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How To Take Professional Headshots With iPhone

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Use Apps That Improve Quality

Professional Headshots Using Portrait Mode on your iPhone

There are many apps that you can use to enhance the quality of your images. In this article, well discuss how you can create professional headshots using Camera+ and Snapseed.


If youre looking for an easy way to improve the quality of your iPhone headshots, get Camera+.

The app allows you to take pictures up to 32 megapixels by just tapping on the screen. Its also got a great auto-focus feature that will help you line up your image perfectly every time.


Snapseed is definitely the most versatile iOS photo editor, and its applicable to headshots. Go into brush mode and swipe over the parts of your photo that you want to brighten up .

You can also go into selective adjust mode and brush on shadows or highlights depending on what part of your image needs enhancing.

How To Take A Headshot With An iPhone

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A headshot is a professional picture that you normally take with a professional photographer or camera. However, if you have an iPhone or good quality phone, you can still get professional results without the extra frills and fees associated with professional photographers. This wikiHow will show you how to get a good headshot on an iPhone.

How Do You Take Good Headshots Photos Without Smiling

The key to these types of photos is facial expressions and external items. Relaxing the jaw, pressing the tongue against the roof of your mouth, lighting, wardrobe, open frame pose, color selection, and backgrounds all help to present an approachable image when a smile is not present.

People often look better in person than in their photos for many reasons including lack of photos taken in the session, poor wardrobe selection, being told to pose and smile on command, bad photographer selection, mindset, dehydration, lack of rest, environment, and occasion for the photos. A good photographer will address all these issues and variables for you.

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Select The Perfect Picture

Now the photoshoot is complete its time to select your favourite photos and start the editing process. Once you have narrowed down your favourites, load them on to your phone or computer and use an editing app to enhance them if needed. You want the photo to be light and bright, focusing on you. Your headshot should be framed from the chest up, with your face being the main focus, Melinda says. Asking friends and family for their opinion is a great idea before selecting your final shot to use. Finally, load your new and improved professional headshot to your I Want 2 Work employee profile.

How To Take A Headshot Professional Headshot Tips For Business Portraits Linkedin Photos Headshot Dos & Donts

How To Take Your Own Professional Headshot With Your ...

Often times requests for headshots by an employer, conference, newspaper, magazine etc. can have short turnaround times. Taking a headshot takes time to plan in terms of attire, location, looks, processing.

If you dont plan ahead, you can easily wind up with something rushed, unflattering, forced or inappropriate for the outlets the photo will be used. Having a good headshot is not just about hiring a photographer it requires planning, awareness, preparation, wardrobe styling, grooming, and more.

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Professional Headshots Are Important

First off, lets define what a headshot is. A headshot typically refers to a photograph where a person is shown from their heads to just past their shoulders. A professional headshot, specifically, is a photograph that you can show off to your boss, colleagues, and clients in order to confidently represent you or your business. Having a professional headshot of yourself is becoming more and more of a necessity in the modern digital age. However a lot of people either dont have one or one that is of a professional quality.

Some examples of where professional headshots can come into play are: and various social media, about and staff pages on websites, and for online marketing material where someone needs a photo of a person to go along with a quote. If youre a company, its nice for people to see your staff. People like seeing faces. It makes companies seem more trustworthy and connected. It says were not a faceless corporation. Were people, and we care.

Headshots are impressions and impressions are everything. You might be the nicest, most competent person in the world, but if you have a bad headshot or none at all then people might not want to see you or do business with you. Here at Online Optimism, we know the importance of having nice professional photos because we offer a 2 hour photoshoot session as a part of our package of New Orleans social media services.

A Good Headshot Should Showcase You

Make sure it looks like you. Chill with the airbrushing. Casting directors expect you to look just like your headshot and will not be happy when you show up looking totally different or 10 years older. Its not about looking pretty, its about representing your type, wrinkles included. It should look like you on your best day, showing your age, and who you are now. Its not about the type you want to be, its the type you are.

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Pay For A Professional Headshot

Spend moneyits worth it. Go to a professional who is trained, understands lighting, and takes headshots for a living, not some friend who happens to have a decent camera who sorta knows a little about photography. Save those pictures for Instagram and leave the headshots to the pros. Good headshots typically cost between $400 and $1,200, and getting them professionally duplicated will often cost you another $100. Anything cheaper is probably just a glorified passport photo. If the headshots look cheap, they probably are.

Choosing The Best Shot

How To Take Professional Headshots With iPhone 12 Mini

Review all of your shots, and preferably with an honest friend . Start by trimming out all the obvious bad ones too dark, head cut off, out of focus, weird expression etc.

The final raw photo generally needs the following elements

  • Good head room
  • The best shirt choice
  • In focus

Its the things like color, contrast, cropping that we can edit after the fact, so those are less important.

I ended up choosing this as my raw photo

Its not perfect in my opinion, but hey, were always going to be more judgmental of ourselves ūüôā

The things to remember through this whole process, is that most of the places your headshot will appear on the web will be a small thumbnail image.

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Pick A Style And Stick To It

Brand consistency is important and the same is true for your headshots. Pick a style and stick to it! Dont worry, this doesnt mean making everyone stand in the exact same pose wearing the exact same thing, unless maybe your small business is a summer camp. Making little things consistent is important, such as using the same background and shooting everyone at the same time of day . By doing this, you ensure each of your team members images look like they came from the same place.

How Do You Take A Good Headshot Best Headshot Poses For Men & Women Headshot Dos & Donts

Do:-Get rest the night before-Hydrate adequately -Put your weight at the balls of your feet to come into the frame, camera -Practice rotating your torso and face 5-20 degrees away from the camera to add some dimension-Turning 75-90 degrees away from the camera is more so for actors and models only-Headshots should be taken at or slightly above eye level -Lower your shoulders -Practice lightly squeezing your eyes

I love asymmetrical looks . Put a slight bend on one knee, shift your hops slightly to the opposite of the bend.

Mens Professional Headshot Examples, Poses, Wardrobe Styling Fashion Tips

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Professional Headshot Tips: How To Take Flattering Headshots Headshot Poses

As a professional headshot photographer based in San Francisco , I have worked with a variety of industries, companies and identities over the years.

Identity and uniqueness are key to standing out in todays world. First impressions are everything and if you dont think so, you are losing out on possible job offers, dates, partnerships, network opportunities and more.

Here are some tips and general tutorial guide to prepare for and things to be aware about when booking a professional headshot or trying to take a headshot yourself. Below are my tips for taking professional headshots.

Womens Professional Headshot Examples, Poses, Wardrobe Styling Tips

Professional Headshot Examples:

Headshot Photo Dimensions: Landscape Vs Portrait Vs Square

The Dabbling Crafter: Show &  Tell: DIY Headshots with a iPhone

Often times people take headshots that are formatted for one use i.e. portrait or square crop for LinkedIn. Its hard to predict how you will need to use your photos for down the road or what kind or requirements are needed by others.

Having options is key to avoid re-taking shots unnecessarily. I usually provide several options for clients but this is more the exception than the norm for most photographers.

I personally like more landscape oriented photos for more creative types and the extra space on the sides is great for websites.

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Use These Tools To Make Your Headshot Photoshoot Easier

Headshot photoshoots are like self-portrait photoshoots. You have to be in charge of lighting, equipment, and settings.

If this sounds like a daunting task, dont worry. You can make the process easier by investing in a few simple tools:

  • Tripod: Great for smartphones and professional cameras alike. A tripod will keep your equipment safe and help you avoid shaky photos. The taller it is, the easier it will be to take pictures at eye level.
  • Remote: This will let you take photos from a distance. No self-timer is necessary! Remotes are very common in both DSLR and smartphone photography.
  • Reflector: This is a tool that creates more light. You can ask someone to hold a reflector for you to add more light to your face. Reflectors are also great for creating catchlights.
  • Extra Batteries + Memory Cards: If youre using professional camera equipment, make sure you have a few spare batteries and memory cards. This preparation will prevent you from rushing during your photoshoot or running out of space.

Stand Sideways To Show Your Best Angle

Many people have a favourite angle that makes them look more photogenic in pictures. You can use this to feel more confident during your photoshoot.

Stand sideways to the camera. Make sure youre not squeezing your arm. If you do, it will look wider than it does in reality. You can hold your arm to the side or stretch it out by putting your hand on your hip.

Dont glare sideways at the camera. Gently turn your head so that most of your face is visible.

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Post Processing Aint Cheating

So after youve done all the above, if you want to go the extra mile, I highly suggest editing the photo you just took. My favourite phone editing app is Snapseed. If you adjust things like your White Balance to be correct , add a little saturation, and brighten the photo up just a touch, chances are youll have a really fantastic photo on your hands .

Dont overdo it with post processing. Its easy to get drunk on all the cool effects packed into an editing app. Dont fall prey. Keep it simple.

First photo: underexposed a little, white balance is off, little colour. Second photo: brighter, whites are white, shirt is blue.

How To Take Professional Headshot For Linkedin

How to take professional headshot with iPhone and create good head photo on your own at home

image via Unsplash/

If you want a more professional and plain type of headshot, just a straight on headshot with no pose, then the above example is perfect for just that. These type of headshots are more for a professional profile picture in terms of the job market.

Youll see a lot of these type of headshots for LinkedIn pages or job profiles of people who are serious for finding jobs. While the above image was taken in front of a professional backdrop, there are apps that you can use to completely manipulate the background of your photos.

image via Unsplash/

Here is another example of a more neutral type headshot for a profile picture. Use this example for reference as she perfectly utilizes a plain background. This was most likely a plain wall at home!

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How To Pose For A Good Headshot

image via Unsplash/

To pose for a good headshot takes no skill at all. Professional model or not, posing for headshots is simple and should not be over thought. If youre taking headshot in relation to modeling or acting, its great to build a portfolio.

The image above is a perfect example of the kind of photos to have in a modeling portfolio. This will allow agencies to see the type of experience you have. Dont worry if youre just starting out as the more you shoot, the more easy it will be for you.

image via Unsplash/

Here is another pose example for a professional looking headshot. A common myth is that posing is hard. A lot of easy poses come out looking very professional like the one pictured above.

The pose above gives off a part of the models side profile which is something that modeling agencies would definitely want for an applicants digitals.

image via Unsplash/

This next example is another type of modeling headshot photo to use when going into the modeling agency. This angle is perfect to show off your facial features.

Taking The Best Professional Headshots In 2022

In 2022 it is common to never meet a business associate in person with people closing billions of dollars in deals over zoom everyday its become clear that in person business meetings and travel are not coming back any time soon. With that, often our first impressions of people we work with are digital, a quick Google of someones name, or checking them out on LinkedIn to see what they look like and how their credentials look. LinkedIn profile photos have become the first impression ion many instances.

In this guide we will go over exactly what is needed and how to take professional headshots, whether its for a new job, to put in your next pitch book or its just time to update your 15 year old photo, these tips will help you get what you the new photo that you need.

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Can You Take A Headshot With An iPhone

The short answer is YES. You can absolutely take a headshot with an iPhone! The longer answer is that you need to follow some pro tips before you get your hands on the camera.

Canon DSLRs are considered industry standard for photographers who want to take their craft seriously, but its not easy to convince everyone to invest $2000+ in a camera.

And lets face it, if youre trying to create an online presence , no one needs to know that your images were taken with an iPhone.

With the advent of apps like Photography Editor, Snapseed, and Instagram anyone can become an award-winning photographer with just a smartphone and an hour of practice.

If your main concern is finding the best quality apps that will allow you to edit and enhance your photos, then check out this article that breaks down .

If youre ready to take on headshot photography as a new skill, read on for 9 pro tips on how to get the most out of your iPhone camera.

headshot with iPhone

Make Sure Your Subject Is At The Right Angle

Thoughts on this √Ęheadshot√Ę?? Taken with my friend√Ęs iPhone ...

When you take your headshot, its important to make sure that your subject isnt looking straight into the sun .

The idea here is to enhance his or her features and create a flattering angle.

When youre shooting outdoors, take note of the suns position and make sure your subject is at the correct angle.

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How To Take A Professional Photo Indoors At Home

Most people will probably be shooting their headshots indoors. We highly recommend investing in a ring light if this is the case. There are some great advantages to working with a ring light, including the fact that they usually come with a tripod and clip to attach your phone easily.

Also, they provide pro lighting for your camera that will make your profile photos look professionally shot and natural. Even more, you do not want to use your iPhone or another smartphone flash. These flashes are pretty much mini flashlights, and do you remember what you look like with a flashlight shining in your face as a kid? Think ghost stories! Not flattering!

Using a professional lighting setup such as a softbox or ring light also helps to remove shadows on your face and helps your iPhone focus easier. Whether you use a ring light or not, you will want to stay away from bright light and direct sunlight that may be entering from a window. If you want the most flattering portrait images, these things are key to remember.

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