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How To Deactivate Messenger On iPhone

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How To Deactivate Messenger By Deactivating Facebook

How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger Account – iPhone & Android

Although they’re separate apps now, Messenger is still heavily connected to Facebook. They use the same account, and settings you change in one app often carry over to the other app. This is why deactivating Facebook also gives you the option to deactivate Messenger.

To deactivate on your iPhone or Android.

1. Open the Facebook app and tap the three stacked lines in the bottom-right or top-right .

2. Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy, then select Settings.

3. Tap Personal and Account Information, then Account Ownership and Control, and then Deactivation and Deletion.

4. On the page that opens, select Deactivate Account or, if you want to go all the way, Delete Account and then Continue to Account Deactivation.

5. Enter your Facebook password and confirm that you want to deactivate your account.

This will log you out and deactivate Facebook. Now, to deactivate Messenger:

1. Open the Messenger app and tap your profile picture in the top-left corner.

2. Scroll down to tap Legal & Policies, and then Deactivate Messenger.

3. Tap Deactivate again to confirm your choice.

If you ever want to reactivate your accounts, just open the app and log back in.

How To Reactivate Facebook Messenger

If you want to reactivate your Facebook Messenger, then simply log in to the Messenger app with your email address/phone number and password.

The latest iOS version of the app is not showing Deactivate Messenger option under legal & policies. So wait till they fix the issue or deactivate it via the Android phone.

How To Disable Messenger

An easier method is to disable your “Active Status” on Messenger. This will make it look like you’re always offline, which will discourage people from messaging you.

1. Open the Messenger app and tap your profile picture in the top-left corner.

2. Select Active Status, and then toggle off Show when you’re active.

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How To Deactivate Messenger Using Messenger Lite

  • Launch the Messenger Lite app on your phone.
  • Tap on the icon at the top right corner.
  • Scroll down and tap Account Settings.
  • Tap on Deactivation and Deletion and choose Deactivate Account.
  • Tap Continue to Account Deactivation.
  • Type in a reason for deactivating and tap Continue.
  • Tap Deactivate My Account to confirm.
  • The Worlds Largest Social Network Facebook Has An Awesome Messaging System That Allows Users To Communicate With Their Friends Among Tons Of Other Great Features We Mentioned In Our Facebook Coursethe Facebook Messaging System Even Has Its Own Separate App Messengermany People Love Using This App Because Its A Free Easy Way To Communicate With Friends And Family

    How to Deactivate Facebook Messenger [Guide]

    How to deactivate messenger in laptop. On the legal & policies screen, you will see a deactivate messenger option. Move straight to step 5 to deactivate). Had to deactivate facebook, create new one and new messenger to fix problem as of 7/5/20.

    The process is a bit different than the ios device. You have to deactivate your facebook account again if you only want to use facebook. From chats, click on your profile in the top left corner.

    Go to legal & policies. Swipe to scroll down and tap legal and policies Therefore, if youre yet to deactivate your facebook account, you can check the part 2 of this article to do that.

    Note that reactivating facebook messenger will also reactivate the facebook account. Tap on deactivate messenger and then tap on deactivate. .

    The most straightforward way to turn off facebook messenger is to do via the facebook app. If you only want to hide online status on messenger, learn how to turn off messenger status to prevent you get annoying messages. Now, enter your password and click continue.

    Scroll down and tap account ownership and control. Open the facebook messenger app This will effectively deactivate facebook messenger.

    In this part of our article, we are going to discuss how to appear offline on facebook messenger using our laptop or computer. It will not, however, delete or hide any conversations youve had. May you will be asked to enter the account password for the confirmation.

    How to Delete Photos From Facebook Album How to Delete

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    How Do I Logout Of Messenger On Another Device

    How I log out from Messenger from another device?

    • Featured Answer. Shahidul 865 answers. To log out of Facebook on another computer, phone or tablet: Click in the top right of your Facebook homepage and select Settings. Click Security from the left column. Click Where Youre Logged In.
    • Answers. Recent answers. Top answers.
    • This question has been closed.

    Deleting Your Facebook Account

    Deleting your Facebook account is nice and easy. If youre on a PC or laptop, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Head over to Facebook and log in.
  • Click on Settings & Privacy > Settings > Your Facebook Information .
  • Then, select Delete Your Account Information.
  • Youll be asked to confirm your decision and be given the choice to download any images previously uploaded to the site. Once youre ready, confirm your choice and be sure not to log in to your account again itll reverse the deletion process and reactivate the account.
  • Deleting your Facebook account via an iPhone or Android device is similarly straightforward.

  • Navigate to your Facebook settings, then click Account Settings.
  • Next, select Security > Account Deactivate.
  • Confirm that you want to delete your account and as above dont log in again!
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    Blocking Someone On Messenger

  • 1Open Messenger on your iPhone or iPad. It’s the blue chat bubble icon with a white lightning bolt inside. You’ll usually find it on the home screen. This opens Messenger to the Chats tab.
  • This method will help you block a contact on Messenger without unfriending them on Facebook. The person you block will no longer be able to contact you or see you online.XResearch source They also won’t appear on your Messenger contact list.
  • The person will not be notified that you’ve blocked them, but they will see an error when they try to message you.
  • 2Tap a conversation with the person you want to block.
  • 3Tap the person’s name at the top of the conversation.
  • 4Scroll down and tap Block.
  • 5Tap Block on Messenger. A confirmation message will appear.
  • 6Tap Block to confirm. This selects the Block option and prevents the person from being able to contact you on Messenger.
  • If you decide to unblock the person in the future, tap your profile image at the top-left corner of the Chats tab, tap Privacy, select Blocked People, select the person you want to unblock, and then tap Unblock on Messenger.XResearch source
  • How To Deactivate Messenger

    How to Deactivate Messenger Account on iPhone! (2021)

    By Abby | Last Updated on May 8, 2021

    You may think if you deactivate the account, it will automatically deactivate Messenger as well but in reality, you have to deactivate it separately.

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video

    So if you dont want people to contact you through messages, follow the deactivation process below.

    Note: You cannot deactivate the Messenger without deactivating FB. If you havent then at first check out our article on

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    How To Delete A Messenger Account On iPhone Or iPad

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to remove a linked account from Facebook Messenger on an iPhone or iPad. Removing the account from Messenger won’t actually delete the account, it will just remove its login information from this phone or tablet.

    How To Disable And Deactivate Imessage On iPhone Or iPad

    Oliver Haslam is a professional freelance writer with nearly ten years of experience. His work has been published on Macworld, PCMag, 1Password’s blog, and other websites. He writes about all things Apple. Read more…

    Apples iMessage is one of the most popular messaging platforms around, and its a great way for Apple to lock people into its ecosystem. As great as iMessage is, there may still be times you need to disable or complete deactivate it.

    Some of those times may be down to good old-fashioned troubleshooting Whatever your reasons, you will not only need to turn iMessage off on your iPhone or iPad but potentially tell Apple to remove your number from iMessage on the server-side, too.

    Sounds scary, doesnt it? Dont worry, were here to help.

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    Why Cant I Log Out Of My Facebook

    The only solution is to delete every Facebook cookie in your browser, or to use a separate browser for Facebook interactions. When users log out, Facebook still leaves cookies intact that identify users as particular members, even though the site may say that you have logged out. Effectively, you dont get to log out.

    How To Deactivate Imessage

    How to Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications (with ...

    If you are switching away from the iPhone and want to be done with iMessage completely, deactivating your phone number and removing it from the iMessage service centrally is the way to go. To achieve that, visit and enter your telephone number after selecting your country. Press Send Code to initiate the process.

    Apple will send you a confirmation code via SMS and once that arrives, plug it into the Confirmation Code box before pressing Submit.

    Once all of these steps are completed, your phone number will no longer be associated with iMessage. SMS will be unaffected and will continue to work as usual.

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    How Do I Deactivate Messenger On iPhone Or iPad

  • Launch the Messenger app on your device.
  • Tap on your profile at the top left corner.
  • Select Account Settings.
  • Under Your Facebook Information, tap on Delete Your Account and Information.
  • Now, tap on Deactivate.
  • Type in your password.
  • Tap Submit to finish.
  • Note: You can reactivate Messenger by simply logging into the Messenger app. Reactivating Messenger doesnt reactivate your Facebook account.

    Can You Be Logged Into Messenger On Two Devices

    Logging in on Multiple Devices. Theres no limit on the number of logins you can have using the same account credentials. Any activity on one device is automatically mirrored to the other, so if you start a chat conversation on your phone, it is duplicated on your computer and anywhere else you have Facebook open.

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    What Happens After The Deactivation Process

  • You will be invisible in the Messenger app. No one will be seeing your profile in the app.
  • No one will be able to communicate with you.
  • When you reactive Messenger, it will also reactivate your Facebook account automatically.
  • Note: will also delete all your messages, its not like deactivating both separately.

    How To Disable Imessage On Your iPhone Or iPad

    How to Deactivate Messenger on iPhone (2021)

    Disabling iMessage on your iPhone or iPad is often the first step to take if youre having issues with sending or receiving messages. A simple toggle off and then back on can often wake iMessage up, and while we might not like to admit it, the age-old suggestion of turning something off and then back on again does work more often than not.

    To disable iMessage, head into the Settings app and tap Messages.

    Complete the process of turning iMessage off by flicking the switch. If you do need to turn it back on, heres where you would do that too.

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    How To Delete Messenger

    As we mentioned above, you wont be able to deactivate Messenger unless your main Facebook account has been deactivated or deleted, too. Wondering what the difference between deactivating and deleting is? Its pretty straightforward. Deactivating your account is a temporary measure, and deleting it is permanent at least after a few days.

    S To Deactivate Messenger

  • Launch the Messenger app on your phone.
  • After opening the app, if you see the Keep using Messenger page, then tap on the CONTINUE button.
  • Tap on your profile at the top left corner.
  • Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Legal and Policies option.
  • Select the Deactivate Messenger option.
  • Enter your password and tap on Continue.
  • At last, tap on the Deactivate button.
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