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How To Cancel Tinder Subscription On iPhone

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Still Getting Tinder Premium Features After Cancelling Tinder Subscription

How to cancel Tinder plus or Gold Subscription on your iOS device? Hey, Let’s Learn Something! 2021

If you had to cancel your Tinder subscription because you no longer were able to afford its high price, you still have an option to get some or all of the features for free. It is not necessarily an ethical way, but if it is not an issue for you, here you can read about how to get Tinder Gold for free.

Cancel Tinder Gold On Android

You can cancel your Tinder Gold subscription using your Android phone in just a couple of seconds through the Google Play Store. Just follow the instructions below, and youll have your subscription canceled in no time.

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Tap the three bars at the top left
  • Select Subscriptions from the left menu
  • Select Tinder in the list of apps
  • Select Cancel or Unsubscribe
  • Confirm your cancellation when prompted
  • Do be warned that you will not be refunded for any partially used time using this method. This merely cancels any future subscriptions until you subscribe again.

    If this doesnt work for some reason, you can do it on the web using a desktop browser.

  • Select Subscriptions from the left menu
  • Select Tinder in the center pane and select Manage
  • Select Cancel Subscription from the options
  • This achieves the same goal but should always work, even if the app method does not work for you.

    Cancel Tinder Subscription From iPhone Or iPad

    You may think why so much fuss about it? You can uninstall the app from the phone, and be done with it. Here’s the deal: you are not alone, I used to think like that. But, unfortunately, it does not work like that. Deleting or uninstalling does not help you with canceling tinder subscription.

    Therefore, I want to take you through the steps along with the images and show how easy it is to cancel a tinder subscription from your iPhone, just a few simple clicks and you are done with it.

  • Open your iPhone and go to your phone settings
  • Now, that was not difficult, right? If we are past that select iTunes & App Store
  • Tap the Apple ID email link
  • Select “View Apple ID.”
  • If required, then log in to your ID
  • Scroll to Subscriptions and select manage
  • Select Tinder
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    May I Have A Refund For Tinder Gold And Positive

    Normally, all Tinder Subscriptions is non-refundable whether it is Tinder Gold or Tinder Additionally or any other. However, Tinder may reimburse for Tinder Gold or Tinder Additionally or other registration as long as youve required a refund within week or two of membership date/transaction. Additionally, they processes reimbursement only when your own instance came across the Terms of utilize, thus browse them.

    More over, this reimbursement will likely be processed by Apple. Heres how you can ask a refund on Tinder.

    Simple tips to Request reimbursement for Tinder software on iOS tool?

  • Enter the Apple ID and code to bring your account.
  • Select the Tinder App and click on Report a challenge or Report.
  • Today, see the on-screen instructions and upload the return obtain an authentic cause.
  • Simple tips to Request reimbursement for Tinder software on Android os?

    To inquire a refund for the Tinder application on Android os, stick to the link and upload their request.

    How To Cancel Tinder Premium Subscription On iPhone

    How to Cancel Tinder Gold Subscription iPhone or Android ...

    In order to cancel Tinder Gold and Plus on iPhone, if you have used the Apple service device at the time of creating your Tinder account, then you can follow and perform the below points thoroughly to cancel your Tinder subscription:

    • At first, you need to go to the Settings on your iPhone device.
    • Then, tap on your name icon.
    • Now, click on the Subscriptions tab, a list will drop down with all your Subscriptions.
    • Select the Tinder tab, from the Subscription list which you wish to cancel.
    • Now, click on the Cancel Subscription and confirm it.

    A confirmation mail will be sent to your registered Email ID through the company on successful cancellation of Tinder Gold.

    Make sure that, if you try to delete the Tinder Subscription app, your membership with Tinder will not get cancelled and your monthly subscriptions on Tinder will still get charged as it would be auto-renewed, and therefore you have to cancel the Tinder subscription account so that your Tinder payment gets stopped.

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    How Do I Get My Money Back From A Subscription

    How to get a refund using your iPhone or iPad

  • Launch Mail from your Home screen.
  • Search for Your receipt from Apple if its not immediately visible.
  • Tap on the receipt for the purchase your want refunded.
  • Tap Report a Problem next to the purchase you want to report.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted.
  • How To Cancel Tinder Gold Plus Or Diamond

    Before showing you step by step what you have to do to cancel your Tinder Gold or Plus subscription, it is important to note a couple of things about the cancellation.

    If you delete your Tinder app from your phone or even delete your Tinder account it wont cancel your subscription.

    You will be able to use your subscription for the remaining days you have paid for which means you wont get back any money back if you cancel your subscription.

    How you can delete the subscription varies on which type of device you purchased the subscription. If you are unsure about how you subscribed to Tinder, you can read it here how you can find it out.

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    S To Subscribe Tinder

    Now you know the differences between the Plus and Gold membership. If you really focus looking for a date, we suggest you join as a Gold member. But if you are not pressed by time, it is okay to be the Plus first. You will find how to cancel the Tinder subscription at the end of this article. The steps below are to do a subscription:

    Whats Better Than Tinder Plus At Getting You More Matches/dates

    How to Cancel a Subscription on iPhone iPad (quickly!)Tinder

    An optimized profile.

    Most people dont fully understand that being good-looking IRL is not the same as being good-looking in a particular picture.

    And the majority of Tinder users unknowingly choose profile photos that are horribly unflattering to them.

    Answer? Test your pics on . Choosing a profile pic this way has been known to increase matches on Tinder by 200-400%.

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    Which Is Much Better Tinder Silver Or Benefit

    This will depend your area, if youre in megacity after that to seize the greatest complement, you might need Tinder silver whereas Tinder customers who happen to live during the low-populated area, Tinder Plus is better only at that costs. Of course you think a subscription to Tinder Gold, its your decision.

    Cancel A Subscription On Your Apple Tv

    On Apple TV, you can edit subscriptions only for tvOS apps that are installed on that Apple TV. For Apple TV , use an iOS or iPadOS device or computer to manage your subscriptions.

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Users & Accounts, then select your account.
  • Select Subscriptions.
  • Choose the subscription that you want to manage, then select Cancel Subscription. If you dont see Cancel Subscription, then the subscription is already canceled and won’t renew.
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    How To Cancel A Subscription On Tinder

    If you’ve subscribed to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, deleting the app doesn’t necessarily end your subscription. Rather, you should manually cancel the subscription yourself.

    When canceling your subscription to Tinder on Android, the steps depend on how you purchased it.

    For Android, if you subscribed through the Google Play Store, you can cancel your subscription with these steps:

    • Open the Google Play Store
    • On the left sidebar menu, select Subscriptions
    • Select Tinder in your list of subscriptions
    • Select Cancel Subscription

    If you used a direct credit card payment on Android, you can cancel your Tinder subscription with these steps:

    • Open the Tinder app
    • Select the profile icon at the top of the main screen
    • Select Manage Payment Account
    • Tap Cancel Subscription

    If you subscribed to Tinder on the iOS app, you will need to cancel the subscription in your iPhone settings. Here’s how:

    • Go to your iPhone Settings > > iTunes & App Store
    • Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen and then View Apple ID
    • Scroll through the page and select Subscriptions
    • Choose your Tinder subscription
    • Select Cancel Subscription

    Once your subscription is canceled, you will be able to delete Tinder without worrying about charges continuing.

    Other Dating Apps Are Available

    How to Cancel Tinder Gold Subscription (Guide)

    Not all dating apps have the same vibe as Tinder. If you’re still interested in online dating, but don’t like the mechanics of Tinder, there are other apps you can try instead.

    From apps that match you according to movie interests to apps that employ personality tests, here are some unique dating apps better than Tinder.

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    What Is Tinder Plus

    Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are in-app subscriptions offering access to premium features such as Unlimited Likes so you can Swipe Right to your hearts content, Passport to chat with singles anywhere around the world, Rewind to take back that accidental swipe, one Boost a month to be one of the top profiles in your

    Is It Easy To Cancel Tinder Plus

    Cancel Tinder Plus on iOS. Just as Android has multiple options for cancelling your Tinder Plus subscription, so does iOS and the App Store. From your list of actively-subscribed apps, tap on Tinder from the list and select Unsubscribe, or set the slider in iOS for Auto-Renewal to the off position.

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    Donotpay Can Track All Your Subscriptions For You

    If you are like a vast majority of Americans, in fact, 84% of them, you dont have a clue how much you spend on your subscriptions every month. DoNotPay can set that right! We can monitor all the subscriptions that exist in your name, and help you cancel the ones you would like to get rid of. With our help, unused memberships will no longer eat up your money!

    How To Hide Your Account On Tinder

    How to cancel Tinder automatic payment renewal on ios

    If you want to take a break from Tinder without fully deleting the app or your account, you can choose to hide or temporarily deactivate your profile. It’s important to note that this simply prevents you from showing up in other users’ discovery queues.

    Note: This does not cancel your subscription, prevent the app from sending you notifications, or remove your information from the Tinder servers. In fact, you can still contact your existing matches and use the app.

    To temporarily hide your Tinder profile, you need to visit your account page. In the Tinder app, select the profile icon . This takes you to your account profile page.

    Here, select Settings and disable Show me on Tinder. If you ever want to appear in Tinder feeds again, you can go back to these settings and re-enable the option.

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    How Can You Cancel Tinder Gold Or Plus From Android

    You can simply cancel your Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus subscription from an Android device. To unsubscribe directly to your Android device:

    • Open the Google Play Store app.

    After opening, search for the Tinder app on the Google Play Store.

    • Select Cancel or Unsubscribe.

    After you find the Tinder app, terminate your subscription from the Settings. Moreover, now, youll be returned to your free Tinder account.

    How To Cancel Both Tinder Gold And Tinder Plus Which Are Included As Tinder Subscription

    In order to cancel your Tinder membership, it will directly count on how you first bought subscriptions from the Tinder service. So here are the different methods and ways to cancel a Tinder account subscription depending on the device:

    • On an iOS device.
    • On Android Phone via Google Play Store.
    • Online.

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    Are Tinder Gold Worth Paying For

    In case you are puzzled between Tinder silver and Tinder Additionally, then you certainly should make up your mind based on your neighborhood. Like, if you reside in a highly-populated room, in which competitors sounds difficult, Tinder Gold is really worth purchasing. Alongside, if you reside in a rural place, where Tinder consumers are quite lower, after that Tinder Plus is preferred, in rural segments youll get a hold of surely the complement. Per my estimation, this illustration is the quickest and simplest way to choose between Tinder silver and Tinder In addition.

    How To Unsubscribe From Tinder

    How to Cancel Tinder Plus/Gold on iPhone (The Easy Way)

    In addition to freemium, Tinder offers its users several exclusive services, like a one-time purchase, monthly subscription, and various other purposes. You can easily cancel your subscription at Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus membership for various causes. If you have difficulty, switch to a free subscription, and remove your Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus subscriptions for different purposes.

    If you wanna delete your Tinder account completely, you still need to cancel your subscriptions before deleting your account.

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    If You Signed Up With The iPhone App

    Like most subscriptions, signing up for Tinder Gold on an iPhone links your Tinder account to your Apple ID. This means that you’ll have to cancel Tinder Gold using your Apple ID, too.

    1. Open your iPhone’s Settings app and tap your name at the top of the screen.

    2. In the Apple ID menu, tap Subscriptions.

    3. Tap Tinder Gold, and then select Cancel Subscription.

    How To Cancel Tinder Gold Or Tinder Plus Diamond Delete Tinder Subscriptions Easily

    It is very annoying how Tinder has made it really difficult to cancel Tinder Gold or Plus subscription. But dont worry, in this article, we will show you step by step how you can delete Tinder Gold or Plus subscription on the device you use.

    We will also share every information you need to know related to premium subscriptions of Tinder, such as requesting a refund, what to do when Tinder keeps recharging you and how you can still use premium features without paying for them. At the end of this article, you will also find an FAQ section.

  • Can You Get A Refund From A Tinder Gold Or Plus Subscription?
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    How To Cancel Your Tinder Plus Subscription

    Tinder has become one of the most popular dating services online, with more than 50 million regular users and more than 20 billion matches as of August 2018. With so many people matching, relationships that started on Tinder have become commonplace, even the norm.

    Meeting people on Tinder is easy, and the emphasis on matching and having a conversation online before deciding to meet in the real world makes the app a comfortable and safe place for many Tinder users.

    It is no surprise that so many people have chosen to upgrade to the premium version of the service, Tinder Plus.

    Unlike many other social apps, Tinder offers a Plus subscription model, which grants access to a bunch of new features. The Rewind feature is a popular favorite, as it allows you to rewind your previous swipewhether right or leftto correct a mistake and change your answer for that person.

    Tinder Plus users also gain access to Passport, which allows them to preview and match with people in other locations, such as before a vacation or business trip, before even getting on the plane. Probably the most-used feature of Tinder Plus, of course, is the unlimited right swipes, along with the ad-free experience, and the granting of five super likes per day to use on other users.

    The Tinder Plus service costs users $9.99 a month, or about $120 per year, just for access to a few of Tinders premium features!

    Is It Possible To See A Reimbursement For Tinder Gold And Plus

    How to delete tinder app on iPhone?

    Often, all the Tinder Subscriptions were non-refundable whether it is Tinder silver or Tinder benefit or other. However, Tinder may reimburse for Tinder Gold or Tinder positive or any other membership on condition that you have requested a refund within week or two of membership date/transaction. Also, they will certainly endeavor refund only if their case came across the Terms of incorporate, very read all of them.

    Furthermore, this reimbursement will likely be refined by fruit. Heres ways to request a refund on Tinder.

    How exactly to consult Refund for Tinder application on iOS device?

  • Go into the Apple ID and Password to get your account.
  • Discover Tinder software and click on document a challenge or Report.
  • Today, check the on-screen guidance and submit the return ask for an authentic reasons.
  • How exactly to demand reimbursement for Tinder software on Android os?

    To ask a reimbursement when it comes to Tinder app on Android os, proceed with the connect and publish your request.

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    How To Cancel Tinder Plus On Android

    If youre an Android user, canceling your Tinder Plus subscription is handled just like any other subscription service within Google Play.

    Because Android uses the Google Play Store to keep track of every app subscription on your phone or tablet, all you have to do is open the Play Store. Lets take a look at how to cancel Tinder Plus for Android:

    Start by opening up the Play Store, either by using the shortcut on your home screen or by using the application link inside your app drawer. From here, tap the triple-lined menu item in the top-right corner of your screen to open the Google Play menu. Tap Accountyoull find it near the bottom of this list.

    From here, youll want to tap Subscriptions, which will load a list of every subscription connected to your Google Play account. Depending on how many recurring subscriptions you have in your account, this page might be populated with dozens of apps, or maybe just a couple.

    Regardless, scroll through the list until you find where Tinder is listed, and tap the selection. Youll be given two different selections: cancel and update. Update allows you to change your credit card payment method , but for the purposes of this tutorial, were looking for the Cancel option.

    Tap cancel, then tap confirm on the pop-up message.

    Tap the Cancel subscription button, then confirm your selection.

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