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How To Use Discord On iPhone

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Check Discord Notification Settings


The first setting you should change is in the discord app itself. While notifications are enabled by default, you or someone might have disabled them by mistake. Heres how to check and fix it.

  • Tap your Profile Picture at the bottom right.
  • Scroll down and select Notifications.
  • Toggle on all notification options.
  • Causes For Discord Not Working Properly

    Discord stuck on connecting is usually caused by technical problems on Discords side, such as high volumes of traffic, or internet connectivity issues on your device. Corrupted app data can also be a cause of Discord connection problems, as can custom internet settings.

    The following solutions apply to all versions of the Discord app on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

    How To Find Or Add Friends On Discord

    If you have no friends on Discord:

  • Tap the second tab at the bottom in Discord.
  • Tap the Find your Friends on Discord option.
  • If youve enabled Sync Contacts, the screen will display your friends using Discord.
  • If not, you can add them through their usernames, consisting of a name, a hashtag , and four numbers .
  • Add them.
  • The friends will be displayed in the Pending Requests section. Once they accept it, you can find them based on their activity status.

    If you already have friends on Discord but wish to add more, go to the same tab and tap the icon at the top right.

    Extra information: While you have the option to change your username, changing the four number tag will require you to subscribe to Discord Nitro, Discords premium subscription that offers many perks. However, subscribing to Nitro is not necessary as most features function flawlessly even without it.

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    Update The App And iPhones Software

    By default, automatic updates are turned on. However, there is a possibility that it might be off. So, head into the App Store and update the app manually. If you dont know to do so, read our guide on how to update apps on iPhone. To update the software on your iPhone,

  • Go to Settings and tap General.
  • Select Software update.
  • If a software update is available, tap Update.
  • Toggle on Automatic Updates.
  • If you cant , read our article on possible fixes for the same.

    Troubleshooting Tips For When Discord Is Not Connecting

    How To Download Discord On iPhone 4
    • Western Sydney University
    • Wichita Technical Institute

    Discord not connecting properly upon startup can be frustrating as it can prevent you from not only sending messages but accessing most of the content already downloaded onto the app. A looping Connecting animation is often the main sign of Discord not working though you may also encounter connection problems when trying to access third-party connections or sending and receiving messages.

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    Discord Web Version Vs Discord Desktop App

    • More or less identical to the web version.

    • Push-to-talk and game viewing are enabled all the time.

    Discord is available as a web app that runs in most browsers. You can also download a desktop version for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. The desktop and web versions of Discord are functionally identical in almost every way and look nearly the same.

    There are a few differences between the browser and desktop versions of Discord. In the desktop app, push-to-talk is enabled all the time. In the web app, push-to-talk only works when the browser window is in focus, so it’s unavailable while playing. The desktop version allows you to show your friends what game you’re playing. The major benefit of the web version is that it doesn’t require a download. You can use it anywhere, on any computer, without waiting to download and install anything.

    If you use Discord a lot, the desktop app is a worthwhile download, but the web app is great because it lowers the bar for entry for example, when you’re playing a game with your friends and want to invite an outside player into voice chat. With a service like TeamSpeak or Mumble, they must download the app, create an account, and enter your server information. With Discord, all they do is click your invite link, type a temporary username if they don’t have one, and they’re ready to go.

    How To Register A Discord Account

    If you have downloaded and installed Discord on your device, the next step is to create an account on your Android phone or PC. Heres the complete guide:

    • First, open the app and select the Register button to register an account.
    • Enter your email address or phone number, then press Next.
    • Then, enter the desired username and password. Then, press the Next button.
    • In the last step, enter your date of birth information and press the Create an account button.
    • Voila! If the account registration process is successful, all you have to do is log in and be allowed to enjoy the series of features in it.

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    Use Markdown To Apply Formatting

    Discord supports the use of Markdown syntax, which lets you apply an italic, bold, underline, and strikethrough formatting to your messages. The easiest way to apply these is to type your message, highlight it, and select the relevant icon from the menu that appears.

    Alternatively, you can write the Markdown manually or use a keyboard shortcut:


    How To Use The Discord App On Mobile And Pc

    How Use Discord – Mobile App Beginner’s Guide

    For gamers, of course, you already know what Discord is. This application is specially designed for gamers to communicate with other players easily, especially when playing games that can be awkward or playing together. Then, how to use Discord?

    Discord is a VoIP service application that was first introduced in 2015. Before it was popular among Android, iOS, and console users, Discord was initially used by users when playing online PC games with other players.

    Until now, this application is popular among gamers, podcasters, and even Twitch app streamers. However, Discord is also often used by users to listen to music together or just chat with other users.

    Well, this time we will give you a complete guide on How to use the Discord App on Mobile and PC, starting from registering and logging in to accounts, settings, to creating a server. Better, see the explanation below yes!

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    How To Start A Private Text Voice Video Chat With Friend

    Once you add friends to Discord, tap on the name in the Friends tab with whom you want to chat. You will see three buttons: Message, Call, and Video. Tap on the required button.

    Alternatively, once you start chatting with a person, you will find their name under the Direct Messages section on the first screen. Tap on their name to view the chat thread. And, tap on the Video or Voice call icons at the top to call them. Once you initiate a video call, you can share the screen by tapping on the Share screen button.

    Just like regular chat apps, you will find the messaging field at the bottom with the ability to add emojis, GIFs, stickers, or send files using the add icon.

    Discord Id Lookup: What Is It And How To Use It

    Discord is the talk of the town in the Gaming World. It is a Chat App that is geared specifically for Video game players that provide the best way to connect, and coordinate play. The players can do voice calls, text, and chat. You can search other players through Discord ID lookup.

    Discord is specially used if you play PC games and it enables quick communication. Discord makes chatting easy and offers search functions. Its a more social and organizational tool. Discord lets you make different roles for members like creating roles for other administrators and moderators.

    The Discord ID Lookup is a unique ID of every Discord user, it is used to specify which users are allowed to use the bot and which servers its allowed to work on. The Discord ID Lookup is for creating an activity log for future processing, referencing, and potential problem-solving.

    Discord is accessible through several means it has a web-based version and a mobile version. Discord lets you customize your account, you can change your username or nickname. Every Discord user has a Discord ID which is an 18-digit number that is connected to your account. Here is how to find Discord ID lookup and how to use it. Read the article to find out:

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    Share Your Screen In A Server:

    Navigate to the server where you want to share your screen and select a voice channel. Tap Join Voice. Youll now be able to hear others in the voice channel and theyll be able to hear you. Youll have the option to share your device camera or your device screen. To share your device camera, tap the camera icon. If you want to only share your screen, move on to Step 3.

    How To Install And Use Discord On Ps5 Quick Easy Guide

    How to delete a discord server on iphone?

    Discord is probably a gamers favorite application to utilize for chatting, texting, and staying connected with their fellow gamers. Other than that, it can also be used for everyday purposes and is the easiest way to keep in touch with everyone.

    If you have gotten your hands on a PlayStation 5 and youve been wondering if its possible to run Discord on your new Console to enjoy your gameplays with your friends, this is where you are supposed to be.

    So, fasten your seatbelt as we have some good news for you. This ultimate guide will walk you through everything you need to be able to use Discord on your PlayStation 5. So, without having to do anything else, let us get started.


  • Wrapping it Up
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    Difference Between Discord Servers And Channels

    If youre confused between a Discord server and channel, its quite simple. There are multiple channels, including text and voice channels, under one server. All channels are labeled as per their use. You will need to adhere to the rules of a server and chat in the suggested channels. So, if someone asks you to go to the channel topic and chat there, you know what to do.

    Join A Server Or Create One

    Once you create an account and you’re sitting in Discord, you’ll probably notice that its a bit like a ghost town. You’re going to need to join a server. If you already know someone with a server, ask them to send you an invite link. Once they do, all you have to do to join their server is to click the link, and it’ll automatically send you to their server. No extra work on your end.

    If you don’t have a friend inviting you to a server, and you’re just trying to like, see what all the Discord hype is about, you can hit the little looking-glass icon on the left-hand side of the screen to open up a server browser. Here, you’ll see a bunch of hyper-popular servers listed out, with a search bar up top where you can search for individual games, esports teams, or whatever else may have a community built around it.

    If you want to open your own server for you and your friends, hit the plus-sign button to open your own server. Once you hit that, you’ll see a dialog pop up on the screen asking you to either create a server or join a server. You can click “join a server” and it’ll ask you to enter a invite code, though it’s easier to just, uh, click the link instead.

    When you click “create a server”, it’ll transition into a screen where you’ll be able to choose a name for your server, along with upload a picture to represent it. Just keep in mind that the size of the picture is limited to 128 x 128 pixels.

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    How To Screen Record Discord Calls On iPhone

    There is only one way to screen record discord calls on iPhone.To do this, you have to record audio and video separately.

  • Follow the steps above and add Craig bot to your channel by typing the :Craig:, join command. Craig bot will record your audio during the call.
  • Now, to record the screen, go to your settings and tap on the control center.
  • Tap on customize controls and tap on the + icon next to screen recordings.
  • Next, start the call on discord and swipe down from the top of your screen to open the control center.
  • Tap on the Screen Recorder icon to start screen recording.
  • Once done recording, tap on the red bar located at the top of your screen.
  • Then, enter the :Craig:, leave command, and download the audio recording into your iPhone.
  • Now, Download any video editing software and combine your audio recording with the video.
  • Thats it. You have successfully recorded your discord call on your iPhone.

    Note: Make Sure That Youre Typing Your Friends Username Exactly As Spelled And Double Check Capitalization Since Usernames Are Case Sensitive Additionally Make Sure To Remove Any Extra Spaces

    Setup discord on iPhone tutorial

    Once youve typed in your friends Discord tag and press Send Friend Request, a request will be directly sent their way!

    If you’re not able to send a request, it’s possible that your friend needs to change their Privacy and Safety Settings for who can add them as a Friend! Check out the Friend Request section in our article on for more details!

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    How To Update Discord On Pc Or Mac

    Discord’s desktop app automatically checks for updates whenever you launch it, so you shouldn’t usually have to worry about falling behind.

    But if you haven’t installed updates in a while, you can force an update check in two ways.

    First, you can shut down the Discord app and reopen it. It has to be a full shutdown make sure the program closes, not just the window. When you reopen the app, it’ll check for updates.

    If you don’t want to close the app, you can use the reset command. On Windows PCs, press Ctrl + R on your keyboard. On Mac, press Command + R. The Discord window will go blank for a few moments, then restart and check for updates.

    In all of these cases, when Discord finds an available update, it will always immediately install it you don’t get a choice.

    Quick tip: If you use Discord through the website, just refresh your web browser. The website app is always running the latest updates.

    How To Use Discord On iPhone: A Complete Guide

    So, youve just installed Discord to follow your favorite YouTuber, or because of the peer pressure, but have no idea what Discord is? Well, we got you covered with this comprehensive guide that focuses on helping you explore Discord and use it optimally.

    To begin with, Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging platform that supports voice calls, video calls, sharing media, and has communities for a whole variety of topics. The best part is that it works as smooth as silk on an iPhone. Read on to understand how to get started!

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    How To Use Discord On iPhone

    Can you talk on Discord on iPhone?

    Yes, you can talk on Discord on iPhone. The app has a built-in voice chat feature that lets you talk to your friends and teammates easily. You can also join public servers or create your own server for free.

    Is Discord good on iPhone?

    Discord is an app that is designed for gamers and is available on iPhone and other devices. It allows gamers to voice chat and share files with each other while they play games. The app has a user-friendly interface and is free to use.

    How do I use Discord on my iPhone without the app?

    There is no official Discord app for iPhone, but there are a few ways to use Discord on your iPhone without the app. One way is to use the mobile website, which you can access at Alternatively, you can use the Discord app for Mac or PC and use the built-in iPhone mirroring feature to connect to your iPhone.

    How do I join a Discord phone call?

    To join a Discord phone call, you first need to install the Discord app on your phone. Once you have installed the app, open it and sign in using the same username and password you use to sign in to Discord on your computer.Once you are logged in, click on the phone icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will open a list of all of your active phone calls.

    How do I voice call on Discord?Why is Discord now 17+?Can you use Discord on Apple?Can I use Discord without an account?Do u need a phone number for Discord?Is Discord for free?

    Why Use An iPhone For Discord

    How To Download Discord On iPhone 4

    Discord mainly has communication features in different forms:

    When it comes to comfort and ease of usage, what can be much user friendly than a mobile phone. By making Discord available on phones, it has elevated the user experience by levels.

    The quality of an iPhone combined with the easy mode of communication services in Discord is the ultimate duo. This means that you can share whatever whenever on the go and choose to do it from the multimedia options available of the application.

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    How To Play Music In Discord Hydra

    Your How to play music in discord hydra images are ready in this website. How to play music in discord hydra are a topic that is being searched for and liked by netizens now. You can Download the How to play music in discord hydra files here. Download all free images.

    How to play music in discord hydra. .language list to list all available languages. How to play music in discord through a mic. Specify the correct input and output. Recently google served a notice to groovy and rhythm, the two most popular music bots in discord.

    How To Use Hydra Bot Music Discord Hydra Bot Commands From

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