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How Long Is An iPhone Xr

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How Long Do iPhones Last An Analysis

How Long Will iPhone XR Last?

Wondering how long your iPhone will last before you need to upgrade it? Let’s examine the average iPhone lifespan to find out.

When you buy an iPhone, you expect it to work for a decent amount of time, given the high cost. But around how long can you expect an iPhone to last? It depends on a few factors.

Let’s take a look at the average lifespan of an iPhone so you can plan your purchases carefully.

The First Dive: 2 Meters

Seeing as we haven’t previously tested the iPhone XR’s water resistance, we decided to put both phones on the drone and dive down to 2 meters. The iPhone XS is designed to hold up to this just fine, but the iPhone XR isn’t supposed to go that deep.

After about 5 minutes of being submerged in the bay, we pulled the drone out of the water. Drying off both phones with a microfiber cloth, the touchscreens on the iPhone XR and iPhone XS were still fully functional. There was no evidence of water ingress or fogging on the lens. Buttons and speakers still worked.

That being said, because the iPhone XS had already been dunked previously, its speakers sounded more muffled and less clear than those on the iPhone XR, which sounded perfectly fine.

The team hooked up an external monitor so we could see the drone’s view as it travelled underwater. The pilot can control the craft using a wireless controller.

The Discontinuation Of Phones Is Becoming Popular:

The iPhone XR is a unique handset, managing to outlast a number of other devices launched after it. And it isn’t just Apple that does this, brands like Samsung and Google also have a speedy discontinuation cycle.

With new devices launched every year from all of the biggest providers, it is no surprise that they aren’t available for long. But for those who don’t want to fork out for the latest and greatest, this can be a massive pain.

Take Samsung for example. It has recently launched its latest range – the Samsung Galaxy S21. With this launch, we saw the end of the 1-year-old Samsung S20 line with a number of retailers removing it from their stores and Samsung no longer selling it directly.

Apple is in a similar position, no longer stocking the previous-generation iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max. While this shows just how popular the iPhone XR was and still is, it also shows that mobile phone deals don’t hang around for long!

Luckily, when a phone becomes discontinued, retailers still have stock to burn through, and refurbished offers exist. In fact, the end of a phone’s life is actually the perfect time to get it with prices falling as stock runs low. If you can hold out for its end, the iPhone XR could well hit an all-time low price.

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iPhone Xr Battery Life Excellent Endurance

If I was to pick one standout feature with the iPhone XR, it would be the battery life. Its comfortably the longest-lasting iPhone Apple has released in 2018, and the first to equal the iPhone Plus series phones for endurance. its slightly behind the new iPhone 11 Pro Max, though.

After taking the phone off charge at 8am, the iPhone XR will easily see me through to midnight without requiring low-power mode and with roughly 30% remaining. Thats with multiple email accounts, photos constantly being backed up, and the usual array of browsing, messaging, gaming and calls.

Standby time is great too, so even with 30% left at night, itll only drop a couple of percentage points overnight.

In Trusted Reviews more synthetic selection of battery tests, the iPhone XR still impressed. An hour of Netflix ate through 4-5% and 8% after about 30 minutes of Asphalt 9. All these tests were carried out with the display set to automatic, and with the usual array of settings youd expect to have turned on: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular.

Even though its become commonplace for even budget Android phones to ship with a fast charger, the iPhone XR still comes with a disappointing 5W plug. Thats the same plug youd have got with the iPhone 3G.

If you want to enable fast charging , then youll have to splurge on both a higher-wattage plug and a USB-C to Lightning cable. Theres no excuse for not including this, even with the new reduced price.

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Will My iPhone Charge Faster If I Turn It Off


Turning off your phone wont make your iPhones battery charge at lightning speed, but if you only have a few minutes of charging time a few times each day it can make a difference. You can leave your iPhone plugged into the portable charger throughout the day, then re-charge the battery in the charger at night.

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Apple Now Supports Older Ios Versions Too

With the release of iOS 15, Apple changed its support policy for older versions. In the past, once the latest version of iOS came out, you had to upgrade to continue getting security patches. This is because Apple generally stopped supporting past iOS versions when a new one became available.

But Apple has changed this as of 2021. If you’re on iOS 14, when you visit the option to update your iPhone, you’ll see a prompt to download the latest iOS 14 version, in addition to the prompt to upgrade to iOS 15.

As it turns out, this isn’t totally new. Apple quietly released security updates for iOS 12 throughout 2020 and 2021, supporting devices that can’t run the latest version.

The company hasn’t stated how long this support will last, but it’s nice to have the option to stay on your current iOS version for a while. In the future, iPhones that don’t support the latest iOS update could still count on months or even another year of support.

Depending on the apps you use, you also may have to worry about apps dropping support for older iOS versions. For example, at the time of writing, Chrome for iPhone requires at least iOS 14, but Spotify works on iOS 12 and later.

Does iPhone Xr Need Waterproof Case

While the iPhone XR is practically waterproof, it can only survive for so long submerged in water for up to one meter for up to 30 minutes . The best part? If you mess up your supposedly waterproof iPhone from water damage, Apple wont actually cover any of the water damage.

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iPhone Xrs Camera Is One Of The Best For Photo And Video

Although its still using a 12MP primary camera which on the surface sounds a lot like the camera found on the previous generation iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone XR is much different.

First off, it excels at daylight photos. This is largely thanks to Apples Smart HDR technology which offers superior dynamic range in brightly lit shots and eliminates the long capture time found in the previous generation Auto HDR. Apple does this by snapping photos the moment the camera app is opened, combining them into a single image the moment the shutter is pressed no waiting.

When combined with with improved Portrait mode with Depth Control, the iPhone XR camera is a big leap in quality over previous generation iPhones even though it only features a single camera lens on the back. But it doesnt just stop with photos

The iPhone XR also offers improved 4K 60fps video recording with stereo audio making it a great for videos as well. This is a big reason why the iPhone XR was such an incredible value and is one of the most popular iPhones sold on Swappa.

The Universal Serial Bus Is An Industry Standard That Allows Different Electronic Devices To Exchange Data

Heres the TRUTH about iPhone XR in 2022..

There are several versions of the Universal Serial Bus standard: USB 1.0 , the USB 2.0 , the USB 3.0 , etc. With each following version the rate of data transfer is increased.


he USB interface in mobile devices may be used for different purposes such as battery charging, using the device as a mass storage, host, etc.


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Is iPhone 11 Or Xr Better

The most affordable of 2019s iPhone releases, iPhone 11 is a perfect marriage of style and functionality, and a significant upgrade on iPhone XR. The chipset has been upgraded to Apples new A13 bionic processor, and along with 4GB of RAM and a bigger battery, iPhone 11 is a more powerful beast than iPhone XR.

Is The iPhone Xr Still Worth It In 2021

Im not sure what I was expecting with my weeklong experiment. Ive been using much newer phones like the Pixel 5 that come with 5G support, Full HD OLED screens, multiple cameras, and speedy refresh rates, and the XR has none of that. Yet, I wasnt overly bothered. The iPhone XR was a perfectly competent phone that still competes favorably with midrange smartphones in the $400 market, especially when it comes to performance and camera capabilities.

If you want to decide between the iPhone XR and a cheap Android phone, there are a few things that you can consider. If you want recent updates, the XR wins out. Performance? The XR will likely win there, too. On the other hand, hardware niceties like multicamera systems on phones like the OnePlus Nord 2 add genuine flexibility that you cant replicate on this phone, nor can you get the 5G connectivity found on many more modern affordable phones.

And theres a lot to be gained from adopting the newer iPhones. Not just in complicated features like deep fusion, but boring and understated features that make new phones good for day-to-day use. The iPhone XR has good battery life, while the iPhone 13 has amazing battery life. The iPhone XR has a decent single camera, while all the currently available iPhone models have at least a dual camera setup . And once again, all the screens are now OLED, and theres 5G support.

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Long Battery Life With Fast Charge Makes The iPhone Xr Great For All

This leads us to battery life on the iPhone XR which is easily one of the phones best features. Apple rates the iPhone XR at 16 hours of straight video playback, meaning you can expect drastically better results depending on your own personal usage. Simply put, the iPhone XR battery life is right up there with the best.

And for those times when the battery is fully exhausted, Apples fast charging can bring the battery back to a 50% charge in only 30 minutes using a 20W adapter .

Comparing iPhone X And iPhone Xr

The iPhone you should get: Apple iPhone XR

Both phones are worth buying even some years after their release. The iPhone X and iPhone XR have their pros and cons, so it might not be easy to decide between the two. Luckily, we compared these two Apple smartphones to help you decide which one is the right device for you. Continue reading and find out if your next smartphone could be the iPhone X or XR.

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The Second Dive: 3 Meters

For round 2, we put the phones back on the drone, started the timers again, and let them go down to 3 meters. Once they had bobbed around in the currents for another 5 minutes, we brought them up again, cleaned them off and inspected them.

Again, both phones were fully functional. There was no evidence of any water damage to the phones, but the iPhone XS speaker still sounded muted compared to the iPhone XR.

The Trident is super-rugged, so you can pull it out of the water using its tether cable without damaging the unit.

Bluetooth Is A Standard For Secure Wireless Data Transfer Between Different Types Of Devices Over Short Distances


The technology has several versions, which improve the connection speed, range, connectivity and discoverability of the devices. Information about the Bluetooth version of the device.


Bluetooth uses various profiles and protocols related to faster exchange of data, energy saving, better device discoverability, etc. Some of those supported by the device are listed here.


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Why Buy The iPhone Xr

The iPhone XR is an excellent phone now at an even better price. It offers a lot of the features of the new iPhone 11 and even comes in some colours you might prefer.

Some might argue the screen lacks a high resolution. While theyre not wrong, the display here is still nice and colourful. The camera also isnt as good as the dual-lens array on the iPhone 11.

For a similar price, there are plenty of competing Android phones. The OnePlus 7T lacks the camera prowess of the XR, yet its expected to come in cheaper and with 128GB storage. Theres also the Pixel 3A, which is cheaper than the XR and has a better camera.

But if youre on the lookout for an iPhone and dont want to completely break the bank, then this is the one to go for.

How Do You Protect Your iPhone Xr From Water Damage

iPhone XR Long-Term Review | Worth it in 2019?

The iPhone XR is designed to withstand splashes of water or accidental spills. However, there are still ways you can minimize those accidental device deaths.

Below are some ways to make sure your iPhone XR doesnt die from water damage:

  • Dont take a bath or shower with it. It may very well survive a splash here or even a minor tumble in bathwater there, but prevention is still the key.
  • Dont take it with you when using the toilet. Believe us when we say, you can survive a few minutes away from your iPhone XR.
  • Avoid taking selfies in the water. You dont want your iPhone XR to suffer the same fate as Rose DeWitts blue diamond necklace. No, sir!
  • Dont use in the rain or a thunderstorm. Apple discourages users from using the device in extreme weather conditions. Come to think of it, you probably shouldnt be texting in a thunderstorm in the first place. You dont want to catch a cold.
  • Dont take it swimming or surfing. Seriously, why would you think of doing this in the first place?
  • Dont open it and tinker with its innards. Remember that old proverb about curiosity killing the cat? Along those lines, nothing good can come by pretending youre an Apple engineer.

For more iPhone care tips, read up on common mistakes you should stop doing with your iPhone.

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Is iPhone Xr Worth Buying In 2021

Short answer: If youre finding newer iPhones a bit out of your price range, and you want an affordable, large-sized iPhone with a huge display, great camera, and long battery life the iPhone XR is perfect for you. As one of Swappas top-selling phones, there are still lots of people who feel that the iPhone XR is still worth it in 2021.

Make no mistake: in 2021, the iPhone XR is still one of the best cheap iPhones you can buy. It takes everything you love about newer, more premium models like Face ID, all-screen display, and a great camera only its offered at a much more budget-friendly price point.

The iPhone XR is still available from Apple , priced at $499, but you can find discounted models on Swappa starting at $260. There youll find gently used models for all carriers, colors, and storage configurations.

If youre still on the fence, in this post well be taking a quick look at the iPhone XR highlighting 9 of the phones best features. This will help you decide if its still worth it in 2021.

What Does Ip67 Mean

Ingress Protection, or IP for short, is a rating system that the International Electrotechnical Commission gives an electronic gadget or device. It rates how secure the casing of a device is, and how protected its internal wirings are from external dust and liquids.

With an IP rating, the first number refers to dust-protection, while the second number relates to water-resistance. For instance, the iPhone XR has an IP rating of IP67. That means the device has a dust-resistance grade of 6, which means it has total protection from dust. The water-resistance of 7 means that it can survive being completely submerged in up to one meter of water, but only for a limited time.

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iPhone Xr Review: No 3d Touch An Issue

The iPhone XR’s display doesn’t offer 3D Touch capability like the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max do, which means you can’t long-press on apps on the home screen to reveal shortcuts. But the XR does support what’s called Haptic Touch, which delivers haptic feedback and a lot of the same functionality.

So, instead of deep-pressing to launch the camera from the lock screen, you long-press with a soft touch. And instead of pressing hard anywhere on the keyboard to control the cursor while you’re typing, you just long-press gently on the space bar. This change took some getting used to for me after I’d been using 3D Touch-capable phones, but overall, I don’t think most iPhone owners will notice the difference between Haptic Touch and 3D Touch.

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