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How To Speed Up Your iPhone

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Turn Off Location Services

How To Speed Up Your iPhone 4/4S On iOS 7

Many apps need location services. Google Maps can’t take you home if the app can’t locate you. Ride-sharing apps can’t track a ride in real time without GPS coordinates. But these location services dont need to run 24/7.

If your iPhone is really slow, conduct a location permissions audit. You should quickly check which apps use location services, which apps can be switched off completely, and which apps can be switched to While Using the App.

Heres how to turn off or edit location services:

  • Open the Settings app, then tap Privacy and Location Services.

  • Decide if you want to turn Location Services off entirely or only for some apps.

  • To turn off Location Services for all apps, toggle the Location Services option from green to grey.

  • To turn off Location Services for individual apps, find the app in question and tap its name to set permissions. Choose between Never, Ask Next Time, and While Using the App.

  • Manage Your Music Library

    If you have a streaming service like Apple Music or Spotify, chances are most of your music in your library is up in the cloud, which doesnt take up any storage space. But if youve downloaded music from those apps, youll begin to eat up storage rather quickly. Check your Storage Usage to see how much space is being taken up by downloaded music and clear out all expendable songs/albums/artists.

    How To Make Your iPhone Charge Faster: Dont Use Wireless Charging

    Sure, using wireless charging makes you feel like youre in a science-fiction movie but there’s a high cost to this convenience.

    If you have a newer iPhone that supports wireless charging, you should only use it when youve got time to spare and dont need your device to replenish as much power as possible in the shortest time. Wireless charging is much slower than good old-fashioned cable charging.

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    Speed Up Your iPhone By Clearing Your Ram

    In just a few short seconds, you can easily clear out your phones RAM and help speed up performance. The longer you go without a reboot the more clogged your phone can get, but rebooting is a pain because it takes a while. With this trick, you can clear your phones RAM in just a few seconds.

    Heres all you need to do:

  • Hold down your power button until you see Slide to power off at the top of the screen
  • Then release the power button and hold down your home button for five seconds until the home screen reappears
  • Thats it! Your iPhone will feel fresh and new without having to wait through a reboot.

    Tip 3 Remove Background Apps

    iOS 9 Tips &  Tricks

    You may have such an experience while using a computer: If you are running many programs on your computer, you will find your computer responds slowly. That’s the same when it comes to using an iPhone. Too many apps running at the same time will run out of your iPhone memory and result in a lagging device.

    Thus, removing background apps is helpful to make your iPhone run faster.

    To close background apps:

    Step 1. On iPhone X or later, swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen and pause in the middle of the screen. On iPhone 8 or earlier, double-click the Home button instead.

    Step 2. Swipe right or left to switch from apps.

    Step 3. Swipe up on the app’s preview to close the app.

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    Update To Latest Software

    If you havent updated the iPhones software since you got it, nows a good time to do just that. You might believe that updating to the latest OS will slow your phone down but thats just an urban myth. It used to be the case with older iPhones, that didnt have fast enough hardware to always support new features.

    Now, though, things are different. Apple themselves are more aware of the issue and they optimize software update for a wide range of iPhones, not just the latest. Plus, the hardware for iPhones even 1-2 years old is still pretty fast.

    If youre having performance issues, it might be because of software bugs or issues that Apple might have fixed with a software update. Plus, running the latest software is recommended even just from a security standpoint.

    So go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and update your software for the latest release.

    Clear Your Browsing History

    Unlike Android phones, you cannot clear the apps cache. Youll have to completely delete the app and re-install it. However, you can clear your browsing history, since it can take lots amount of your iPhone space over time.

    Go to Settings> Safari then tap on Clear History and Website Data. By doing this, youre removing all the information Safari has stored about the sites you visited.

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    Shut Down All Unused And Open Applications

    Very often we dont pay heed to the number of actively running applications, they may end up hogging all your RAM and slowing your iPhone. So, in order to make your iPhone faster and smoother, you need to make sure that tons of apps arent open.

    Sadly, theres no way to close all applications at once. So, you need to close them one-by-one. To do so, you need to double tap your iPhone home button. This will show you all the active apps, which you can close by swiping upwards.

    Restore From Itunes And Not Icloud

    How to speed up your iPhone

    iCloud is great most of the time, but its also a notorious resource hog. As such, using it for certain performance-enhancing fixes sometimes doesnt have the desired effect.

    This is especially true of restoring your iPhone. In case you didnt know, it is possible to revert your iPhone to a previously saved build. In theory, this can help remove some clutter.

    Tests show that its better to complete this process through iTunes and not iCloud because it leaves less clutter on your device. Heres how you do it:

  • Open iTunes on your Mac or PC. Connect your iPhone to that device
  • Select your phone in iTunes. Choose the Restore Backup option.
  • Choose your preferred backup date and size. Then click Restore and wait for the process to finish.
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    Reset Your Device Completely

    If none of the above methods work for making your iPhone faster, you can turn to reset iPhone: Settings > General > Scroll down to the bottom, and tap Reset > Choose Reset All Content and Settings. Please notice that this operation will lead to all of your data and settings on iPhone being erased, and irretrievable, unless you have backed up them before. So before taking this choice, you are highly recommended to try the in-depth solution below firstly.

    If you also own an Apple Mac computer, it is quite necessary to know why it is getting slow and how to make it run faster.

    The Nuclear Option Do A Complete Reset

    This is the nuclear option, and should only be done if you are aware of the consequences.

    Settings> General> Reset

    Here you have a few options

    • Reset All Settings – This will only wipe system settings, and no data should be lost
    • Reset All Content and Settings – Takes your iPhone back to factory settings

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    How To Speed Up The iPhone 8

    Apple had launched the iPhone 8 just a couple of months back. It is true that smartphones will get sluggish after some time due to various reasons such as memory being used up, software crashes, problematic apps etc. If you have been coming down hard on your iPhone 8 with its storage or some other things then it is likely that your phone will get slow. Here is how to speed up the iPhone 8.

    Clear Safari’s Cookies And Data

    How to Speed Up Your iPhone and Clear Storage Space ...

    Next you should try emptying Safari’s data, cookies and so on to free up some memory.

    Open the Settings app and scroll down to Safari. On the next page scroll down to ‘Clear History and Website Data’ and tap on that.

    Bear in mind that this action may make browsing the web a bit less convenient for a while. Safari will forget the URLs you’ve been visiting so won’t suggest them as you type, unless they’re bookmarked . And clearing data may mean some websites forget your preferences.

    We’ve got more tips about improving your browser’s performance in a separate article: How to speed up Safari.

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    Erase Your Old Message Threads

    The more bloated your device is, the slower it will run. If youre not deleting any of your messages, it can weigh down the iOS. We are not saying that you make a habit of deleting messages every now and then, you can automatically delete them by changing the default time to keep your messages.

    The iPhone offers you three options- 30 days, 1 year, and forever. You can choose the 30-days option as its neither too early nor too late to delete the text messages.

    Its worth noting that deleting the threads with only text-based messages wont free up much space on your iPhone. So, you must focus more on deleting threads with a lot of images, voice notes, and videos. You can put a stop to the back-log of photos and videos in your Messenger app and ultimately make your iPhone faster.

    Turn Down The Graphics

    iOS 7 also introduced some fancy visual effects, but dialling them down can help to improve performance.

    Start by turning off Motion. Tap on Settings > Accessibility > Motion and set Reduce Motion to On. .

    This turns off the parallax effect of icons and alerts. Some people complained of feeling seasick because of this effect, so you might find the phone easier to use in this setting. Of course, it will also use less power, which should also be beneficial.

    Next you can reduce the see-through background effects which can also slow things down on an older iPhone.

    Tap on Settings > Accessibility > Display and Text Size > and switch Reduce Transparancy on. You can also turn on Increate Contrast here.

    In earlier versions of iOS you’ll find the same settings in Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast.

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    How To Speed Up iPhone 12 Pro Max

    Last Updated On by iPhoneGeeks Staff

    iPhone 12 Pro Max offers a great experience to its users. But, like every other phone, it may slow down after a few months. If you are using this model for a while now, and if you noticed it is a bit sluggish, you will find some ideas here on how to speed up iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    Check Your Internet Connection

    How to speed up your iPhone, iPad on iOS8 | Top Tips | VIDEO TUTORIAL

    “My iPhone is running slow,” often means, “the internet on my iPhone is running slow.” So how to make your iPhones internet faster? In most cases, slow internet isnt a problem with your iPhone so much as with your Wi-Fi network or mobile data connection.

    Here are a few ways to diagnose the cause of your iPhones slow internet connection:

    Get a stable connection

    If your Wi-Fi connection isnt strong, youll see an immediate drop in internet speed. Make sure your Wi-Fi icon indicates a full-strength connection. If not, try toggling your Wi-Fi off and then on again. If that doesnt help, move closer to your router or switch to mobile data.

    Perform an internet speed test

    A free online speed test will quickly assess your internet connections download and upload speeds. Its a good way to confirm that youre getting the speeds youre paying for from your internet service provider . Some speed test providers even have standalone apps for iOS and other devices.

    Performing an internet speed test at

    Reset your network settings

    Resetting your iPhones network settings can give it a fresh start with a faster internet connection. Youll need to re-enter your Wi-Fi password when youre done.

  • Open your Settings app and go to General> Reset.

  • Tap Reset Network Settings and enter your PIN when prompted.

  • Tap Reset Network Settings to confirm.

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    Make Your iPhone Faster By Clearing Safari Cookies & Data

    Its good to note that doing this will mean Safari wont suggest URLs when typing unless theyre bookmarked. Some websites may also forget certain preferences, but its generally good practice to clear your cookies and data every now and again regardless.

  • Open Settings and tap Safari.
  • Select Clear History and Website Data.
  • I only got about 50 MB more of memory doing this, but I also do it pretty regularly.

    Way : How To Improve iPhone Performance Effectively

    With time, your iPhone will accumulate a series of needless files like junk files, caches, logs, history, iOS update caches. Those files will take up large phone storage space and slow down iPhone performance. The most efficient way to fast the slow iPhone is to do a complete clean with a professional iPhone clean tool.

    Tenorshare ReiBoot is such a iOS cleaner program that can efficiently speed up iPhone by deeply scanning your iPhone and finding all junk files, temporary files, corrupted files, hidden large files on it.

    • Free download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer, and then connect your iPhone to computer with an USB cable.

    • Select “Standard Repair” to ge ahead.

    • Now, you need to download the latest iOS 14.6 firmware package.

    • After that, click “Start Standard Repair” button.

    • Wait a few seconds for the process to complete. Your iPhone will restart and run faster.

    Updated on 2021-07-12 / Update for Optimize iOS

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    Delete Old Pictures Videos And Apps You Never Use

    If you’ve been getting the “Storage Almost Full” or “Not Enough Storage” notifications, chances are a lack of storage space is slowing down your phone.

    As Luchino F explains, deleting apps you no longer use, along with old pictures and videos, will free up storage space and speed up your phone. Not to mention it’s always a good idea to transfer your pictures and videos to your laptop, or another secure storage space such as a hard drive or Dropbox, instead of relying on your phone.

    The Last Resort: Get A New iPhone

    How to Speed Up Your iPhone and Clear Storage Space in ...

    If Apple can’t help, or the company’s help is too expensive to be worth it, we reach the final option: give up on your older iPhone and buy something newer.

    If you’ve reached that point, check out our iPhone buying guide to help figure out the right model for you, read about the best iPhone deals, or jump straight to the Apple store and pick a replacement.

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    How To Speed Up Your iPhone In 2020

    Is your older iPhone slowing down? Do you want to speed up your iPhone? Are your apps crashing all the time? Do you feel your iPhone is not performing the way it used to?

    If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, this article will help you speed up your iPhone, without the need of upgrading to a new device.

    The iPhone is a great product and many people consider it faster than other smartphones. When we can use our iPhones to do almost every task, even the slightest bug can cause irritation. In this article, well discuss simple hacks that can be done to speed up your iPhone in 2020.

    Disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk, TechieTechTech will not be responsible if anything goes wrong with your device.

    Turn Off Auto Updates And Downloads

    When you device is constantly checking for updates and downloads, it not only puts a hamper on your devices battery life, it also affects your devices speed. To prevent your iPhone from always having this task run, go to Settings, then check off Music, Apps, Updates accordingly in the iTunes & App Store page, based on which updates you want to disable.

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    Clear Web Browser Cache

    Frequently using your web browser, such as Safari or Chrome, without clearing its cache is another way to use up valuable storage space. To clear your cache for Safari: Go to Settings Safari Clear History and Website Data. For Chrome: Open up the Chrome app and click on the three vertically aligned dots in the top-right. Tap on History and then tap Clear Browsing Data.

    How To Make Your iPhone Charge Faster: Cycle The Battery

    How to speed up your iPhone

    As part of standard iPhone maintenance, you should be regularly cycling the battery. Doing this will keep your devices battery in good health, which will mean it not only charges faster but also holds charge for longer.

    For the unaware, cycling the battery is when you let your device run from 100% fully charged all the way down to zero, until it shuts itself down due to lack of power. You dont have to be doing this daily, but you should be doing it at least once a month.

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    Edit Location And Background Settings

    Most apps have some sort of background process that allows them to stay updated even when they arent open on your iPhone. Because iPhones are speedy devices, this usually doesnt affect your phones performance. But that isnt always the case and sometimes, limiting these background processes can speed up your iPhone.

    • We recommend going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and disabling the feature for apps you dont need updated in the background.
    • Then, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and do the same thing for apps that dont need you location constantly.
    • It may also be worth going to Settings > iTunes & App Store and disabling the toggle next to Updates under Automatic Downloads.

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