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How To Clean The iPhone Charging Port

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How To Clean iPhone Charging Port: 7 Secrets Cleaning Tips

How To Clean iPhone Charging Port (2022)

You recently tried to charge your iPhone but couldnt get it full as usual, or it was charging slowly. I guess the surprise of having a spoilt Apple was too much. Truthfully, sometimes our devices spoil and stress us out. Some issues concerning iPhone damages, however, might be a result of how we handle them. Whether you knew it or not, your iPhone might have a charging problem because the port is unclean or dropped the phone in water. That means you have to work out a plan to clean the iPhone port. Even if the outside may look clean, an iPhone charging port may not. So, the only way to repair it is to clean the port. In this blog, Ill discuss how to clean the charging port using the various available means and what to do to ensure proper use.

How Do You Get Sand Out Of A Charging Port

Its amazing what our little iPhones go through over the course of their lives. They really get into some messy situations, including getting sand in their ports. Beachgoers will frequently find that sand has penetrated the safe structure of their iPhone charging port, and theyll of course panic and wonder how to remove this sand.

If sand is on the outside, you can use a piece of scotch tape to remove the debris. If you have sand directly in the charging port, things are a little sticky, and you will want to use pressurized air to blast that nasty sand out of there. Any time you can avoid putting a chemical substance directly on or in your iPhones parts, you win.

Many people prefer the pressurized air strategy because it blows debris out of the iPhone without getting anything harmful and sticky on it. No one wants to accidentally destroy their iPhone while trying to save it.

What Can You Use

To clean the dirt and debris out of your iPhone charging port, Manuel suggests using paper or cotton goods like paper towels, Q-tips, or cotton balls. These products are “soft, nonabrasive, and most importantly, dry,” according to him, and will not harm the iPhone internal components. Another expert-approved method for cleaning the charging port is to spray it with compressed air you know, the stuff you use to clean your computer.

What you should not use

While blowing into the charging port may be your first instinct, it may cause more harm than good. The port and its points of contact are not safe from wet, hot air from your mouth.

Also, avoid inserting chemicals, cleaning supplies, or sharp objects such as pins or metal rods into your iPhone charging port. According to experts, doing so could harm the internal machinery, which is made up of tiny metal lines. If the contact points are damaged, no matter how thoroughly you clean it, the charger will not work.

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Proper iPhone & iPad Cleaning And Hygiene

To keep your iPhone or iPad in good shape and working order, its always a good idea to keep some useful cleaning kit and tools nearby, whether its for getting out the dirt in your charging port or just keeping the surface of the iPhone or other smartphones shiny and new, these are the iPhone charging port cleaner and cleaning kit I use.

If you find that your iPhone is not charging or it is displaying unusual charging behavior like being selective about the charging cables that work, its charging port might be dirty. This is a problem that you can fix quite quickly at home. The methods and tips included in this article on how to clean iPhone charging port will help you to do it yourself.

Use A Can Of Air Duster

How to clean an iPhone

Compressed air is what is used and recommended to clean many electronics, including charging ports.

Air duster, or compressed air, works far better than blowing into a phone for a couple of reasons. First of all, its usually more powerful. And second and most importantly, compressed air is just air it doesnt contain any moisture

To clean your charging port with compressed air, hold the can a few inches away from the port and spray for a couple of seconds.

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Take Your Phone To A Professional

The safest way to clean an iPhone charging port is to take it to a professional. They have the tools and know-how to clean the port without harming it. They’ll likely use a small amount of canned air, a tiny vacuum, or another professional cleaning tool to remove the debris gently.

Here are a few places to try. In some cases, these merchants perform the task for free:

  • iPhone screen repair shop

Why Is My iPhone Not Charging When I Plug It In

These alerts can appear for a few reasons: Your iOS device might have a dirty or damaged charging port, your charging accessory is defective, damaged, or non Apple-certified, or your USB charger isnt designed to charge devices. Remove any debris from the charging port on the bottom of your device.

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Can I Clean My Charging Port With Rubbing Alcohol

No, you should not clean your iPhone charging port with rubbing alcohol. If cleaning out the charging port with a toothpick or compressed air didnt fix your problem, the port is likely already damaged.

Cleaning with alcohol may only cause further damage. Youre better off taking your phone to an Apple store for advice or repair.

Can You Clean iPhone Charging Port With Alcohol

iPhone Charging Port Cleaning

Before using a cleaning solution, you should first turn off your phone and unplug it. While a flashlight can help, you might not be able to see everything that is clogging up the charging port. If this is the case, you can try putting a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and gently wiping the charging ports interior. After the cotton swab is dry, you can use an electrical contact cleaner to clean the ports interior.

You can also use a small pin or a toothpick to clean the charging port. A pin with a bent end is better for this task because it can easily grab debris. Alternatively, you can use a bobby pin or a needle, or you can use a small needle. Before cleaning the charging port, make sure that the phone is plugged into a power source, or else you could force moisture into the phone and damage the internal components.

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Why The iPhone Charging Port Not Working

Whenever you plug a correct charging cable or charger into an iPhone, it should charge unless theres something wrong with the port. Its not that the device might be damaged the issue could be as simple as a faulty charging port that requires cleaning. But before we talk about the ports cleaning procedure, what might be wrong with it?

Remember that an iPhones charging port is at the bottom and is usually open. That means that dirt, debris, and surrounding lint can be easily collected inside there. These items possibly collected from your pocket or purse can clog the port. Even while walking home and using your device, dust can gather in there and cause a blockage. How does this affect the port? Heres how:

When these elements clog your port, they go up to the charging pins. There are eight pins. These pins are the ones the charging cable connects to, thus, resulting in phone charging. The elements keep the pins from connecting properly with the cable, affecting the device charging system such as the phone overheating and app crashing. That means its time to clean up the charging port to make it work.

What To Use To Clean Your Lightning Port

If your iPhone charging port is filthy, you can clean it yourself. You don’t need special cleaning kits, nor do you need compressed air. Despite many tutorials online recommending it, Apple tells customers to not use compressed air or aerosol sprays of any kind when cleaning their iPhones.

This is likely due to the high pressure at which air escapes from the can. This pressure could damage the iPhone internally. It could also jeopardize the water-resistant assembly on newer iPhone models. Fortunately for the task at hand compressed air isn’t much use anyway.

I once had a problem with my iPhone 5s refusing to charge. It was still under AppleCare warranty, so I took it to Apple for investigation. The Genius who addressed the issue solved it by cleaning out a lot of gunk from the charging port.

For this task the technician used a plain old iPhone SIM key, which is normally used to release the SIM tray.

Since then, I’ve had no trouble using a SIM key to clean my iPhone. I’ve applied a fair amount of force to the SIM key while scraping out the port, and never damaged it. The Genius who cleaned my old iPhone was careful but thorough.

If you’d rather use something a little less metallic, a thin toothpick or wooden skewer will do the job just fine. You could use a paper clip or another thin pin, but always take a little more care when using a sharp metal object for this task.

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How To Dry Out Your Charging Port

Leave your iPhone in a clean, dry area that allows airflow. It might take up to 24 hours for your iPhone to fully dry, according to Apple. Do not dry your iPhone using an external heat source, compressed air, or bag of rice, which could cause permanent damage to the phone. These tricks could save your wet iPhone too.

Seek Professional Help To Repair The iPhone Charging Port

17 Pieces Cell Phone Cleaning Kit, USB Charging Port and Headphone Jack ...

Theres always the last option in every situation. If the above methods for cleaning your iPhone charging port seem not to work even after several attempts, its best to see a professional iPhone charging port repair. Theyre among the ways you can use them at home to get the iPhone charging again. If its still not charging, the experts will make it do so.

These people have professional cleaning and repair tools that will efficiently remove every trace of debris from your charging port without damaging it. A professional will also be able to identify if your iPhone might be having an underlying issue other than the dirty port that could be preventing it from charging.

Remember that even a faulty battery or disconnections within the phone can also cause a charging problem. There are a few places where you can obtain professional services with top of all being the Apple Store. Other suitable places include Jeweller, battery store, iPhone Screen Repair Shop, and Watch Repair Shop.

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Use An iPhone Case With Charging Port Cover

They say prevention is better than cure. That statement is also true for how you use your iPhone. We can save ourselves the hustle of seeking professional assistance or keeping on cleaning the iPhone charging ports by buying a case.

If you buy a good quality iPhone case with a port cover, no dirt or other external damaging elements will enter.

You can purchase a wallet phone case having a transparent front and ensure it includes a zip to close the phone while not in use. With such a cover, dust and other particles will only accumulate on top of it and not enter the port.

It will be easier to clean the cover than doing so for the charging port. It would be wise to use the iPhone cover every day to prevent debris entry. Further, when at the office or home and youre not using the iPhone, considering putting it in a drawer or safe place.

How To Clean iPhone Charging Port Without Breaking It

  • Sean Keach, Digital Technology and Science Editor
  • 14:55, 4 Aug 2021

IS your iPhone Lightning port seriously grubby? It’s probably time you gave it a clean.

But don’t be hasty: it’s a delicate task as you’ll want to avoid causing any damage to the iPhone.

After all, if you mess with the Lightning port, you could end up making it impossible to charge your iPhone.

And a severe cleaning blunder could even totally break your expensive smartphone.

Of course, debris lodged in your Lightning port can cause issues including preventing you from charging.

One simple option is to try gently tapping the device.

Sometimes a little wiggle or tap is all you need to dislodge a bit of dirt or grime from the Lightning port.

Just don’t do it too hard or you could cause damage to the device.

Another option is to gentle insert the corner of a microfibre cloth into the port and give it a little rub.

It needs to be a lint-free lens-style cloth that won’t cause any abrasive damage.

The cloth should also be totally dry, and shouldn’t be used recently after charging so that the iPhone isn’t warm.

And make sure to avoid applying any pressure, or you could jam debris into the connector.

A more heavy duty option would be to use a can of compressed air the same kind you’d use to clean the insides of a desktop PC.

Just be careful not to blow any spittle into the port.

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How To Clean Corrosion Off iPhone Charging Port

Your iPhones lightning port is something of a miracle structure. Its where your charger cord plugs into the port and begins reinvigorating your iPhone and making it usable again after the charge wears down. Unfortunately, this port is metal, and all metal is susceptible to corrosion over time.

The culprit is simple and unavoidable: moisture in the air. Theres not a place on earth that doesnt have some type of moisture in its air, meaning that your iPhones beloved lightning port may at some point have at least miniscule corrosion, making for a hard to charge iPhone.

If it sounds tragic, its because it is. No one wants to whip out their iPhone for charging only to discover that its not charging at all. Its one of those nightmare scenarios for people who are addicted to taking selfies and just managed to almost capture the perfect one while the better was about to die.

To clean corrosion, and keep your charging port healthy, its time to dig deeper into the issue and see whats within your power to do. Well cover How to clean corrosion off iPhone charging port and so many other questions.

Frequent Answer: How To Clean iPhone Charging Port With Needle

how to clean an iPhone charging port

Turn off your device and use the can of compressed air or the bulb syringe to clean out the charging port. Blast a few short bursts and see if any dust falls out. If using compressed air, make sure youre holding the can upright to avoid getting water inside the port.

Correspondingly, how do I clean my iPhone charging port?

Moreover, how do I clean my iPhone charger port with pin? Holding your iPhone so the backside is facing up, place the toothpick inside the chargingport. Scrape against the back wall of the port. This will take a lot of poking and scraping. Continue to do this until the debris starts to come loose.

People ask also, how do I know if my charger port is damaged?

  • Do you have to hold the phone at a certain angle to charge it?
  • You see some off-colored residue or debris around the charge port.
  • There is nothing wrong with the charger and battery.
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    Clean The Charging Port With A Toothpick

    The gentle use of a toothpick is the number one recommended and safest way to clean out an iPhone charging port.

    Why a toothpick and not some other small object? Because a toothpick is wood, not metal. Using a metal item such as a bobby pin or needle can cause an electrical short circuit and completely ruin your phone.

    To use this method, gently run a toothpick around the charging port. You may find a lot of lint in the port from your phone being in your pocket. Keep gently removing any lint or debris until theres none left.

    Afterward, shake your phone to release the dust you just loosened.

    How Does Your Charging Port Get Damaged

    Smartphones usually suffer most because they need to be recharged very often. If your phone gets wet or you keep it in the environment with a high humidity level, the charging port can be damaged by corrosion. Dust, debris, and dirt will block the contacts and prevent the port from working properly.

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    How Do I Clean My iPhone Speaker Slot

    To clean the speaker hole on your iPhone, you will need a cotton swab. The swab should be rubbed on the grill of the phone in circular motions both upward and downward. Be careful not to press too hard on the grill as you might damage the phone. Repeat this cleaning process five to six times. You can use a different piece of modeling clay if the old one gets too dirty.

    Alternatively, you can use compressed air. This product is available online for $4.77 and is aimed at cleaning speaker holes. Then, roll the swab or nozzle over the receiving speaker, but be sure to avoid using too much pressure. The swab should be thin enough to fit in the speaker hole without damaging the phones internal electrical components. To use compressed air, place the nozzle or tip of the straw at least one inch away from the speaker opening.

    Next, use a toothpick to remove any stubborn materials that have accumulated in the speaker slot. Use a toothpick gently, as this can damage the speaker. After this, turn your iPhone upside down so the speaker holes face down and tap or shake the device. Repeat this procedure until all the debris is gone. After this, you can then apply a small amount of compressed air to the speaker area and allow it to dry.

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