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How To Activate Phone Number On iPhone

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Remove The Sim Card From The Old iPhone

Help Activating a Phone Number on an Apple iPhone : Tech Yeah!

First, youll power off your old phone. Make sure that the phone is off before attempting to do anything with the SIM card, or you could damage either the card or the device. Youll next need to locate the SIM card tray on your older iPhone. It can be found on the upper right-hand side of the device for most iPhones. If your phone is in a case, then youll need to remove it before proceeding.

There is a compartment shaped like an oval with a visible pinhole. Take a straightened paper clip and put the end of it into that hole, or you can also use a specially-designed SIM card remover. These come with every new iPhone, or you can order them online for a couple of dollars. You can also get one from an Apple Store if theres one nearby.

Push the end of the tool or paperclip into the hole, gently, but firmly. You should notice an audible click as the tray releases. Now, you can slide the tray out with your fingers, and you can remove the SIM card. Be careful not to drop it or otherwise damage it.

Find Your Phone Number On Android

The steps to check your phone number in Android may vary depending on your devices model and operating system version. Nonetheless, Android also has several built-in mechanisms for checking your mobile phone number.

You can check the phone number associated with your SIM card from the settings menu, the Messages app, and using carrier-specific USSD codes.

Find Phone Number in Android Settings Menu

Open the Settings app, select About phone, and check the Phone number rows for your mobile phone number.

If you dont use the stock Android interface , go to Settings> About device > Status> My phone number.

Android will list the multiple phone numbers if your phone uses more than one SIM card slot/port. If your phone number is listed as Unknown, restart your phone and check again. You can also try removing and reinserting your SIM card.

If your phone number remains listed as Unknown, check if its running the latest Android version. Otherwise, go to Settings> System> Advanced> System update and ensure your phone has the latest Android version.

Find Phone Number in the Messages App

The Messages app settings menu is another fast route to find your phone number on Android. Open the Messages app, select the menu icon in the top-left corner, and select Settings. Afterward, select Advanced and check the bottom of the screen for your devices phone number.

Remove Your Phone Number

If you don’t want calls or messages for your iPhone on your iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, you can remove your phone number. There are two ways to do this:

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Select your Apple ID at the bottom of the screen and tap Sign Out. Then go to Settings > FaceTime, select your Apple ID and tap Sign Out.
  • If the phone number that you want to remove belongs to an iPhone that you can’t access, change your Apple ID password. This removes all phone numbers from your iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. Calls or messages for the removed numbers won’t appear on those devices anymore.

If you have questions, contact Apple Support.

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Before You Begin Your Activation

You will need the identification number of your smartphone or an unlocked phone. To find your phoneâs IMEI number:

  • Dial * #06# on your phone, or
  • Look at the side of the box in which your phone came, or
  • Look in the empty battery compartment

Bringing your own device? Make sure your phone is unlocked. To check your phoneâs eligibility, please contact us.

  • TELUS SIM cardTo find your SIM card number, look at the 19-digit number underneath the barcode. If you donât have a SIM card, you can buy one in-store or online.
  • Payment
  • Prepaid top-up card
  • Find iPhone Phone Number On Windows

    2 Easy Ways to Activate a Replacement Verizon Wireless Phone

    All you need to view your iPhones phone number from a Windows computer is a USB cable and the iTunes app. Install iTunes from the Microsoft Store, plug your iPhone into your PC, and follow the steps below.

    Note: When you plug your iPhone into your PC, you may get a prompt to grant your PC access to your data. Tap Trust and enter your iPhones passcode to proceed if you get the prompt.

  • Open iTunes and select the phone icon in the toolbar, precisely next to the Music/Movies/TV Shows/Podcasts/Audiobooks dropdown menu.
  • Thatll redirect you to a new page displaying your devices information.

  • Head to the Summary tab on the sidebar and check the Phone number row to view your iPhones phone number.
  • Youll find two phone numbers on this page if you have a dual SIM iPhone Phone Number 1 for SIM 1 and Phone Number 2 for SIM 2.

    The iTunes app also lets you copy your iPhones phone number to the clipboard. Right-click the number and select Copy.

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    Make Sure Your Cell Plan Lets You Receive Sms

    This is not obvious at all, but if you are trying to activate FaceTime and iMessage on an iPhone, Apple might try to send you an SMS as part of the activation process. This SMS is typically invisible to the user as all happens in the background, but this is basically the equivalent of Apple sending an SMS to the phone to verify its status. If you cant receive SMS messages, which I admit would be quite unusual, then Apple might not be able to authorize the device to activate FaceTime and iMessage. In this case, double check with your carrier that you can indeed receive text messages.

    iPhone Set Up Options

    Next, you have to choose how you want to set up your iPhone. There are four options:

  • Restore from iCloud Backup: If you’ve used iCloud to backup your data, apps, and other content from other Apple devices, choose this to download the data from your iCloud account to your iPhone.
  • Restore from iTunes Backup: This won’t work if you haven’t had an iPhone, iPod, or iPad before. If you have, though, you can install your apps, music, settings, and other data on your new iPhone from the backups that already exist on your PC. This isn’t required you can always set up as new if you want but it’s an option that makes the transition to a new device smoother.
  • Set Up As New iPhone: This is your choice if you haven’t had an iPhone, iPad, or iPod before. This means you’re starting completely from scratch and aren’t restoring any backed up data onto your phone.
  • Move Data from Android: If you’re switching to the iPhone from an Android device, use this option to transfer as much of your data as possible to your new phone.
  • Tap your choice to proceed.

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    How To Activate Unlocked Phone T

    Youve just bought an excellent unlocked phone, and you intend to use it on the T-Mobile network. Do you know how to activate unlocked phone T-Mobile? What do you need for the phone to work?

    Activating an unlocked phone on T-Mobile isnt tricky and involves inserting the SIM card and taking several steps. This article discusses what it takes to activate an unlocked phone on the T-Mobile network. Could you keep reading to learn more about it?

    What About Transferring The Number Between An Android And Your New iPhone

    Activate iMessage and FaceTime with Phone Number [How to on iOS 15]

    Maybe you had an Android in the past, and now you want the number from it on your new iPhone. Perhaps you had some other variety of phones, but you still want to keep that number.

    This is sometimes possible to do. It varies from device to device, and your old and new service providers will have a say in it too. Youll need to contact both providers and tell them what old phone you had and what the new one is. They should be able to tell you if its doable, and what fees may be involved.

    In most cases, it can be done. However, if you ever find a model of phone or a service provider that is not able or willing to transfer the number, its not the end of the world. You and your contacts will have to learn a new number, but at least youll still be able to enjoy all of the functions of your new iPhone.

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    Activate iPhone Without Sim Card

    If your iPhone is running iOS 11.4 and above, there is really no need for a SIM Card to activate an iPhone.

    Start iPhone > Slide Right> Select Language> Select Country> Select Set Up Manually> Select WiFi Network> Enter your WiFi Password > tap on OK to dismiss No SIM Card pop-up.

    After connecting to WiFi Network > tap on Continue> tap on Later> Setup Lock Screen Passcode and select Set UP As New iPhone option and follow the remaining on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

    Put Your Sim Card In A Different Phone Then Reset That Phone

    I havent seen this solution anywhere on the internet, but this is the only thing that worked for me when my greyed out phone number wouldnt activate iMessage. All I did was pop out the SIM card and put it in a spare iPhone I had on hand. The same issue happened in that phone, but after going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Content and Settings, everything worked fine. I then put the SIM card back in my main iPhone and iMessage activated almost instantly.

    In retrospect, resetting my main phone to begin with could have done the trick, but I would have had to set up the entire phone all over again, which would have been a huge waste of time.

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    Changing Your Number Is Called Porting

    Whether a number can be transferred between service providers or not is sometimes called porting. You can check whether porting is available for your current phone number by going to the websites for AT& T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.

    Lets say that youve determined that your old phone number can be ported. Once youve decided on a new mobile service provider, you can contact them and tell them that youre interested in porting your current number. Youll probably need to provide the account information for your current provider, so have that handy. You might also need the ESN/IMEI number of your new iPhone. You can find that by looking at the receipt from your new phone, the packaging from it, or you can open up the device and find it there as well.

    The porting process should not take long, but you might be charged a small fee by the new provider as well. If you are getting the newer iPhone version from the new provider, then it will already have a new SIM card in it. Once you have informed them of the number you want to be ported, no further action on your part should be necessary.

    If you already have the new iPhone in your possession, meaning that you didnt buy it from the carrier, then youll have to wait while the new service provider sends you a SIM card in the mail. This new SIM card should work with your iPhone and have the same number programmed onto it.

    How To Activate Imessage With Phone Number On iPhone

    iPhone No IMEI, Unable to Activate â Prismatic Technology

    Activating iMessage with your phone number is quite easy. But there are a few requirements you need to have in place before you can activate it. Else, you might get an error or activation unsuccessful message.

    Heres what is needed to activate iMessage on an iPhone.

  • An activated SIM card
  • An activated SIM card is the first thing you need to add a phone number to iMessage on an iPhone. Unlike some other instant messaging apps, iMessage wont work with a SIM card that the number is not installed on your iPhone.

  • Enough credits
  • You should have enough credits because iMessage sends a message to Apples servers. Depending on your carrier, extra charges for a standard message may apply. So, its recommended to maintain $2 credits or have the capability to send a text message from your phone.

  • Active Wifi or internet connection
  • Lastly, you should also have an active Wi-Fi or internet connection because the process will require internet access.

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    Activate iPhone Via Itunes

    The iPhone can also be activated with the help of iTunes. The activation process is straightforward and easy to follow. Here is the procedure to activate the iPhone via iTunes:

  • Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer and then connect your iPhone to the computer via the Apple Lightning cable.
  • Step 2. After the iPhone is recognized by the computer, the Phone Activation wizard will begin.
  • Step 3. Now, provide the required information to the iPhone Phone Activation Wizard. While providing the requested information, make sure that you have your social security number and billing address handy to type in.
  • Step 4. Complete the wizard and allow your iPhone around 15 minutes to be activated on your wireless network.
  • New Verizon Wireless Customers

    Service activation with or without transferring your existing number

  • Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to insert your new SIM card and battery, and then charge your phone completely.
  • Turn on your phone.
  • Activation will begin automatically. If prompted, follow instructions to accept Customer Agreement.
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    Activate Old iPhone By Jailbreaking

    In simple terms, jailbreaking means getting rid of all restrictions imposed by Apple Inc. to tamper with iPhoneâs internal settings and exploit its software. It is advisable to jailbreak your device after due deliberations. In case none of the methods listed and explained above are successful in activating your iPhone without a SIM, you can consider jailbreaking your iPhoneâs software. Jailbreaking is indeed a tedious process and will require ample amount of time and concentration from your end.

    Keep this option as your last resort because adopting this method will destroy your iPhoneâs warranty, in case you plan to jailbreak your newly purchased iPhone.

    However, this method will definitely help you to unlock or activate iPhone without SIM Card.

    Note: This method is primarily used for old iPhone devices and should be treated as a last resort.

    We all are well aware of the fact that since iPhone Activation is a mandatory step before you can start using the phone and enjoy all its amazing features, it needs to be performed whether or not you have a SIM Card. The task of activating an iPhone without a SIM might seem impossible, but with the help of the various methods given above, you are empowered to activate iPhone without SIM Card in easy, simple, intuitive and quick steps. These methods have been tried, tested and verified by many iOS users all over the word who recommend them for their efficiency and safety.

    Check Your Network Connection

    How to Activate [iPhone]

    Have you checked the Apple system status and found them all right? Well, there is a fair chance that the cause of the problem might be at your end and not because of the malfunctioning of the servers. As the data transfer process takes place over the Internet, a slow or weak Internet connection might cause the information transfer to be longer than usual. This might lead you into thinking that the phone has got stuck. If your device isn’t connected to a strong Internet connection, make sure that you connect it to a swift Internet source for smooth set up of your iPhone.

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    Find iPhone Phone Number On Mac

    If youre using a Mac, plug your iPhone or iPad into the Mac using a USB cable and follow the steps below. Note that you may need to enter your devices passcode.

  • Launch Finder and select your iPhone or iPad in the Locations section on the sidebar.
  • Select your iPhones model name, serial number, or storage information until your phone number appears in the section.
  • Your iPhones phone number will appear next to your IMEI number.
  • Want to copy the number to your Macs clipboard? Right-click or control-click the number and select Copy Phone Number.
  • How To Activate iPhone

    This tutorial aims to show you how to activate a new iPhone and how to active an iPhone after flashing it. Two methods are introduced: activate iPhone manually or activate iPhone via 3uTools.

    * Activate iPhone manually

    Setting up a new iPhone is generally very easy, this method is used to activate a new iPhone.

    Turn on iPhone

    Please make sure that the SIM card is in your iPhone. Press the Power button in the top right corner or on the right edge, depending on your model. Till the screen lights up and youll see the image below.Swipe the slider to the right to begin iPhone activation.

    Select Language & Region

    Select the language you want to use. Then select the country you want to use the phone in and click Next to continue.

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    How To Activate New Unlocked iPhone To Use On At& t

    If you already have a new unlocked iPhone, then you can simply use it with AT& T without any added hassle. The first thing to do in order to activate your iPhone would be getting a new AT& T SIM. You can order it from its official website right here and pick the suitable plan.

    While ordering a new SIM, make sure that you provide details regarding your device model, its IMEI number, and other information correctly. After getting a new SIM, simply remove your existing SIM card and place the new one. Ideally, your new AT& T SIM would already be activated. To test it, you can simply make a phone call.

    Also, if you are transferring your carrier , then you need to get in touch with AT& T support to activate your SIM. This can be done by dialing its default number 1-866-895-1099 .

    Though, after inserting your new SIM, you have to restart your phone to activate it. In the end, it will activate AT& T iPhone without much trouble.

    Now when you know how to activate AT& T iPhone, you can easily make the most out of your device. Simply follow the above-mentioned steps to activate new iPhone AT& T. It doesnât matter if you have bought your phone from AT& T or directly from Apple, you would be able to activate it in no time. If you still have any question on how to activate AT& T iPhone, then let us know in the comments below.

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