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How To Reset iPhone X With Buttons

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How To Force A Hard Restart On The iPhone X Or Later

Change background in iPhone

This iPhone force shutdown method is similar to the previous method, but should only be used when your iPhone is glitching. A force restart cuts the power from the phone’s battery to the hardware, allowing you to reset at a hardware level. If you have a frozen app, a blank or frozen Home screen, or are experiencing lag, then a hard reset can solve a lot of problems. Here’s how to force restart an iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13:

  • Click and release the Volume Up button.
  • Click and release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and continue holding the Side button until the screen shuts off and the Apple logo appears. You do not need to slide Power Off to use this method.
  • If Siri engages, you haven’t clicked the Volume buttons correctly and should try again.
  • After approximately ten seconds, your device will power down and restart.
  • How To Reset iPhone X Or iPhone 8 With Buttons

    iPhone X and iPhone 8 changes slightly about the functions of buttons and then the way to reset them with buttons changes, also.

    Step 1. Swiftly press the volume up button and then swiftly press the volume down button.

    Step 2. Long press the power button which is on the right side.

    Step 3. Don’t release the button until Apple logo shows on the screen and your iPhone X/iPhone 8 will restart.

    Now you get the method to reset your iPhone with buttons, but how to do if this method doesn’t solve your iPhone issues? Is there any other way to reset iPhone completely? You can read on to get the final method.

    How To Force Restart iPhone 7 Series

    The process to restart the iPhone 7 series is slightly different. That’s because the Home button isn’t a physical button on these models it’s a 3D Touch panel. As a result, Apple changed how these models are force restarted.

    With the iPhone 7 series, hold the Volume Down button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time until you see the Apple logo and then release the buttons and wait for the phone to restart.

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    Factory Reset The iPhone X Using The Settings Menu

    The easiest way I think to reset the iPhone X is through the Settings menu. It doesnt require any other equipment you just need the phone itself.

    Keep in mind if youre selling your iPhone X you need to sign out of your iCloud first. If you dont, the phone will have an activation lock and the person who is purchasing it wont be able to sign in with their iCloud.

    Simply open the Settings and tap on your name at the top. Scroll down and tap on Sign Out. Input your password, then perform the factory reset. However, if you arent selling the phone, skip this step.

  • Save everything you want to keep from your iPhone X.
  • Navigate to Settings, General, and Reset.
  • Select Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Confirm your choice.
  • You may have to authenticate with the phone again to confirm a factory reset, but you may not. When I saw it done, the confirmation was followed by an information pop-up and then iOS began the reset. The process took a minute or two and included a reboot. Once done, the phone rebooted into the vanilla iOS 11. As you can see, its not a complicated or labor intensive process.

    How To Factory Reset iPhone X Without Password Via Icloud

    How to Hard Reset iPhone X in 3 Easy Steps

    The last method in this post is to use the Find My iPhone feature of iCloud. The Find My iPhone feature should be enabled on your iPhone X. If you know the Apple ID and the corresponding password of your iCloud account, try using this method to wipe out all the settings and content on your iPhone. The below guide will show you the how-to.

    Step 1: Go to the website, then click on the Find My option. Step 2: Click on the All Devices option and find your iPhone X in the dropdown.Step 3: Click on the Erase iPhone option to factory reset your iPhone.

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    Best Alternative To Reset iPhone Completely

    If you are looking for ways to reset you iPhone completely, resetting iPhone with buttons is not safe enough for you. It is scary to realize that your iPhone knows everything about you your calls, messages, calendars and all plans are all fixed controlled by your device. This is all possible because we allow it. Resetting iPhone with buttons does not mean it is gone forever, the deleted data still can be accessed anytime.

    The difference between normal and complete reset is the availability of private data on your iPhone. You need to do a complete reset using this software to delete the private data account and update your deviceâs private policy. This is why you need iMyFone Umate Pro for Windows or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac to erase private data whenever you need to start afresh or dispose your iPhone.

    1,000,000+ Downloads

    Main features of iMyFone Umate Pro:

    • You are guaranteed to reset iPhone completely by erasing data unrecoverable.
    • You can keep your personal information safe like: messages, call logs, contacts, browsing history, photos, videos, etc.
    • You can to preview and erase even your already deleted data on your old iPhone.
    • You can even erase messages and attachments of third-party Apps like WeChat, Kik and more.

    How to reset iPhone completely:

    Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC with a lighting cable and launch the software.

    Step 2: Once it launches, select âErase All Dataâ among the four options and click “Erase“.

    How To Back Up Your Data

    When you factory reset an iPhone, you remove all data from it. That means you will lose all your music, apps, contacts, photos, and any other other data on the device. All that will be left is the iOS and the pre-installed apps.

    That’s why it’s crucial to back up your data before you get started on the process. Keeping a copy of your data lets you restore the data from a back up later so you don’t lose anything important.

    There are three options to back up data: using iTunes, Finder, or iCloud.

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    What To Do If A Restart Doesnt Work For iPhone 8 iPhone X iPhone 11 iPhone Se And iPhone 12

    Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. If youre on a Mac with MacOS Catalina or later, open a Finder window.

    Step 2: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.

    Step 3: Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.

    Step 4: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the recovery mode screen appear.

    Step 5: In iTunes or Finder on your computer, choose to update or restore your device to begin resetting your iPhone.

    How To Force Restart Or Hard Reset iPhone X

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    This is how you hard reset the iPhone X or force restart it so that you can get back to using it when the new iPhone freezes up.

    If you cant turn your phone off normally, you may need to do a hard reset. This does not wipe any data from your phone, it just forces the iPhone X to restart. The whole process should take less than a minute.

    If you run into this problem often you may need to update your apps or check for other iPhone X problems that could be causing the freezing or crashing. Heres how to fix other iPhone X problems.

    Apple changed how you hard reset the iPhone X from older iPhones so you need to use a new key combination to do this. Heres what you need to do to fix your frozen iPhone X.

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    Hard Resetting iPhone X iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max And iPhone Xr

  • Quickly press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Quickly press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears, then release the Side button.
  • During this process, you will see a slider to power off the iPhone. You’re going to want to ignore it and continue holding down the Side button until the screen goes black. At that point, the Apple logo will pop up, and after the restart is complete, the screen will activate once again.

    Using the force restart process prevents you from having to shut the iPhone down entirely, which takes several more steps.

    If you do want to shut the iPhone down, you can do so by going to the General section of the Settings app, scrolling down to the bottom, and choosing the Shut Down option.

    You can also hold down the Volume Up button and the Side button at the same time to bring up the Emergency SOS interface that also houses a “slide to power off” option.

    Faqs About Hard Reset iPhone X

  • What is the difference between soft reset, hard reset, and factory reset?
  • To understand the difference between soft reset, hard reset, and factory reset easily check out the table below:

  • Does the above method work for all iPhone models?

    The basic principle mentioned in the above methods is applicable to all the iPhone models. However, the steps to restart, force restart, or factory reset differ depending upon the iPhone model.

  • In conclusion, I know itâs quite frustrating to visit the Apple store for minor iPhone issues. Prioritizing your convenience I have provided easy solutions about how to hard reset iPhone X.

    If you desire to repair your iPhone issues smoothly and efficiently choose Mobitrix Perfix. It is a professional tool that supports all iPhone models and iOS versions.

    Enjoy dealing with minor problems sitting comfortably in your home with ease.

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    How To Restart iPhone By Draining Its Battery

    If your phone has a frozen screen, then the chances are that none of the above-mentioned methods would work. Draining your phoneâs battery is one of the easiest ways to learn how to restart the iPhone without the Power button and frozen screen. Though, this is one of the most time-consuming methods as well.

    To speed up the process, you can always turn on your phoneâs flashlight, level up the brightness to max, disable LTE, go to a low signal area, or run multiple apps at the same time. You might have to be a little patient while draining the battery of your phone. When itâs done, your phone will automatically be turned off. Later, you can just connect it to a lightning cable to restart it.

    What Do Different Reset Options Mean

    How To Hard Reset iPhone X

    As you may already be noticed that there is a list of 6 different reset options when you go to the Reset panel on your iPhone X. How to reset iPhone X to factory settings when reaching to the Settings panel on your iPhone X? Find out the answer below:

    • Reset All Settings: You will lose Wi-Fi passwords ad manual settings, but your apps and photos wont disappear.
    • Erase All Content and Settings: You will lose EVERYTHING on your iPhone X. Choose this option if you want to sell your device.
    • Reset Network Settings: This option will reset your network settings, delete your temporary files, and cleared your caches.
    • Reset Keyboard Dictionary: Go for this option if you think your iPhone X is often suggesting wrong words to you.
    • Reset Home Screen Layout: Your home screen layout will back to the original look if you select this option.
    • Reset Location and Privacy: All the privacy and location settings will back to the original status.

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    How To Reset iPhone From iPhone Itself

    iPhone offers users different reset options. You can reset all settings on iPhone, or only reset network settings or other functions based on your need. Here we explain how to reset all settings on iPhone:

    Step 1. Open Settings app, go to General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

    Step 2. Enter your passcode for iPhone screen lock and then tap Reset All Settings to confirm.

    Step 3. iPhone will take a little while to restart and then you can use your iPhone normally.

    If you are curious about the option of Erase All Contents and Settings, please read here.

    But if your iPhone gives no response and you cannot go into settings, then you need to reset iPhone with buttons. The following is the correct steps to reset your iOS devices no matter what model you are using. Just check the details:

    How To Restart An iPhone With Face Id

    Follow these steps to restart iPhone X, XS, XR, 11, 12, or 13:

  • Press and hold both the Side button on the right side of the iPhone and any of the volume buttons on the left side. Release the buttons when you see the power off screen.
  • Drag the power off slider to the right. Doing this will turn off the iPhone.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Press the Side button and release it when you see the Apple logo on the startup screen. In a few seconds, your iPhone will turn on.
  • You have successfully restarted your iPhone with Face ID. Enter the device passcode to unlock it and get to the Home Screen.

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    Backup iPhone To Itunes

    iCloud backups are easy but very limiting in terms of storage. Whats more, the process of backing up your iPhone X with iCloud is extremely time-consuming if compared to other options. As an alternative, try backing up with iTunes. This will require connecting your iPhone X to a computer with iTunes:

  • Open an updated version of iTunes and wait for it to detect your iPhone X, or click on the device icon.
  • Go to Summary > Backups.
  • Select Automatically Backup and choose whether you want to store your backup on iCloud or locally.
  • Click Backup now.
  • Your backup will be stored in the selected location for free. The only flaw is that iTunes doesnt support scheduled backups, so youll have to do it manually every time.
  • Note that if youre using macOS 10.15 Catalina, youll face a problem. Mainly, theres no iTunes anymore. In this case, you can backup your iPhone X via Finder:

  • Connect your phone to a Mac.
  • Open Finder and click on your device in the sidebar.
  • Youll be prompted to confirm your trust if its the first time youre connecting the iPhone.
  • Go to General > Backup Now.
  • Choose Encrypt local backup if theres any sensitive data you want to backup > choose and set a password.
  • Find your iPhone X backup stored locally on Mac.
  • How Do I Restore A Backup From Itunes

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  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using a Lightning cable .
  • Select your iPhone when it shows up in iTunes.
  • In iTunes under Backups, select Restore Backup…
  • From the list of backups, select the one you want to use.
  • Make sure the iPhone name is correct and click Restore.
  • If your backup is encrypted, you’ll be prompted to enter the password.
  • Keep your iPhone plugged into your computer while the backup loads and while your iPhone reboots.
  • When your iPhone has fully restarted, the backed up data has fully restored onto your iPhone and you can unplug your iPhone from your computer.
  • Applies To: iPhone 5,iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C,iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 6S,iPhone 6S Plus,iPhone SE,iPhone 7,iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone 8,iPhone 8 Plus,iPhone X,iPhone XS,iPhone XS Max,iPhone XR,iPhone 11,iPhone 11 Pro,iPhone 11 Pro Max,iPhone SE 2

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    Factory Reset The iPhone X

    If you experiment a little too vigorously or otherwise need to reset the iPhone X back to factory defaults, you can do so without much hassle. Also known as a hard reset, the factory reset will erase all of your data from the phone. That means all your contacts, messages, photos, videos and any file or media you may have stored on it, returning it to its initial blank slate status.

    Before you hard reset your iPhone X, make sure to back up everything you want to keep onto iTunes. You can then reload it all once done and then experiment a little less vigorously .

    There are three ways I know of to factory reset the iPhone X: through the Settings menu, using hardware keys. and using iTunes.

    If You Have An iPhone Se iPhone 8 Or Earlier

    1. Press and hold the Power button.

    2. When the slide to power off appears at the top of the screen, drag it to the right.

    3. Wait for your iPhone to fully turn off and for the screen to go black.

    4. Press the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

    Quick tip: You can also restart any iPhone model by opening the Settings app, tapping General, and then selecting Shut Down.

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    iPhone Reset Button For iPhone :

    The design of iPhone 7 is different from all the others. It does not have a physical home button but a capacitive. The functionality of the home button has been shifted to the volume down button on the side.

    To reset iPhone 7:

  • Press and hold down the on/off button on the right side of your phone
  • While holding on to the power button, press and hold the volume down button, which is on the left side of your phone
  • Hold down the buttons until the screen turns off
  • Wait for the screen to turn back on and display the Apple logo
  • How To Restart iPhone By Resetting Network Settings

    How to Turn OFF And Fix Raise to Wake On iPhone X?

    This is another trouble-free way to restart iPhone without a Power button. Nevertheless, while following this method, the stored Wi-Fi passwords and paired Bluetooth devices would be erased. If you are willing to take this small risk, then you can easily follow this method and learn how to restart your iPhone without a button. All you got to do is follow these steps to reset network settings.

    1. Firstly, visit your phoneâs Settings and tap on the General option. From here, select the Reset > Reset Network Settings option.

    2. You will be asked to enter the passcode of your device. Match the designated passcode and tap on the âReset Network Settingsâ option.

    This will erase all the saved network settings on your phone and will restart it in the end. If you wish to learn how to restart your iPhone without a lock button, then this is one of the easiest techniques.

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