choose per app whether youd like it to have access to your location only while youre using it, always, or never, but this new option can have the phone ask you every time its requested. Its a nice option to have to keep track of whos keeping track of you.

    To enable this, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services where you can set a general rule for all apps, or go into each app and select never, always, while using the app, or ask next time. That last option will prompt the phone to ask you each time an app requests your location data.

    Set Up Cellular Service On iPhone

    iOS 13.3.1 Beta 2 Fixed the iPhone 11 Location Privacy Issue Fixed ...

    The cellular connection on your iPhone requires a SIM from a carrier contact your carrier to set up a cellular plan.

    iPhone 12 and later can connect to 5G networks. See the Apple Support article Use 5G with your iPhone.

    Your iPhone can connect to a carrier network using a physical SIM or an eSIM . On an iPhone with eSIM, you can use Dual SIM with the following:

    • One physical SIM and one eSIM (iPhone XS

    • Two eSIMs

    Here are some of the many ways you can use Dual SIM:

    • Use one number for business and another number for personal calls.

    • Add a local data plan when you travel to another country or region.

    • Have separate voice and data plans.

    Note: To use two different carriers, your iPhone must be unlocked.

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    Tips To Clear System Data On iPhone Or iPad

    If youre annoyed due to the ever-growing system data on your iPhone or iPad, fret not. We have 6 effective methods to clear iPhone system data with ease. However, before trying out all the means and ways to delete the System Data on iOS or iPadOS, lets first understand what is it all about.

    As always, you can use the table of contents below to quickly navigate through this article.

  • Why does System Data on iPhone keep increasing?
  • Using Location Services For Family Sharing

    You can use Location Services to enable Family Sharing on your iPhone without sharing your account. This feature gives the people you know immediate access to your location. It is available on all of your iOS devices.

    Follow these steps to set up Family Sharing:

  • Access the Settings option on your device.
  • Go toFamily Sharing.
  • Turn on the Share My Location feature.
  • Tap the names of the family members you want to see your location.
  • Select Share My Location.
  • Repeat steps five and six for each person you want to know your location. They will receive a message that you have shared your location. The message includes the option for the recipient to share their location with you.

    Family Sharing gives people access to your subscriptions, purchases, and other information. A few simple steps reverse the Family Sharing feature. Stop sharing your location with a family member by tapping their name. Choose Stop Sharing My Location to save your preference.

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    How To Fix iPhone Location Services Always On Issue

    Are you seeing the location icon constantly and unnecessarily in your iPhone status bar? Here is how to control it.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Tap Privacy Tap Location Services.
  • Tap Next, turn off the toggle for
  • Now go back , scroll to the bottom and tap System Services.
  • From here, switch off services that you dont use.
  • The most probable culprits are Diagnostics & Usage and Location-Based Apple Ads. Equally likely but useful occasionally are Popular Near Me and Spotlight Suggestions. In the case of the latter, whenever you search for a location right from Spotlight or search something like restaurants, if the switch is ON, this will trigger location services.

    Also, turn off all the options under PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT iPhone Analytics, Popular Near Me, and Routing & Traffic.

    Turn off Background App Refresh: If you have permitted an app to access location and if Background App refresh is ON for it, then it may use the location services even when the app is not on screen. To turn off Background App Refresh, open Settings app General Background App Refresh.

    Here, turn off for a particular app or switch this feature entirely.

    Location Services Always On On iPhone Here Is A Fix

    iPhone 13/13 Pro: How to Show/Hide Arrow Icon / Location Services Icon on System Status Bar

    In iOS 13, Apple modified the way third-party apps access location. Now, when you launch the app for the first time, you see three options in the location popup Allow While Using App, Allow Once, and Dont Allow. Did you observe that the possibility for Always is gone now? However, in case a user wants to give an app permission to access its location consistently, then he would have to go deep inside the Settings. Overall, this is an excellent privacy improvement in iOS 14 or 13.

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    iPhone Service Not Working 2020 Tips And Tricks

    In case your iPhone location not updating, try the following fixes:

    • Make sure that the location services of your devices are turned on. In order to check it given the iPhone set you are using follow these steps:
    • iOS current to 6: go to Settings > Privacy> Location Services
    • iOS 5 to 4: go to Settings> Location Services.
  • Open Settings> Privacy> Location Services> System Services. Scroll down and make sure that your iPhones Location-Based Alerts and Location-Based Suggestions are turned on.
  • Reset the network settings by going to Settings> General > Reset> Reset Network Settings
  • Now, restart your device.
  • Turn location services off, wait, and turn it on again.
  • These tips can help you fix iPhone location services not working in 2020.

    Backup And Restore From Itunes Or Finder

    If your iPhone location is still wrong even after you reset Location Services, try doing a backup and restoring your iPhone from iTunes. To do that:

  • Plug your iPhone into your computer using a USB cable.
  • Open iTunes or Finder .
  • Select your iPhone when it syncs to iTunes or Finder.
  • Choose Restore Backup. Choose a backup from before the trouble started with your location. Finish the restore, and check your iPhone. It should show you being in the right location now.
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    How To Change Which Apps Can Access Your Location

    Under Settings > Privacy is a section called Location Services. This is where you control which apps have access to your location. Its a little different from the other settings because there are three options:

    • Never: The app cannot access your location at all.
    • While Using the App: The app only has access to your location while its open on the screen in front of you.
    • Always: The app can query your location in the background.

    Youll also find symbols next to some of the apps, which resemble the iOS Location Services icon . This can help you understand which apps are using your location:

    • Hollow purple arrow: The app may receive your location under certain conditions.
    • Solid purple arrow: The app has used your location recently.
    • Solid grey arrow: The app has used your location at some point in the last 24 hours.

    If you see an app you dont use much showing a solid arrow, you might want to rescind access to your location . The hollow arrow often relates to apps that use geofencing, run via widgets, or Apple Watch apps .

    iPhone Location Services Not Working Still Reset Location & Privacy

    iOS 13 AirPlay

    If, still, you could not resolve iPhone location services not working resetting Location and Privacy may help you fix the issue:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Reset
  • Now tap Reset Location & Privacy
  • Note: In case you are cautious about your privacy, keep location services off, and use it when you actually need it.

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    How To Turn Off Location Services In Imessage

    You may not know this, but iMessage actually uses location services. If you want it to stop, this is a quick and easy way to save battery and prevent tracking.

    To turn off location services in iMessage on your iPhone:

  • Open your Messages app. Select the message thread of the contact you no longer want to share your location with.
  • Tap their name at the top of the thread and select “Info” from the drop-down. Tap the “i” icon underneath your contact’s initials in iMessages. Abbey White/Insider
  • What Is System Data On iPhone/ipad And How To Clear It

    While taking a close look at the breakdown of the storage consumption, have you ever wondered what is the System Data on iPhone and iPad and how to clear it to recover the precious storage? If the answer is yes, you are not alone to have hit this path and got taken aback to figure out how much space this mysterious section has hacked on your iOS device. Whether you are on a cleanup drive to declutter your iPhone or eager to sort out this riddle for good, let me show you how to clear System Data storage on iPhone/iPad with ease.

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    Find My iPhone Location History

    Location history is a Google-based iPhone setting that requires activation. The feature provides personalized maps based on where youve been. The saved data provides you with several benefits, including traffic updates, help to find your iPhone, and tailored advertising.

    Your device tracks your location history if:

    • You have signed in to your Google account.
    • The Location History feature is enabled.
    • Location Reporting is activated

    Get Full Notifications On Your Lock Screen

    iOS 11 On iPhone 8 Plus

    The first time you experience Apple’s Face ID tech, you’ll notice that you can’t see the content of new alerts and notifications on the lock screen. For example, instead of seeing who sent you a text message and what it says, you’ll only see a generic Messages alert.

    You can change how notifications appear on your lock screen by going to Settings> Notifications> Show Previews and selecting Always. Conversely, you can select Never if you want to keep the content of your notifications always hidden on the lock screen.

    HDR video looks great, but it doesn’t work everywhere yet.

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