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How To Delete All My Contacts On iPhone

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Is There A Way To Organize My Contacts

How To Delete All Contacts On iPhone!

Yes. Your iPhone gives you a few customization options to better control your contact list. To access the controls follow the Settings> Contacts path like we did above. Then, you can choose to sort by first and last name.

If you want to separate your contacts by genre , you will need to use the Group options we discussed above. Doing this can be complicated if you havent organized your contacts in your email accounts. But, if you have a work email and a personal email, you can toggle between the two accounts using the Groups option.

How To Recover Deleted Contacts On An iPhone

Now that you know how to delete multiple contacts at once, you probably want to try it out. Everything works as it should until you go back into your contacts and realize that you have mistakenly deleted some very important contact information. You may start to feel a bit of panic set in.

There is a very good chance that you can recover the deleted contacts using Disk Drill data recovery software. The application is available for Mac computers as a free download which will identify deleted files, including Contacts, that can be recovered. This offers you a risk-free opportunity to see if the tool can recover the contacts that you need.

Here is how to retrieve deleted contacts by using Disk Drill:

  • Immediately stop using the iPhone to minimize the possibility that the operating system will overwrite the deleted contacts before they are restored.
  • and Install Disk Drill for Mac. On installation, you will need to provide administrator-level permission so the app can recover your files.Data recovery for free
  • Connect the iPhone to your computer and make sure that the phone trusts the machine.
  • Select your iPhone from the list of disks displayed by the app.
  • Click the Recover button and you will be presented with a preview of the contacts that can be recovered.
  • Upgrade to the Pro version of Disk Drill to recover the files on a Mac.
  • Select the contacts to be recovered and click on the Recover button again. Your contacts will be restored to the location that you select.
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    Mass Delete Contacts From iPhone/ipad On Mac

    For Mac users, you can delete multiple contacts from your iPhone/iPad with your Mac Contacts app easily. Here are the steps:

  • Go to System Preferences > iCloud on your Mac.
  • Sign in the same Apple ID as that on your iPhone/iPad. Check Contacts so that your iOS contacts will be synced onto Mac.
  • Go to Applications > Contacts on your Mac, you will able to view all the contacts saved on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Viewing All Contacts, hold down the Command button on your keyboard and click as many contacts as you want.
  • Right click and click Delete Cards to delete them at once.
  • All the changes of your contacts on Mac will be synced with your iPhone/iPad automatically.

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    How To Delete All Contacts On iPhone With Mobimover Free

    iPhone won’t allow you to delete all the contacts on the device, and you have to do it one-by-one. What if you don’t have any iCloud but need to remove the total contacts at one time? How to make it? Try EaseUS MobiMover Free, the all-in-one iPhone manager allows you to add, edit & save iPhone contacts on the computer, delete all iPhone photos in photo library at once, manage Safari bookmarks with creating & editing features, etc.

    Moreover, EaseUS MobiMover Frees is also a professional iPhone data transfer tool can be used to move data between iOS devices and PC or sync files between two iOS devices.

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer , launch EaseUS MobiMover and go to ” Content Management> Contacts”.

    Step 2. Click the “Select All” to select all the contacts on your iPhone or iPad, then click “Delete” to delete all contacts from your iPhone/iPad.

    Step 3. Then you will see a new window asking you whether to delete the selected items. Click “Yes” in the window to confirm your deletion.


    How To Delete Multiple Contacts At Once On iPhone

    3 Simple Ways to Delete Multiple/All Contacts on iPhone 8/X

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    The iPhones software has grown a lot since it was first released. Despite its evolution, Apples Contacts app on the iPhone is still quite barebones. You cant even delete multiple contacts in the app. But dont worry, theres an app for that!

    While Apple clearly doesnt seem to want additional organization features to the Contacts app, there are plenty of third-party apps to help you out. The Contact Groups app offers a simple option that lets you select and delete multiple contacts from your contact book.

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    The free version of the app lets you delete 10 contacts at a time and repeat the process as many times as you like. To remove the limit, you can subscribe to the pro version of the Contact Groups app, which costs $1.99/year or $5.99 for a lifetime purchase.

    After downloading Contact Groups, give the app permission to access your contacts by tapping the OK button.

    The app is designed to help you create and manage contact groups. As part of its core feature set, it also has a separate contact management section. Go to the Contacts tab to start the process.

    Here, tap the Select button from the top-left corner.

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    Causes Of Duplicate Contacts On iPhone

    First, let us look at possible causes of duplicate contacts on the iPhone.

    • iCloud Problem

    In rare situations, iCloud can duplicate your contacts because of the iCloud service problem. Therefore, just log in to your iCloud account and see whether there are duplicate contacts. If yes, you will have to contact Apple Support to get the issue solved.

    • Microsoft Exchange Servers Issues

    iCloud doesnt change the data synced with Microsoft Exchange servers. Therefore, you might find yourself having duplicate contacts on your iPhone. Unless you set one of them to sync with your iPhone, the chances of having duplicate contacts are high.

    • Syncing both iTunes and iCloud

    If your device is set up to sync with both iTunes and iCloud, the issue of duplicate contacts can occur. This problem is only possible if you are using versions of iTunes before iTunes 11. The solution here is simple, just upgrade your iTunes to the latest version.

    Merging Duplicate Contacts On iPhone Manually

    Sometimes you will have duplicate contacts on your iPhone but the contacts will have different details. In such a case, deleting the contacts is not the best solution. This is because by deleting the contacts, you will be losing important information. A better solution would be merging the contacts. The steps we have outlined below should help you learn how to merge duplicate contacts on iPhone:

    Step #1: In your iPhone Home Screen, click the Phone icon. Step #2: At the bottom of the screen tap Contacts. Step #3: Scroll through your contact list until you locate the duplicated contact that you would like to merge. Click the contact. Step #4: On the contact-screen top-right corner, tap on Edit. Scroll down the page to the bottom where you will find the link contacts option. Tap on it. Step #5: After tapping the link contacts option, you will be taken to your contact list. Now locate the contact you wish to merge with the current contact you are editing. Step #6: After locating the contact, click it to open it. Click the Link option available on the top-right corner and then tap Done to complete the merging.

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    How To Mass Delete Contacts On iPhone With Icloud

    If you have enabled iCloud Contacts on your iOS device, you can delete all contacts from your iPhone using iCloud. iCloud will help you in two ways: You can either delete all contacts from iCloud or toggle off iCloud Contacts on your iPhone.

    The difference is that: If you delete all contacts from iCloud, the contacts will disappear not only on your iPhone but also on your other devices using the same Apple ID account. If you turn off iCloud Contacts on the target device, the contacts will only be removed from the current device but not in iCloud or other devices. To remove all contacts from your iPhone but not from iCloud, the latter option is the one you should apply.

    To mass delete contacts on iPhone:

    Step 1. Open the “Settings” app and go to > “iCloud”.

    Step 2. Toggle off the “Contacts” option.

    Step 3. Select “Delete from My iPhone” in the prompt asking you what to do with the contacts on your iPhone.

    S To Delete Messenger Contact That Is In Your Friend List

    How to Delete All Contacts on iPhone at Once
  • Login to Facebook either using Web or mobile app
  • Visit the persons profile page you wish to remove from Messenger contact
  • Then click/tap Friends > Unfriend. You just unfriended them from Facebook.
  • This step is optional If you still see them active on your Messenger, then you should try to do this.
  • Open Messenger
  • Tap on People contact icon. This is where you see active friends on Messenger
  • Under Messenger tab, scroll down to locate those friends to remove from your contact.
  • Tap on the info icon that is always close to call button
  • Tap Remove Contact
  • Accept the option to remove contact
  • When you remove or delete Messenger contact, it means that the persons messages will come as a Message Request.

    They stay in your Messenger request until you were able to accept them or delete them.

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    Delete All Contacts On iPhone/ipad At Once

    1. Open Settings app and select Mail.

    2. Under Mail, select Accounts.

    3. Next, tap on iCloud.

    4. Now, toggle the Contacts to Off and select Keep on My iPhone.

    Turn off Contacts

    5. Toggle the Contacts to On again and select Merge.

    Turn On Contacts

    This will make sure that all your Contacts on your iPhone till date are backed up on iCloud. The backup comes in handy when you want to restore contacts to a different iPhone/iPad. Contacts can then easily be restored from iCloud either using iTunes or with the help of softwares like MobileTrans.

    6. You need to play with the Contacts toggle button again and turn it Off but this time select Delete from My iPhone.

    Turn OFF Contacts

    Most of the contacts will be removed after this step but you might want to proceed further to clear up everything.

    7. Head back to the Accounts screen and select Email account Gmail, Yahoo etc. you might have added.

    8. Toggle the Contacts to Off and select Delete from My iPhone.

    Similarly, delete the contacts associated with other added Email accounts on your iPhone.

    9. Now, the remaining contacts on iPhone will be from Facebook. In order to delete them open Settings and select .

    10. Toggle the Contacts to Off.

    With this, you have deleted all contacts on iPhone/iPad.

    We strongly recommend you to go through the following iPhone tutorials as well.

    2. How to Sync Reminders With Calendar on iPhone/iPad

    How To Delete Messenger Contacts On iPhone Or iPad

    Looking for a way to remove a contact from messenger or delete Messenger contact? You might have mistakenly added them to Messenger or accepted their first chat on Messenger.

    You will learn how to delete Messenger contact including those in your friend lists or those that were automatically synced from your phone contact .

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    How Do I Know Which Contacts Are Stored On My iPhone And Which Contacts Are Stored In My Email Accounts

    While its rare, some contacts may be saved directly to your iPhones memory rather than to one of your external accounts. If you follow the steps above to remove all contacts, the remaining ones are saved to your phones storage.

    Unfortunately, there isnt a quick way to delete contacts stored on your iPhones memory. You will need to delete them individually by tapping on Edit then Delete at the bottom.

    Itunes Icloud And Iyou

    How to delete or merge multiple duplicate contacts on ...

    And while this method is all well and good when theres only a few phone numbers to sort through, if you ever find yourself staring down the barrel of a bulk contact duplication situation, there are a number of different remedies for the issue depending on what caused the problem in the first place.

    Currently the most common culprit is accidentally syncing your phone through iTunes , while also having either an iCloud or Outlook account tied to your device at the same time.

    The same problem can arise with other email applications and address book imports as well, including both Gmail and Yahoo. If your devices local address book shares many of the same numbers with the email accounts of friends, family members, or coworkers, the iPhone will automatically import both into the same list without merging the overlapping information on its own.

    Sometimes this mashup of digital black books can result in dozens, even hundreds, of contacts being stuck right next to each other in the same list. Of course, if manually going through each and every miscommunicated contact doesnt sound like your idea of a good time thankfully, theres an app for that.

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    How To Delete One Multiple Duplicate Or All Contacts On iPhone

    The above two ways of deleting iPhone contacts also get its disadvantages. So you may ask, “Is there an easiest way to delete my contacts freely?” “How to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone?” “Can I manage my iPhone contacts freely to delete multiple or all contacts conveniently?” Yes, exactly, ther is one app to delete contacts on iPhone can help you, iPhone Contacts Manager. This program is an iOS file manager and transfer program. You can use it to delete iPhone contacts all at once, or delete certain contact in iPhone. Following is the detailed steps of how to use this software to delete multiple iPhone contacts. Firstly, you need to download this contacts manager to your Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP or Mac.

    Step 1 Run iPhone Contacts Manager

    Step 2 Delete multiple or all iPhone contacts.

    Plug your iPhone to PC with USB cable, and wait seconds, you will find all iPhone file types will appear in this program. Click “Contacts” category, view and check the contacts that you want to delete from your iPhone, then click “Delete” button on the top to remove the unwanted contacts from your iPhone. Here you could delete a single, or multiple or all contacts as you wish.

    Step 3 Delete duplicate iPhone contacts

    1. If you want to add new contacts, you could also use this utility. Click “New” button to add new contacts.

    2. This contacts manager allows you to edit your existing contacts on iPhone by selecting the contact, and clicking “Edit” to edit your contacts information.

    Disabling Contacts From Email Accounts

  • 1Open Settings. It’s a grey app containing gears that’s typically located on the home screen.
  • 2Scroll down and tap Contacts. You’ll find it about a third of the way down the Settings page.
  • 3Tap Accounts. It’s at the top of the page.
  • 4Tap an email account. At the very least, you’ll see iCloud on this page.
  • For example, you’d tap Gmail to open your Contacts settings for a Gmail account.
  • 5Slide the “Contacts” to the “Off” position. It will turn white, signifying that the contacts from your selected email account are no longer appearing in your iPhone’s Contacts app.Advertisement
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    How To Deleted Contacts On iPad

    If you are looking to delete a small number of contacts from your iPad, you can go to the Contacts app to remove these items one by one, which is quite easy to achieve.

    To delete a contact on iPad:

    Step 1. Open your Contacts app on the iPad.

    Step 2. Find the contact you want to remove and tap it.

    Step 3. Tap Edit at the top right corner of the screen, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and then tap Delete Contact.

    Step 4. In the popup, confirm your choice to delete the item.

    If you have more contacts to delete, just repeat these steps to remove them from your device.

    Is It Ok To Touch A Sim Card

    How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone and iPad

    Therefore, it is really important that you handle a SIM card with care, especially when it contains very important information. If you touch that and your hand happened to be wet, having some chemicals, or rough, it may damage the surface of the chips and will lead to the SIM card not functioning properly anymore.

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    Is There A Way To Delete Multiple Contacts On An iPhone

    Yes, you can quickly delete multiple contacts on iPhone through iCloud services only if your contacts are synced. All youll have to do is open your iCloud account and then select Contacts. Now, hold down the Command/Ctrl key on your desktop and select the contacts you want to remove. Once selected, you can now simply press the Delete key on your keyboard.

    Three Ways To Mass Delete Contacts From iPhone/ipad Quickly

    I have saved many contacts on my iPhone 8, while most of which I havent kept in touch with for a very long time. And I even forgot about some people I saved in my contacts list. Is there any way I can delete multiple contacts on iPhone at one time? Sara

    Its really annoying to find unwanted multiple contacts on iPhone. However, deleting contacts individually from your iPhone will take a long time since theres no multi-delete option in Contacts on iPhone. Therefore, it is necessary to find ways to quickly delete multiple contacts on iPhone. Here are three solutions to mass deleted contacts from iPhone or iPad at once.

    Solution 3

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