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How Much For iPhone Battery Replacement

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iPhone Charging Port Repair

How to replace iPhone 7 Battery in 3 minutes

If the charging port on your iPhone device gets clogged with dirt, sand, or dust, you may not be able to charge it effectively. Try gently cleaning it with a cotton swab or toothpick. If that doesnât work, visit your nearest Asurion, Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions, or uBreakiFix store for a free checkup and weâll get you back up and running quickly.

How Do I Know If I Need A New Battery In My Phone

Apple introduced some incredibly detailed battery info with iOS 12, and it’s the easiest way to determine if you should be getting a new battery for your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, or if it’s still fine.

To find your battery info:

  • Go to your device Settings, then find Battery.
  • Tap on Battery Health.
  • You’ll see Maximum Capacity and Performance Capability. A lower capacity means your device may have fewer hours of usage between charges. The Performance capability will let you know if it’s time for a new battery or not.
  • If you got the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus recently, then the battery should still be around 100 percent capacity, and have Peak Performance Capability. If it’s anything below 80 percent , then it may be time for a replacement.

    Im Afraid Is This Really Something That I Can Do Myself

    If your ten-year-old cousin can build a Millennium Falcon out of LEGO bricks, you can swap out your iPhone battery. Dont believe us? Watch one of our repair videos and read through a step-by-step guide first to see if youre up to the task. If you still need a confidence boost, check out these success stories submitted by users just like you.

    Weve taught hundreds of thousands of people to do this. It requires care and attention to detailbut you got this!

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    At What Battery Health Percentage Should I Replace My iPhone Battery

    Your iPhone should retain up to 80 percent of its original battery capacity after 500 complete charge cycles. Once the battery health percentage drops below 80 percent, the amount of charge your battery can hold starts to diminish. However, that doesnt mean you should rush to get a new battery. That number is just for orientation. Theres no one-size-fits-all with this.

    For example, an iPhone with 70 or 80 percent of battery health can still stay on for the whole day if youre not watching videos or playing games. It all depends on your usage patterns.

    The best time to replace your iPhones battery is the moment you notice the device wont hold a sufficient charge to power you through the day. In other words, if the charge your iPhone holds fails to suit your needs or makes the device unusable, get a new battery.

    Replace the battery when the battery life bothers you enough to convince you its necessary to spend the money on a new battery. An 80 percent battery health level should still be enough to get you through the day for most users.

    However, at 40 or 50 percent of battery health, things start degrading really rapidly. You will be able to use your iPhone only for a couple of hours after each charge. Once you drop below 40 percent of battery health, its time to get a new battery. Basically, your iPhone becomes pretty much unusable.

    Bad Battery Performance Might Not Be A Bad Battery

    How Much Does It Cost to Get Your iPhone Battery Replaced?

    Poor battery performance may not be an issue with the iPhone battery at all. It could be an issue with the phones charge port, the USB cord, or it could even be a software issue! We can check this at the time of diagnosing your phone. We will explore what the issue is with your iPhone. Then we will explain in simple down to earth terms what your options are with up front pricing.

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    Can I Fix My Broken iPhone

    If your iPhone has taken a few too many drops, or if it simply wont power on, its easy to think that its done for. After all, modern iPhones are extremely complicated devices with hundreds of components sandwiched between two thin panes of glass. Although this makes DIY repair next to impossible without adequate experience and expensive tools most common iPhone problems such as cracked screens, water damage, and a dead battery can be fixed by a skilled repair shop in just a few hours.

    How Do I Get My Battery Replaced At Apple

    You will want to check out Apple’s iPhone Battery Replacement page and select the option that will be most convenient for you. Options include:

  • Bringing it to an Apple Store for repair
  • Sending it to Apple for repair
  • Talk to Apple Support on the phone
  • Schedule a call
  • Chat online with Apple Support
  • Usually, the easiest option is to go to the Apple Store. But since Apple Stores tend to get very busy, walk-ins may require a long wait time, so you should always make a Genius Bar appointment at the nearest store.

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    When Should You Get iPhone Battery Replaced

    Before heading to the Apple Store for battery replacement you should first check the battery health of your device by going to the Battery Health section found under Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health.

    On Battery Health page you will find the current Maximum Capacity of your iPhones battery. If the battery health is below 80% and the device is displaying the message that reads:

    Your batterys health is significantly degraded. An Apple Authorized Service Provider can replace the battery to restore full performance and capacity. More about service options

    Then it is time to get the battery replaced. You can choose to keep using the same battery however you may experience battery life issues and performance issues with your device. Replacing the iPhones battery will improve your user experience.

    The Smart Battery Case

    iPhone 6 Battery Replacement in 4 Minutes

    If the only issue with your iPhone battery is capacity, and not throttling, you might want to consider simply getting something like the smart battery case to tide you over to your next new phone instead of replacing it. Its actually more expensive than getting the battery replaced by Apple especially since the iPhone throttling saga has seen Apple reducing their asking price for the procedure.

    However, for people who dont have a backup phone laying around, a battery case could be the way to go. Its also worth considering that the cases capacity is added onto your remaining battery capacity, which may add up to more battery power than a fresh internal battery would have.

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    Should I Get My iPhone Battery Replaced

    Wondering what difference a battery replacement will make to your iPhone? There is a video on YouTube that shows the performance of an iPhone 6s before and after battery replacement.

    In this case, the iPhone was having its performance throttled prior to the battery replacement, and the owner of the iPhone, Bennett Sorbo, claims that he waited a month for the replacement.

    Sorbo performs different tasks and there is a noticeable improvement in performance following the battery update, including in basic tasks like loading the home page, but notably in graphic intensive tasks.

    He ran Geekbench before and after. Before the iPhone 6s scored 2485 in multi-core testing, after being fitted with a new battery it scored 4412.

    Before you go and get your iPhone battery replaced make sure it is backed up fully. We have a guide to backing up your iPhone here, but we would also recommend checking what data is being backed up by going to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud, and making sure that any of the apps or services you would want to be backed up are being backed up. E.g. If you dont want to lose your contacts, make sure Contacts is on.

    Where Can I Get My Broken iPhone Fixed

    The first place many people turn to for iPhone repair is the Apple Store. But unless you paid extra for AppleCare+ when you originally bought your iPhone, be prepared to overpay for repairs. And with fewer than 300 Apple Stores spread across the entire nation, getting a same-day appointment at the Genius Bar can be next to impossible.

    Independent repair shops can have faster turnaround times and typically perform similar repairs for a fraction of the price. However, finding a trustworthy repair shop can be complicated, since youre essentially handing over your most personal piece of tech. Fortunately, Swappa is here to help.

    The Swappa Repair Network connects you with local, trustworthy repair shops near you. Our nationwide directory features over 2,400 cell phone repair shops spread across 270 metropolitan areas, meaning youre never far from iPhone repair. Rest assured knowing that all repair shops listed in the Swappa Repair Network are verified businesses, use quality replacement parts, and offer at least a 30-day guarantee on their work.

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    How Long Will iPhone Battery Replacement Take

    When Apple first announced the procedure, the company said that if you sent an affected iPhone to Apple it would take approximately 6-8 days for the battery replacement to be taken care of. This time was reduced to up to 5 days if you take the phone to an Apple Authorized Service Provider .

    Apple also suggested that same-day repair options might be available at Apple Store and AASPs, although it indicated that the iPhone may still be required to be sent away for repair.

    However, it turned out that the wait times were much longer with battery supplies for some models of iPhone being low.

    An internal Apple document leaked in mid-January revealed that batteries for the iPhone 6 Plus were in very short supply, and that matters wouldnt improve until March 2018. However, even in March, the average wait time for replacing a battery in an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus was 3-4.5 weeks, according to analysts at Barclays, who made a series of calls to Apple Stores to gage the waiting times. Apparently, the longest wait time at that stage was 9-10 weeks.

    Luckily it seems that availability has now improved, with a memo obtained by MacRumors in early May 2018 stating that: Service inventory of all iPhone replacement batteries is now available without delay.

    As the deadline nears there may be a rush to get batteries replaced, which could cause longer wait times.

    Will Apple Loan A Phone During The Repair

    How Much To Fix Battery For iPhone 6S

    Announcing the scheme Apple said: If you bring your iPhone to an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider, well try to fix it during your appointment. Some iPhone repairs require precise calibration on specialized equipment. If we need to send your iPhone to an Apple Repair Center, well check to see if you can use a loaner while your iPhone gets repaired. A loaner iPhone is available for most repairs that are covered under the Apple Limited Warranty.

    However, its unlikely that Apple will offer you a loan iPhone while yours is off for repair because it would only do so if your handset is still under warranty and thats unlikely given the age of iPhones covered by this battery replacement program.

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    Ok I’ll Take It To Apple What Will That Cost

    If you have AppleCare+ on your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, then it should still be under the extended warranty coverage. Or if you’re still within the year of purchase, you’d still be under warranty. A battery replacement will cost nothing if that’s the case, so you should make the most of it and get a fresh new battery when you need it.

    For devices that are out of warranty and do not have AppleCare+, a battery replacement is going to cost $49 for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

    However, Apple is providing battery replacements for only $29 for eligible iPhone 6 and later devices. But this is only going on until Dec. 31, 2018, and prices return to the normal $49 in the new year.

    Verify Lyk As An Apple Independent Repair Provider

    LYK has exclusive access to Apple Genuine Parts and is officially recognized by Apple. Apple has granted us exclusive access to Apple access to Apple genuine parts, tools, training, diagnostics and resources to perform a variety of out-of-warranty repairs for iPhone and Mac, such as iPhone display and battery replacements.

    As an Apple authorized repair provider, be ensured that your iPhone will be handled professionally by our Apple-certified technicians.

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    Bring In The Device At An Apple Store Or Apple Authorised Service Location

    In this case you would have to make an appointment and actually go to a specified location, but on the flip side the battery will be replaced instantly.

    Note: if there are other issues with your iPhone, then the device will be sent to an Apple Repair Centre.

    There are four Apple Authorised Service Providers in Australia that provide genuine Apple parts and employ staff trained by Apple.

    You can always take your smartphone to an unauthorised repair specialist, although keep in mind that prices vary, and some might even be higher than what Apple will charge you for a replacement battery.

    iPhone Battery Replacement Cost

    iPhone 6S Battery Replacement in 3 minutes (Easy Method)

    One of the most common iPhone repairs is replacing the battery. And, as a result of being such a common repair it can often be completed relatively quickly.

    As youll notice in the table below, Apple charges either $49 or $69 for a battery replacement. The $69 price point is for newer models, and the older models are at the $49 price point. A local repair shop is generally going to be close in price, but there is a potential of paying more on some models, such as with the iPhone 12.

    Battery Replacement Cost Battery Replacement Cost iPhone Replacement Cost
    iPhone 13
    Starting around $90
    *Pricing current as of Dec 1, 2021

    While price is obviously important, you should also consider your time. Not everyone has an Apple Store close to where they live or work, so that may rule out the Apple Store as an option. To be fair, Apple does offer battery repair service by mail, but that adds an additional $6.95 to the cost and it also means youll be without your phone while it is being shipped and repaired, which is less than ideal. Quite often, a local repair shop will be able to swap the battery in your iPhone while you wait, which is great, especially when you think about how important your iPhone is in your daily life.

    In addition to the price data in the table above, you can also use the Swappa Repair Calculator to not only find the cost to repair, but also the value of the repaired phone.

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    Apple Charging For Additional Repairs

    This all sounds like good news. But beware! Apple might be offering to replace batteries in older iPhones that are experiencing slowdowns for a reduced price, but the company has been requiring that users whos phones need other repairs have those repairs performed as well at an additional cost before it will fit a new battery.

    Apple states: If your iPhone has any damage that impairs the replacement of the battery, such as a cracked screen, that issue will need to be resolved prior to the battery replacement.

    Users who have been asked to pay extra for the additional repairs are complaining that the repairs are unnecessary.

    According to a BBC investigation by Watchdog, some users have been asked to pay out for additional repairs which they felt werent required.

    In one example, an iPhone owner called Josh Landburgh said that Apple said it needed to repair a small dent on the edge of the iPhone at a cost of £200 before it would replace the battery.

    iPhone owner David Bowler had a similar experience. He said that Apple said he would have to pay £250 to have an issue with the speaker and microphone fixed before a new battery could be fitted.

    In the latter case, the BBC sent Bowlers phone to an independent repair specialist who said that there was no fault with the iPhone.

    It may be cheaper to have these additional repairs done independently, rather than by Apple, but iPhone owners could be voiding their warranty if they do so.

    How Long Will It Take Me To Do The Repair

    The short answer: Not too long depends on which iPhone you have.

    The longer answer: Check the battery replacement guide for your iPhone to get an idea of whats involved. An iPhone 4S battery can be swapped out by almost anyone in about 10 minutes, while an iPhone 7 can take an hour or more if you go whole-hog and replace the waterproof adhesive liner when youre done. Other iPhone models lie somewhere in between.

    No matter which iPhone you have, this isnt the sort of thing you should do in a hurryas with any repair, working patiently and carefully is the key to success, while working 20 minutes before you have to catch a bus is the key to tardiness and/or tears.

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    iPhone Running Slower Than Usual

    Tasks such as sending a message, downloading files, making calls, opening GIFs, and uploading your latest selfie to Instagram are all potential victims of an aging iPhone battery. If your battery is older, it can cause slow phone performance to occur without Apples intervention in the form of throttling. You can avoid this by having your battery replaced right away, the moment you notice it.

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