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How Do I Find Icloud On My iPhone

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How To Set Up And Customize Icloud On Your iPhone iPad And Mac

How To Find Lost iPhone | iCloud Find My iPhone

Whether you’ve recently got a new iPhone and are setting up your first iCloud account, or have had an iPhone for a while but never set up iCloud before, this is your guide for setting up and customizing iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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How To Turn Off Icloud On iPhone

These instructions apply to devices with iOS 10.3 or higher:

  • Tap the Settings app to open it.

  • Tap your name at the top of the Settings screen.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen. Tap Sign Out.

  • Enter your Apple ID when prompted and then tap Turn Off. This turns off Find My iPhone, which you have to do before you turn off iCloud.

  • Next, choose what data you want to keep a copy of on this iPhone. Move the slider to on/green for Calendars, Contacts, Keychain, Safari, and/or Stocks.

  • After this, tap Sign Out in the top right corner.

  • Tap Sign Out one more time and you’ll finally be signed out of iCloud.

  • Remember, signing out of iCloud also signs you out of Find My iPhone, FaceTime, and iMessage. You can turn on FaceTime and iMessage individually, in those apps, and use a phone number with them instead of your iCloud account. Find My iPhone requires iCloud be turned on.

    How To Use Icloud Drive On The iPhone Or iPad

    Any files located in your iCloud Drive will be available for you to access not only on your Mac but also on any of your iOS devices. You can open the same Pages document you were working on in the office and finish it off on your iPad during the train journey home, or you could make last minute changes to a Keynote presentation on your iPhone while on route to a meeting. Its certainly useful to be able to access your files on all your devices, especially if you suddenly have to work from home.

    First of all you need to set up iCloud Drive on your iOS devices. Heres how to do that:

  • Tap on Settings.
  • Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
  • Tap on iCloud. Here you will see the various apps that are using iCloud. Scroll down to iCloud Drive and turn it on .
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    Reset Apple Id Password On iPhone/ipad

    When you forgot Apple ID password, you can reset or change iCloud password on iPhone/iPad. Here is how to do that.

    Note: If you usually forget many things, like forget Apple ID, here suggest you write down the Apple ID or password and keep them private.

    Step 1. Open Settings on iPhone/iPad.

    Step 2. If you have signed in with your iCloud account, tap your Apple ID > Password & Security> Change password and reset a new password.

    Step 3. If you don’t add an iCloud account on your device, tap Settings > Sign in to your iPhone Forgot Apple ID or Password. You can then reset Apple ID password.

    You can also recover iCloud password on PC, Mac or other devices via Apple ID account page .

    How To Find Lost Icloud Password

    Cómo desvincular un dispositivo de âBuscar mi iPhoneâ? vÃa ...

    Retrieving a password isnt very difficult when you actually remember what email address you have used as an Apple ID. Answering few security questions or maybe some other authentication method is all it takes, however as an iCloud user the user needs to remember at least few credentials of the account they had created earlier. The steps are:

  • Head over to this link to initiate the password retrieval process. This is the specified Apple domain for retrieving forgotten passwords.
  • Options for ID verification would show up on screen. A security question may be asked or an email notification might come to your cellphone, depending on what password retrieval method had been chosen earlier while you made the email address. Email and security question are the available verification methods.
  • After the verification method is properly done, user will be guided through their new password retrieval method.
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    iPhone iPad And Ipod Touch

  • Open the Photos app, then tap Photos at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap Select, and choose one or more photos or videos that you want to delete.
  • Tap Delete
  • Select the photos or videos that you want to delete.
  • Tap Delete , then tap Delete.
  • To select multiple photos or videos, tap Select on iOS or iPadOS, or press and hold Command on a Mac or Control on a PC while you select the items. To select all, press and hold Command-A on macOS or Control-A on Windows, or tap Select All on iOS or iPadOS.

    You can recover photos and videos that you delete from your Recently Deleted album for 30 days. If you want to remove content from Recently Deleted album faster, tap Select, then select the items you want to remove. Tap Delete > Delete. If you exceed your iCloud storage limit, your device immediately removes any photos and videos you delete and they won’t be available for recovery in your Recently Deleted album.

    How To View Payment And Shipping Information On Mac

  • Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Click on System Preferences… from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Apple ID at the top.

  • Click on Payment & Shipping to view, edit, or change the credit card you have set up for making purchases in iTunes, iCloud, the Apple online store, and Apple Pay.
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    How To Access Icloud Photos On A Windows Pc

    As iCloud is an Apple product and Windows is Microsoft, iCloud is not automatically installed on a Windows PC. However, its easy to download supporting software and then access your iCloud Photos.

    1. Download iCloud for WindowsVisit Apple Support and .

    2. Open iCloud for WindowsOnce installed, simply launch the iCloud for Windows program.

    3. Get browsingFrom here, you can see all your iCloud photos on your Windows PC.

    Remove Icloud Account Without Previous Owner

    How to Turn Off Find My iPhone via the iCloud

    After unlocking device, you had better remove iCloud account as well. Here I introduce you to use an ultimate tool, FoneCopeiOS Unlock. It serves as the best way to help you remove iCloud account from iPhone and remove Apple ID from iPhone without password. And after that, you can create your new Apple ID.

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    How To Access Icloud Photos On Android

    To access iCloud Photos on Android devices, youll need to follow this alternative workaround.

    1. Open up Chrome and navigate to www.icloud.comChrome is likely your default browser. Use this to visit Youre likely to see an error message this is OK.

    2. Tap the More optionClick on the three-dot icon at the top right corner and select Desktop site from the list.

    3. Sign inOnce you can see the home page, enter your Apple ID and password.

    4. Tap the Photos iconYou can access your photos here but you may struggle to see them all. This is because the scrolling is limited on Androids. How many you can see depends on the device youre using.

    5. Make a new album if you need toIf you want to access specific files on your Android device, simply create a new album on your Apple device and move the photos here. You should then be able to see the new folder easily on your Android without any scrolling.

    How To Back Up Your iPhone Even If There’s ‘not Enough Icloud Storage’

    You should back up your iPhone regularly. Heres how to do it even if iCloud wont let you.

    Manage iCloud storage by removing old backups for iOS devices you no longer have.

    Backing up your iPhone is just one of the mundane tasks you do as a functioning adult. There are a few different ways to back up your Apple device but probably the easiest is to use iCloud.

    Unfortunately iCloud has its limits which can lead to you seeing the dreaded “not enough iCloud storage” error message. But don’t fret. I’m going to walk you through backing up your iPhone to iCloud, iTunes and with MacOS. And I’ll even show you how to troubleshoot and workaround some of iCloud’s limits.

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    If you’d like to follow along step by step, watch the video below: How to back up your iPhone.

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    Creating A New Password

    You probably won’t want to delete iCloud account if it’s your own account. If you’ve forgotten the password, then you can regain access by simply creating a new password.

    Step #1 Start by heading to the Apple ID account page. Below the email entry box, click on “Forgot Apple ID or password?”.

    Step #2 You’ll then be prompted to enter your Apple ID email. Do this and then click “Continue” to proceed.

    Step #3 Enter your phone numbers that linked with your Apple ID and if you get them correct, a message will be sent to you.

    Step #4 Then follow the instructions in the message to set your new password.

    This is more convenient than having to make a brand-new account. It’s also important that you know your security questions and answers because if you don’t, you won’t be able to get the reset email.

    How To Access Icloud Photos Online

    How Accurate Is Find My iPhone? [Our Personal Experience]

    If youre unable to install software on your device, you can easily access your iCloud Photos online from any web browser .

    1. Sign inVisit and sign in to your account.

    2. Click on the Photos iconThe iCloud website is similar to an iPhone or iPad. Just click on the Photos icon and youll launch a web-based app.

    3. View your images and videosFrom here, you can view your entire iCloud Photo Library.

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    Viewing The Contents Of Icloud Through The Website

    The first way that people can see whatâs inside their iCloud is through the iCloud website. It is actually simple and easy to access their data through the website and hereâs how it is done:

    Go to and sign in to your account

    Once in there, youâll be able to see the different data types that have been stored in your iCloud

    Once you are done viewing all the data, you can now decide which among them you want to keep and which among them you can already get rid of.

    Recover Icloud Password With Two

    If you haven’t updated to two-factor authentication and use the older security method two-step verification to protect your Apple ID. You can change or reset iCloud password with a recovery key and a trusted device. Follow these steps:

    Step 1. Go to and enter your iCloud email address.

    Step 2. Apple will tell you that your Apple ID is protected with two-step verification. Enter your Recovery Key.

    Note: If you forgot the Recovery Key, it can be retrieved and re-created via Apple ID. Just click “Lost your Recovery Key”, and you will get the solution to replace Recovery Key. However, if you forgot both Apple ID and Recovery Key, you may not regain your account.

    Step 3. Choose a trusted device. Apple will send your device a verification code.

    Step 4. Enter the four-digit verification code and then set a new password and select Reset Password.

    If you have forgot iCloud two-step verification password, you can reset or change your password from your trusted iPhone: Settings > iCloud > tap Apple ID > Password & Security to change Password.

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    When Changes To Your Files Upload To Icloud

    The amount of time it takes for your changes to upload to iCloud depends on the app you’re using. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote regularly upload files to iCloud so you dont lose any changes. Other apps upload your files to iCloud only after you save them to the iCloud Drive folder. To see your saved files on a Mac, go to Finder > iCloud Drive. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to the Files app. On a PC with iCloud for Windows, go to File Explorer > iCloud Drive.

    If you still don’t see the latest changes or you see an “in-progress change” icon or the iCloud icon in the notification area , try to save a new document to the iCloud Drive folder. Then check the iCloud Drive folder to see if the changes appear.

    How To Access Files While You’re Offline & Find My iPhone

    To access your files offline, open the Files app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and follow these steps.

    If you make changes to locally stored versions of your files while offline the changes won’t appear in iCloud Drive. Upload the updated versions of your files to iCloud Drive when you’re back online.

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    Option 1 See Your Icloud Photos In The Photos App

    If you want to make sure that your most recent pictures and videos are always on your Mac, youll want to turn on iCloud Photos in System Preferences. iCloud will make sure the Photos app on your Mac is automatically updated with your pictures from other devices, like your iPhone or iPad. Follow these steps to start syncing your Mac with iCloud photos:

  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Check the box next to Photos to turn it on.
  • Open the Photos app.
  • Removing Apple Id On Icloudcom

    Let’s say you don’t want to use either of the solutions above. That’s fine, you can try a simpler method ask the person you bought the iPhone from for help. Assuming it’s their Apple ID that’s linked with the device then they’ll be able to sign in and remove it. Here’s how to delete Apple ID from iPhone with the help of the previous owner.

    Delete Apple ID from iPhone without Password iOS 11 via iCloud

    Step #1 Open a browser and go to the iCloud website. And sign in using your Apple ID .

    Step #2 After signing in, select the “Find iPhone” option.

    Step #3 Below the “My Devices” header, locate and click on the iPhone that need to unlock.

    Step #4 There will be 4 options, click on Remove from Account to delete Apple ID from your iPhone.

    Doing this will disable the Find My iPhone feature which in turn will disable the iCloud Activation Lock. You can then sign in with your own account.

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    Delete Photos In Icloud Photos

    iCloud Photos uses your iCloud storage to keep all of your photos and videos up to date across your devices. You can make more space in iCloud when you delete photos and videos that you no longer need from the Photos app on any of your devices.

    Before you delete anything, make sure that you back up the photos and videos that you still want. When you use iCloud Photos and delete a photo or video on one device, it’s also deleted on all other devices where you’re signed in with the same Apple ID.

    Use these steps to delete photos and videos from your iCloud Photos.

    How To Restore Data From An Icloud Backup

    How to remove Activation Lock and turn off Find My iPhone ...

    To restore from an iCloud backup, you need to erase all of its content if you have already set up the device, or start from a new device before you can use these steps.

  • First, switch on your device.
  • Follow the setup steps until you get to the Apps & Data screen, then choose Restore from iCloud Backup.
  • Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID.
  • Select a backup. Once you choose a backup, the data transfer starts.
  • Once prompted, sign in with your Apple ID to restore your apps and purchases. You wont be able to use your apps until you sign in.
  • Keep your device connected to your Wi-Fi network and wait for a progress bar to appear and complete the data transfer. Depending on how much data you have to back up as well as your network speed, it might take a few minutes to an hour to complete. If you disconnect from your Wi-Fi network before it finishes, the data transfer will pause until you reconnect.
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    Reduce The Size Of Your Icloud Backup

    When you back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iCloud, the most important information on your device is backed up automatically. Learn more about what iCloud backs up.

    Many iOS apps automatically back up to iCloud after you install them. You can decrease the size of your iCloud Backup and free up space in iCloud when you stop backing up apps that you don’t use or delete old iCloud backups.

    How To View Your Icloud Account Information On Mac

  • Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Click on System Preferences… from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Apple ID at the top.

  • Click on Name, Phone, Email.

    You can change the email address and phone number people can reach you at and change your birthday. You can also enable email subscriptions for announcements about Apple products and top News stories.

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    How Icloud Drive Works

    You can store documents, images and spreadsheets using iCloud Drive you can also keep files and folders up-to-date across devices, work on them, and access these items from anywhere.

    On iOS devices, you access your iCloud Drive through the Files app. Open Files and you’ll find iCloud Drive as a location. Changes applied to a copy of a file on one device will automatically sync across all your other systems.

    This is a real file system, so you can create and save items to your own self-created folders, which is useful if you work across multiple devices.

    If you use iCloud Drive across multiple Macs then changes made to the Documents and Desktop files on both Macs will sync. The Mac you activate last will create its own folder for the contents of its Documents and Desktop, and this will also sync.

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