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How To Clean Out Charger Port On iPhone

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Use A Can Of Air Duster

How To Clean iPhone Charging Port

Compressed air is what is used and recommended to clean many electronics, including charging ports.

Air duster, or compressed air, works far better than blowing into a phone for a couple of reasons. First of all, its usually more powerful. And second and most importantly, compressed air is just air it doesnt contain any moisture

To clean your charging port with compressed air, hold the can a few inches away from the port and spray for a couple of seconds.

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If Your iPhone Won’t Charge With A Lightning Cable Plugged In A Dirty Charging Port Might Be To Blame This Is How To Clean It According To Experts

These days, charging your iPhone probably feels as automatic as breathing. But if your phone is not charging when plugged in, there could be a likely culprit: The dirty charging port. Sound like your issue? Its time you learned how to clean your iPhones charging port.

It is quite common for the iPhone port to become dirty over time, says Will Manuel, CEO of Core Media Concepts. Dust, dirt, and lint can accumulate in the small cracks of your iPhones charging port and block the electrical signal. Periodic cleaning will do a world of help to decrease the likelihood of buildup. And that will help you avoid instances when your iPhone stops charging, he says.

Before you run out to the nearest Apple store, experts recommend the following simple tricks to clean your iPhone and get it back to charging again. Once you know how to clean your iPhones charging port, give your other tech gifts some elbow grease by learning how to clean your cell phone and AirPods properly and the best phone sanitizers to use on your phone.

How To Clean Your Charging Port Compressed Air

Professional phone repair engineers swear by compressed air for clearing dust from electronic components. Although it looks like a standard aerosol deodorant, the can actually contains nothing but air and is easily purchased online or from an electronics shop.

To use, simply point the nozzle into the charging port and give it a good blast. This should loosen the dust enough to make it fall out.

WARNING: Do not blow into the port with your mouth. Unlike the compressed air, your breath contains water vapour that could damage the sensitive electronics inside your phone. Fixing water damage is much more expensive than a can of compressed air.

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Heres How To Dry Out Your Phone Charging Port:

  • Don’t grab the rice. Rice can potentially become lodged in your phoneâs charging port or headphone jack, which can be extremely difficult to dislodge as it swells when exposed to liquid.
  • Leave your device in a dry area for at least an hour with the charging port facing down. This will allow airflow into the port and force excess water to drip out on its own.
  • If you suspect your USB-C or Lightning cable is also wet, store it in a dry place where air can reach it for an hour as well.

How To Clean A Phone’s Speaker

Top 3 Ways to Clean iPhone/iPad Charging Port without ...

Another part of your phone that’s likely caked with dirt and debris? Your speakers. Just like a charging port, this area is constantly exposed to dust, lint, food, and even dead skin cells that can clog the tiny speaker holes and reduce your phone’s sound quality. Going too long without cleaning your speakersâboth on the bottom of your phone and at the topâwill make dust harder to remove and phone calls harder to hear.

To prevent more dirt from getting in, Asurion Experts recommend cleaning the speakers with a damp cloth, cotton swab, or soft-bristle keyboard brush. Skip the compressed air for this area, and never use liquids. Both can damage components inside your phone.

A clean charging port and crystal-clear speakers will help your phone perform at its best. While you’re at it, you may want to give your device a full wipe-down to restore some of its old shine. To help you clean your screen and phone case, our experts created this guide on how to remove bacteria and germs from your phone.

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How To Clean Your Lightning Port

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If you’re experiencing intermittent issues while charging your iPhone or iPad, your Lightning port could be clogged with foreign debris. This wikiHow teaches you how to safely remove dust, lint, and other matter from your iPhone or iPad’s charging port using common household items.

How To Get Water Out Of The Charging Port

Getting water into the charging port of your smartphone is not an unlikely situation. You could be cooking, running, or even showering, and theres always a risk if your phone is nearby.

However, if you connect a lightning cable or accessory to your iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, or later, your iPhone can detect moisture in the lightning port and alert you.

Now, the main issue is to get the water out of the charging port.

This article will tell you all about wet charging ports, including the dos and donts.

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How To Clean iPhone Charging Port At Home

We have all been there you plug in your charger, and you found that your iPad or iPhone charging port not working. A simple search on Apples forums shows a common thread: a lot of iPhone and iPad owners are having problems charging their devices. You have to pull in and twist the charging cord, and if you are lucky, it may start charging. A few days back, I also had the same problem with my iPhone X. And I found a simple solution on how to clean iPhone charging port easily.

Before you spend a lot of money on troubleshooting the hardware or software charging issues or blaming iPhone lightning cables, check your iPhone charging port. There is a high chance that the charging port can get blocked or clogged with lint and other debris from your pockets or purses and build up over time. To keep your iPhone working as it should or to get it working again you may need to clean out iPhone charging port.

Products Used Here:

The things you need to clean out iPhone charging port can probably be found lying around the house. If not, you can get those online.

  • Precision Tool Flat Natural Wooden Bamboo Tooth Picks
  • Softening Agent 365 Everyday Value, Organic Cotton Balls
  • Lighting Source SOS Solar Flash Light

How Do I Know If My Charger Port Needs To Be Repaired

How to Clean an iPhone Charging Port

If youre wondering whether your iPhone charging port is damaged or just dirty, here are some signs:

  • Your charging port is damaged if you have to hold your phone at a certain angle for it to charge.
  • If youve cleaned the charging port and the phone still wont charge, the port is likely damaged.
  • Your charging port is likely damaged if youve cleaned the port and tried multiple chargers and none of them work.

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Cleaning Your Phone Port With Alcohol

Alcohol isnt the perfect way to go, but you can still use it to get the elements clogging your iPhones charging port. You can use it in two ways without damaging the device. First, alcohol can be used together with the cotton attached to the toothpick.

If you decide to use some cotton with the toothpick, then dip the end with cotton in alcohol before inserting it into the port.

Second, you can use alcohol to clean your iPhone charger to ensure its safe. While testing if the charger works during the cleaning process, some of the debris can move from the port to the charger.

That can make it inefficient even if all the debris in the port would have been removed. A precaution when using this is that isopropyl alcohol should be used instead of ethyl alcohol, which can damage the iPhone. Also, too much alcohol usage isnt appropriate.

Dropped iPhone And Dirt Stuck Into Charging Port

I dropped my iPhone on the floor, which caused dust and dirt to become lodged into the jack and my charging port. The iPhone still turned on, but I couldnt transfer data or charge it. I tried cleaning the port out with a toothpick, which worked temporarily but became ineffective after a few charges. This is when I resorted to a can of compressed air to really clean my charging port. After a few blasts of compressed air into the port, I plugged my charger in and saw that the charging process was beginning.

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Why Is Your iPhone Not Charging

Your iPhone may not be charging for various reasons, but if youre stuck with less than five percent battery, we are short of time here. Restart your iPhone and check if its working. However, if its not, check if your other apps and programs are working fine. Check for viruses in the phone and do a deep scan when the software is alright. Maybe its your hardware.

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Did you drop your iPhone hard on the floor while sleeping? Did you accidentally drop water on it? Did a baby throw it into the pool? If none of these things happened or not one that you can recall, you can be relieved that the hardware is good too. However, you can still check for any cracks or scratches that you might not have noticed before.

Now we come to the third part, check the power source before connecting your iPhone for charging. If you feel something is off or the power is fluctuating, change the power source and then see if it is charging. And if still not, then check if your charger cable is alright. At times, when the charging cable becomes old, it can have brakes and kinks that affect the charging. So you can replace it with a new one.

How To Clean iPhone Charging Port: 7 Secrets Cleaning Tips

How to Clean an iPhone Charging Port

You recently tried to charge your iPhone but couldnt get it full as usual, or it was charging slowly. I guess the surprise of having a spoilt Apple was too much. Truthfully, sometimes our devices spoil and stress us out. Some issues concerning iPhone damages, however, might be a result of how we handle them. Whether you knew it or not, your iPhone might have a charging problem because the port is unclean or dropped the phone in water. That means you have to work out a plan to clean the iPhone port. Even if the outside may look clean, an iPhone charging port may not. So, the only way to repair it is to clean the port. In this blog, Ill discuss how to clean the charging port using the various available means and what to do to ensure proper use.

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Using Compressed Airto Clean iPhone Charging Port

The key to using this method successfully is to ensure you spray just a little air at a time. Patience is key here. Make sure you dont empty the whole air can all at once into the port. This can damage it. Also, note that Apple does not recommend the use of compressed air when cleaning the lightning port.

Therefore, you will need to be extra careful when performing this procedure. To clean charging port for iPhone 6/5s/6s successfully using compressed air, follow the steps indicated below:

Step #1: Obtain an air can. Make sure it comes with a straw you can attach to its nozzle. Step #2: Connect the small straw to the air can. Step #3: Position the now connected straw on one end of your iPhone lightning port. Step #4: Now focus on blowing few short blasts into the iPhone charging port. Make sure that each blast does not last more than 1 to 2 seconds. Step #5: You can use a mini vac if you own one to try and draw out any loose debris particles. Step #6: Repeat the above procedure several times and then test the charging port. If the iPhone starts charging, there is nothing else you need to do.

How To Keep It Clean

Now that you know how to clean an iPhone charging port, its time for upkeep. Periodically cleaning it with the methods above can prevent a buildup of dirt and dust. You cant protect the port from daily wear and tear, but cleaning it regularly will help you avoid that dreaded iPhone not charging error, Manuel says.

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Use A Toothpick Very Carefully

Sometimes, a spritz or two of compressed air isnt going to cut it. Perhaps there is a buildup of grime in the port that air alone cant dislodge, or theres some kind of invasive particle lodged inside that cant be easily removed. In that case, you can try digging around a wee bit inside the charging port yourself using a slim toothpick. Again, all the dangers we just discussed still apply, so its important to be careful and patient. A toothpick is a better tool for this purpose than plastic or wire like a paper clip end because the wood is softer and more flexible. You may want to cushion the tip with a bit of a cotton pad to soften the edge even more, but not too much.

With a toothpick in hand and your iPhone turned off, find a spot with great lighting, such as under a desk lamp or a flashlight. Lightly insert the tip of the toothpick into the charging port and gently wiggle it around. Avoid putting any pressure on the toothpick at first if no particles or grime are coming free, you can exert the lightest pressure for a soft scrape. Any more than that, and you risk damaging the port permanently.

Try to stay away from the sides of the port as you work to avoid damaging the anchors. If you notice that your toothpick is picking up some grime or knocking out debris, stop and switch to canned air if possible. Test your charging cable again to make sure it is working.

How To Clean Your Charging Port A Toothpick

How to Fix Clean iPhone Charging Port

Another option is to use a tooth pick to gently scrape the inside of the port. Sweep the toothpick around the inside of the port to loosen up any dust, then give the phone a shake to make it fall out.

Take your time and be as gentle as possible you dont want to damage the port .

WARNING: You must not use anything except a toothpick for this job. Pins, paperclips, needles etc may fit in the hole but because they are metal, you risk making an electrical short circuit that could destroy the phone. A wooden toothpick does not have this problem and it is also softer, and less likely to cause physical damage to the phone.

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What To Do If Your iPhone And Charging Port Arent Wet But Still Show The Alert

There are instances when your charging port and lightning accessories arent wet, but you still get an alert every time you try to connect them. The most common reason your cable or accessory is damaged or maybe your cable or accessory is not original. The best solution is to contact the manufacturer and let them know about the issue.

What’s Inside The Charging Port Of Your iPhone/ipad

Although your iPhone may look clean on the outside, it does not mean that it also has a clean charging port. Remember the charging port is placed at the bottom of your iPhone. Also, it is always open. This means that it can easily collect dirt, debris, and lint from the surrounding. The port can collect these elements from even your pocket or purse. The port can collect dust on a windy day or even from your home. Simply put, there are numerous things that can clog your lightning port.

When this debris clogs your charging port, it ends up on the charging pins. These are the pins which connect to the charging cable and hence make charging possible. The debris will keep the pins from making a good connection with the charging cable. As we have already pointed out earlier, these charging issues can be fixed by cleaning the charging port. But, how do you clean the charging port?

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Proper iPhone & iPad Cleaning And Hygiene

To keep your iPhone or iPad in good shape and working order, its always a good idea to keep some useful cleaning kit and tools nearby, whether its for getting out the dirt in your charging port or just keeping the surface of the iPhone or other smartphones shiny and new, these are the iPhone charging port cleaner and cleaning kit I use.

If you find that your iPhone is not charging or it is displaying unusual charging behavior like being selective about the charging cables that work, its charging port might be dirty. This is a problem that you can fix quite quickly at home. The methods and tips included in this article on how to clean iPhone charging port will help you to do it yourself.

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