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How To Unsubscribe Calendar iPhone

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Enable Protective Functions In Browsers

Unsubscribing from Calendars on iPhone (works to delete viruses in calendar)
  • Open the Settings> Safari.
  • Toggle to block pop-up ads and make sure the button is in green color.
  • Make sure to enable all four security options.
  • Prevent Cross-Site Tracking.
  • Fraudulent Website Warning.
  • Privacy-Preserving Ad Measurement.

Enable all protection features in the browser and prevent any further problems later down the line. Remember, do not disable any feature in the list because it doesnt interrupt you from visiting sites or blocking web pages. In case, if this is not sufficient to protect the device, then you can switch to Firefox.

Ways To Remove Subscribed Calendars On iPhone

So, now that you know what the benefits of the Calendar app are, letâs quickly start with how to delete a Calendar subscription iPhone. Basically, there are multiple ways to remove a subscribed calendar in iDevices. Letâs discuss each of them individually so that you can keep your Calendar app neat.

How Do I Unsubscribe From iPhone Calendar Events

If you have accidentally accepted a calendar invite from someone for an event you don’t want to attend, you can delete the calendar by opening it up and selecting the Delete Event option. In rare instances, you may not be able to delete the event. If that’s the case, all you can do is ignore it, but be cautious that you don’t accidentally accept or decline the invitation or click any links within the invitation.

  • Why does my iPhone Calendar get so much spam?

    Unless you have a virus, you can only get spam from calendars you subscribe to, so unsubscribe to any calendars that bombard you with invites. Avoid subscribing to suspicious calendars with vague descriptions.

  • How do I report spam invites in my iPhone calendar?

    In the calendar app, open the event and tap Report Junk. Apple will review the calendar to see if it is indeed spam. Either way, you’ll no longer receive event invites.

  • Why can’t I delete an iPhone calendar event?

    Some spam calendars can’t be deleted in the Calendar app. Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts. Under Accounts, select the calendar and tap Delete Account. If you still can’t delete it, you might have a virus.

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How To Subscribe To Calendars On iPhone And iPad

Calendar subscriptions offer a convenient way for you to stay up to date with everything from national holidays to the match fixtures for your favorite sports team. In this article, we’ll show you how to subscribe to a public calendar on your iPhone or iPad all you need in advance is the web address of the calendar file.

Note that if you want a calendar subscription to sync across all devices signed into your iCloud account, you’ll need to subscribe to it on your Mac. To do so, open the Calendar app in macOS and select File -> New Calendar Subscription, enter the URL of the calendar to subscribe to, and then select iCloud in the Location menu.

How To Subscribe To A Calendar In Ios 11

How to Subscribe to Calendars on iPhone and iPad
  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap Accounts & Passwords.
  • Under the Accounts section, tap Add Account.
  • Tap Other.
  • Under Calendars, tap Add Subscribed Calendar.
  • Type in your calendar link in the Server field to paste in a copied link, tap and hold the field and select Paste.
  • Tap Next.
  • Use the Description field to give the calendar an easily recognizable name.
  • Enter a server username and password if required .
  • Tap Save.
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    How Do I Un

    Reviewed by Michael Nilsson

    Unsubscribing from a calendar is quick and easy, but the process depends on which calendar service you use.

    To unsubscribe using Apple Calendar :

    Method #1

    • Go to the Settings app and select ‘Mail’
    • Go to ‘Accounts’
    • Select the calendar you wish to delete
    • Select Delete Account
    • Select Delete Account again to confirm

    Method #2

    • Find the calendar you want to remove and uncheck the checkbox to unsubscribe the calendar
    • You might be able to delete the calendar as well. Click the at the right of the calendar title.
    • Scroll down to the bottom and select the ‘Delete Calendar’ button and select ‘Delete Calendar’ again to confirm.

    Old method

    • Go to the Settings app
    • Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    • Go to Subscribed Calendars
    • Select the calendar you wish to delete
    • Select Delete Account
    • Select Delete again to confirm

    To unsubscribe using Apple Calendar :

    • Open up Apple Calendar
    • Right-click on the name of the calendar you wish to delete and select Delete

    To unsubscribe using Google Calendar:

    • When you are in Google Calendar, look on the left-hand side for “Other Calendars”, click the arrow, and select Settings
    • Locate the calendar you wish to delete and on the far right-hand side select Unsubscribe
    • Select Unsubscribe again at the prompt

    To unsubscribe using Outlook 2010:

    • Go to the Calendar and find the list of calendars on the left-hand side
    • Right-click on the calendar you wish to delete and click Delete Calendar Name

    To unsubscribe using

    Ios 1: How To Remove iPhone Calendar Virus

    in this blog post, How to Delete Subscribed Virus Calendar on Any iPhone. Mail and Calendar Settings now change in iOS/iPadOS on iPhone/iPad than the previous iOS. Apple gives the option to add a new calendar in the Calendar app directly and quickly. For that, we need to install the .cal file. Once the file is installed, you can temporarily hide/disable or Remove/Delete it. Lets find the alternate options for Unsubscribe and Delete Calendar on iPhone, iPad.

    we are happy to help you, submit this Form, if your solution is not covered in this article.

    The unwanted invites to the calendar can be irritating, and for all of the event invites, this tutorial will teach you how to do it.

    Page Contents

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    How To Delete Calendar Spam With Ios 146 Or Later

    If you have iOS 14.6 or later, you can actually use both this option and the one below to remove iOS Calendar spam. The steps are very similar for both options, so it comes down to preference. For more helpful tips, consider subscribing to our free Tip of the Day. Now, here’s how to remove calendar spam on your iPhone.

  • Open the Calendar app.
  • Tap an unwanted Calendar event.
  • Tap Unsubscribe from this Calendar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Unsubscribe to remove an unwanted calendar.
  • If you feel this calendar is spam, make sure to tap Unsubscribe and Report Junk.
  • Unsubscribe Calendar On iPhone

    Unsubscribing from Calendars on iPhone (works to delete viruses in calendar)

    If you want to delete an iPhone calendar subscription, there are two ways to do so: either directly on the iPhone or via iCloud.

    Open up your Settings app and select Passwords & Accounts, then go to Subscribed Calendars to see a list of your current subscriptions. Tap the name of the one you would like to remove to delve deeper into the individual settings for this subscription.

    At the very bottom of the settings for the calendar subscription youll find a button labeled Delete Account. Tap it to permanently remove the calendar from your subscribed calendars on all linked devices. Dont worry, other calendars will not be affected by this.

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    Unsubscribe Third Party Calendar Service

    You might have subscribed to a third-party service that is adding multiple elements in the Calendar app. Fortunately, you can remove it from the inbuilt app and get rid of all spam events once and for all.

    • Tap on the Settings> Calendar> Accounts.
    • Tap on Delete Account to remove it.
    • Confirm the action by tapping on the Delete from My iPhone option.

    Thats it, you have successfully removed the account from the iOS device, and it wont continue adding new events in the smartphone. Repeat the same instructions, if you found multiple unknown or unrecognized accounts in the iOS 15 device.

    Wipe Off Only The Already Deleted Data From Your Ios Device

    In case you have already deleted a Calendar subscription using the traditional methods, but want to delete them for full security permanently, Dr.Fone – Data Eraser will help you as well. The tool has a dedicated feature that will only scan delete files from your iPhone and erase them with one click.

    Follow these steps to erase deleted files from your iPhone using Dr.Fone – Data Eraser .

    Step 1 – After the scanning process completes, use the drop-down menu and select âOnly Show the Deletedâ.

    Step 2 – Now, choose the files that you want to remove and click âEraseâ.

    Step 3 – Enter â000000â in the text field and click âErase Nowâ to erase the data.

    The tool will start erasing deleted data from your iPhone/iPadâs memory. Again, this process may take a few minutes to complete.

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    How To Delete A Subscribed Calendar From Your Mac

  • In the Calendarapp, right-click the calendar you want to delete.
  • Click Unsubscribe.
  • When the pop-up window appears asking you to confirm, click Delete. This will remove the calendar from your Mac and any device calendars synced through iCloud.
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    Ios 15 iPados 1: How To Delete Subscribed Calendar On iPhone iPad

    How to Unsubscribe From a Calendar on Your iPhone

    Being a responsible person, I do have different types of Calendars, like Family Calendar, Holiday Calendar, School Calendar, Work Calendar, and many other calendars to keep track of the schedule, and never miss out on anything important.

    However, after completion of my agenda, I dont need them, so deleting them is the best choice, to declutter iPhone, and keep it clean.

    For iOS 14, iOS 15 or Later Version:

  • Go to the Settings App.
  • Scroll down to the Calendar App.
  • Tap Accounts.
  • Open the list.
  • Tap on the that you wish to delete.
  • Hit Delete Account.
    • For iOS 13 or earlier Version users:
    • Go to the Settings app > Accounts & Passwords > Subscribed Calendars > Tap on the name of Calendars > Scroll down and Tap on Delete Account.

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    Other Tips For Getting Rid Of Spam Invites

    You can also try faking out spammers by using a disposable email address or a honey-pot address to sign up for everything. It’s an email address you use when you’re signing up for newsletters, free downloads, and other marketing-type products or services. The address won’t be your primary one, and you probably won’t check it very often. It’s also an address you don’t connect to any email application on your phone, so you don’t receive notifications, calendar invites, or other communications unless you choose to open the email box. Any free email service provider is suitable for this option.

    How To Delete An iPhone Calendar Subscription Account

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 9 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 54,160 times.Learn more…

    Did your boss add a calendar to your iCloud that you dont wish to view? Perhaps a recently downloaded application did the same, and now youre getting annoying pop-ups on your iPhone. By deleting a calendar, you can get back to the kind of notifications you like to see.

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    How To Hide Or Delete Gmail Calendar On iPhone

    Gmail calendar will sync automatically to your Calendar while you set up or add a Gmail mail account in the iOS Mail app. Lets see how to enable and Disable/Delete Gmail Calendar on iPhone.

    Note: Setup Gmail Mail account auto-sync mail, Contacts, Calendars.

    To Temporary hide, follow the steps for hiding calendar stapes given here at first in this article. Permanently remove follow the next steps,

    For iOS 14/ iOS 15 or later Version users:

    Navigate to the Settings app > Mail app > Accounts> select the Gmail Account> toggle Off the Calendars. This way you are turning off the Calendars for the particular Gmail Account, hence all the Calendars associated with your Gmail account wont appear.

    For iOS 13 or earlier Version users:

    Go to the Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Tap on Gmail mail account > Disable Calendar toggle> Confirm with Delete popup Delete from My iPhone on screen.

    Only Calendar events will delete from your Calendar app itself.

    Thank you! For with us, Hope you get and filed a problem on Unsubscribe and Delete Calendar on iPhone, iPad. Also, Delete Google Calendar on iPhone.

    How Can I Learn More

    How to Unsubscribe spam calendar on iPhone iOS 14 | Delete Calendar Virus Events on iPhone IOS 14

    Each week on the Intego Mac Podcast, Integos Mac security experts discuss the latest Apple news, security and privacy stories, and offer practical advice on getting the most out of your Apple devices. Be sure to follow the podcast to make sure you dont miss any episodes.

    We talked about iCloud calendar spam and more in episode 194 of the Intego Mac Podcast.

    You can also subscribe to our e-mail newsletter and keep an eye here on Mac Security Blog for the latest Apple security and privacy news. And dont forget to follow Intego on your favorite social media channels: , , , and .

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    iPhone How To Unsubscribe From Calendar

    Do you have problems that can’t delete subscribed calendars on iPhone? If you do, check out this guide to get some useful solutions to unsubscribe calendars on iPhone. By the way, if you want to reorganize your calendar by deleting unwanted events, the bonus tips are exactly what you need.

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    How To Remove Calendar From iPhone

    Sometimes, you get unwanted Calendar invitations on your iPhone but, if you don’t need them, you can remove a calendar from iPhone permanently. Find how it’s done!

    On your iPhone Home Screen, tap the Calendars icon to launch the app.

    Then, select a calendar you would like to remove from your iPhone.

    Tap its Info button.

    Scroll down to locate the Delete Calendar option. When found, tap the link .

    When prompted, hit the Delete Calendar button again to confirm the changes.

    Alternatively, you can unsubscribe from a calendar subscription through your Mac computer, running on macOS. Open the Calendar you want to unsubscribe from, right-click it, and select Unsubscribe.

    Please note – When you remove a calendar from your iPhone, all events associated with the Calendar will also be deleted. If you don’t mind it, go ahead and remove the unwanted calendar.

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    How iPhone Calendar Spam Works

    Most people start to receive the Calendar spam messages after visiting illegal streaming websites or adult websites with lots of pop-ups. These types of sites are often injected with code that redirects users to malicious web pages.Whenever you visit a site infected with such code, you may encounter a message similar to the ones below prompting you to subscribe to a spam calendar.

    Immediately after subscribing, your device will start to receive Calendar notifications. They will often appear every few minutes, but you may receive several at a time.

    The notifications promote dangerous websites and most often have the following names or something similar:

    • Your iPhone is severely damaged by viruses
    • Apple Support: You need to download protection
    • Urgent: Your Data and Browsing Activity is exposed
    • You won an iPhone
    • Your Device May Be Infected
    • Your iCloud HACKED
    • Warning: Scan your device now!
    • System Critical Alert!

    How Do I Unsubscribe From Spam Calendars

    How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone

    If you’ve accidentally subscribed to a calendar that is nothing but spam, you can also wholly unsubscribe from that calendar to stop the notifications from being sent to you. To do so, open Calendar and tap the unwanted calendar event, then tap Unsubscribe from this Calendar at the bottom of the screen. You may also need to tap Unsubscribe to confirm you want to unsubscribe from the calendar.

    Another option is to delete the Calendar from your listings. To delete a calendar, follow these instructions:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.

  • Tap Calendar.

  • Select the account you want to delete.

  • Tap Delete Account.

  • The tap Delete from My iPhone to confirm you want to remove the calendar account from your iPhone. This will not remove the calendar from other connected accounts .

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    Delete Calendar In Icloud

    If you want to delete one or more iPhone calendars, you can alternatively do this in iCloud.

    First go to and log in with your Apple ID and password. Now click on Calendar, select Edit in the lower left corner and click on the red dot to the right of the calendar. Finally click on Delete and the calendar will be completely deleted from all devices with iCloud Calendar enabled. Finally click on Done to exit the edit menu.

    Incidentally, all events belonging to the calendar also disappear with it. Also note that you cant delete all iPhone calendars, because at least one calendar must always remain in the list.

    Recommended Tool: Dr Fone

    One way to do this is to use a professional eraser tool such as Dr.Fone – Data Eraser . The software is specifically designed for all iOS users to permanently delete data from their iDevice and keep their privacy intact.

    4,039,074 people have downloaded it

    With Data Eraser , youâll be able to delete pictures, contacts, messages, and even Calendar subscriptions in such a way that no one will be able to recover them, even if they use professional recovery tools. As a result, you can stay assured that no one will be able to misuse your personal information at all.

    Key Features:

    Here are a few additional features of Dr.Fone – Data Eraser that make it the best eraser tool for iOS.

    • Permanently delete different types of files from your iPhone/iPad
    • Selectively Erase data from an iDevice
    • Clear unnecessary and junk files to speed up your iPhone and optimize its performance.
    • Works with all iOS versions, including the latest iOS 14

    Step by Step Tutotrial

    So, if youâre also ready to permanently remove a subscribed Calendar from your iPhone, grab your cup of coffee and follow the below-mentioned steps to use Dr.Fone – Data Eraser .

    Step 1 – Start by installing Dr.Fone – Data Eraser on your PC. Once the installation process completes, launch the application and select âData Eraserâ.

    Step 2 – Now, connect your iPhone/iPad to the PC and wait for the software to recognize it automatically.

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