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How To Set Up Your New iPhone

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How To Set Up Your New iPhone The Right Way

How to setup your new iPhone

In recent years, the iPhone setup process has changed as dramatically as the iPhones themselves. Apple just keeps making it easier to do. So easy, in fact, that there are just a few things you need to do to move from your old iPhone to a new one. And setting up a new iPhone from scratch isnt much harder gone are the days of manually copying passwords just to get to the Home screen.

There are still a few tricks, though, that will help things run smoothly. Lets see how to set up your new iPhone the right way.

When You’re Ready To Go Deeper

At this point, you’ll have gotten a pretty solid handle on the basics of using the iPhone. But there’s so much more to the iPhone than the basics. It holds all kinds of secrets that are fun and useful, such as how to use your iPhone as a personal hotspot, enabling the Do Not Disturb feature, using Control Center and Notification Center, and how to use AirPrint.

Sign In With Your Apple Id

Enter your Apple ID and password,;or tap “Forgot password or don’t have an Apple ID?” From there, you can recover your Apple ID or password, create an Apple ID, or set it up later. If you use more than one Apple ID, tap “Use different Apple IDs for iCloud and iTunes?”

When you sign in with your Apple ID, you might be prompted for a verification code from your previous device.

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Set Up App Analytics True Tone And Home Button

You can choose whether to share data or information with App Developers here. If you are willing to do so, choose , if not, choose Don’t Share.

If you want images appearing more natural on your iPhone X, turn on True Tone display.

Then comes an important step, which is to set up your Home button. Adjust your Home button’s click to what you prefer and tap on Next to continue.

How To Switch Your Apple Watch To Your New iPhone

How to Set Up and Activate New iPhone X/iPhone 8

After you transfer everything from your old iPhone, when you open the Watch app on your new phone, it should ask you to confirm if you want to use your watch. If the app asks you to pair your Apple Watch, youll need to unpair it from your old iPhone. Heres how to unpair your Apple Watch:

  • On your old iPhone, open the Watch app.
  • Tap the My Watch tab and then All Watches.
  • Press the i symbol next to the watch you want to unpair.
  • Select Unpair Apple Watch.
  • Once that process is complete, you can follow the steps in the Watch app on your new phone to pair the two together.

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    How To Switch Sim Cards On iPhone

    At some point in setting up your new iPhone you might realize youve never had to install the SIM card in one yourself and you dont really know how its done. No worries: all you need is the special SIM card removal tool that comes with your new iPhone. And if you dont have that, a regular paperclip will do.

  • Insert the tool or paperclip into the small pinhole on to the SIM tray. The SIM tray is usually on the right side of an iPhone.
  • Gently press the paperclip until the SIM tray pops out of the iPhone.
  • Pull the SIM tray out.
  • Take out your SIM card.
  • Re-insert the tray.
  • In a similar way, pull out the SIM tray on your new iPhone and insert the SIM card.
  • Restore An Ios Backup From Itunes

    For older Macs that can’t be updated to Catalina and for PCs, you’ll need to use the;iTunes method. This process requires that you have iTunes installed on a computer and a valid Apple ID. If;these things are true, and you prefer to manage your backups via desktop, then this is the method for you. To back up and restore your iOS settings from iTunes, follow these steps:

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    Get New Apps From The App Store

    Once you’ve spent a little time with the built-in apps, your next stop is the App Store, where you can get all kinds of new programs. Whether you’re looking for games or an app to watch Netflix on your iPhone, ideas on what to make for dinner or apps to help you improve your workouts, you’ll find them at the App Store. Even better, most apps are just for a dollar or two, or maybe even free.

    If you want some tips on what apps you may enjoy, check out our picks for the best apps in more than 40 categories.

    Here’s a bonus tip. If you’ve already got an Apple Watch and want to connect it to your new phone, find out how in How to Pair an Apple Watch With a New iPhone.

    Turn On Your New iPhone

    How To: Set up your New Apple iPhone 5

    First, youll need to hold your devices Power button until you see the Apple logo. You will then see a Hello message come onto the screen, flashing in many languages. If you dont have the best vision or you are blind, then you can turn on Zoom or VoiceOver from that Hello screen.

    You will see a prompt to choose your language, so go ahead and do that. Next, select your country or region. This has an impact on how the content on your screen looks and is presented. You should now see a blue Accessibility button. You can use it to set up accessibility options for your phone. This will optimize the setup experience for you.

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    How To Set Up Your New iPhone Se The Easiest Way Possible

    If you’re upgrading from an older iPhone to the shiny iPhone SE, this tool makes transferring everything a breeze. We walk you through what you need to know.

    Apple’s iPhone SE is a steal of a deal.;

    Getting the;new iPhone SE? It’s a;heck of a deal at $399. If you’re upgrading from an older iPhone, your new phone’s camera tricks, faster performance and improved battery life mean you’re in for a treat. With orders starting to arrive, we want you to be prepared for one of the first tasks you’ll need to do — transfer all of your information from your old;iPhone;to the new SE.

    This can be a problem if you realize you’re out of;iCloud storage;or your phone hasn’t been backed up in weeks. Ugh. Don’t sweat it. As long as your old iPhone is running;iOS 12.4;or newer , you can forget about all that iCloud nonsense and use Apple’s newest transfer tool.;

    With a quick scan of a code and a couple of taps on your phone, you’ll transfer all of your contacts, photos, messages and the rest of your most important info from your old iPhone to your new one. It sure beats paying for extra storage .

    Using the new data migration tool is simple, just make sure to set aside some time to allow for everything to transfer over. ;

    Setting up your new iPhone has never been this easy.;

    Consider Disabling 5g On Your New iPhone 12

    The speed that 5G can provide is fantastic when you can take full advantage of the speed, but for some, 5G can at times be slower than 4G LTE. This isn’t necessary for battery power conservation if you can’t connect to a 5G network at all. When a 5G network isn’t reachable, the iPhone won’t burn the power, and will default to the lesser network.

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    Set Up Touch Id And Apple Pay

    Yes, you should use Touch ID for maximum securityits the quickest way to unlock your iPhone, and will let you set a more complicated passcode, since you dont have to type it in every time. So you should take the few moments to repeatedly press a finger on the Home button to register it.

    If you trust another human to unlock your phone, you can add their finger by going to;Settings > Touch ID & Passcode >Add a Fingerprint.;


    You can add fingerprints to Touch IDincluding the fingers of other people.

    Since you need to have Touch ID enabled in order to use Apple Pay, this would be a good time to jump into Apples Wallet app to set that up. If youre new to Apple Pay, just follow the instructions within Wallet to add a credit card or two. If you already had Apple Pay on an older iPhone, youll notice that your credit cards have disappeared on your new iPhone. Why? For your security, of course. Your Wallet history will still be there, but youll have to re-enter any payment cards youd like to use with Apple Pay.;;

    Create A Fresh Backup

    How to Set Up Your New iPhone

    If you’re planning on restoring your new iPhone 12 from an iCloud backup, it’s extremely important that you have a backup, not just from the beginning of the day, but from right before you make the switch. This ensures that the transition from your old iPhone to your new iPhone is seamless.

    In the Settings app, select your profile, then select iCloud. Scroll down and choose iCloud Backup. If you don’t have it toggled on, do that right away. Check to see when your latest stored backup was. If it’s more than an hour or so old, start the backup process by selecting Back Up Now.;

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    Move From Your Old To New iPhone With Quick Start

    While upgrading your iPhone to a newer model, you can take all your files, contacts, apps, and settings with you. Apple offers a couple of ways to transfer data from your old iOS device to a new one. Here, well cover the easiest method to do it called Quick Start. All youll need is to place both iPhones close to each other and let the magic happen!

    Set Up Face Id Or Touch Id And Create A Passcode

    On some devices, you can set up;Face ID;or;Touch ID. With;these features, you can use face recognition or your fingerprint;to unlock your device and make purchases. Tap Continue and follow the instructions, or tap “Set Up Later in Settings.”

    Next, set a six-digit passcode to help;protect your data. You need a passcode;to use features like Face ID, Touch ID, and Apple Pay. If you’d like a four-digit passcode, custom passcode, or no passcode, tap “Passcode Options.”

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    How To Activate Your New iPhone

    Activating an iPhone is really straightforward. Once you get through all of the setup screens, your phone should be activated. But if youre running into problems, heres what you can do:

  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Connect it to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Follow the prompts to continue setting it up.
  • If its still not working, you can try activating your iPhone using a computer:

  • Connect your new iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • Make sure that iTunes is up to date and that your computer is connected to the internet.
  • Open iTunes or Finder and click on the phone in the sidebar.
  • Let your computer detect your phone, and the activation will start.
  • Set Up Your Medical Id

    Set Up New iPhone – Use Your Apple ID to set up your new iPhone

    Have you ever set up Medical ID on your iPhone before? If not, this is a potentially life-saving feature you should probably not overlook.

    Your Medical ID info is accessible from the lock screen.

    We have a quick and easy guide to;setting up your Medical ID info, which emergency responders can access even while your phone is locked.;

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    Restore The Backup On Your New Device

    Whichever method you used, restoring from a backup is a simple process and its part of the initial iPhone setup process.

    Once your device is powered on for the first time , youll be greeted by the Hello screen. Be sure to set up a Wi-Fi connection in these early steps.

    Once you get to the Apps and Data section, youll be able to choose whether youll be restoring from your Mac or PC, or from an iCloud backup.

    For iCloud backups, simply log in with your Apple ID and select the backup you would like to restore from .

    You may be required to update, in which case the device will prompt you to update iOS.

    If youre restoring from Mac or PC, just plug your phone into the device you previously backed up your old device from, before pressing Restore Backup in iTunes or Finder .

    Restoring can take some time, but doing so will bring all of your content across seamlessly. Your device will restart at the end of the process.

    Use A Mac Or Pc To Transfer Your Data To An iPhone 12

    The method I personally use with every new iPhone is to restore from an encrypted backup using a Mac or PC. Not only does this process transfer all of your apps, settings and preferences, but it also means you don’t have to sign into the countless apps you have on your phone.;

    Before you can use this method, you’ll need to create an encrypted backup of your current iPhone. I know that may sound intimidating or overly complicated, but it only means you have to check an extra box and enter a password.;

    On a Mac, you’ll use Finder to back up your old iPhone. We outlined the steps when Apple killed iTunes last year, just make sure to check the Encrypt backup box and enter a password you’ll remember when prompted. Let your Mac go to work, creating a backup file. It will let you know when it’s done.;

    On a PC, you’ll need to use iTunes to create a backup. That process is explained here, and, again, you’ll need to make sure the Encrypt backup box is checked and enter a password.;

    To restore your new phone, open Finder or iTunes, and connect your phone to your computer. Click Trust when prompted, and then follow the prompts, selecting the backup you just created as what you want to use to restore the phone with. You will need to enter the backup’s password before the process begins — so make sure you don’t forget it!;

    Once it’s done, your new phone will be an exact copy of your old phone and you won’t have to spend any time signing into apps or random accounts.;

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    How To Set Up iPhone 12

    On the next screen, called Quick Start, tap Set Up Manually if youre setting up this iPhone 12 from scratch i.e. you dont have a previous iPhone or iPad.

    Choose a Wi-Fi network on the next screen. You need to connect to a Wi-Fi network, because your new iPhone 12 will need to be able to access to the internet to activate itself.

    How To Set Up A New iPhone From Your Old iPhone

    How to Set Up New iPhone from Old iPhone?

    If youve been using iCloud to backup your old iPhone then you can set up your new one using that backup.

  • Follow the setup prompts on your new iPhone until you get to the Apps & Data screen.
  • Tap Restore from iCloud Backup.
  • Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password.;
  • Choose a backup. Make sure that its the correct one by checking the date and size of each.
  • Stay connected to Wi-Fi and power while you wait for the transfer to finish.;
  • Complete the rest of the setup steps.
  • You can also transfer data directly from your old iPhone to your new one without using iCloud if youre running iOS 12.4 or later on your old device.

  • Turn on your new iPhone and place it near your old iPhone.;
  • On your old iPhone, tap Continue.;Note: If you dont see the option to continue on your current iPhone, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Wait for an animation to appear on your new iPhone. Hold your old iPhone over the new iPhone and center the animation in the camera.
  • Wait for a message that says Finish on New iPhone.
  • Enter your current iPhone passcode on your new iPhone.
  • Follow the instructions to set up Face ID on your new iPhone.
  • Tap Transfer from iPhone to begin transferring your data from your previous iPhone to your new iPhone.;
  • Keep your devices close to each other and make sure they stay connected to power for the duration of the transfer.;

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    How To Create A New Apple Id On iPhone

    If youre just turning on your iPhone, you can create a new Apple ID while youre setting up the phone.

  • Follow the setup screens until you get to the Apple ID screen.
  • Tap Create a Free Apple ID.;
  • Enter your birthday and your name.;
  • Tap Next.
  • Tap Use your current email address or Get a free iCloud email address.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Create and verify your password.
  • Select a security question and enter your answer.
  • Repeat for two more security questions.
  • Tap Agree on the Terms and Conditions screen.
  • Youll be automatically logged in to iCloud with the email you entered. Tap Merge or Dont Merge to sync your previous iCloud data to this iPhone.
  • Tap OK to activate the Find My iPhone feature.
  • How To Selectively Restore Data From Backup

    If you’ve been wondering whether you can just select the data you want to restore, then you surely can with the proper software – iMyFone iTransor. iMyFone iTransor is a software that is best used in backing up and restoring data from an iOS device as it has an option to select data to be backed up and restored making it more versatile and convenient for users. Its unique features for restoring data include:

    • Selectively restore data from backup files from iCloud or iTunes.
    • Backup and restore data from certain apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, messages and contacts.
    • Preview the data prior restoration to your new iPhone.
    • This program supports the latest iPhone 13 and iOS 15.


    If you want to selectively restore data from a backup using iTransor, just follow the steps below:

    Step 1. Launch the iMyFone iTransor Program. Select “Restore Backup to Device” on the menu found on the left panel. Choose the backup you want to restore data from and click “Next”.

    Step 2. Then select “Restore Partial Backup” on the screen.

    Step 3. On the next screen select the data types you want to restore. Various data types include messages, contacts, WhatsApp and WeChat messages. iTransor will support more in future updates. Then choose “Preview and Restore” or “Directly Restore” as you will.

    • Preview and Restore: you can preview the data type you’ve previously selected.
    • Directly Restore: this will directly restore the data you’ve selected previously.

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