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How To Clear System Storage On iPhone

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How Can I Stop It Getting So Large In The Future

How To Delete System Storage On iPhone! (2020)

Unfortunately, cached files will be recreated with most common iPhone usage. But there are some things you can do to reduce storage consumption.

If youre not keen to reset, try exploring the apps using up cache space on your iPhone.

Social media apps are a good starting point as they often cache lots of images and videos. While most dont provide an option to delete their cached data, removing and reinstalling the app will remove all cache files.

Another likely culprit is your web browser .

From the Settings menu, scroll down to Safari and select Clear History and Website Data. This will remove most cached data associated with your web browser.

If youre using another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, repeat the steps with that browser in Settings.

Get Rid Of Old Photos

Of course, you can go through all your photo albums and delete the ones you dont need, but all that tapping and deleting might keep you busy for days. To save time, tap on Settings, then iPhone Storage, and navigate to the app.You can delete the Recently Deleted Album using the Empty text button.

Also look at Review Personal Videos, which shows a list of the largest videos, which you may want to delete right away.

But pay attention! Carefully go through these lists. You dont want to get rid of something with sentimental value. Another option here is to upload photos to iCloud if you opt for Apples paid plan, it offers upwards of 50 GB storage instead of the free 5 GB. This allows you to free up local storage and to access your photos directly from the cloud.

How To Delete Other Data To Free Up iPhone Storage Space

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Feb 02, 2020 in How To

Confused as to why Other is taking up so much storage space on your iPhone? On older iPhones with 64GB or lower amount of storage, the Other data taking GBs of storage space can be quite an issue. If you are frustrated with Other taking a copious amount of your iPhones storage space and want to free it up, follow this guide to learn how to delete Other data to free up storage space on your iPhone or iPad.

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iPhone Slowing Down How To Speed It Up By Clearing ‘other’ Storage

It’s probably a good idea to develop the habit of clearing out Other storage since it can help your iPhone run much more smoothly and free up precious space.

Safari now takes a proactive approach to managing the number of open tabs on your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re running out of storage space on your iPhone, that doesn’t mean you have to rush out to upgrade to the iPhone 13. In fact, please don’t if that’s the only reason . That’s because there are tons of easy tricks that could help.

One major memory hog can be the iPhone’s mysterious “Other” storage section. If you’ve run out of storage before and attempted to manually free up space, you may already be familiar with Other storage. If not, let’s run what that is before we dive into how to shrink this pesky category.

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The Other section is a catch-all corner of your iPhone’s storage. Think of it as a place where things like system files and Siri voices can be stored. But the main reason it can be a memory hog is due to cache: Your cache stores elements of apps or websites so they load faster when next you use them. Cache collects as you browse the web, stream videos or movies and when you send text messages with pictures or video. In apps like Google Maps and Chrome, cached data can soon start to eat away at your available storage on the device.

iOS 11 introduced new ways to free up space, including the option of offloading apps you don’t use regularly.

Find Apps Taking Up The Most Space

How to Clean iPhone System Storage

If you continue to scroll down under Storage, you’ll see a list of all your apps, in order of how much space they consume.

Select any app, and a new page shows the usage in two parts: the amount of space the app itself uses and the space used by the app’s data and documents. For example, the Podcasts app shown takes up 1.63GB total: 25.3MB for the app and 1.6GB for documents and data .

Sometimes, this information helps you see that it’s not the app that takes up space, but rather what you store in it. In this case, you can see that podcast episodes and photo-heavy Messages are taking up the bulk of the space on the device. In the case of podcasts, episodes can be quickly deleted from this menu by swiping left.

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Does Restore Erase All iPhone Data

Answer: Yes, restoring will delete all data on iPhone. However, if you want to restore your iPhone, you are doing a little wrong. Whenever you try to enter recovery mode to restore iPhone firmware, you have to press and hold the Home and Power buttons for much longer, sometimes a minute or more, to get into recovery mode.

Delete Old Message Archives

Your Other data can also bloat up if you use iMessage heavily to share lots of photos and videos with your friends. So, if you have a particularly old iMessage conversation running into GBs with thousands of photos and videos, it is recommended that you delete it to free up the space taken by the Other data.

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Clear iPhone System And Other Storage Files Without Restoring

Like cleaning computer system files, you will need a professional iPhone system cleaner tool, because you cannot distinguish between junk system files and necessary system operation files.

Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner is such a system junk eraser tool for iPhone. It can scan iPhone and delete those junk system files, including caches, invalid system files, temporary files, and crashed log files quickly. Moreover, it can free up more space by uninstalling apps, cleaning large files, and deleting photos that take up a large amount of space on iOS device.


  • Erase large files on iPhone, iPad, and iPod running in iOS 15 and before.
  • Uninstall applications and app data to free up iPhone space.
  • Delete iPhone photos without wiping data via backup.
  • Erase all content and settings on iPhone before a sale, giveaway, etc.

The steps of erasing iPhone system data are pretty easy.

Free download this iPhone system cleaner software on either Windows or Mac computer based on your device. Run it after a successful installation.

Plug your iPhone into this computer via a USB cable. Do not forget to unlock the iPhone and tap Trust to confirm on iPhone.

Select Free up Space from the left pane and click Erase Junk Files from the drop-down list.

Then this software will start a system junk scan on iPhone. You can check the scanning progress bar on the right pane.

This method can also clean the junk files in Other storage on iPhone.

S To Clear Other Data From iPhone

How To Clear System Storage On iPhone! (2021)

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iMyFone Umate Pro.

Step 2. Hit “Quick Scan” button, when it finished scaning your iPhone, it will show you how much storage and types of data that can be cleaned on your iPhone.

Step 3. Click “Clean” beside “” to start the cleaning process. When it finishes, you can turn to “Temporary Files” for clearing your space.

Note: To completely clear up “Other” data from iPhone, it’s also suggested to permanently erase all your previously deleted data using iMyFone Umate Pro via “Erase Deleted Data” tab.

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How Do You Delete Files From Icloud

Find “iCloud” and click on it. Scroll down and click on “Storage & Backup” and then “Manage Storage”. In the “Documents and Data” section, select the appropriate application that you want to use to delete files. Click the “Edit” button in the top right corner. Just click “Delete” to delete unnecessary files.

What Is The Most Protective Phone Case

The flip cover provides full protection for your phone by covering all sides of the phone. It is considered to be the most protective cell phone case. Foldable suitcases require extra maintenance as they wear out very easily. The front is made of leather, but water and dust can damage it. This has a negative effect on their life expectancy.

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Storage Suggestions By Apple

Apple has great storage recommendations to help you keep track of your iOS device storage. To check yours, follow these steps:

1. Go to the iOS device Settings> General.

2. Tap on iPhone Storage, as depicted.

3. To display all of Apple storage suggestions, tap Show All.

Apple suggests going through huge files like videos, panoramas, and live photos, which helps in iPhone system storage cleanup.

What Is Other On iPhone

How to Save Space Using Built

On the storage page, you have several categories like Apps, Media, Mail, Photos, Messages, etc. Now, anything that does not fit these predefined categories may fall under Other. In iOS 15, it seems to be renamed System Data.

Apple mentions that Other contains non-removable mobile assets. This includes things like Siri voices, dictionaries, offline translation languages, fonts, dictionaries, Spotlight index, local Keychain data, CloudKit Database, logs and caches, and more.

Caches include things like streaming songs and videos data, Safari cache, etc. All these are reflected as Other in system storage.

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What Is The Best Phone Case

Your guide to choosing the best case for your new Spigen phone. Spigen is one of the most popular case builders, as they have stated quite clearly before, and for good reason. Otter. The brand of cases to protect your phone is undoubtedly Otterbox. Maize. Bacon cases are also a great option if you want to keep your phone looking good. Urban weapons. Ringke.

Take Out All Unused Applications

This method is one of the most common ways on how to clear system storage on Mac. All you have to do is to go through all of the applications that you have on your Mac and sort out which are the ones that you no longer use and uninstall them. You just have to make sure that you are removing them correctly and not just by merely dragging them over to your Trash bin.

You have to make sure that when you uninstall any application on your Mac that you no longer need, you should also find all the files or folders that are associated with that application. If not, then you are still leaving data behind and that will still eat up space on your Mac.

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Key Features Of Imyfone iPhone Eraser

1,000,000+ Downloads

  • Clean 30+ types of junk files with a click
  • Clear temporary files to release huge space
  • Export and delete large video & audio files
  • List all apps by size to select & delete them
  • Erase previously deleted files to completely clean them

The biggest benefit of using iMyFone Umate Pro is that it removes unnecessary files safely and efficiently. Manually clearing “Other” can be risky if you are not sure what you are doing. But iMyFone Umate Pro offers a safe, fast and reliable way to remove temporary files which will guarantee to free up space of the “Other” section on your iOS device, including iOS 15 devices.

Checking Current System Storage Size In Ios

How To Delete System Storage On iPhone

Before going further, you might want to get an idea of how large your current System storage is before trying to reduce the capacity, this will give you a reference point to work with. You can check System storage size by doing the following:

  • Open the Settings app on the iPhone or iPad then go to General
  • Choose iPhone Storage or iPad Storage
  • Wait for the storage usage to calculate, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the Storage screen to find System and its total storage capacity consumption
  • System can be wildly different sizes, sometimes its 7 GB or so, but it can also easily be 10GB, 15GB, or even a whopping 25 GB or larger too, often even on the same device type. That seemingly random but significant storage usage makes System a bit like the Other storage which has long frustrated some users by consuming device storage in iOS.

    Now that you know how large your System storage is from the start, lets review the process that may help to reduce that storage size.

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    The Nuclear Option: Backup And Reset With Itunes

    You can go through your iPhone trying to delete every little cache that could grow the size of Other storage, but if you really want to make it as small as possible, you need to back up your phone and reset it. This can take a little while.

    The best way to do this is to use iTunes on your Mac or PC.

    Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. You may be prompted to allow access on your iPhone and required to enter your passcode, which you should do.

    Select your iPhone by clicking the little phone icon in the upper left, and under Backups, choose This Computer. Checking Encrypt local backup is a good idea, so your account passwords and Health data gets backed up, too. Just choose a password you wont forget. Click the button to Back up now.

    Create an encrypted backup to make the restore process as painless as possible.

    When the backup is done, disconnect your iPhone and head to Settings> General> Reset and choose Erase All Content and Settings. This will return your iPhone to an out-of-the-box state. When it restarts and its in the initial setup process, re-connect it to your computer with iTunes open, and follow the instructions on screen to restore your device.

    This is the longest and most involved way to reduce the size of Other storage, but its also the best theres just no way to get it any smaller than it will be after a fresh reset and restore.

    Great Any Other iPhone Storage Tips And Tricks

    If you want to keep going, consider removing old SMS and iMessages.

    Standard written text messages occupy minimal storage, but photos and videos shared between family and friends can consume significant storage over time.

    Under Settings, scroll down to Messages, then to the Message History option. The default is to keep messages forever. Changing this to a shorter duration can reduce space requirements considerably.

    A final option is to consider offloading apps. Modern iPhones let you remove infrequently used apps. While this will not necessarily reduce your use of cache storage, it can free up valuable space.

    There is no simple solution to managing iPhone storage usage. Minimising photos and videos will help, but there is a lot of space allocated to apps and their cached data.

    But with careful tending, we can try to keep on top of unexpected storage usage without having to wipe our devices

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    Do Not Save Double Photos

    On iPhone, if you use HDR mode and Instagram app, then the same photo will be saved twice in your phone. Go to Photos and Camera in Settings and turn on Keep Normal Photo and turn off Save Original Photos by going to Profile Settings of the Instagram app. After this only one photo will be saved on your phone. Also Read – iPhone 13 Series India Pricing Revealed: Huge Discount And Offers | Watch Video

    Delete Time Machine Backups

    How to free up space on your iPhone?

    Not only will Time Machine backups be stored on an external drive, but macOS will also keep a backup copy on your startup drive so that you can restore files when the external drive is unavailable. You may need to delete your Time Machine backups when your Mac is run out of system storage. Check the steps below:

  • Launch Terminal and type this command: tmutil listlocalsnapshotdates
  • Press the Return button then you will see a list of Time Machine backups listed by date.
  • Type the command: tmutil deletelocalsnapshots NAME .
  • Press the Return button again.
  • You can repeat step 3 and step 4 to remove those backups you’d like to clear out.
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    Other Storage Taking Too Much Space

    I have the same problem as well. The Other memory takes so much space to the point where it says iPhone Storage Full. and i only have like 5 apps which each one of them take up to 500 something MB. Thats really bad. I hate this problem and no one seems to know or apple tries to find a solution to this problem. It is so frustrating to see how much space that OTHER takes up. I have tried reporting this problem multiple times to different sources but it doesnt help. I hope this issue figures it out by it self but what is the point in buying a phone that i dont know where that OTHER stuff goes and what even is it.

    So there is still no answer after over a year. What a disgrace Apple and its service are. Will be switching to Samsung right away. I suggest all Apple users do the same to avoid this scam. Apple operating system is a joke. Too many problems, they dont have a clue how to fix their own issues which means their staff are untrained. They only care about taking your money and not about your experience. Just another huge corporation that doesnt give a fk about its consumers, just their money. Change my mind Apple you useless cnts

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