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Why Was There No iPhone 9

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iPhone 12 Pro: October 23 2020

Why Apple Skipped The iPhone 9

The iPhone 12 Pro boasts some very fancy camera and color upgrades as compared to the 12 and the 12 mini, but comes in the same 6.1-inch screen size as the iPhone 12 and includes all of the baseline features present in the budget models. New camera features introduced in 2020 include a triple-lens arrangement like we saw with the iPhone 11 Pro models, but with LiDAR scanning, improved Night Mode, and enhanced zoom range and lens functions. Both iPhone 12 Pro models include the fastest aperture ever used in an iPhone. Apple has added RAW photos for superior pro editing capability, and has included Dolby Vision up to 60 frames per second in the Pro models.

Don’t Download Windows 9

Microsoft did not release a version of Windows called “Windows 9,” and we can’t imagine they ever would. This means, even if you find a “download Windows 9” link online or an article on how to update to Windows 9, you must remember that it doesn’t exist.

Any download called Windows 9 is more than likely just an attempt to infect your computer with a virus by masquerading as an update to Windows or as a “rare Windows version” that only select users can install. That, or the person sharing it just misnamed the download, but that’s unlikely.

If you’ve already downloaded software that’s pretending to be Windows 9, make sure you scan your hard drive right now. An always-on virus protection program should already be installed to your computer and should be enough to remove the malware, but if you’re extra cautious or don’t have one installed, you should scan your computer for malware.

What Happened To The iPhone 10

Let’s answer the iPhone 10 question first as it’s easy. There actually WAS an iPhone 10 launched in late 2017, but it was known as the iPhone X. The ‘X’ was actually pronounced 10, not “iPhone EX” as most people would say. Nobody ever called it “iPhone 10” .

Here it is pictured, but if you want to buy one you’re out of luck as it has been completely discontinued. Its successor was the very similar iPhone XS which was then replaced by the iPhone 11 Pro and now the iPhone 12 Pro. However, the standard iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 are also more powerful.


iPhone X or iPhone 10 was introduced alongside the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus for a very good reason – 2017 was the 10th anniversary of the iPhone’s original unveiling by Steve Jobs in January 2007.

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iPhone Generations To Come

As of fall 2021, there have been a total of 13 series of the iPhone, and most releases included multiple models. Apple has released a total of 33 iPhones over the years, including the latest iPhone 13 line and the iPhone SE . We’ve given you a complete look at each iPhone evolution, starting when Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone in 2007. As you can see, the iPhone has gone through a lot of changes, from a 16 GB web browser to a 1 TB all-in-one camera, workspace, and entertainment center.

In the early days, Apple released one iPhone per year. That gradually changed as the releases of new models got closer and closer together from 2010 to 2013. With the September rollout, though, Apple released both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c, ushering in an era of two iPhone releases per year. 2017, 2018, and 2019 each saw the release of three more iPhone models, and then in 2020 the tech giant shocked the world. Not only did it release the iPhone SE in April, the company also rolled out the four iPhones in the 12-series lineup in its delayed fall announcement. At their September 2021 event, Apple revealed the four new phones that comprise the iPhone 13 lineup, the latest phones available from Apple.

What Numbers Did iPhone Skip

4 Reasons why no iPhone 9 was Made by Apple &  Why they Jumped to X

The history of Apples iPhone and the events surrounding the launch of the iPhone X in 2017 help to explain why an iPhone 9 was never made. After the iPhone 8 and 8-Plus, Apple skipped the number nine and went right to ten. Also, a Roman numeral was used when naming the iPhone X, which Apple pronounces as ten.

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Why Apple Never Made An iPhone 9

The history of Apple’s iPhone and the events surrounding the launch of the iPhone X in 2017 help to explain why an iPhone 9 was never made.

After the iPhone 8 and 8-Plus, Apple skipped the number nine and went right to ten. Also, a Roman numeral was used when naming the iPhone X, which Apple pronounces as ten. This begs the question of whether an iPhone 9 ever existed and, if so, what became of it. A deep dive into Apple iPhone history and naming helps to explain this mystery.

Apple has been making the iPhone since 2007. It used 2G, which was the wireless network standard at that time. The second model moved to the faster 3G data in 2008 and appended that to the name. Next came the iPhone 3GS, starting what would become a pattern of small updates adding an S to the name. The iPhone 4, 5, and 6 all had S versions. The iPhone 6 and 6S were offered in a standard and larger Plus model. The iPhone 7 continued with the Plus convention but, instead of an iPhone 7S, Apple moved right to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

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Should Apple Have Released An iPhone 9

The iPhone users globally, I am sure, would have loved to have an iPhone 9 before the iPhone X. But unfortunately, we are not in any position to dictate that to Apple. All we can do is hope and pray.

To the iPhone enthusiasts, Apple should have released an iPhone 9, instead of the X. The iPhone 9 would have come out during their 9th anniversary, at least. These might be the wishes of iPhone enthusiasts and users across the globe. But Apples marketing team thought otherwise.

The iPhone X, which represents the iPhone 10, wouldnt have come at a better time for Apple. Apple released it to mark its anniversary, but there is more to it than we are made to believe. Now, look at it this way will marking the 9th anniversary made the headlines better than 10th anniversary? Never! It is also not possible to release an iPhone 9 while celebrating the 10th anniversary.

That could have only happened if the numbers used in naming the various iPhones have any significance, but it doesnt. The numbers are just for marketing purpose and nothing more.

Now back to why Apple chose to mark their 10th anniversary by unveiling the iPhone X, instead of the 9. When you hear companies or individuals say they are celebrating 10th, 20th, 25th, 50th, and even 100th anniversary, you would want to show more interest in what the company has to say. But a 9th anniversary, to me, seems like unfinished business.

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iPhone : June 24 2010

Now were getting somewhere. The iPhone 4 was the first iPhone to have a front-facing camera. Little did Apple know, selfies would take over the world. The iPhone 4 also got a Retina display. With 512 MB memory, it was equipped to handle a lot more than even the iPhone 3GS, which only had 256 MB of memory. You can see the technology was beginning to look a little more familiar, but 32 GB was still the maximum amount of storage the iPhone could hold.

iPhone 11 Pro Called It Wants Its Chip Back

Why was there no Windows 9 or iPhone 9?

We put the brains of iPhone 11 Pro in the body of iPhone SE. Our A13 Bionic chip is built for speed. So everything feels fluid, whether youre launching apps, playing the latest games, or exploring new ways to work and play with augmented reality.

We put the brains of iPhone 11 Pro in the body of iPhone SE. Our A13 Bionic chip is built for speed. So everything feels fluid, whether youre launching apps, playing the latest games, or exploring new ways to work and play with augmented reality.

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Its Just Better Marketing

A couple of months before the iPhone X, Apple already released the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. It can be argued that the iPhone 8 Plus could just be called the iPhone 9 for the sake of continuity.

However, from a consumers point of view, if Apple had done that you would automatically see the devices belonging to three separate categories of “newness” when you intended to upgrade your iPhone.

Microsoft Reveals The Reason Why There Was No Windows 9

When Windows 10 was first announced, everyone immediately had one burning question to ask Microsoft concerning the freshly rejigged OS. And that question was: Uhh, what the hell happened to Windows 9?

Windows 8 followed sequentially on from Windows 7, but somehow, Windows 9 got skipped and it seems thats something Redmond isnt afraid to joke about, via Joe Belfiores and other Microsoft staff members T-shirts.

Yes, Business Insider reports that Belfiore was snapped wearing the special T-shirt at the Build conference last week, with the garment bearing a binary-coded message that enterprising developer Kevin Gosse deciphered by scrutinising the photo.

So what did it say? Well, there were four sentences in binary in each quadrant of the Windows logo on the shirt, one of which explained the fate of Windows 9.

It read: Windows 10, because 7 8 9.

Ha-ha, indeed. If you dont get it, read the sentence out loud because apparently, Windows 7 ate Windows 9.

This is actually a joke that has done the rounds on the net before, as was another of the coded sentences, which read: There are 10 types of people in the world an old binary gag.

The real reason why Windows 9 was ditched? We reckon its simply because Microsoft wanted to literally put some distance between the flop that was Windows 8 and its successor. Its a psychological play and a reference to the fact that Windows 10 is a big step on, and far removed, from Windows 8.

Image Credit: Microsoft/Business Insider

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What Makes The App Store Better

We have a team of full-time editors who are experts in the world of apps. They curate millions of apps and games to make it easy for you to find your new favorites. They give new apps a test drive to help make sure they do what they say they do. And they bring you must-read stories about innovative developers and app culture. We also require apps to ask your permission if they want to access your personal information.

Third Reason Why Apple Jumped From iPhone 8 To iPhone X

4 Reasons why no iPhone 9 was Made by Apple &  Why they Jumped to X

In all sincerity, it will be a great injustice to this post if I fail to mention this point. Another reason why there is no iPhone 9 is because of the competition between Apple and Samsung. If the iPhone in 2017 is named iPhone 8, then the iPhone launched in 2018 will be named iPhone 8s. Hence the number will lag behind rival Samsung. At that time, the Samsung flagship machine may be named GalaxyS9 and Note9, which may give consumers the illusion that Samsung surpassed Apple.

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iPhone 7 & 7 Plus: September 16 2016

Apple finally dropped the 16 GB base model option, with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus base models starting at 32 GB of storage and going up to 256 GB. Apple also introduced a new shiny Jet Black color. The iPhone 7 Plus proved to be more popular than previous Plus models due to its new dual camera, which made a significantly improved zoom feature possible, and Portrait mode, a software update that let iPhone 7 Plus users take impressive photos using Depth of Field. Perhaps the most controversial feature of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus was the one Apple removed: the headphone jack. The new iPhones shipped with EarPods that plugged into the Lightning port and an adaptor for traditional headphones. Apple introduced its wireless AirPods at the same event it announced it was eliminating the headphone jack.

iPhone 9 / iPhone Se : Release Date Price And Everything We Know So Far

Apple is rumored to launch a new low-cost iPhone, possibly within the next couple of weeks. What, you may be wondering, is all the hubbub about? What is this new iPhone all about? Why should you care? Is it going to be called the iPhone 9, iPhone SE or something else entirely? Well, grab a cuppa and sit back while we give you the lowdown on Apple’s as-yet-unannounced low-cost iPhone.

Apple Analyst Rene Ritchie has been keeping track of the rumors and official information about the new low-cost iPhone and has a fantastic video to explain what we can expect.

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Master Your Mac With Our Macos Monterey Guide

The latest Mac software, macOS 12 , brought major changes to Apple’s most powerful devices. This new software demonstrates Apple’s efforts to blur the line between Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices for increased flexibility and compatibility. Some of the most exciting new features outlined in this macOS Monterey Guide will teach you how to enable a more cohesive experience and handoff between devices. Plus, you’ll learn new ways to collaborate and share with both Apple and non-Apple users!

To Signify A Major iPhone Upgrade

Why NO iPhone 9 and Windows 9? Skipped 9!

From iPhone 8 to iPhone X, the device went through a major upgrade. For example, the iPhone X introduced Face ID and the screen filled almost the whole front side of the iPhone, making the user experience even more immersive.

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For those of us who didnt buy the latest device there and then, we probably have the memory of gathering around that one person who owned the iPhone X and marveling at its shiny new features.

Given the iPhone X was also the most expensive iPhone had made at that time, the name iPhone 9 would fail to encapsulate its premium nature. The iPhone X gave an innovative new sound to the device.

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Isnt The Only Number Apple Has Skipped

Yes, this isn’t the first time Apple has skipped a number and did something that fits well with their marketing strategy. there was the original iPhone and following that was iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Apple told us that their new iPhone runs on the new carrier 3G. Apple skipped iPhone 2 because it wouldnt have appealed the same way as iPhone 3G. Apple only began its numerical naming sequence from iPhone 4. It was a mere coincidence that the 3rd generation iPhone was called the iPhone 3GS. Apple didnt backtrack and filled up the gap of iPhone 2, they just moved along.

So, in conclusion we will probably never get an iPhone 9 ever and it will be one of those quirky things that we will just have to accept and look forward to the evolution of the product we all have loved to use for over a decade now.

The Evolution Of The iPhone Camera

Did the first iPhone have a camera? It sure did, though not an especially powerful or clear one. Still, it was better than a disposable camera! The first iPhone also gave users access to just 16 GB of storage at most, and 4 GB on the low end. Can you imagine?

The cameras built into iPhones have always been a major draw for the devices, and Apple has shown a company initiative to continue improving upon iPhone cameras with each release. These days, you can enjoy incredible detail and professional-level finishing just with the stock camera and photo editing options included with your iPhone!

We hope this article answers any questions you have about the evolution of phones in Apple’s lineup. This evolution chart will continue to grow over the years, and we’ll be here to keep it updated: from the upcoming iPhone 13 to a hypothetical iPhone 15 and beyond. Maybe in 2027 we’ll even get an iPhone XX! What do you think is coming in the Apple cell phone timeline? Let us know your thoughts and guesses below.

Image Credits: Apple and Youtube / Greg Wyatt

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Why Did Apple Not Make An iPhone 9

#1) It Was The iPhones 10th Anniversary Rather than just biting the bullet and following convention, Apple execs decided to skip the iPhone 9 and move right along to the iPhone X X means 10, its a roman numeral FYI. This tied up the launch of the iPhone X with the iPhones 10th anniversary nicely.

The Second Reason Why Apple Ditched iPhone 9 And Moved To iPhone X

Why was there no iPhone 9? Plus, what happened to the iPhone 10

Also, another very powerful reason for the move is because of the great superstition from the Western classical music industry. the ninth symphony curse. Beethoven, Bruckner, Schubert and other famous musicians all died after writing the ninth symphony. Since then, 9 seems to be a hurdle for musicians. Moreover, any attempt to cross this limit People did not end up with good results. So, Apple deliberately avoided the number 9. Compare this to the number 4 in China. 4 is considered an unlucky number by the Chinese.

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