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How To Erase App Data On iPhone

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How To Clear Cache On iPhone In Safari Browser

iPhone 13/13 Pro: Different Ways to Delete an App & Its Data

Safari being the default web browser on iOS devices it is one of the most commonly used browsers in iPhone. The Safari app, stores information in the Cache memory so that it can be accessed quickly. Compared to other apps it has, therefore, the most cached memory. Follow the steps below on how to clear app cache on iPhone in Safari browser:

1. Go to Settings

2. Scroll down and tap on the Safari app tab

3. Scroll down the new screen showing settings for safari and tap Clear History and Website Data option

4. This will not only clear cache on your iPhone, but also remove history, cookies and other browsing data in Safari

5. Now your Safari browser should be just like new one

How To Clear Safari Cache And History

Step 1Run the Settings app from your home screen, scroll down and choose Safari.

Step 2Tap the Clear History and Website Data option, and then tap Clear History and Data to confirm it.

Step 3Back to the Safari settings screen, scroll down and tap Advanced, and choose Website Data. Check the amount of website data, and tap Remove All Website Data.

iPhone Is Disabled And Need A Clean Wipe

Looking to erase clean an iPhone when you forgot the passcode or it’s get into disabled situation? You still have option to deal with it: That what iPhone Unlocker. This impressive utility combines all types of password removal tools all into one single package, so that you can unlock the disabled phone and get it working again by removing the forgotten password or passcode.

This tool has a very simple and easy-to understand interface, which is suited for both beginner and experienced users. The tool will make your job erasing and reviving iPhone much easier.

Basic steps to making iPhone a complete erase are listed below.

1. Connect the device to computer and launch the tool.

2. Select Wipe Passcode.

3. When prompts, select the right device info. for your phone.

4. Download iOS firmware.

5. Initialize erasing process by clicking Unlock.

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Check Your Total Usage

First, assess how much space you have. Go to Settings > General > Storage. At the top, you’ll see a color-coded bar chart that outlines how much space certain categories of apps are taking up on your device.

You don’t need to understand these numbers deeply. To update iOS, you’ll want to have up to 6GB of free space. If you simply want to have enough free space so you can take new photos and install new apps without worrying about hitting an obstacle, give yourself at least 2GB of free space.

Note that when you add your available space and the used space, they won’t add up to the total size of your phone’s storage. That’s because it doesn’t factor in the space being used by the operating system.

Three: Erase Private Data On iPhone Permanently Via Professional Tool

How to Delete Apps on iPhone XS, And iPhone XS Max  TechyLoud

Whenever you want to sell your old phone, you need to take care of personal information and files on your old device. So sometimes only delete information or uninstall apps from old phone is not enough. Its better for you to use professional iOS devices eraser to clean up your data completely, especially private data. And Syncios iOS Data Eraser can meet your requirement:

  • Erase data on iOS device completely with nothing recoverable.
  • Selectively erase deleted files and private data with 0% recovery.
  • Support 30+ data types: messages, contacts, call history, photos, video, etc.
  • Wipe social app data: WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Kik, Facebook, etc.

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How To Clear Cahce On iPhone And iPad Using An Ios Jailbreak Tweak

As mentioned above, clearing a specific apps cache manually is not possible unless you uninstall it entirely from your iOS device. So this app cache cleaner recommended here is an iOS jailbreak tweak. CacheClearer is an awesome jailbreak tweak that will help you to clear cache of various apps or a specific app. But you have to jailbreak your iOS device before installing CacheClearer and this tweak may contains some bugs.

CacheClearer provides two simple options to delete iPhone or iPad cache of various installed apps. After installing this tweak, just navigate to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage. Just tap on any app to check the memory that is taken by that specific app. You will get two options after getting the CacheClearer icon. You can clear a specific apps cache or reset the app as you like.

In conclusion, clearing app cache on iPhone 6 and other iOS devices is very simple and improves your iPhoneperformance. You can use one of above ways to clear out your iPhone or iPad other data to get more memory. In my opinion, using PhoneClean is the safest and fastest way to clear apps’ cache, cookies, and other data on iPhone or iPad. It will save you much more time and energy compared to other two ways.

Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

How To Delete Apps From Icloud On Mac

If you want to delete apps from iCloud on macOS, follow these steps:

  • Select the Apple icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

  • Select System Preferences.

  • In the macOS System Preferences dialog, select Apple ID.

  • Enter your Apple ID and password if prompted. If two-factor authentification is set up, you are prompted to enter the verification code that was sent to one of your other devices.

  • Select Manage in the lower-right corner of the iCloud interface.

  • Go to the left column, then select the app you want to delete.

  • Select Delete all Files to remove all files associated with the app from your iCloud.

    If you see a warning message, select Delete to complete the process.

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    How To Offload Unused Apps

    Lets say you went on a wild app-downloading spree when you first got your phone, and now you have pages and pages of apps, most of which you never use. You could go through, one by one, deleting individual apps and hoping you dont accidentally get rid of one you need. Or you could allow your phone to offload unused apps for you.

    To utilize this option on an iOS device, start by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Offload Unused Apps. From there, tap on Enable. Your iPhone will then automatically remove apps that youre simply not using to free up valuable space, Jackson says. Note: If you dont have a lot of unused apps, this may not even be an option provided to you when in iPhone storage. How else can you free up storage? By deleting your iPhones call history.

    How To Delete Apps On Your iPhone

    How To Clear App Data On iPhone


  • Important Things to Note:
  • If youve ever downloaded too many apps on your iPhone, you might need to do a bit of cleaning. Its quite easy to delete apps on your iPhone. And with the iPhone, you actually have two ways to do this. If you have a model with 3D touch, there may be some slight differences, but its still very simple.

    Below are the different techniques on how to delete apps on your iPhone:

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    Empty Your Browser’s Cache

    Another smidgen of junk to wipe off your iPhone or iPad is the cache for the Safari web browser or other mobile web browsers you use. For Safari, go to Settings > Safari. Tap Clear History and Website Data.

    For Chrome on iOS, open the app, tap the three dots on the bottom-right corner and select History. Then tap Clear Browsing Data to wipe everything out or Edit to erase specific sites. You can also navigate to Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data, which will let you delete browsing history, cookies and site data, cached images and files, saved passwords, and autofill dataor everything at once. For more, read How to Clear Your Cache on Any Browser.

    Clear Browse Cache On iPhone

    For some built-in Apps, iOS offer the option of deleting App data, such as Safari, we can clear the Safari data with the help of the process which has been mentioned as under.

  • Go to “Setting”, then scroll down to select “Safari”.
  • Scroll down and click “Clear History and Website Data” then click on it. The process will be complete here.
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    How To Clear App Cache On iPhone Method 2

    Probably the easiest and fastest way to get rid of the cache on your iPhone is to reinstall the application. Reinstalling every app might take a long time, so you can view how much space is taken up by each app and reinstall only the biggest so-called space eaters. For this, go to Settings General Storage & iCloud Storage Manage Storage.

    If you compare the sizes of the apps with their original sizes in iTunes, you will see how many temporary files the apps have created while you were using the application. From our experience the Photos applications take up a whole lot of space, so keep reading to find a solution for this issue as well.

    Delete the most rapacious apps and install them again. As we showed you in the screenshot above, the original size of the Facebook app is 175 MB, and over time it created the whole 475.5 MB of temporary files known as cache files.

    What Is Cache On iPhone

    How To Delete Apps From Your iPhone or iPad

    Caches are temporary files created by different applications that we use on all of our devices, including on iPhone. There are tons of ways how you can clear it and that what this article is all about.

    In short, to clear the Safari cache you have to get into the Settings. However, in some apps you can do it right in them, also you can reinstall the application or erase all the content from your iDevice.

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    How To Clear Cache On iPhone For Windows Users

    iFreeUp is a iPhone cleaning tool that allows to optimize iPhone in a simple and easy way. It helps you remove useless cache and log files and manage files of iOS devices directly on Windows PC to boost the performance of your iOS device like iPhone and iPad. Its built-in file manager helps you import, export and delete photos, videos, music, books, apps and podcasts on your iPhone or iPad. You can try it below and follow the guide to clear cache from iPhone on Windows computer.

    1. Install iFreeUp on Windows, and connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC.

    2. When your iPhone or iPad is detected by the app, click “Scan” to scan your iOS devices.

    3. After scanning, the app will show how much space the junk files occupy. Select the junk files you want to delete and hit “Clean” button to remove them.

    How To Delete App Store History With Itunes

    To start with, you need to update iTunes to the lаtеÑt vеrÑÑоn fÑrÑt. Later, Ñоu Ñаn dеlеtе аnÑ ÑOS app from ÑTunÐµÑ dÑrеÑtоrÑ Ð¾n PC ÑuÑÑеÑÑfullÑ.

    • Go to the iTunes app and click onto the iTunes store icon. It is located in the left hand of the phoneâs menu.
    • Then, click onto the âPurchasedâ icon, which is located on the far right of the screen.

    If you want to hide the app, just go to it and hover the pointer over it and a black X will show up in the top of the left hand corner. Above iTunes 12.3.1, just double-click the app, it will ask if you want to hide this purchase. Clicking this will hide the app from view, but it doesnât actually erase it permanently from the iPhone.

    I guess now you may know how to delete App history on iPhone. You should know erasing private data and deleted files is something which Ñоu should make an оngоÑng ÑrоÑеÑÑ. If you use your ÑOS dеvÑÑе оn a rеgulаr basis, thеn Ñоu wÑll аlwаÑÑ bе mаkÑng ÑаllÑ, tаkÑng ÑhоtоÑ, ÑеndÑng SMS messagesâ¦.this ÑÑ information whÑÑh Ñhоuld not fаll Ñntо thе wrоng hаndÑ. Yоur ÑrÑvаÑÑ ÑÑ Ð¾f the utmоÑt ÑmÑоrtаnÑе аnd Ñоu should always guard it zеаlоuÑlÑ. ÑMÑfоnе Umate Prо wÑll hеlÑ Ñоu. It wÑll bе Ñоur guard and ÑеnturÑоn. UÑе it wÑÑеlÑ.

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    Tips To Clear System Data On iPhone Or iPad

    If youre annoyed due to the ever-growing system data on your iPhone or iPad, fret not. We have 6 effective methods to clear iPhone system data with ease. However, before trying out all the means and ways to delete the System Data on iOS or iPadOS, lets first understand what is it all about.

    As always, you can use the table of contents below to quickly navigate through this article.

  • Why does System Data on iPhone keep increasing?
  • Delete iPhone Apps From Icloud

    How to Delete Application in iPhone 11 – Erase App Data

    Anything on your iPhone is on iCloud including the apps and its data. Although the downloaded app from App Store dont get stored in iCloud but its traces like documents, data, and backup may be present.

    So to remove apps completely, delete its traces from iCloud as well.

    • Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage.
    • Click on iCloud Backup.
    • Click on your iOS device name. A list of apps appear. Select Show All Apps.
    • To delete the app, swipe-left the button and select Turn Off & Delete in the dialog box.

    This will delete apps on iPhone permanently.

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    How To Delete Apps On iPhone

    Most iPhone users already know how simple it is to uninstall an app. All you need to do is hold down an app until all the apps begin shaking and then select the Remove App option. From there, tap Delete again to confirm this is what you wanted to accomplish and to uninstall the app from your phone. One problem: When you do this, the app is removed from your home screenbut it isnt completely removed. The app still exists in your Apple account, and it may even be unintentionally added back to your phone during an update or sync. Permanently deleting an app, whether from your Apple account, settings, or iTunes, takes a few more steps. And theyre steps you might want to take if you have one of these apps that allow someone to spy on you.

    Check Your Photo And Video Use

    The Photos app often takes up a lot more space than people realize, so let’s deal with that app directly. Under Settings > General > Storage, find Photos to see how much storage it’s using. If you have more than 1GB here, you should consider copying photos and videos to a cloud storage service so you can delete them from your device.

    If you have a Google account, an easy option here is . Download the app, sign in, and tap your account icon on the top right. Select Google Photos Settings > Back up & sync and toggle Back Up & Sync to on. Make sure Google Photos has access to Photos and then, every photo you take with your device will be automatically backed up to Google Photos when you’re online and accessible across your devices and on the web.

    Google used to offer unlimited photo storage via Google Photos, but that deal is dead, so plan accordingly as photo and video uploads count against your Google account storage. If you’re a Prime member, Amazon Photos still offers unlimited uploads here are a few more alternatives.

    You can also choose to keep lower-resolution photos on your phone while allowing the full-resolution ones to remain in iCloud. Go to Settings > Photos > Optimize iPhone Storage and make sure it has a checkmark next to it.

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    How To Clear Your Cache On An iPhone: Safari

    You can free up storage and help improve your iPhones performance by clearing Safaris cache. Heres how:

    Step 1: Tap to open Settings.

    Step 2: Scroll down and tap Safari. Its listed with Apples other first-party apps.

    Step 3: Tap Clear History and Website Data.

    Step 4: Tap Clear History and Data.

    Step 5: While still on the Safari panel, scroll down and tap Advanced.

    Step 6: Tap Website Data. Look to the top of the list and youll see the amount of website data Safari stores on your device. In our example, its a hefty 1.8GB!

    Step 7: Tap Remove All Website Data. Remember, this will get rid of website data, browsing history, and website cookies. If you want to preserve any of these, consider deleting your cache for third-party apps instead, as described below.

    Erase Private Data From iPhone 13

    How to Delete Apps on iPhone 12

    Sometimes, all you want to do is just erase your private data from the device as safely and securely as possible. Now you can do that, with Dr.Fone – Data Eraser . Here are the steps to erase all your private data from iPhone 13 safely and securely and render it unrecoverable:

    Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch Dr.Fone.

    Step 2: Select the Data Eraser module.

    Step 3: Select the middle option, Erase Private Data.

    Step 4: The app needs to scan your device for all your private data. Select the types of private data to scan and click Start and wait.

    Step 5: When the scan is complete, you can see the types of data on the left and preview it on the right. Select all or choose what to delete by checking the boxes and click Erase.

    Your private data will now be erased securely and will be unrecoverable.

    What about the data that we deleted so far on the device? What if we want to wipe only the deleted data? There is an option in the app for it. When the app is done analyzing in step 5, you will have a dropdown sitting above the preview pane on the right that says Show All. Click it and select Only Show The Deleted.

    Then, you can proceed by clicking Erase at the bottom, like before.

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