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How Much Does It Cost To Replace An iPhone Battery

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iPhone & Ipod Battery Replacement Prices


For the iPhone, Apple will service the battery on models as old as the iPhone 3GS up to the most recent. The company charges US$49-$69 for iPhone battery service, depending on the model.

For the iPod, prices range from $39 for an iPod Shuffle to $79 for an iPod touch to $149 for an iPod Classic. For iPods, Apple only services the battery on more recent models. If you’ve got an iPod that’s a couple of generations old, you may have to find other repair options. Check with Apple to see if your model is covered.

For the most up to date pricing and terms, check out Apple’s pages for iPhone repair pricing and iPod repair pricing.

How Do I Know If My iPhone Is One Of The Affected Models

If your phone has been sluggish over the past few months, your battery is likely the culprit. Back in iOS 10.2.1, Apple added a power-management feature to iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE that throttles the maximum performance to compensate for declining battery life. When you take your phone in for repair, Apple will run a diagnostic test to check the battery life, but iGeneration is reporting that batteries will be replaced regardless of the results.


How To Replace The Battery On The iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus

Best Answer: The best way to replace the battery on your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus is to take it to Apple. If you have AppleCare+ on your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, then a battery replacement will be no charge. If you’re out of warranty, a battery replacement goes for $49 normally for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Another option, sometimes a bit cheaper, is to consider DIY, but this will void your warranty, so it’s best for out-of-warranty devices. Or you can also find a local mobile phone repair shop that can replace batteries, but again, service from someone other than Apple themselves may void your warranty.

Apple: AppleCare+ for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

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Battery Capacity Of iPhone 6 And 6s

Apple have improved their battery capacity by putting advanced batteries for their devices. Different models have different battery capacities. Old models have less battery capacity while new models have advanced battery capacity. The battery capacity of iPhone 6 is 1810 mAH and iPhone 6s is 1715 mAH.

Diy Versus Battery Replacement Services

 How much does it cost to repair or replace the iPhone ...

The iPhone doesnt feature a battery door or removable rear case that allows easy access to your battery, which means battery replacement involves a bit of disassembly. If you feel comfortable taking your iPhone apart , you can save money by replacing your own iPhone battery. If the DIY method makes you nervous or you simply dont want the hassle, an iPhone battery replacement service can do it for you. Heres what you can expect from both methods.

NOTE:If your iPhone is still under warranty and your battery retains less than 80 percent of its original capacity, Apple will replace your battery free-of-charge.

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Battery Saving Tips To Avoid Power Consumption And Replacement Of Battery

There are some helpful tips that you can use to avoid power consumption and replacement of battery.

  • Keep all the background and unused apps closed to extend your iPhone power.
  • Adjust screen brightness to the minimal level to avoid power consumption.
  • Different apps on your iPhone use the location for a different purpose and they consume a lot of battery. You can disable this feature if you dont find it necessary to access the location by these apps.
  • iPhone has a feature Raise to Wake. It means whenever your device is in your hand and you move it, it will automatically unlock it. In this way, your mobile screen is constantly turn on and drain your battery. So, it is batter to turn off this feature.
  • Use low power mode to extend your battery life.
  • But I Am Not Close To An Apple Store Can I Do It Myself

    Technically, yes, you can choose to go with the DIY route. However, it’s actually a pretty lengthy process, and you’re going to need a good amount of time and patience to replace the battery yourself. We don’t really recommend this since it does void your warranty if you open up your device.

    However, if you insist, then we recommend following iFixIt’s guides for the iPhone 8 battery replacement and iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement.

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    iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Near Me

    iPhones are the best selling smartphones in the country rightly so with such ease of usage and high cost, it is no wonder that people dont want to switch to new iPhones and ditch their current ones. Battery life remains one of the core issues when it comes to your old iPhone as the battery becomes incapable of providing consistent performance. iPhone 6 battery replacement is thus what people look for instead of just getting a new iPhone for more often than not there are important documents and files stored on their current phones. The issue with that is that iPhone 6 battery replacement is not easy as it sounds.

    iPhone 6

    iPhone 6 was launched back in September of 2014 and has therefore been through all the updates and can be said to have been stuck by your side for a crucial part of your life. IPhone 6 has been one of the most successful models launched by Apple with some of the best in class specifications for its time. The model came in 2 variants, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The iPhone 6 came with an 1810 mAh battery while the 6 plus came with a 2915 Li-Po battery.

    Costs For iPhone Repair Vary By Model

    Replace your iPhone battery now. Here’s why.

    Because of their design and the varying complexity in completing repairs, the prices for fixing different smartphone models are different.

    Newer models often come with higher repair costs. But, this isnt always the case for example, the rear camera on an iPhone 8 Plus can be more expensive to fix than the same component on an iPhone X.

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    Why Do You Need To Replace An iPhone Battery

    Batteries age over time, and considering that the iPhone 6 was released six years ago, it was no surprise that the one I bought wasn’t running in prime condition. One time, the phone unexpectedly restarted while in use, and it flashed a warning dialogue that read, “This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power. Performance management has been applied to help prevent this from happening again.” Even the phone itself knew it had a bum battery.

    In short, a phone’s performance can be throttled if it can no longer cope with power demands. There is the option to turn throttling off, but this will result in more frequent crashes. Neither situation is ideal, so a battery replacement seemed like a smart way forward for me.;

    Opening up my iPhone 6.

    iPhone 7 Screen Replacement Cost

    Replacing a broken or cracked screen on an iPhone 7 may seem like a quick and easy repair that you can do yourself, but we recommend getting your phone repaired by a professional because they have the proper tools and experience to complete the job without causing any additional damage. The table below shows the current rates for an iPhone 7 screen replacement by Apple and the average price from shops in the Swappa Repair Network.

    Apple Store screen repair Swappa Repair Network screen repair
    iPhone 7

    As you can see from the table, getting your screen repaired by a local repair shop is going to be much cheaper. On average, it will be $67 less for an iPhone 7 and $81 less for an iPhone 7 Plus. Spending less money to repair your broken iPhone 7 is great, but you also stand a better chance of getting a same-day repair by using a local independent repair shop.

    Another option to consider is replacing your current iPhone 7 with another gently used iPhone 7. You can currently find a replacement iPhone 7 in the Swappa marketplace for a little over a hundred dollars, which is not much more than you would spend to replace the display.

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    Why Is My iPhone Battery Draining Too Fast

    While there is no fixed life for an iPhone battery, it totally depends on the model of the iPhone and the kind of usage. Each battery is typically designed by to last for 500 charging cycles. You complete one charge cycle of your iPhone Battery when you have used an amount that equals 100 percent of your batteryâs capacity â but not essentially from one charge. It can take several hours or days to complete one charge cycle depending on the usage.

    How Much Does It Cost To Replace iPhone 6 Battery At Best Buy

    How Much Does It Cost to Replace An iPhone Battery

    Best Buy is an authorized Apple repair provider and if you dont find an Apple store near your location then choosing the best buy is a great option.

    Best buy provides the services to replace the iPhone batteries. The service pricing will depend on the model of your device. The iPhone 6 battery out of warranty can be replaced in just $49.

    If you dont have any authorized center in your area then you have to ship your device to the Apple store to get your battery replaced.

    This process is complicated and takes some time because Apple Care send you a box to put your device in and then send back to them for battery replacement, and they again send your device back to you.

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    How To Know If Your iPhone Battery Needs To Be Replaced

    The best way to know if you need to replace your iPhone battery is by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. On this page, you will see a quick overview of your batterys health via its Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability.

    Maximum Capacity is a measure of the batterys capacity relative to when it was new. A brand new phone should read 100% and will reduce over time; the lower the percentage, the faster your battery will deplete on one charge.

    The Peak Performance Capability measure is more of a Good, Not-so-good or Bad scenario. If your phone reads Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance, you are in the clear your battery is up to par and there is nothing you need to do. On the other hand, if you see This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown Performance management has been applied its a sign that your battery is experiencing some significant wear. That means, Apple has started to slow down or throttle your phone processing speed in an effort to reduce further battery strain. You can disable this throttling feature but if you do, the setting cannot be toggled on again until the device unexpectedly shuts down, so proceed with caution. Finally, there is Your batterys healthy is significantly degraded message which means that your battery severely depleted and you should strongly considering getting it replaced.

    How Long Does It Take To Replace The Battery In An iPhone 6

    From the Apple store, you can download the app named Apple Support, log in with your id and make an appointment with Apple Store. Select your repair center.

    Email is being sent to you. On that day, visit the Apple store and replace your battery in just 20-45 minutes. You may wait for an hour or two if employers are busy.

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    Apple Reveals 2019 iPhone Battery Replacement Prices

    At the end of 2018, Apple’s $29 battery replacement deal comes to an end. So how much will you have to pay next year for a new battery? Apple revealed its 2019 prices yesterday for all iPhone models including the XR, Xs, and Xs Max.

    With all the focus now on the new range of iPhones, it’s easy to forget Apple has a pretty sweet deal for older handsets whose batteries are failing. For the rest of 2018 you can claim a battery replacement for just $29 instead of the usual $79 price point. But what happens after Dec. 31 when the offer ends?

    As well as revealing the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and the iPhone XR yesterday, Apple updated its iPhone battery replacement page with new pricing and added the new models. The good news is, it’s cheaper to get a new battery for the new models.

    As you can see, if you have AppleCare+ or are in-warranty, a replacement battery will cost you nothing. Apple installs one for free. Outside of warranty, the $29 price remains in place for all models from the iPhone SE right up to the iPhone X until the end of the year. After that, pricing increases to $49 for all models except the iPhone X , which will cost $69. All other eligible models cost $79 to have a new battery fitted.

    How Do I Know If I Need A New Battery In My Phone

    iPhone Battery Replacement – iPhone 6 ,6s,6 plus, iphone 7 ,plus

    Apple introduced some incredibly detailed battery info with iOS 12, and it’s the easiest way to determine if you should be getting a new battery for your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, or if it’s still fine.

    To find your battery info:

  • Go to your device Settings, then find Battery.
  • Tap on Battery Health.
  • You’ll see Maximum Capacity and Performance Capability. A lower capacity means your device may have fewer hours of usage between charges. The Performance capability will let you know if it’s time for a new battery or not.
  • If you got the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus recently, then the battery should still be around 100 percent capacity, and have Peak Performance Capability. If it’s anything below 80 percent , then it may be time for a replacement.

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    Lowest Price Guarantee Does Not Apply To:

    • Repair Prices from auctions or retailers requiring memberships
    • Prices from mobile repair providers, or any repair provider without a brick and mortar store front
    • Repair services that uBreakiFix provides as an authorized service provider for an original equipment manufacturer unless the local competitor is also an authorized service provider for the same original equipment manufacturer
    • Repair prices that are dependent on add-ons, other items, fees, or charges
    • Bundle offers, instant rebates, mail-in offers, or offers that include financing
    • Prices that require minimum purchases amount or quantity
    • Repair prices that other retailers have listed as clearance, close out, liquidation, special hour/flash/limited quantity offers
    • Repair prices that utilize damaged or used components
    • Misprinted or inaccurate prices

    When Should You Change Your iPhone Battery

    If youve had your iPhone for awhile you may have noticed that it doesnt last on one charge as long as it used to or that its slowed down considerably. Sound familiar? Well, it might be time to change your iPhone battery. Apple recently acknowledged that their lithium-ion batteries gradually lose their ability to maintain a full charge over time. After 500 charge cycles, the battery capacity can drop to 80% or even lower. At that point your iPhone may intentionally slow itself down in order to prevent your aged battery from failing.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Repair An iPhone 7

    Apple released the iPhone 7 in September 2016, which means it is nearing its 5th birthday. Despite the age, the iPhone 7 remains a capable and popular phone great for a kids first smartphone or for someone who just wants the basics. Part of what makes the iPhone 7 so appealing in 2021 is its low price. Of course, due to the age of the phone, any repair work would be considered out-of-warranty. This is really just to say that if your iPhone 7 is damaged or in need of a battery replacement, you may start to wonder if it is worth getting it repaired, or if you should just replace it.

    Thinking about using your damaged iPhone 7 as an excuse to upgrade? Make sure to read our iPhone 7 Buyers Guide and iPhone 7 Upgrade Guide to see how the iPhone 7 stacks up against other iPhones.

    Third Party iPhone Battery Replacement Cost

    How Much iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Cost in 2020 ...

    Third Party iPhone Battery Replacement cost is less than the original iPhone batteries at Apple Store. The batteries from the well-established brands are safe and somehow long lasting.

    You may experience damage to your phone during battery replacement from other brands because iPhones are difficult to open. So, it is better to ignore the price difference and visit the real manufacturer for battery replacement. By the way, Apple offers fewer prices for replacement these days.

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    How To Make Your iPhone Or Ipod Battery Last Longer

    You can avoid needing battery replacement as long as possible by taking good care of your battery. Apple suggests doing the following things to give your battery the longest possible lifespan:;

    • Keep your device in a cool area: iPhones and iPods function best when they’re used in an ambient temperature between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit . Operating the device outside of;these temperatures can permanently damage the battery. You especially don’t want to charge your device if the ambient temperature is above 95 degrees, as this can also;damage the battery.
    • Remove cases before charging: Some protective cases can cause your device to get too hot while charging. Taking off the case can help them stay cool while getting power.
    • Charge the battery before long-term storage: If you’re planning not to use your iPhone or iPod for a long time, charge its battery to 50% and then turn it off. If you store it for very long periods of time, charge it to 50% every 6 months.

    Those are tips to make your battery have a longer lifespan, but that’s not the same thing as getting more use out of a single charge. If you’re looking for information on that, we’ve got 30 Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life.

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