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Where Do I Find Screen Mirroring On My iPhone

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Troubleshoot Ios 12 Airplay Not Working

How to Connect iPhone to TV Screen Mirror! (2021)

When you are experiencing technical issues with AirPlay regarding connectivity like AirPlay is not working in iOS 12, you only need to do some simple troubleshooting to fix this problem. Different solutions are given below.

1. Restart or hard reset your iPhone by pressing Volume UP and Volume Down buttons alternately, then long press the Side Button until the Apple logo appears.

2. Reset the network settings of your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Reset then tap Reset Network Settings. Enter password if being asked, then tap Reset Network Settings to confirm the action.

NOTE: APN and VPN settings of the iOS device as well as the password of the Wi-Fi will be erased by confirming this action.

3. Turn off your Bluetooth. Go to Settings > Bluetooth to turn off Bluetooth, or swipe up to open Control Center then tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it off.

4. Check the settings of your AirPlay by swiping up to Control Center and look for the Music Controls.

5. Check your AirPlay or Screen Mirroring and make sure that it is turned on and awake.

6. Turn off cellular data. Go to Settings > Cellular, find Cellular Data option and turn off it.

7. Forget your Wi-Fi network. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, then tap the i symbol. Hit Forget This Network and a pop-up window will appear, then tap the Forget This Network option and confirm. Once done, reconnect to the same network.

Mirror The Latest iPhones With Mirrorgo

The latest iOS devices, such as the iPhone XR, are difficult to mirror using emulators or unfamiliar applications. Moreover, they could cause damage to your device or corrupt the files you aim to transfer from one point to another. However, it isnât the case when you use Wondershare MirrorGo for iPhone XR screen mirroring purposes. There is no need to jailbreak the intended iOS device as the entire process is safe and prevents malware infection.


Step 1: Launch MirrorGo on PC

Open MirrorGo on your computer. Click on the iOS tab and ensure that you have the PC and the iPhone device connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, the method will not work.

Step 2: Enable the Mirroring Option

Head over to the phoneâs settings and access the iPhone XRâs Screen Mirroring option. Simply tap on MirrorGo.

Step 3. Start iPhone Screen Mirroring

Now access the MirrorGo app from PC again, and you will be able to view the iPhone XRâs front screen. From there, you can manage the device from the computer smoothly.

Question: Q: How To Use Screen Mirroring On iPhone 12

how to use screen mirroring on iphone 12

Mirror your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV.
  • Open Control Center: …
  • Mirror your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV.
  • Open Control Center: …
  • Question:Q:how to use screen mirroring on iphone 12MoreLess

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    iPhone Screen Mirroring: Basic Overview

    From the name, you might think the Screen Mirroring feature only allows you to mirror the content of your iPhone’s screen on other devices. Well, the feature does more than that. With Screen Mirroring, you can also wirelessly send and play audio from your iPhone to your TV, smart speakers, and other compatible devices. So, it’s more like a 2-in-1 feature visual + audio.

    For example, you are playing your favorite game on your iPhone. You can use your device’s Screen Mirroring feature to wirelessly project the game to your TV for a bigger view. And if you’re watching a movie, you can project to your TV so others can join in or enjoy the movie on a much bigger display.

    Screen Mirroring on your iPhone is powered by an underlying connectivity technology known as AirPlay. Developed by Apple, AirPlay is similar to , Google’s native screen mirroring protocol.

    So, to wirelessly mirror and send content to your TV , both devices must be AirPlay-compatible. You shouldn’t confuse AirPlay for AirDrop they are two entirely different data transfer protocols.

    How To Enable Screen Mirroring In Ios 11

    Screen Mirroring with iPhone (Wirelessly

    Recording or mirroring your iPhone screen used to be a hassle-filled process. If you wished to capture any iOS gameplay or make some funny GIF as an on-screen action, then you had to download a third-party app or connect your iOS device to the computer system.

    However, those days are gone. With the advent of the most recent iOS 11, Apple has introduced its high functionality with which you can enable screen mirroring in iOS 11 devices. Through this feature, you can mirror your iPhone screen effortlessly. The detail process of how to enable screen mirroring in iOS 11 is explained in details.

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    How To Mirror iPhone To Roku

    Roku is another popular line of streaming players, similar to Chromecast. Unlike Chromecast, Roku has a special feature for screen mirroring iPhone to TV right in the app. Heres how to use it:

  • Open Settings on your Roku System Screen mirroring and set the Screen mirroring mode to Always allow
  • In the iPhone Roku app, switch to the Photos+ tab
  • Pick the content youd like to mirror
  • Tv With A Frame In 2021 Andtvs With Crystal Uhd Resolution In 2021

    • QLED TVs in 8K and 4K resolution will be available in 2020.
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    • Premiere projectors and Crystal UHD televisions for 2020
    • QLED TVs in 8K and 4K resolution will be available in 2019.
    • 2019 TVs with frame, serif, and 4K UHD
    • 2018 Frame TV
    • QLED 4K TVs are expected to be released in 2018.
    • 2018 4K Ultra-High-Definition Television
    • Smart Full HDTV N5300

    NOTE: Please keep in mind that Evolution kits will not include AirPlay 2 or Apple TV capability.

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    Mirror Your iPhone iPad Or Ipod Touch To A Tv

  • Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV.
  • Open Control Center:
  • On iPhone X or later or iPad with iPadOS 13 or later: Swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • On iPhone 8 or earlier or iOS 11 or earlier: Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.
  • Tap Screen Mirroring
  • Fix 1 Verify The Tv Input

    Screen Mirroring with iPhone (Wirelessly – No Apple TV Needed)

    The first thing you will want to check is if the input of your TV is set to screen mirroring. If the input is something else, say an HDMI source, you will have issues mirroring your phones screen to your TV.

    On most TVs, you can head into the settings menu to change the current input. Or you can also use the options available on your screen to do so.

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    How To Mirror The Screen Of An iPhone On A Samsung Tv

    There are a variety of options available for mirroring the screen of your iPhone to a Samsung TV on the market. It is for this reason that finding the right one is tough.

    Fortunately, youve arrived at the correct location.

    Consequently, the following are the methods that you can employ to mirror your iOS device to your Samsung Smart Television.

    How To Do Screen Mirroring On iPhone X

    NikRead more November 23, 2017

    The screen mirror functionality on the iPhone X is a one-of-a-kind feature, the likes of which can only been seen when you are using either a PC or a Mac. There are a couple of different processes that you can go about in utilizing the iPhone X to screen mirror so that it can display to a TV.The steps on how to screen mirror is so easy that even a little toddler can do it without any supervision. All you need to do is to follow a couple of steps, and if it is done with the proper software, then you are good to go. The instructions laid out below are purposely made to teach you the way of the two distinct techniques on how to link the screen mirror feature on the iPhone X to a TV.You can connect the iPhone X screen mirror to a TV with two methods hard-wired or wireless.

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    How To Turn Off Screen Mirroring On iPhone And iPad

    Turning off screen mirroring on the iPhone and iPad

  • Open the Control Center.For iOS 12 and above, swipe down from the upper-right corner. If you have earlier iPhone models and your iOS is 11, you can swipe up on your home screen.
  • You can find the Screen Mirroring option below a few other options. Tap on it and you can view which device in your home is mirroring your screen.
  • Tap on Stop Screen Mirroring.
  • If you dont intend to use this feature for a long time, you can also disable it from your settings.

  • Go to Settings and open General.
  • Tap Airplay & Handoff.
  • Select the first option, i.e., Automatically Airplay to TVs.
  • Youll get three options, i.e., Automatic, Ask, and Never. Tap on Never.
  • Customize Settings For The Best Screen Mirroring Experience

    Screen Mirroring in iOS 11

    Screen mirroring is just the beginning. The settings preferences inside your iPhone and iPad, as well as the myriad of preferences inside screen mirroring apps like Reflector, give you control over almost everything about how your screen looks and feels when youre sharing it with others. Keep things professional, adjust accessibility options, customize the look and feel and more with these settings:

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    How To Mirror Your iPhone Screen To A Macbook

    Mac users have it easy because this functionality is built right into your MacBook in the form of the QuickTime video player. There’s only one catch: you have to plug your iPhone in over USB.

    Grab your Lightning cable and plug your iPhone into your Mac. If you haven’t done this in a while, you may need to tap the “Trust” prompt that appears on your iPhone before continuing. Once connected, open Launchpad and select QuickTime Player. Once the app is launched, head to File > New Movie Recording. You should see a new window appear.

    Mirror Your iPhone Or iPad

    1. Swipe down from the top-right corner on newer iPhone models, or up from the bottom of the display, to access Control Center.

    2. Tap the Screen Mirroring button.

    3. Select your TV.

    4. If prompted, enter the passcode shown on your TV.

    5. A checkmark will show up next to your TV’s name when a connection is made.

    You can then go about using your phone or tablet as you normally would, but everything you do on your screen will also be shown on the TV. To stop mirroring, open the Screen Mirror section in Control Center again and select Stop Mirroring.

    Mirror your Mac’s screen with two clicks.

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    How To Display Your Mac Screen On Tv

    While all the above instructions apply for iPhone as well as iPad and iPod Touch for the most part, mirror screening to your TV from a MacBook looks a bit different.

    Its possible to cast your Mac to any TV with a regular HDMI cable, of course, just like the iPhone, but youll either need a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter for older MacBooks or USB-C to HDMI adapter for new ones. Otherwise, just plug it in and youre done!

    The next step is configuring mirroring your MacBook display over AirPlay. If you have an Apple TV or smart TV with support for AirPlay 2, you can share your streaming video right from the app. But to properly mirror your screen, follow these directions:

  • Connect your Mac to the same network as your TV
  • Open System Preferences Displays
  • Select your Apple TV or smart TV from the AirPlay dropdown menu
  • Enter the passcode if required
  • To stop broadcasting your screen, return to the same dropdown and click Turn AirPlay Off.

    If youre streaming a video to your Mac, the video quality will take care of itself. But how do you improve the audio experience?

    Mirror iPhone To Car Display

    How To: Screen Mirroring For iPhone

    Apple has a feature called CarPlay that lets you mirror your iPhone to your cars display. In order for this to work, your car must have the CarPlay feature built into it.

    Step 1. On your iPhone, head into Settings and tap on Siri. Then, enable the option that says Allow Hey Siri.

    Turn on Hey Siri on iPhone

    Step 2. Head into Settings > General > CarPlay and you will get a prompt. Tap on Turn on Bluetooth if you would like to connect to your car via Bluetooth.

    Enable CarPlay on iPhone

    Step 3. Choose your car from the list and you will connect to it. That is all there is to it. Now that your iPhone is connected to your car via CarPlay, you can start mirroring your screen to your car display.

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    How To Connect Your iPhone To A Tv

    How does screen mirroring work on iPhone? Here’s how to mirror your iPhone to a TV using several simple methods.

    Don’t get stuck watching videos or playing games on a small screenconnect your iPhone or iPad to your TV wirelessly instead. There are a few ways to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to your TV, including AirPlay, Chromecast, and physical adapters for when wireless screen mirroring isn’t an option.

    There’s also a difference between mirroring your iPhone screen and streaming video to a TV. The latter lets you use other apps on your iPhone while watching a video on the TV. Here’s how everything works.

    How To Mirror Your iPhone Screen To A Windows Pc

    While Windows users can mirror an Android phone with the Your Phone app, iPhone users need to download a third-party tool to cast their phone. There are plenty of tools that offer this functionality, but for simple free casting, check out LonelyScreen. It’s a barebones app that does one thing: tricks your iPhone into thinking your PC is an Apple TV.

    Install and launch LonelyScreen, then click the “LonelyScreen” title along the bottom to change the name of your AirPlay server . From your iPhone, open the Control Center and tap the Screen Mirroring button. If you dont see such a button, you may need to add it from the iPhone’s Settings.

    Once you tap the Screen Mirroring button, select your LonelyScreen laptop from the list, and your iPhone screen will appear on your PC right away. If you don’t see it, check out LonelyScreen’s troubleshooting pageit can occasionally be a bit finicky. From there, you can maximize the window for a closer look, and click the arrow in the bottom-right to bring up a Record button that lets you capture video clips.

    Note that LonelyScreen says it’s a free trial, but you can click the nag screen away at any timeit doesn’t seem to be a limited trial in our testing . If you need more features, a paid app like Reflector or AirServer may offer more configuration options for your video recording and screen mirroring. But for quick and dirty mirroring, LonelyScreen should work well for most people.

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    Faqs Of Screen Mirroring

    Does my phone have screen sharing?

    Yes. You can use Google Home app to mirror your Android phone screen, which can be the most reliable and consistent way.

    Can I screen mirror without Wi-Fi?

    Yes. If you are using an Android device, you can mirror your screen to Chromecast streaming stick without Wi-Fi.

    How do I get rid of screen mirroring on iPhone?

    To stop screen mirroring on iPhone, you can swipe down from the upper screen to open Control Center. Tap Screen Mirroring, then tap Stop Mirroring. You can also press the Menu button on Apple TV Remote to stop screen mirroring on iPhone.

    With all the screen mirroring tools recommended above, you can easily cast your Android or iOS phone screen to other Android/iOS phone/tablet easily. Most of them are free. You can try each one and pick the most suitable one according to your needs.

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    Part : How To Mirror iPhone To Pc Via Usb

    Turn off Or Turn on Screen Mirroring iPhone 11 Pro Max/XR ...

    Due to the limitation you have to face with the Bluetooth method, it is surely not the most convenient method for mirroring iPhone to PC. Also, not everyone has an iPhone-compatible device, which is why its best to download a user-friendly app to screen mirror iPhone to PC.

    We have discussed some useful apps loaded with tons of features to smoothly mirror your iPhone screen on a PC with the help of a USB.

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    How To Improve The Quality Of Airplay Streaming

    When you use HDMI cables to connect either your iPhone or Mac to TV, you dont have to worry about controlling the video quality at all. However, when you stream something via AirPlay, you want to make sure you have the best WiFi connection possible.

    Boost streaming quality

    NetSpot scans your room and finds spots with the best network connection so you can enjoy videos in the best quality.

    NetSpot is a leading network analyzer that easily produces WiFi coverage maps for any space and pinpoints problematic areas in seconds. Besides, this app scans all the nearby WiFi channels and gives you useful information to help detect where your home could be underperforming. Then you can contact your ISP and troubleshoot the issue once and for all.

    Now you know how to connect iPhone to TV as well as how to mirror iPhone to Roku and how to enable Chromecast iPhone functionality. If you experience any problems, simply default to connect iPhone to HDMI-enabled TV. And dont forget to improve your audio experience with Boom 3D and stream better video over speedy WiFi with NetSpot.

    Best of all, Boom 3D and NetSpot are available to you absolutely free for seven days through a trial of Setapp, a platform with nearly 200 outstanding Mac apps that could find an optimal solution to any of your day-to-day problems. Check all of them out today at no cost and see for yourself!

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